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Author Topic: Duelist Boot Camp Recap/FAQ  (Read 791 times)

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Q: So your magical strength is one skill that is above your year?
A: Yes, your magical strength should be the one skill that is highest in terms of level (Charms, Div, Transfig or C/S). But as you progress, if you don't gain many levels, it may be equal to your year. Just never below. Remember: You can duel even without a strength. Your 'bonus' depends upon your magical strength.

Q: Explain "stats".
A: In the information on how to set up your dueling profile, there is a break down of how many points you may distribute. This varies by year for Hogwarts students and by age for adults in Elsewhere.

Using a sixth year Hogwarts student as an example:

The student receives 17 points to distribute. They can then spread out those points across the following categories: power, ability, resistance, strength, agility, vitality, velocity and potions.

To make it simple so you understand what each does:

Power determines how much damage you will deal to your opponent.

Ability determines whether or not you can successfully cast a spell. This is ABSOLUTELY vital if your character depends upon spellwork in dueling! When rolling for success, the duelist's ability is combined with the magical level of whatever type of spell they are attempting to cast.

For example, if you are attempting to cast a Charm:

Your Charms level is 6. Your Ability is 5. Add them together and your total dueling ability for rolls equals 11.

Please note that these adjusted levels are strictly for the dueling block. Just because your fifth year with a Charms level of 6 can cast Obliviate during dueling, it does not mean they can successfully cast it in the classroom/anywhere else.

Resistance lowers how much damage you take when someone successfully casts at you.

Strength is for physical attacks/actions including recovering a lost wand. The dueling refs highly suggest putting at least 4 points in this category. Otherwise, your character is going to have a very difficult time picking up their wand if they are disarmed as well as being incapable of performing any physical actions (offensive or defensive).

Agility determines if you can dodge an action. Unless you intend for your character to have Auto-dodge (4-6 points in the category), the dueling referees advise against putting any points in this category and suggest you use them elsewhere in your profile.

Vitality determines your health. All characters start with 50% life. For every point added here, you gain 10% additional life.

Velocity determines the order of attacks. Dependent upon posting time, if your velocity is higher than your opponent's, your attacks will chronologically come first. Each stat point in this category moves your posting time back one hour.

Q: What the flip is "auto dodge"?
A: Auto Dodge means your character automatically has a chance to evade a spell without you having to use an action! They are as agile as a mongoose dancing around a cobra! However, Auto Dodge is only in effect if the player's points in the Agility stat total 4, 5 or 6. Be very careful! Auto dodge doesn't work against "indirect spells" (these should be in italics under the spell descriptions). Also, tricky duelists may attempt to use silent casting to undermine your Auto Dodge. Silent casting takes away two points from your Agility stat!

For example, if you have four points in the Agility stat for an Auto Dodge and your opponent successfully casts a silent spell at you, then your points will be reduced from 4 to 2. You won't be able to Auto Dodge the spell! Clever girl.

Q: If a duelist is disarmed, can they attempt to silently cast in the same round?
A: Unfortunately, due to velocity the attempt at silent casting would come BEFORE the physical action which means that you would be attempting to cast with a wand you wouldn't have. The silent spell would then be voided, so the answer to this is no.

Q: You can get +1 to any stat for your dueling profile if you get help from a duel ref?
A: Yes! Professors also count! However, this point will not be available to claim as a bonus until the term AFTER the thread is done with the duel ref or professor. (Example: If a thread is done with a professor for the 1941-1942 term, you cannot add the +1 stat to your dueling profile until the 1942-1943 term.)

Q: We get bonuses??? What are those?
A: You most certainly do! This is taken from the Dueling Rules information!

Descriptive post (Actions detailed and Nice rping) increases ability +1 (for spells only), strength +1 (for physical actions only), or agility +1 (for dodges as an action only).
Takes 5 classes - increases ability +1, power +1, agility +1 and resistance +1
Takes 4 classes increases ability +1, power +1, and agility +1
Takes 3 classes increases ability +1 and agility +1
Takes 2 classes or one increases ability +1
Submitting a well-written IC potions request to the Dueling Office, or a link to an IC thread showing how the Potion was made. - Increases Potions +1 (Up to one point per round, and +3 per year. These bonus points will reset at the end of the year).
Getting IC help from the dueling ref(s) to improve dueling technique +?? (Up to one point in any given category per year, permanent).
Getting IC help from a Professor to improve dueling technique and posting a link in the Dueling Office +?? (Up to one point in any given category per year, permanent).
Is a Dueling Captain, +1 to any stat.
Is a Prefect OR Wing Assistant OR a Teacher's Pet... *coughs* Assistant, +1 Resistance
Is a Quidditch Player, +1 Strength
Is a Spellbound writer, +1 Ability
Bravery (duel with someone older than you) xx% more life (xx = the number of years the person is younger multiplied by 5, ex: a first year dueling against a seventh year will get 30% more life...this is determined differently for group duels, but a bonus will still be added).

The Magical Strength your character has will give them one of the following bonuses to help in their duel:

Charms = +1 to Strength.
Transfiguration = +1 to Power.
Conjuring and Summoning = +1 Resistance.
Divination = +1 each to Agility and Velocity.

Note: With the exception of the Dueling Captain bonus, DO NOT add bonus points on in your profile. These will be added by the referee only.

Also, you want to mentally do some addition to make sure when you add your bonuses to your distributed points that nothing goes over a total combined score of 6 in each category! EACH STAT IS MAXED OUT AT 6 POINTS. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS POINTS!

Q: Can you get spells from classes?
A: Yes! However, these are considered "special spell requests" and need to be submitted to the duel ref 48 hours prior to the start of your duel round. You MAY specially request any spell learned during term provided it falls into this window. Otherwise, you will have to wait to request it prior to the next round of dueling.


Jane learned the spell "Turbo" in her C/S class. "Turbo" has the effects of causing damage and allowing the caster to act twice. Only students who were in the SAME class as Jane and ICly learned that spell may request it.

Q: Okay, so I want to duel with do I do that?
A: First, the number of points you put under the Potions stat determines not only your rate of success (this stat is comparable to Strength), but also how many potions your duelist is permitted to use during the course of their duel.

The duelist must submit a list to his/her duel referee with a list of requested potions and their desired effects for approval no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the duel round. The duelist MAY request different potions per round, but they cannot remove any points from their Potions stat. They also are not required to use every potion in their arsenal during the course of the duel.

If a duelist's action fails when they are attempting to use a potion, the potion is no longer available for use for the rest of the duel. It essentially failed/fizzled/had an undesirable result.

To use the potions, a duelist must word their actions in this manner:

"Vincenzo attempted to throw the Fuzzy Caterpillar Eyebrow potion at Aubrey!" (With bolding. All duel actions MUST be bolded!)

Q: How should I word my physical actions?
A: I'm going to emphasize this so you all know how important it is: You have to be very, VERY careful with how you word your physical actions. Please make sure to clearly state that you are ATTEMPTING to do something. Without the word attempting, you are RPing and PPing that your action will be successful! You absolutely must state the word 'attempt', 'hope', 'prayed', 'tried' or anything that causes doubt. It is better to specifically say 'attempted' or 'tried' to reach/do/whatever action you're trying to do than to risk having your action voided.

To quote the chat log:

Vincent Kennith Thalman:  Now, if I said 'Vincent holds his wand aloft, and fires a spell, hoping it will hit' Or does it need to be 'Vincent attempts to fire a spell'
Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding:  I would say 'attempted to fire a spell', Vincent.
Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding:  Because the possibility is that the spell could not fire at all.
Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding:  Your wand could fizzle.
Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding:  And be limp like a sad Twizzler.

Think of the sad, limp Twizzlers, duelists. Remember to always ATTEMPT your actions!

Q: How do I create my own effects for Charms, Transfig or C/S spells?
A: In the guide, most of the effects for Charms are listed. However, there are a few that encourage the duelist to "use them creatively". This gives the duelist the freedom to create their own effects (within reason) for the spell. What the spell does is described in the guide.

For example: You may attempt to Expulso a chandelier to cause damage to an opponent due to falling debris as well as distract them for an act twice. You may NOT attempt to Expulso an opponent's wand or their body parts.

Remember - excessive violence isn't permitted in dueling. These actions will be voided. If you have any questions when creating your own effects on a spell, please PC or PM a duel ref! We'll let you know whether or not it's okay to use.

The guidelines for creating reasonable effects requests are as follows:

Simple Spells:

2 modifiers max, including time to act twice
Negatives: up to -1 in any stat or -2 total to all (ie: -1 Ability, -1 Velocity)

Advanced Spells:

2-3 modifiers max, including time to act twice
Negatives: up to -3 in any stat or -4 total to all (ie: -2 Ability, -1 Velocity, -1 Strength)

Difficult Spells:

2-3 modifiers max, including time to act twice
Negatives: up to -4 in any stat or -6 total to all (ie: -2 Ability, -2 Velocity, -2 Strength)

Damage may be substituted for any 2 modifiers to stats. 1/2 normal damage may be substituted for any 1 modifier to stats.

No spell effect shall last longer than two rounds after the spell is cast. Any round past one must be substituted for 1 modifier to the stats.

Q: What is the +1 RP bonus? How do I get that?
A: Very simple. We welcome you to really have fun and write to your heart's content, but please note that a minimum of 3 paragraphs is required for the bonus.

Q: Are duels always 1 vs 1?
A: Duels are rarely one-on-one. Typically, a tournament consists of 3-4 players pitted against each other per round.

Q: What determines how many actions a player may take?
A: Every player starts with one action. However, players may earn up to FOUR actions maximum to be used in a round. This can be accomplished by successfully casting spells or performing actions that allow you to "act twice". For the spells, this effect should be notated beneath the spell effects or marked with an asterisk.

For example:

Vincenzo starts Round One with one action. He chooses to attempt to cast Confundus. His action is successful. He may now act twice for Round Two.

In Round Two, Vincenzo attempts to cast Petrificus Totalus and Stupefy. Both of his actions are successful. He may now act four times for Round Three.

That's it for the FAQ/Duelist Boot Camp Chat Recap! If you have ANY questions, please PC or PM Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding or Aubrey Rousseau. We're more than happy to answer all of your dueling inquiries!

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