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Author Topic: [Scavenger Social] Beware of the Tall Grass | [OPEN]  (Read 598 times)

* Leander Laskos

    (04/05/2014 at 04:10)
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The Scavenger Part
First Week of Summer, 1941

The sun is out, the breeze is cool and here on the grasslands, it’s easy to get a sense of just how vast it all is.  But there could be anything in that tall grass, wild pokem- animals and ferocious predators. The camp counsellors and the organizers have ensured that charms have warded off anything too dangerous, but campers have also been warned not to stray too far from camp boundaries.

Was that something rustling in the grass?

… Is it the Sassabonsam?

Don’t panic, but I think there’s something headed your way.


How did you end up all the way up here? I hope you didn't tire yourself out with the hike. The mountain is pretty bare-- except for its views. Maybe take a look a breather and admire the painted huts?

Have no idea what's going on?

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Malachi Gallagher

    (04/09/2014 at 05:48)
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A kid who could be no more than ten years old with a fedora was walking around the grasslands all by himself and reading a piece of paper over and over again."Seek highground..."  Malachi said to himself as he looked to the bare mountainside.  Verbalizing sentence helped him wrap his head around what message was trying to be conveyed, but these clues were fickle.  The clue for the Iriz Ima stone sounded absolutely nothing like the camp murals that they were placed by.  He only found that figurine by chance and it was so confusing that he was the only one up there.  Still, this situation proves its better to be lucky than it is to be good.

Malachi returned to his piece of paper once more.  "Beneath foliage you will find this stone and creatures you may want to keep at bay..."  Was the clue really telling him exactly where the stone located?  The last clue told him to look under a bench and the stone was located on top of a windowsill.  Could he really trust these words?

Shaking his head, Malachi folded up the piece of paper into one of his pockets and began combing through the foliage.  The next thing he knew, the sound of something rustling through the grass caught the young lad's attention.  He immediately drew his wand and clutched the newly acquired wand with a vice-like grip.  Malachi did not want to anger whatever was running through the grass and whatever was in the grass may not be vicious at all.  Regardless, he needed to see what was coming towards him and inspect it as it may be a clue.

Walking forward cautiously, Malachi looked through the grass and readied himself to cast Wingardium Leviosa.

* Leander Laskos

    (04/16/2014 at 12:37)
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The Sassanbonsam is supposed to fly, right?  So maybe it isn't that... unless it was already devouring a victim, have there been any victims reported? Did you read the bulletin board at the main hut? What if they made an announcement?

Either way, that warbling bellow is not a good sound. Not to mention it sounds very big. Much bigger than a 10 year old, surely. Whatever it is seems to have lost interest in whatever it was doing and have noticed you. Are those the sounds of paws or hooves or claws that are naking their way through the grass. I hope it finds you too small to make a meal out of!


So either that creature is very angry or very sick...  either way I dont think you want to be anywhere near it. Things could get gorey...or throw-up-y.

Maybe this was the wrong place to look. I don't know if you are gonna like what you find...

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hard at work

Lynette Crossings

    (04/25/2014 at 01:07)
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Seeing the boy in trouble Lynette throws a rock at the wild beast. She yells "Over here beast get away from him! Kid run!"