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Isabelle Valentine

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Raffle Winners!

A note of thanks:
We had a wonderful turnout - better than we ever expected - and we'd like to thank you all for participating. We couldn't keep the site running without you, and we're so thrilled that you're as invested as we are in our community here. The proceeds from the raffle are going directly towards site operations: we're able to cover all of our regular hosting and server costs, and can now purchase a space upgrade to handle our post load. We really appreciate all that you as members contribute to the site, and we're happy to be able to offer this raffle as a thanks back to you. Congratulations to all of our winners!

-- Izzy, Neka, Calla, & Flo

How the Winners Were Drawn:

The Random.Org number generator was used to randomly generate a spreadsheet row for each prize. The spreadsheet row was then matched to a ticket number to determine the winner. Screenshots of each draw are available directly beneath each winner by clicking "Winning Ticket", to keep us honest.

10 Points to Points to Passing a Class for '41-'42 goes to:

#1400 - Rowan Stann
Winning Ticket

100 Gringotts Points goes to:

#2714 - Sylvianne Marceau
Winning Ticket

#1743 - Geryon Crowley
Winning Ticket

#1319 - Elidir Rhodri Medraut
Winning Ticket

1 Auto-Accepted Small Request:

#1183 - Elidir Rhodri Medraut
Winning Ticket

Levels Package - Third Prize (+1 level) goes to:

#2771 - Malachi Gallagher
Winning Ticket

Levels Package - Second Prize (+2 levels) goes to:

#2870 - Elliot Blyth
Winning Ticket

Levels Package - Grand Prize (+1 level in each category) goes to:

#1688 - Vincenzo Kedding
Winning Ticket

1 Special Request Item goes to:

#2961 - Sylvianne Marceau
Winning Ticket

Plot Page Package goes to:

#2666 - Aea Mullins
Winning Ticket

Platinum Subscription goes to:

#1057 - De'Angelo Manciano
Winning Ticket
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