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Author Topic: ¤Rebel For A Cause¤ ~ Grimm Palatar  (Read 368 times)

Grimm Palatar

    (08/04/2014 at 06:31)
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Grimm Palatar : 14 : Slytherin

: background
The son of an auror and a nurse both from established pureblood families one would think things would be relatively easy growing up. The opposite was true for Grimm, after his grandfather disowned his father over an argument that started over his parent's marriage and ended with them arguing about him. One could see how things would be different, no longer having the support of the extended family their name didn't exactly carry weight for his father anymore. His mother's family living in America, they also had disowned her but that was before his parent's marriage. Grimm being of a young age at the time, he could hardly remember a thing but he did remember it was at a family gathering, were he met a few distant cousins.

For most of his younger years he was a shy, quiet kid who preferred books over the company of others. This all changed when his mother brought him a leather jacket from America, he soon found the power of charm and was getting into all sorts of trouble. Being sent off to camp and having finally come out of his shell, he was ready to have some fun. He soon met the beauty  that was, Payton Rose who he then fell for and began to date.

Skip forward to Christmas break, Grimm was out shopping for his friends, his girlfriend in particular when the sirens went off. In the mass chaos as he attempted to reach the bomb shelter, one of his grandfather's servants apparated out of thin air quickly taking hold of him and apparating back to his grandfather's manor.  It was there that he took cover in his grandfather's bomb shelter and it was there that he had spent the last three years being privately tutored for some unknown reason, perhaps heirship?

Then his father was injured in the war and with this news Grimm was able to avoid furth years of private study. Now because of this he is able to finally go back to Hogwarts.

: personality
Just because he use to be shy doesn't mean he is now he is probably the biggest flirt you'll ever come across.  When I say he likes to flirt that isn't a joke he's even made an attempt at the female professors. Rebelling is also a trait he values this can plainly be seen by the leather jacket he constantly wears. When he gets bored and he does he is also a bit of a prankster, often pranking bullies or just messing with his enemies.

: relationships
Friends, Enemies, Flirts, Complicated?
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Ideas and plots here!
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Elizabeth Moore

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: Elizabeth ( Morre :
13 : Year/ house - None Yet

FUN! FUN! FUN! Elizabeth comes from a very strict and structured household so she would find Grimm's rebellious style and pranking very intriguing. She might even join in :)
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Edmund Wolffe

    (08/05/2014 at 00:13)
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: Edmund Andrew Wolffe :
11 : First : TBD

As a fairly shy and quiet kid [watchful, observant, calculating] Edmund could use a friend like Grimm to look up to and set an example [good, bad, or otherwise!] Edmund could probably relate to Grimm's isolation, having grown up in the muggle-born orphanage. I would love to see the influence Grimm has on impressionable Edmund.

Grimm Palatar

    (08/05/2014 at 01:43)
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Updated & PMs sent out also just a note I did change the font in case anyone gets confused by that
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Eira Rhycw Medraut

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: Eira Medruat :
13 : Second year : Hufflepuff

I can see Eira and Grimm having a "swings and roundabouts" friendship where one will more than likely annoy the other and visa versa but will still be friends...even if it is an odd friendship

who wants to be normal anyways?

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Gardenia Reine

    (08/14/2014 at 18:31)

: Gardenia Reine :
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*gaaasssspppp* WE NEVER GOT TO MAKE A THREAD WHERE THEY HATE EACHOTHER D: So yeah, their personalities didn't go together, Grimm would be calling her "munchkin" and the like. WE NEED TO DO THIS xD

Oliver Razi

    (08/15/2014 at 19:54)

: Oliver Razi:
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Well they've met.  First impressions have been made and seem friendly.  Oliver thinks your grandfather is illogical for keeping you out of school and is probably waiting for you to say the next illogical thing...

Ohh, Oliver has been lying about his last name at the summer campus and claiming he is Oliver Cadwallader...  You know different from our previous thread so that could be amusing.