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Amaranthe Litchfield

    (04/04/2014 at 03:41)
First Week of Summer, 1941
11:00 AM

Amaranthe took a deep breath as she gathered up the papers she had duplicated for the event. Everything was set up, and hopefully this all would go according to plan. She of course could attempt to foresee this future, but it would be pointless. No reason for her to look at such an inconsequential thing though. She was not nervous about the outcome.

She was more nervous about not knowing if her partner had done his part.

Leander had been in her house, Quidditch co-captain, and a Prefect, but that did not mean that she could trust he had done everything she had asked. She had never had an actual conversation with him, but perhaps that was her fault. She had never been all that social with those that were considered her peers. She felt disconnected from them and their conversations, coming in so late when others had made friends made it difficult for her to fit in.

Pressing her lips together she made her way up to the front of the main hut. Setting down the papers on a table that had been set up near the stage area. “Ladies and gentlemen.” She looked at those that had gathered for the event or were simply here on chance.

“As you have been informed, there will be an event that involves Ice Cream today.” She took a beat to let that sink in, “But, there was no time or place listed as you all have noticed by now. That is because it will not be easy.”

This was the part of the plan she thought up. Something that added a bit of challenge, and competition. All things that added to the excitement of going to summer camp, and life in general. She gave a pleased smile as she motioned towards the papers, “On these sheets are clues. You follow the clue to the destination, and you will know you are correct if you find, one of these.” She lifted up a colored stone, with a carved creature on it that resembled a Iriz Ima. “Each of these stones glow, when you get close to where our little social will be. There are three all together, and if you get three it is easier to find the prize.”

Of course they could simply wait and watch Amaranthe and Leander to see where they went to set up the ice cream, but she was hoping no one would be that underhanded. Still, there was a reason for them to not just simply follow them at the end.

“Of course there are other prizes. If you collect a stone, for one week you will be allowed the front of the lunch line for a week. Two stones will get a cooling charm cast inside your hut for one week, and three stones get the grand prize. We will reveal this when we award it at the Social we have set up.”

Brown eyes turned to look at those gathered, brow raised as she quietly asked if there was any questions.

She did not expect any. She had explained everything clearly, but a pause was customary. Taking a deep breath she then nodded to the papers again, “Groups are suggested. Of course, there only a certain amount of stones, and first four groups will get a stone. Each one is different, and you only get prize for three different stones.”

Now all she had to do was wait for them to gather and get themselves organized. Waiting a few moments before starting to head towards the door. If no one stopped her she would be working on making sure Leander had done his part, and do whatever he had not done.

Clue #1
A rather grand place to gather, like a palace guarded by a moat, if you’re looking for something here you may want to check where things float.

Clue #2
Where people always seem to wait outside and marked scars tell stories of African adventures, within this cramped, yet cozy interior to find the stone, look beneath the benches.

Clue #3
Here you’ll find plenty of room to breathe but you may seek higher ground if you are planning to stay, beneath the foliage along with this stone, you may find creatures you’d prefer to keep at bay.

OOC Notes:
- The aim of the game is to find the stones from the riddles. Each clue will direct you to one of two locations where the stones could be.
- Once the clue threads are posted you may post in there with your groups (if you made them), or go searching on your own!
- You have until April 15th, to post in whichever clue threads you want before the final thread is posted.
- Once you've reached each clue location, search around for each location and please bold your action per round. You may perform one searching action per round.

Example: Cosmina followed the stray set of footprints into the dirt, leading her into a small grove of acacia trees. When the tracks ended at the base of one of them, she looked up, then decided to climb in order to get a better vantage point.
- Every 48 hours, Amaranthe or Leander will update the successes or failures of your search attempt.
- You may post in this thread to set up groups or ask IC questions.
- Have fun!

Keep track of your successful searches using the following checklist in a post below:


"A bellowing cry, beware the elephant-killer!"

"It's a bird! It's a bat! It's a blood-sucking beast!"

"Impenetrable hide, indominable strength, an intimidating animal!"

Code: [Select]
[div style="width:430px; border:5px solid black; color:slategray;"] [div style="background-image:url(''); background-size:80px; height:50px; border-bottom: 15px solid black; font-weight:600; "][/div]

[center][shadow=black,bottom][color=darksalmon][size=32pt][font=archer]SCAVENGER HUNT[/font][/size][/color][/shadow][/center]

[I]"A bellowing cry, beware the elephant-killer!"[/I]
[    ]  [color=rosybrown][font=archer]I FOUND THE IRIZ IMA STONE[/font][/color]

[I]"It's a bird! It's a bat! It's a blood-sucking beast!"[/I]
[    ]  [color=sandybrown][font=archer]I FOUND THE SASSABONSAM STONE[/font][/color]

[I]"Impenetrable hide, indominable strength, an intimidating animal!"[/I]
[    ]  [color=lightcoral][font=archer]I FOUND THE TAUROI-AITHIOPES STONE[/font][/color]

[div style="background-image:url(''); background-size:80px; height:50px; border-top: 15px solid black; font-weight:600; t"][/div][/div]
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"A bellowing cry, beware the elephant-killer!"

"It's a bird! It's a bat! It's a blood-sucking beast!"

"Impenetrable hide, indominable strength, an intimidating animal!"