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As always, your camp counsellors get together each week and vote for a player that they see as outstanding. There's always many, many choices but the first player of the week for the summer of 1942 is:

Ra'asiel Albear

Here's what some of the counsellors had to say about Ra'asiel (the person and the character):

Raasiel (IC) is a petite, fragile boy who heavily analyzes his surroundings. He’s quite wary of trusting others, despite wanting to. Nonetheless, disregarding his lack of trust in others, Raasiel is a clever and calm boy who does seem to want to make friends. And he certainly has! Through the various open threads the writer of Raasiel has posted, their character is becoming very quickly acquainted with the other characters in camp.

If you'd like to to sum up Raasiel's player in two words, then 'utter sweetheart' would do nicely. Out of character, Raasiel is friendly, open, and enthusiastic, reaching out to others in terms of both plotting and general interaction. In character, Raasiel's a little quieter but similarly lovely, intriguing not only because of his androgyny (and its plot potential!), but also because his thoughtful approach to the world.

After only a few short days, Raasiel is already a familiar face around the site, and it's almost hard to believe they're brand new, as they're always hanging around main chat or posting in threads. It's really amazing and encouraging to see! Raasiel will have a lot of offer for the rest of summer, and into the term, I think.

Get to know Ra'asiel a little better with this small questionnaire:

What shall we call you? Do you have any favorite nicknames? Callie is fine, but I've gotten some awesomely amusing nicknames because of my main account, like Raassasass, Raaz-ma-taz, Raaaaaazgul, etc. lol

How did you find "Tori dropped by my IP address in a shady white van with "Hogwarts Express" spray-painted on the side" is still my favorite answer to this question.

What made you decide to join? I hadn't done forum RP in at least 6 or 7 years (probably longer), so I was on the fence at first. I started cruising around the forum pages that were available to non-members, and was actually really impressed with how organized and well thought-out everything was - things like having rules for special abilities and magic usage to prevent god-modding, etc, really struck me as impressive. Not only that, but this site having been around for as long as it has was just incredible, because it gives everything a sense of stability and permanence. But I literally joined right before summer term, so I'm still learning lots. :)

Which book is your favorite in the series? Ooooh... Good question. Either Prisoner of Azkaban or Goblet of Fire, because I've read those two the most, and because they both flesh out the history and the world so much more (and I'm a history/culture junkie).

Who is your favorite character from the books? Overall, Hermione; I grew up reading these books, and she was always a really positive role-model. I'm a huge dork and I love to learn, so reading about a girl around my age who wasn't afraid to be intelligent or let the things she's passionate about shine through was incredibly powerful for me.

Who are you most excited to RP with, that you haven't yet? What you don't know is that I've already begun a campaign to RP with everyone. *cackles* omg where did all of these threads come from, seriously, though XD
If I had to pick one, I'd go with L Azuriah, because we've plotted a ton of things that are going to be awesome. But everyone here is amazing and has gotten me really excited to stick around forever.

What is one thread that everyone should read this very instant? Why? Hhhhhhnnnnnng.... All of my threads are with amazing people doing amazing things, so I don't think I can pick just one. There's He Said, She Said with Jacks, where he's taught Ra'as about comic books and - not knowing he's a boy - is planning to set him up with Eugene. But then there's also Libra and the Rat Race, with Jasper Ezekiel Kedding where Zeke keeps insisting that Ra'asiel is a girl even though he's told him he isn't and the hilarity and awkwardness is awesome.

What is one thing about Raasiel that no one knows? Ra'asiel was born with aplastic anemia because of pureblooded inbreeding, so he's had to regrow most of the bones in his body to 'fix' it. He still has anemic episodes, but not to the extent of his early childhood. Still, because of what he's had to endure, he does his best to hide any health issues that might come up. He also will likely never talk about it, but we'll see how that goes. ;D

What is one thing about Raasiel that everyone should know? Despite looking like a girl, Ra'asiel is actually a boy. It's super fun to RP people mistaking him for a girl, though, so there's no 'wrong answer' IC. But OOC, everyone should know that. For plot reasons. And such. *cackles*

What are you most excited about for term? Making new friends OOC and collecting relationships IC that run the gamut of acquaintances, study buddies, friends, bullies, and more. I'm really excited to see how Ra'asiel - who's never been around so many non-family members before - handles school and everything that comes with it, and seeing how he develops as a result. :3

Any last words? I'm so excited (and honestly blown away) that I'd be picked for this. <3 Because I'm so new, I really didn't expect it, so congrats to you guys for turning my face bright red and making me flail in ways that scared my cats away from me. lol

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Player of the week number two is:

Grant Chemfield!

The counsellors had wonderful things to say about Grant:

Not only has Grant participated in many open threads as well as interacted with the other players on the site, but he isn't shy to ask questions or run by something for a thread with the admins or summer counselors beforehand. He thinks outside the box i.e. his planned method of dueling. I can't wait to see what other ideas Grant comes up with throughout the term.

Grant is always on main chat, and has been actively participating in tons of threads, including the summer events! It's amazing to think that he joined so recently, as he's active not only in threads, but OOC as well.

Grant's a champ. He isn't afraid to ask questions and venture into uncharted territory. Grant's in chat nearly every day conversing with other members as if he's been here forever. I'm particularly interested in seeing how he plays out dueling with potions. It's nice to see a new player be friendly, curious and engaging.

Now get to know a little about the person behind this interesting character:

What shall we call you? Do you have any favorite nicknames? Mark is fine. It's hard to nickname a one syllable name. Marky Mark if you want, but I'd need a Funky Bunch (applications are currently being accepted).

How did you find After Tori dropped by Ra'asiel's IP address in a shady white van with "Hogwarts Express" spray-painted on the side, my poor, innocent wife developed Stockholm's Syndrome. The next thing I knew, she was giving me a face full of chloroform-soaked rag, and I woke up here.

What made you decide to join? I enjoy roleplaying in all its forms, and variety is the spice of life. I've done forum stuff before, but it's been years and I was really taken with the structure of the sight. You guys have really created a great environment that gives people great freedoms to create the characters that they want, but with enough limitations that there aren't tons of power players. As a longstanding tabletop roleplayer, I really appreciate that.

Which book is your favorite in the series? Goblet of Fire, because it's the first book that really fleshed out the setting of the wizarding world at large.

Who is your favorite character from the books? I always really liked Hermione. She was the bookish, nerdy character, and as a kid, that was me. I wasn't quite as good with my homework, but that's neither here nor there.

Who are you most excited to RP with, that you haven't yet? Evelyn Takamura. She's my mentor and she's been so helpful from the start. I haven't gotten to really interact with her character due to real life interfering, but I'm looking forward to when I do get to.

What is one thread that everyone should read this very instant? Why? Of mine? Well, A Symphony for the Eyes (or The Tree That Eats Children) is hilarious, and you can see Grant's best impression of a trapeze net, so I think that makes it worth checking out.

What is one thing about Grant that no one knows? Grant has a deep mistrust of pureblood adults that is rooted in the fact that his mother came from the pureblooded Albear line (where have we heard that name before?) and was disowned for marrying a muggle man, Grant's father. The name Albear in particular puts him on edge.

What is one thing about Grant that everyone should know? Grant's bad at casting spells. Like, really bad. So he makes up for it with a talent and dedication to Potions. His father was a muggle chemist, and Grant wants to follow in his "missing" father's footsteps.

What are you most excited about for term? I'm excited to see what happens with Grant and his new found social life once school starts, especially once I find out what House he gets sorted into. Grant's looking forward to spending lots of time in the Potions lab causing explosions performing new experiments.

Any last words? To quote a particularly wise man, “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”