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Isabelle Valentine

    (04/21/2014 at 18:26)
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Hello, hello! Hope all of you have been having a great summer both IC and OOC!

Now that we're well into summer IC though, we'd appreciate it greatly if you could take a few moments and complete a quick survey! This allows us to gauge what to do more of next summer term as well as get a feeling for what areas we can work on as a site.
  • New members, please take the survey here!
  • Returning members, please take the survey here!
  • Anyone who has used the Gringotts system, please take the Gringotts survey here!

(Just as a note, the Gringotts survey is only about the Gringotts system, so you can take that one + whichever survey reflects your player status. Also - your primary character name is not required when filling out the surveys. If you're not comfortable including it, please don't feel you have to!)

Thanks in advance, and hope all of you are excited for term, because guess who has two thumbs and can't wait?

...This girl.

See you all at the Castle!

-- Izzy
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