Volunteer in the Infirmary!

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The Scavenger Part
First Week of Summer, 1941

Anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves sentenced to the infirmary so early in camp really ought to consider the merits of heading back to their mum in England. Camp makes you tough, connects you with nature,  sends you on wild goose chases for mythical creature... -shaped stones.  You can't spend all your time indoors, tending to every bump and bruise!

... as it is, there doesn't seem to be anything out of the usual here. Maybe you should swipe some sunscreen though before heading out.


Did you hit your head on a rock or something? Well, I guess the Infirmary would be a pretty innocuous place to start. Just take a look around... and try not to make too much of a mess.

Have no idea what's going on?

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dig in.

Leyshell Brouchart

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Leyshell was only doing this because she was bored, the clues weren't all that clueish, not that thay was a word.

She didnt see anybody else so she figured she was the first to reach the infirmary, she couldn't just stand there so she had to look..beneath the benches.

It couldn't be that simple, she suposed looking under where people sat was an interesting thing, but she didn't want to get dirty

"Leyshell rolled her eyes and looked under the beds for any sign of the blasted stones"

She muttered undee breath the whole time about stupid camps, pointless wars and her Laboratory, oh how she missed the solitary of her Laboratory and Caesar her cat.
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* Leander Laskos

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Inside the Infirmary was definitely a cool place to be-- for those seeking solitude and the smell of disinfectant. Inside everything was neat and orderly and seemed to look practically untouched. While everything seemed tidily in order, whoever was on duty was obviously shirking their responsibilities as there was no one else in the small hut.

While most of the beds were kept crisply fresh and the floors well swept, behind one of the beds nearest to the back, a bit of scratch paper seems to have been missed. On it reads--

"People.... waiting...infirmary?

Murals⇢ people
ES Eshu
under benches... ?

paint-- marks?

Story murals


 If you were looking for candy or perhaps loose change, maybe you should try somewhere a little more inhabited.  Things are a little too sterile here, wouldn't you think?

Hopefully those notes you found helped whoever wrote them more than they're likely to help you. Also, what awful handwriting...

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