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First Week of Summer, 1941

It was another scorching day on the savannah. Leander clawed fingers through the curls of his hair, sweat already caught in the tangled strands. Last summer’s spectacularly frigid weather had left him longing for the balm of the something closer to the equator. The African grasslands had not exactly been what he’d had in mind.

Thankfully, the palm-frond roofed huts on their high-stilted foundations was a good place to duck out of the sun. Leaning against one of the foundation posts, Leander dug out a leather pouch that had been in his trouser pocket. Dropping its contents into his hand, he turned one over his hand, thumb smoothing over the small figurine’s beefy shoulders. He reached up to begin placing the herd of bulls looking out on the savannah before them.


 Going home already? I hope you're not giving up so soon. Then again, these elevated huts can be a pretty great lookout spot-- perhaps you can try and spot something good.

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Malachi Gallagher

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"Here you’ll find plenty of room to breathe but you may seek higher ground if you are planning to stay, beneath the foliage along with this stone, you may find creatures you’d prefer to keep at bay."  Malachi said aloud as he walked towards camp Tauroi-Aithiopes.  He was still wearing his fedora but there were some smudges on his clothes from where he ran through the grasslands.  The young Slytherin hopeful was re-reading the clue aloud so he could better visualize the riddle in his mind and unlock its mysteries.  His initial logic sent him searching in the grasslands where he was chased something that could've probably eaten him alive so he had to run for his life.  After he ran three miles and calmed down, he realized his logic was flawed.  There was no way any of the camp counselors would put children at risk of life, limb, or eyesight no matter how much magic they knew.  He should instead search more towards the camps and huts like where he accidentally found the Iriz Ima stone.

Camp Tauroi-Aithiopes was located on the ranch and had huts built on stilts.  That satisfied two parts of the clue, the first being plenty of room to breath, the second being higher ground if you plan to stay.  The clue also said to search under foilage for for the stone and the roofs were made with palm leaves.  That suggested the stone was located under the hut and it would be the first place Malachi decided to look.

Malachi grinned as he saw the huts getting closer.  "As soon as I get the Tauroi-Aithiopes stone, its off to Sassabonsam!"  He said to himself with a big smile on his face.  The boy was feeling rather clever as the riddle made perfect sense.  Not only were the stones named exactly where their locations were, but the clues were iconic of the location of the camp.  Like Sassabonsam being a royal palace, it reminded Malachi of the snobby girl he bumped into the VERY FIRST DAY he arrived at camp over there.

Shaking his head, Malachi searched the perimeter of the huts quickly before braving the area beneath the huts.