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Author Topic: Party Rocking in the Garden Tonight [5th Year and up + Gatecrashers]  (Read 5055 times)

* Hero Savage

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Saturday, 19th August

It was all done.

The large chocolate raspberry cake had been set in the middle of the table and the tiers of cupcakes placed beside.  A huge drum of punch sat on the ground, a large ladle obscured by chopped pieces of apple, orange and dragon fruit. Glasses were placed on another small table beside it. In each glass was a small feather that may have baffled some. The clue however lay on the invitation and quick witted person may have picked it up immediately. There were cupcakes of course but there were also, literally, cock tails in the glasses.

The large table, laden with food, was the main feature of the large backyard, however they were not the only one. All around were dotted various couches and chairs, each with its own little coffee table complete with sandwiches. The oragnisation was higgledy-piggledy at best. A shiny green sofa sat under a weeping willow, while elsewhere a maroon velvet armchair sat next to a growth of rose bushes.  Yet it all had a purpose, the idea being that guests could mingle at the central table, eating and drinking, while others wanting to talk privately could seek out seating elsewhere and continue their conversation.

At least, that’s how it worked in Hero’s mind.

Standing on a white plastic box, the blonde haired girl fixed the last of the fairy lights to an overhanging branch. It had been a morning full of work, but now they had finally finished. No small thanks to Kellen’s mother, who had proved herself rather useful by also being surprisingly strong. Between Mrs. Douglass, Ryleigh, Hero and Kellen, they had managed to moved all the chairs from the front to the back yard.

Stepping off her box, Hero glanced around, looking for her fellow party planner. Ryleigh Emerson had been an absolute gem. Not only had she come up with the idea of the theme she had also been instrumental in getting the whole things done, despite the huge obstacle of having to shift location. It was a saving fact that Wendy Douglass had allowed them to host the party at Kellen's rather than Hero's, whose house was currently being magically fumigated. Ryleigh had remained cool and collected, seeing the job done to the very end.

Hopefully the guests would appreciate it all as much as Hero did.

* Nicholas M Yandel

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Nick had received the owl about the party, but didn’t tell Domi anything expecting that she would receive an owl too. He got dressed with a pair of jeans and a nice button down shirt with long sleeve, he told her they were headed to the campus to spend sometime over there with some friends. As they left his parents home he told Domi to find her cousin and spend some time with her. At least they were past the argument they had about the bathing suit and now they could simply enjoy the evening and have fun.

His father had decided to not put a curfew because he trusted Nick to have better judgment, (Have fun guys) his father told them. As they arrived to the hang out Nick kissed Domi and told her he would meet with her later I will meet you here around 11pm ok! Go have some fun with the girls I will probably hang out with some dueling buddies” not a lie because he knew most of the dueling partners. He began to head to the boys cabins, and then he deviated to the area where he was supposed to go and that was Kellen’s home it was already 7pm so he was a little late but oh well at least he wouldn't be the first one there.

As he arrived Nick felt awkward not being there with Domi, why hadn’t they invited her was beyond him. He walked in through the gate and waved at the people already there, some he knew rather well others not so well. Eyes landing on all the decorations and the way the area was set, he could tell that it had been done by females. Walking towards the table with refreshments, he said hi to others there by nodding and smiling. Nick spotted girls and smiled ‘Possibilities’ he thought as he scanned the drinks ‘mmm cocktails’ he thought grabbing a cup and serving some.

Nick simply stood near the center table in order to get the feel of who else was at this party, he wondered if Erynn, or even Ryleigh was here or would be here. ‘That would be so weird to see my ex with my best friend’ but it was something he was having a hard time getting use to. Still Domi was having issues with Erynn and he knew why. She was blaming their arguments and fights on Erynn’s suppose influence ‘dear heaven why does she think like that, I love her but darnit why does she have to hate Erynn so much’ he thought taking a sip of his drink still scanning the people.

Lots of possibilities in the area that was for sure if Erynn didn’t show up then he would mingle with others. Nick felt good that he had been invited to the party but still felt bad that Domi had not been invited with him. Well not entirely he took the invitation out and saw that bring more people part “Oh wow I missed that part” he whispered to himself. Nick even thought of going back to get Domi but that was until he saw some of the people arriving among them some he knew did not get along with Domi ‘Ok either I play dumb and say I didn’t see it which was the truth, or go get her and hope that hell doesn’t break loose in here’ he thought taking another sip of his drink smiling at the new comers.
Tell me how I have upset you, because I want to know how to do it again.

Ryleigh Emerson

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Ryleigh Stood on her tip toes, trying to stretch the last inch or so to the branch above her.  The decorations we almost complete, and she had just these few small items left. It had gone swimmingly, well except for the moving of locations, but that was taken in stride of course.  With one last bit of effort, she crossed the distance, hanging the small paper rooster from the low branch.

Looking at the large yard, Rye was surprised at the amount of transformation that had taken place. the food and drink looked simply scrumptious, and the yard was aglow in lanterns, to say it looked romantic could have been pushing it slightly, but to Rye, it was perfect.

She smoothed a few wrinkles from her dress, a lovely mint shift she had picked up earlier in the week. It had been just as perfect then as it looked now, and Ryleigh was ecstatic in hopes a boy might notice her in it.

Giving everything a last once over, Rye saw Hero finishing with the last strand of lights. It had been a fantastic few weeks, planning everything from the ground up. Hero had always been something of a mentor to her, at least in her mind; and to be able to spend so much time with the older girl had seemed almost too good to be true. Though there had been some trepidation as well.  She couldn’t bear the thought of letting Hero down, the thought of the party being ruined by something not being perfect haunting a few dreams. But now it had finally arrived, and all insecurities needed to be pushed aside.

Walking over to the blond, Rye gazed at all they had accomplished. It did look perfect.  Everything in its place, without looking overly planned. She smiled as she turned to her friend, knowing that this could be the start to many more events.
“It does look rather amazing.” It was a statement of fact, though it seemed appropriate to give it voice. “I do hope it goes well.” Rye felt a butterfly appear in her stomach, the thought of someone disliking all they had done. NO! She thought to herself, she was going to enjoy tonight for al it was worth.

She looked at Hero directly, anticipation and excitement apparent on her face. “Do you think everyone will like it?” the question belying the youthful longing.

It was all she could hope for.

Regina Russo (Ree)

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After a few thing she have done around the hangout as she used to call it before, she was feeling to weirdly to be in there all her friends haven't seen her in, let's say half a year or a year, well it was too much time and Regina was graduating these term she could feel a nervous tension inside her she really didn't have other plan that living in Hogwarts. Planning to get as a teacher in a few years, but now the redhead was confused.

Ree receive the owl, it was a nice gesture of all of them knowing that Regina was back but it will be uncomfortable for her, responding to intimidate  questions like: where you've been? What happened to you? , and sort of, thanks the first person she met at the camp didn't told her those questions she was thank with Erynn to hear her.

Cupcakes party, drees how you want to, She took an white tank with black stripes, and she put over her a woven sweater, as she had a blue jean, and black  snow boots. In the way she took a hot chocolate and  walking trough she was sighing  hopping to find Erynn in the party she asked her to be with her because she felt a little in no were and no idea what in the term have gone, so better to catch up for the two girls and make a little gossip.

Regina entered and  saw  Nicholas, Hero and Rye  have arrived, what  else that being with known people and friends she thought, she thought  how could them react, she stood behind Hero and Rye  answering to what she said “Do you think everyone will like it?”  Regina looked arround and  smiled “Well if no one  likes it, ill kick them” she laugh waiting for her friends to see her.
“Its really lovely  you too make a grate job” she smiled again.

Sage Avery

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Sage was in a particular mellow mood, even for herself. She really did love party's it was Sage's unwritten rule that she had to just enjoy the night and not torturing anyone, well unless they completely asked for it that is. Sage glanced down at her white and blacked lace dress.  She placed when high-heel shoe in front of another, she could see the lighting from the lanterns. The place was beautifully decorated even Sage had to admit that, and Sage had impossibly high standards.

As she got closer she could see three people, one looked to be a boy. The other one was Ryleigh and then next to her must be the girl named Hero. Sage was just glad these people from Hogwarts had party's at least. Tonight she would be well erm as close as nice as Sage should get, that was a miracle.

She grabbed a drink, she took a sip and it was surprisingly good. Might as well introduce myself to the hostess.

She walked up to the girl that had to Hero. Her dark hair fluttering behind her. Tonight Sage knew she looked better then a ten.

"Hey Hero, I don't think we've met before, I'm Sage." Sage was very proud of herself she hadn't said anything nasty, well not yet at least.

"Oh... Hi Ryleigh." Sage took another sip of her drink, it quit obvious that Sage and Ryleigh did not get along, at all. Sage realized she should introduce herself to the gentlemen. She walked up to him.

"Hi, I don't think I've seen you around before I'm Sage, and you are?" Sage flashed her million dollar smile. Well tonight will be most interesting.

Demetri Draginoff

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Demetri had recieved the owl, and had about been ready to throw it away but that wasn't very gentlemanly, and so he had got out his best suit, tie, and hat for the function. He would be the best dressed lad there, until he realized that the suit was so last summer, and had a custom suit made, just for this occasion, by a mister armani, such a nice gentleman to make rush orders on such short notices, he would have to leave an extra large tip next time. The suit was black, which was of course what mens suits should be to formal occasions, the vest underneath was a deep green, and the shirt under that was black as well. The Tie was also of the deep green of slytherin, his shoes were polished to a shineing gleam.

 It had been hard to figure out what type of present he was supposed to bring, that made him have to think, if it was Hero's brother, or something of that nature then that would mean that he was pure blood, which made it even harder for him to think of what to get, so he had opted to have something made quickly, a goblet in the Savage crest, colors as well as whatever have you, it would be adorned with the right precious stones, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds if needed. It would be something of a marvel to present, it had been made quickly, but with great care, it was a silver goblet, lined with gold on the inside, and as stated the house crest, or whatever have you of the savages, nice gift and all, though he was still thinking of purchasing a new broom for the lad, and calling that his personal gift.

 Which was exactly what he did, the goblet would be a welcome back present from the Draginoffs, and the broom a present from himself, his father didn't seem to mind the savages where a pureblood family and extra effort should be taken to make them feel welcomed back. After all, it wasn't as if money were an object, his father had told him that, and Demetri had merely nodded his head/

  Walking into the the area, Demetri had felt his jaw try to lower but instead had smiled his sweet smile and kept going, and walked right up to Hero, and kissed her on both cheeks, a old greeting, "My my, this is rather pretty, Hero would you mind telling me where to place my gifts? The smaller is from my family, and the larger is from me personally, I couldn't think what he might need or want so I got him this," any person could see by the shape, that the larger gift was probably a new broom, though the smaller, that was intriguing,"Shall I set it over here next to the punch then? I am afraid Hero that I couldn't get Thii, or Sol to come, and Gua is miserable when around alot of people, as well as well, Takeshi i haven't seen him in some time, my small network of freinds seems to have grown smaller, do forgive me for not bringing anyone with me, I will attempt to rectify that at the graduation party, a nice invitation or what not for you."

  Holding the gifts, he merely waited for instruction on where to place the things he was carrying.
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* Vera Hudson Cole

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It had been over a month now since Vera had returned to the magical world. She still felt out of place, especially after being gone a year. There were so many new people that she didn’t recognize. When the party invitation arrived, Vera was very excited to finally get out and have fun. It had been a long time since she actually went out and just had fun. She noticed Hero and Ryleigh were throwing it, which meant it was going to be good.

Vera made sure to pick out a lovely summer dress for the occasion. She wanted to look nice, and hopefully get some of the boys’ attention. The dress was black and white with pink flowers accented on it. It was spaghetti straps with a V-neck, and came just above the knee. She had a light black shawl that went over it for if it got a little breezy. There weren’t too many people, but she had arrived a little early. Vera looked over at the food and drink tables and noticed the bird feather in the glasses. Vera was confused at first, and remembered the invitation had said ‘cocktails.’ Vera paused then started laughing. She had wondered how they’d get away with serving cocktails.

Vera made her way towards Ryleigh and Hero. The two girls looked charming in their dresses. Unfortunately, she saw another boy near them. It was Demetri, and he was holding some gift that was obviously a broom. Why on earth had he brought a broom, much less a gift? No matter. He was dead to her.

Vera walked up to Ryleigh and Hero, ignoring Demetri. “The place looks great! I love the ‘cocktails!’ So imaginative! Now, where is this Lysander fellow that’s your brother?” She asked Hero, a little more flirty than normal.

She had heard Hero speak of her twin brother, and was very anxious to meet him. Was he cute? What was he like? Was he taken? She wanted to ask a million questions about him, but held her tongue. She didn’t want to sound desperate. She had wondered to herself if Dem had noticed the tone in her voice when she asked. Would he feel jealous? She hoped so. She hoped he’d want her back. Not so she could accept. Oh no… She wanted him to beg for her back only so she could crush his heart.

* Nicholas M Yandel

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Nick spotted Regina of the bat her and Erynn were somewhat friends so he had seen her around very often. Then it was when he spotted Hero and Ryleigh ‘Just wonderful, ok Nick you knew she was bound to be here so just chill it’ he thought spotting others around. Nick placed the cup in his hand down and decided to walk among the few there to see if he spotted Erynn, but  she was not there 'drat I needed to talk to her before I brought Domi in’ he thought finally making a decision that it was best to go get her and get it over with. If Domi didn’t behave then he would have a problem with it and he would have made his point about her attitude towards his friends. As he began to walk he nodded at Regina “Hey Ree have you seen Erynn?” he didn’t care that Regina was talking to Ryleigh. Nick leaned over and kissed Regina on the cheek after all she was his friend too. Then another girl came to greet Ryleigh and the way that the greeting went told Nick that something had gone down between them but he was not one to find out what.

Then Nick remembered was this the same girl that had argued with Erynn in the cabins, something had been mentioned about it. Nick shrugged it off and suddenly he got hit with the hello by the same girl ‘oh yeah great another one and right in front of Ryleigh lovely’ he thought as he raised his hand and brushed his hair back. Why was it that girls did that around him say hi and boom flirt or at least attempt to flirt. He raised an eyebrow at her and smiled “Shocking you haven’t I have been around name is Nick and excuse me I am going to go pick up my girlfriend see you later” he said waving at Regina and completely ignoring Ryleigh and the other girl. Ok so he needed a sign that said Domi property or something to the sort. 

Then Nick rolled his eyes spotting Demitri ‘great’ he thought walking past him and then boom in came Vera, Nick sighed and shook his head ‘well this will be an interesting mix of ex girls, former girls and friends’ he thought walking out of the gate after telling Hero he was going to pick up Domi. Nick began to wonder what would have been if Vera would have chosen him instead of Demitri but that was a fat chance, yet here they were supposedly rumors flying around that he loved her and she hated him 'the irony' Nick thought finally walking out and laughing at the situation. He was glad that he had Domi and the drama between them was not as bad.

Reaching the girls cabin he asked a girl if they had seen Domi and they shook their heads. Great where had she gone at night and probably with her younger cousin in tow. ‘Darnit I bet you she found out and headed to the party’ he thought looking around and spotting her in a corner sitting on top of rock. Nick walked over and he heard her crying, he rolled his eyes “Domi baby why are you crying” he said reaching her and lifting her chin. “I have come to take you with me to a party at Kellen’s home so come on stop crying and come with me I need you there with me” he said kissing her lips. “But I am letting you know that Ry and Vera are in there and probably Erynn by the time we arrive oh and a girl I think you know was hitting on me don’t remember her name”  He said reaching for her hand so they could head to the party.

*Ooc Permission granted for PP from Domi for posting wise*
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Dominique Marie Renard

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Nik had heard about the party and wondered when Nick would mention it, as time went by and he didn’t she wondered if he had been invited. When he began to get ready Domi decided to wear a nice sun dress quite appropriate for the party. She didn’t say anything, but she was puzzled, why didn’t he mention it? Wasn’t he going to it? Of course she would go with him if he did mention it, but the more time passed without a word about it she began to worry.

When they reached the fork at the Hangout that divided the trails between girls cabins and boys cabins he told her he would meet her later – at 11, after the party, she though, it was all she could do to keep her face bright and happy. “Ok” she said and kissed him. The moment he walked away Dominique stepped off the path, she spotted Nick changing direction - towards the party -  and sat on the first place she found, a rock, still visible from the path but she really didn’t need to worry right? Anyone who would care or pay attention was the party.

Dominique thought about the fact that it was obvious that Nick had chosen to spend time at the party with Erynn and not her, not only was he choosing his ‘friend’ again but he was making a fool of her in front of EVERYONE. How could he? What happened to all those promises of not hurting her? if he loved her why didn’t he want to spend as much time with her as possible? Domi buried her face in her hands and fought tears that flowed freely as she felt each thought stab her through the heart, it wasn’t fair that she loved him this much only to get hurt over and over…

She didn’t know how long she sat her, she didn’t care, why should she? He didn’t love her for real, she was just convenient and there… why was he doing this to her? how could he continue to hurt her like this? Suddenly she felt a hand on her chin and looked up to see Nick. She moved her face away from his hold, though all he wanted were his arms around her. “Why don’t you want me with you at the party? You went, I saw it, and lied to me about it… why Nick? What am I doing so wrong for you to do this to me?”

When he explained as if the party was a surprise she felt like slapping him, “I saw the invite Nick, Saw you changed direction after you lost sight of me, why Nick?” Oh so he needed her there now? “How come you didn’t need me there before?”

The moment he mentioned who was at the party she knew she would end up going but it hurt her that he felt the need to have her there when he saw who was at the party not before. It also made her mad, truly mad that he only decided to take her once he knew who would be there.

Erynn Nicole Sincade

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This was going to be an interesting night. Ryleigh being in the same cabin it wasn't hard to get her to spill some of the party details but the blonde managed to keep her lips shut about a lot of it and so when the invite came via owl all Erynn could do was grin. It would seem like everyone fifth year and up was invited which meant her entire cabin so this will sure be interesting. One person from her cabin in particular that was so reluctant to go was Isabelle but of course Erynn couldn't let her friend sit comfortably in the cabin and read all night. No, the girl needed to step out of her comfort zone and try something else and if that meant dragging Izzy all the way there, then it would be arranged.

The event called for casual-party wear and so to the Ravenclaw girl it meant jeans and a t-shirt, wrong idea. If Er was going to make her step out of her comfort zone by going to a party then there was no point in not going full out and so after much persuasion and pleading she managed to get the poor girl in a sun dress. It was perfect. "Just relax, it'll be fun." she told her as she slipped on her own casual dress for the evening. It was pale blue, comfortable and managed easily and with flats she figured it was good enough and they could head off toward the party. 

By heading off to the party also meant dragging Izzy along who all the way there would complain or try to come up with an excuse to stay. Rolling her eyes she continued to pull her friend along, no way would she let Isabelle miss this just because she wasn't used to it. Erynn wasn't used to parties either, just never went to many of them but it sounded fun and changing pace seemed perfect right about now.

Arriving at Kellen's house (thank you second owl) she was met with brilliant decorations and a middle table decked out in food with people already mingling around it. Right away the redhead could spot Ryleigh, Hero, Regina and even Vera and Demetri. Erynn had also promised to stay by Ree at this event sense she had just got back and the Hufflepuff agreed. Taking a look at Isabelle the Hufflepuff smiled "To late to turn back now," no more running. With that she began to walk toward the center table in which everyone was gathering around; probably to tell Ryleigh and Hero how great this place was and so it felt appropriate to do the same. "Rye, Hero! Looks fantastic. Although, I do notice the lack of guy's." out of what, 6 girls there was only Demetri and from what Vera shouted out during the Quidditch match that wasn't going to cut it.

There was also her 'Oh so best friend' Sage and it was a shock that Dominique wasn't here yet but Erynn expected an entrance from the blonde later. Flashing the sweetest smile she could muster toward her fellow friendly cabin-mate then turning her gaze to Ree. "Hey Ree," hopefully the older Ravenclaw hadn't been waiting to long for Erynn's arrival but the party didn't start to long ago. With hello's complete it felt like a great time to snag a drink from the table and so that is exactly what she did. Taking sips from it she kept her eyes on the group for replies.

Isabelle Valentine

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"But Er, I'm no good at parties! I can't dance! I barely learned how to waltz for the Ball last term!"

If you looked up party in the thesaurus, you would see Isabelle Atkinson's picture under antonyms. Izzy had never been to a party in her life. Not a proper one, anyway, unless you count the Masquerade Ball, which Izzy didn't, because it was so very formal. There were rules for how to act at a formal party. But this normal teenage party business? There were no rules for that.

Well, there probably were, but Izzy didn't know what they were. And the dress! Erynn had insisted on the dress. It wasn't a bad dress by any means - in fact, it was a very nice lilac color, actually. But it was a sundress, and it had no straps, and everyone could see Izzy's legs. The problem was not with the legs themselves; they weren't misshapen or anything. But Isabelle was clumsy and it was a lot harder to pass a trip off as a dance step if everyone could see your legs.

"Too late to turn back now!" Erynn said to Izzy with a smile. And then...she left! Erynn was walking away! She was leaving Izzy by herself and...oh, damn, this wasn't going to be good.

Well, she was a big girl. Fifteen. She could handle a little party by herself...right? Taking a deep breath, Izzy walked up to the main table where the majority of the party-goers seemed to be gathering (and the general direction in which Erynn had headed). She smiled at Hero in greeting. "Thanks for inviting me, Hero," she offered with a friendly smile. "Everything looks great."

That wasn't so difficult! Izzy thought. Though there aren't a lot of people here I know. Besides Hero and Erynn, there were a few girls here from her cabin, including that bossy Sage. Izzy didn't particularly care for her, but it was a face she recognized.

Maybe tonight was a night to make a few new friends. She promised herself - and Erynn - that she'd at least try.

* Nicholas M Yandel

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“Why don’t you want me with you at the party? You went, I saw it, and lied to me about it… why Nick? What am I doing so wrong for you to do this to me?”

Nick rolled his eyes at her reaction and then came her words. Nick tried to not burst his anger not tonight not after everything they have been through this was not fair why was he putting up with this? Yes he loved her but there was so much a person could take “Listen I don’t want to start this with you Domi seriously I came back I didn’t lie I never told you simple as that” he said in a calm tone. Why was he letting her act this way, Nick was seriously getting tired at the petty arguments over stupid stuff.  “Listen the only thing you are doing wrong is arguing with me over stuff that really has no more bearing in all this. I am done with the arguing Domi seriously” now his anger was spiking something he wanted to avoid. “Why are you being so insecure of me Domi I love you and only you get it through this head please” he said touching her temple with his index finger.

Nick rolled his eyes again and walked forward away from her as she asked again and commented on the issue “I don’t know call it force of habit I wanted to see what it was about and why you didn’t get invited but then I figured that out quickly Ryleigh was part of the invitation committee I guess and of course we know she was not going to invite you…But guess what I didn’t care I came back to get you not because I need you because I want you there with me so Ry can see that she didn’t get her way this time…instead of arguing with me you should get off the damn rock and come with me” Nick was now using a higher tone he was truly tired of arguing in fact he wanted to have fun and if Domi didn’t want to go fine by him he was going anyways. “Why would I want to go back with Ry tell me Domi if you can answer me that I swear I will grovel at your feet” Nick was seriously trying to understand her logic in her insecurities.

Nick turned around and waited for her to decide if she wanted to go or not, but another issue came up to his mind and since they were already arguing why not throw in the monkey wrench. “Now that we are already arguing I need to tell you something….And take this with a grain of salt I will not break my friendship with Erynn just because you and my mother think is the best idea or because you are to insecure around her” he folded his arms in front of his chest. “Domi if you keep this up with me I will walk is that what you want? Because honestly you are pushing me to that with the arguing, the crying and the insecurities I want to have fun with you laugh, cuddle, hug, and all sort of things normal girlfriend and boyfriends do sweetie but you make it hard to want to do all that stuff” he tried calming down but now he needed to cool off.

“Listen I am going to the party like it you or not…you can come with me or stay I don’t care but I am going to have fun with some of my dueling buddies and my other friends and yes that means Erynn too so decide” he said standing there waiting for her to decide.
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Lylah Finn

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Lylah loved parties.

Especially ones with her peers. And unlike most girls at the party, Lylah felt no urgent need to dress in anything special to make a guy notice her. She would just be herself, and if a guy couldn't notice that, he didn't deserve to notice her at all.

But Kellen would be there. She was happy her friend would be in attendance. He was the only person so far who had treated her like a decent human being.

It had taken her 15 minutes to read through both pieces of paper from the owl. English wasnt her best reading subject. All her textbooks were in Swedish. But finally, with a smile on her face, she swiftly scribbled out a reply and handed it to Oin, her exceedingly unique owl, and he flew it swiftly to its destination.

The night of the party she rummaged through her wardrobe and found her pale blue cotton bermuda shorts, a white tank top, and an off-the-shoulder navy sweater. After donning all of it, she smiled at herself in the mirror. She then ran her wand through her hair, muttering a spell that made it smooth and straight. She grabbed a small purple bottle and smoothed the lotion-like substance into her soft locks of chocolate. She then took a small, clear pink bottle and spritzed herself with it a couple times, and as she inhaled she faintly smelled lavender, another smile creeping onto her face.

She slipped on some white sandals, the kind with no back and that had one large strap across the top of the foot. She stepped out of her cabin and strolled off to the party. When she arrived she saw a lot of people she did and did not know. With a small wave to Demetri she walked over and picked up a sandwich, taking a little bite as her brunneous orbs took in the party scene.

Evander Ellwood-Luxe

    (12/12/2011 at 09:05)
Evander had decided her would attend the party. It was a good opportunity to make himself a little more known, and if one of his cousins decided to show up he felt compelled to be there. At least to stop heads from rolling.

He didn't want to dress in a suit for this particular occasion. It would make the oddly tall teen stick out even more. Evander hardly cared about what he wore, and to others, it didn't matter. He looked fairly studly in whatever he was clothed in. Or not clothed in.

Naked thoughts aside, Evander slid on a pair of black slacks over her boxers as a white buttonup draped over his white tanktop which hugged his muscular torso favorably. He buttoned the shirt slowly, not really caring that he was a little late. He tucked it in, then slid his belt on and snapped it shut. He loosened the bottom of the shirt a little, then rolled up his sleeves to his elbows. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone. He grabbed a slim black tie and deftly tied it, drapign it lazily around his neck. This way, if the party turned out to be more formal, he could straighten out quickly. His own failsafe party dress code.

After slipping into his dress shoes, Evander made his way to the party. He stepped through the entrance portion of the lawn and glanced around, hardly noticing anyone, hardly knowing anyone at all. He saw a few girls had dressed up, probably to grab themselves a boy here. Well except one girl over by herself, eating a sandwich. She was wearing shorts and a sweater. It made him smirk a little, that someone like that existed here. Someone who wasn't obsessed with social stigmas.

He headed himself off to the chairs that were set a little back, away from the main party group, and lounged himself in one. All six four of him. He was sure he probably had caught someone's eye by now. He always did. As he ran a hand through his dark mess of hair, he waited. It was only an amount of time before someone came over to talk to him.

* Kellen Douglass

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While the guests were starting to arrive outside, Kellen was upstairs, trying to get his mother to leave his hair alone.

"Come on, mum, it looks fine!" He pushed her hand way as she tried to add another layer of hairspray. Seriously, Kellen was glad that Hero wasn't around, she'd definitely be laughing at him for this. "I'm sorry, Kel, I just want you to look great. There are plenty of pretty girls out there, you know."

Kellen rolled his eyes, taking the can from her hand and setting it on his the dresser. "Mum, please don't start. I'm not trying to impress anyone, I just wanna have fun, ok?" Holding her hands up in a silent defeat, Wendy smiled, leaning over quickly and giving him a kiss on the cheek before heading out of his room. "If you need anything, you know where to find me!"

When she had finally left, Kellen took one last look in the mirror, running a hair through his hand, trying to un-stiffen it a bit. Ugh, it would have to do. If he didn't get down there soon, Kellen was sure that Hero would come looking for him.

Descending the stairs quickly, he gave a smile to his mother as he headed out the back door, and onto a scene he had never seen duplicated in his yard before. It was still unbelievable to him, that his home was the location of a party. Kellen would never have the ability to throw a party like this, which is why he was glad it was Hero and Ryleigh's party. Kellen merely provided a venue for the event, when Hero's home became unavailable.

Spotting Hero, Kellen made his way in her direction, trying not to pay attention to the people just yet. He needed to make sure things were ok with setup and all, now that people were arriving.

"Hey, sorry about that, my mum was driving me crazy in there." He smirked at Hero, waving a hand down the length of his clothes. "Is this ok? I swear she would have had me in a suit and tie if I let her." Kellen was never very fashionable, but he knew that suits were not part of the attire for the evening. Even if some people thought so, he added in an afterthought, spying Demetri Draginoff.

It was then that he saw Lylah, and Kellen smiled, giving her a wave. He would have to remember to talk to her later, once everyone began to settle in. "So," he turned back to the hostess, "Are we prepared for a fun evening, then?"

* Hero Savage

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Muggle fairy lights were unusual things. Normally, Hero wouldn’t have bothered. She knew all about elektricity and how it came out of holes in the wall. But she wouldn’t have been game enough to tinker with it. Luckily, Kellen’s mother (surprise, surprise) was a squib and thus quite accustomed to such things. Now, hanging all around the garden, the lights gave off a feel of hundreds of tiny candles.

It was lovely.

Hero felt Ryleigh approaching behind her and turned, a smile on her face and her arm outreached to hug the girls shoulders. Even if everything else tonight went wrong, it wouldn’t matter. Hero had already gained a great deal as working with Ryleigh had helped them become closer friends. Though only a year separated them at school, it was enough of a gap to ensure that each girl had their own set of friends. Now however, they had formed a close bond that ran outside of their respective social groups.

“It does look amazing,” she said, reassuring her with a  tight squeeze. “Everyone will love it, don’t worry.”

“Well if no one  likes it, I’ll kick them”

Hero turned, slightly surprised at the sudden appearance of an unfamiliar voice. Turning however, she quickly recognized the figure.

“Ree!” she said, delighted. “You’re back!”

The Hufflepuff simply could not remember the last time she had seen her friend. It must have been over half a year ago at least, although Hero was also ashamed to say that she hadn’t really registered her disappearance either, except when on the quidditch pitch. She made a mental note to ask her where she had been, but left it for now. Already, more people were arriving. The first, a dark haired girl with beautiful shoes, introduced herself as Sage. Sage Avery. Hero had seen her on the list of upper-year class men and so had sent an owl, even though they had never met. It was Hero’s principle that no one be left out, no matter how vulgar.

Explaining the arrival of their next guest.

It was no hidden secret that Hero was not overly fond of Demetri. They were at opposite ends of the pureblood spectrum and clear rivals on the quidditch pitch. It had been a particular joy for Hero to grab the snitch in last years Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin game, not only to get the goat of Jenna Beaureguard but also to show Demetri a thing or two. Despite his best efforts at knocking her out of the sky, Hufflepuff had still won.

“Good evening Demetri,” Hero said, somewhat stiffly, as Demetri approached. It was a little unfair, she thought, that despite his general nastiness, the boy still managed to scrub up well. Indeed, in his dark suit and polished shoes, Hero would have considered him rather handsome, if it were not for her large aversion to him.

So the kiss on each cheek and the expensive offering of presents caught her rather off guard.

“Ah, than-thank you, Demetri.” She managed to stutter, her cheeks burning bright red and her eyes wide at the sight of the broom shaped package.  Hero wouldn’t have believed it if she had not been quite so well acquainted with the ways of the old wizarding bloodlines. There were customs in families such as the Draginoffs, and the ceremony of present giving was an elaborate one, especially when you had money to burn. Hero had to clench her jaw in order for it not to fall open.

“That is….Incredibly generous of you,” she managed to say, her voice squeaking in a manner not dissimilar to young Charlie Keddings.

Any further conversation however, quickly came to a halt, as Vera materialized in her usual ravishing red-head way. She looked beautiful of course, as only Vera could with her long, auburn locks.

“Hello Vera,” Hero said, somewhat over enthusiastically, as she moved forward to give her dormmate a quick hug. “I’m not sure where Lysander is. No doubt exploring somewhere.”

Or charming the rest of my guests.

Erynn and Izzy were next. Hero gave them a hug too. Then a Lylah and Evander Ellwood-Luxe. To these two, Hero simply waved and smiled. As soon as a moment was free, she excused herself and quickly nipped over to the punch bowl before pouring herself a rather large glass of punch. Now the guests were starting to arrive, the girl was starting to feel a little bit more nervous. She took a deep drink from her glass, trying to moisten her now very dry mouth. It was delicious punch, full of summer fruits and their juices.

However as Hero swallowed, she noticed a funny, pungeant kind of taste. Must have been the grapefruit.


She turned.

“Sorry about that, my mum was driving me crazy in there."

It was Kellen and he looked…Smart. Hero had seen Kellen dressed up to the nines before. After all, they had been partners at the Beauxbatons Winter Ball. This was different however. He was less formal and there were the usual marks of Kellen’s untidiness. The half tucked in short, the gangly stance. But with a blue polo and brown corduroy pants, such features became him. It was Kellen. But nice.

Hero felt a slight swooping in her stomach. Nerves.

“Oh, that’s ok,” she said wistfully, giving a bright smile. “She’s done a good job. Nice hair.”

"Are we prepared for a fun evening, then?"

“I think so!”

Nevertheless, she downed the rest of her punch.

Demetri Draginoff

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  Demetri nodded, "Think nothing of it really, money should be for giving things to others, as well as sending aid to those that need it, not for hoarding, your brother is returning to you and that makes today a special day, I see you finished your punch let me refill that for you while I am over there, it is the least I can do as your guest." With those kind words Demetri stepped over to the punch bowl ,and placed down the gifts, making a nice starting pile for the young lad, he hoped that others would remeber to give him things, or perhaps he could take the lad shopping for quid gear or something, if he was anything like Hero,Demetri was sure that he would jump at the chance,.

  Filling up the glasses he brought over Hero's as well as glasses for the others that were standing around, and smiled in greeting to the people surrounding Hero and nodded to the all ,"Hello Kellen good to see you,Lylah you look ravishing as always have you been having fun at the Hang Out?" Smiling his most charming smile he looked at Hero, " If there is anything else that you need Hero please don't hesitate to ask, it may be your brother home coming or what have you, but don't think I forgot the old rules, you have your own gifts to look forward to back in your cabin." Demetri wasn't sure if he had got that right, he had given her twin brother a gift didn't that mean that he had to give her one as well, he hoped so otherwise it would look like he was courting her, or else was showing affection for her, not that she wasn't very pretty, because well Demetri had to own up that he found her very attractive. That however wasn't something that he should voice, after all this party wasn't about attracting a girl, though it would of course it would put a fire under Vera, for him to be seen kissing or courting a girl other than her, though he wasn't sure he could do that. Even after all the things she had put him through she was still his princess, still his only.

  Looking at the crowd more closely he smiled and setteled down abit no one here other than Vera was likely to try to poison, kill, maim, or disgrace him. Sure most of them probably held some form of dislike, or apathy but he was sure that was how most viewed him. Not that it really matter except for that one luxwood, he was going to see him pay, but it would be discourteous to do such at Hero's party, and so he would have to hold back his anger, had to hold back revenge, had to act the part of a bloody noble english man, only in that way would the other english people accept him, acting any other way would simply bring derision.

 Taking a sip from the punch he coughed a bit, he wasn't used to something so sugary and sweet, stepping up to Hero he smiled his best, warmest, and most charming smile, "Hero, do you think it possible to procure water? I am not so used to sweet drinks, and though I must say that it is sweet and good, I would beg your leave to perhaps drink water instead, I don't mean to be rude. I am sure that you and Ryliegh must have worked very hard making this." Aw there he went stumbling over niceties again, it was so much easier to simply be blunt and ask for water. Perhaps as the hostess she would understand him, or perhaps he would simply have to continue to drink the oh so sweet drink, it wouldn't kill him to drink it, but he simply would prefer water.

Lylah Finn

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After waving back to Kellen, Lylah's face turned into a happy grin as Demetri had called her ravishing. She didnt blush, no, Lylah had never before blushed in her lifetime, and such a comment as that wouldn't have made her blush now. But she tilted her head a little, her hair falling over her shoulder as he asked her how the hangout was, her half-eaten sandwich within her grasp.

"Da hangout is a lot of fun, Demetri. A lot of new experiences, new friends." She nods a little before continuing. "You flatter me. You're looking good yourself though." She gave him a warm smile as he continued his conversation with Hero.

When he returned with the punch she thanked him as he handed her a cup. She brought the punch to her full lips and took a petite, graceful sip, the liquid sliding down her throat easily. She then continued to finish off her sandwich, watching everyone silently. Lylah normally didnt talk to people very much unless they talked to her or she had a reason to talk to them.

She was at ease, but she could tell some of the others weren't. She hoped her ease of demeanor would possibly rub off on them. She took another long sip of her drink, and as she swallowed more of the punch, an unfamiliar burn etched at her esophagus. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling though, and it made her stomach warm.

* Kaminari Hawke

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Back from Cali happier than a beaver after building their home. She had missed her friends and the time spent with her family as not as bad as she thought. Yes her father was adamant about her physical and meditation training that even in front of Lucas she had to do it. Her father left no choice in that at times when he was beating her up in the physical training Kami felt embarrassed until she had told her to suck it up and fight. So she did and began to improve, Lucas was probably glad he still had his girlfriend after the training. Kami had learned a few new moves in martial arts and a few new meditation techniques the ones that would help her even while in a relationship with Lucas. She couldn’t for the life of her understand why it was different to meditate in different ways while you were single and other ways while you were in a relationship.

Then talk of her and Lucas kept coming up, yes they were getting married, yes after graduation, yes maybe they would move to Cali or maybe stay in Scotland. When the conversation broke out she had looked at Lucas and smiled biting her lower lip a few rolling of eyes but she had told him that as long as they answered what they wanted to hear her parents would drop the subject. As for her friends they were happy for her, Kami had shown Lucas around Cali and introduced most of her friends. They went to luau parties at the beach with some bonfires and swam during the days. It had been all fun but what was most important was that he had forgiven her, that he went to Cali and wanted her back. That he loved her period and he was not giving her up that easy, Kami was grateful because her heart had been torn the day Lucas had caught her and Justin kissing.

Finally back at the hangout, she noticed a note on the table next to her bed, she had gotten up early to find Lucas and head to the lake as she opened the note she noticed it was an invitation of some sort. Kami checked the date and it was tonight ‘uhhh I must find something nice to wear and tell Lucas’ she thought walking out of the Cabin. After a nice swim in the lake and enjoying such a wonderful time with Lucas, Kami had told him about the party and that she would meet him at Kellen’s house. She got dressed in a nice dress white in color and enough to cover just above her knees. She let her hair down which she had cut just a tad in Cali enough to let her breath since it was blazing hot over there. She put just enough make up not to attract any unwanted attention and began to head to the party. Lucas she thought was probably there already, but then again he was the one always late. She thought shaking her head happy as a dove that she was with him again and probably more in love than before.

As she reached the party, Kami looked around the place was beautifully decorated and the people some she knew others she had no clue. But then again Kami was not one to mingle much with folks. Suddenly Kami had a huge smile on her face as she spotted among all of the people there Regina ‘Oh dear Ree’ she thought walking towards her and nodding at some other folks she knew. “REEEE!” she said launching herself at her friend. “Oh my god you are here! I am so glad I have missed sooo much” she said reaching to hug her. “I have loads to tell you we might need an entire day for such gossip my dear” she said nodding at other folks she knew. “Let me grab a drink I will be right back I need to talk to you before Lucas gets here.” She said walking away. Kami had spotted Hero, Ryleigh and Demitri some of the rest she knew but Dem she had seen around her own common room. Kami nodded at them as she walked to the table where the drinks were, “Very nice Hero and thank you for the invite” she said looking  around noticing that Lucas was not there yet so she decided to grab a drink and go back to chatting with Regina.

“So Ree what have you been up to?” Kami asked as she took a sip of her drink and kept her eyes open for Lucas. Though she was glad they were together Kami felt as if he didn’t trust her and hey she couldn’t blame him it would take time for him to trust her again or even to trust a guy near her again. Even if the entire Justin thing had not been entirely her fault, let’s face it yes it takes two to tango and Kami should have pushed him off.
Friend to Kami while introducing Hawke:
(OH My gawd is this wow! Kami what a change from skimpy to hawt damn)

Regina Russo (Ree)

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Regina was so glad to be invited to  the party well it seemed  some people notice her absence and some other didn’t she was thinking just on her friends have noticed, and she was more than happy of that , not gossiping around of where have she been or what have she done.

“Hey Ree have you seen Erynn?” she looked at Nick she could recognize him at the entrance she  just needed to give a lil surprise to Hero and Rye, “OH! Hey nick… she might get here soon”. Then she  greeted him,“ Look nick there she is Erynn” she grinned.

“Ree! You’re back!” Regina giggled, “Yup I’m back and thank you for inviting me” she said softly people was  arriving  she didn’t have to much time to chat with Rye and Hero, but she  knew they will be fine .

"Hey Ree," Erynn have just approach to her, “Oh thank good you are here !” she said sighing ,”It’s a little uncomfortable for me seeing this old and some other new faces” she said, looking around, “Are  you kay ?” she said looking to her  littler friend that was with a strange face looking at Nick and Sage, “Oh see ill be back in a minute” she said  walking to the drinks table.

Demetri and Vera were there , she jut  took a look on them., At least  she  knew how Demetri was and she was sure he haven’t changed at all, Graduation She thought , then she return her sight to  someone that have  just shout at her and jump in a hug this person could be without exception Kaminari , oh man she really enjoy DADA classes with her.

“REEEE! , Oh my god you are here! I am so glad I have missed sooo much” Ree hugged the girl back, she wasn’t  for too much love  in that moment  but she needed that hug, “KAMI!!!” she said surprised  to find her there, “I’ve also missed you THAT MUCH” she  said laughing, and smiling back to her friend, “I have loads to tell you we might need an entire day for such gossip my dear” She opened her eyes wide  open and nod crossing her arms and “Then comon girl Talk !” she  said smiling again with that contagious smile she used to have, “Let me grab a drink I will be right back I need to talk to you before Lucas gets here.”  She thought what a name ,I’m sure I’ve heard before that name , she hardly remember that name  but she was sure Kami have told her  something in some DADA class. “OH! I’ll get some too” she followed the girl.

“So Ree what have you been up to?” The same question she have heard before, better tell it now than later ree, or should I wait for her to tell how her things with Lucas have been?- Ree waited, and said, “I took a long trip to Italy” she said uncomfortable, “But How about you ?!, What about Lucas, want to take a walk, is He coming?” she took a breath, “Sorry  to much questions” She sighed. And make her head up trying to catch an eye on Erynn so nothing wrong goes with her  friend she wanted to talk to bouth Kami and Erynn about Tj but they have been bussy and as a good friend she knew how to listen first to them.
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