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It's the moment you all have been waiting for! The end of summer is near, but it isn't complete without the 'End of Summer Bonfire!' Please join us in the 'Bonfire Chatroom' tomorrow at 7:30 PM GMT (3:30 PM EST) for an in-character (IC) chat celebrating the end of summer, the impending start of term, and OOC announcements periodically announcing the winners of our First Summer Raffle! You don't want to miss it!

Remember: If you entered the raffle, you don't have to be present to win!

So, find a spot on a log and roast some hot dogs and s'mores with us as we say goodbye to summer!

IC Chat Rules:

1. Please remain IC. Keep in mind that there may be people at the bonfire that you have talked to OOC (like in chat), but that your character may not know IC at this bonfire! What a great way to get to know someone and forge friendships before the start of term!

2. Please notate all OOC interactions in double parentheses. It is okay to have some OOC interactions welcoming someone to chat, laughing, etc., but don't let OOC chatter take over the chatroom.

     An example of IC chat:
          Aubrey Rousseau: Hi Emma! Glad you could join us!
          Emma Grace Birch: Hi Aubrey!

     An example of OOC chatter:
          Aubrey Rousseau: ((EMMA <3))
          Emma Grace Birch: ((Hey Aubs!))

Feel free to change your text color, after all it gets hard to read chat if everyone uses the same color, but please refrain from using the 'neon'/hard to read colors. Also, share! There's a limited supply of colors and a lot of you.

3. Site Rules are expected to be followed at all times! (This really should go without saying.)

4. Most of all, HAVE FUN!
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