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Author Topic: The 1940 Winter....Summer Pageant Thing || Audience welcome!  (Read 692 times)

Zephyrus Paladin

    (12/29/2013 at 22:55)
Late August, 1940
Main Hall

He was wearing a crimson robe with trim that appeared to be mink but was in fact only fake fur stuck on with Sticky Charms and he looked absolutely, frightfully idiotic.  Standing at the wooden lectern with his costume glasses (mind you, they had no actual worth, for there were no lenses), he stared out at the crowd with a rather piercing glare.

Best get this over with.

"Right. We're beginning..."

No one stopped talking.  The audience continued to gab, poke their neighbors, play with their knitting, pick their noses, whatever the rabble did these days that amused them.  Everything except pay attention.

Sonorus, he thought, concentrating very hard on the spell; the wand spurted, a little.  It was a bit above his ability to cast silently, but perhaps if he read it off his hand.... the quill on the lectern jotted over his palm, and he thought and he read it, and that itself seemed to be just enough.


It itched his throat, which wasn't supposed to happen, but it worked anyway. Better than nothing.

"Everyone sit down, we're beginning." He said again, and a relative hush fell as his magically amplified voice caught their ears.  "Right. This is the story of the Fountain of Fair Fortune."

He gestured woodenly to a makeshift stage, bordered by two patched curtains which now parted to reveal a handmade set of trees and badly painted backdrop held together with little more than string and Spell-o-tape.

"Once there were three witches who had fallen on bad times.  Their names were Asha, Altheda, and Amata.  They were seeking the Fountain of Fair Fortune which was said to grant all their desires.  But only one could bathe in it."

A sigh.  This was pathetic.  It would be a miracle if the actors could actually pull it off....

"Asha was afflicted with a terrible disease and wanted to be cured.  Altheda was poor and hungry and wanted to be successful. And Amata was heartbroken at the disloyalty of her lover and wished to find peace."

(OOC: If you are an audience member, feel free to post as if you're watching the performance! And you can heckle the actors if you want, as long as site rules are observed.)

Joy Detora

    (12/30/2013 at 00:42)
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Joy peered out at the crowd. She felt like she was going to scream. She was excited and nervous at the same time, and a storm was brewing in her stomach.

As Amata, she strode out onto the stage, and tried her best to look sad. "Oh, woe is me, I have a disloyal lover?" She said awkwardly.

Right. She was doing great. She was glad her parents weren't there to see her dismal performance. She hoped Altheda and Asha knew their lines well. She wasn't looking forward to the ending, that was for sure. Getting married to Lewis Marlowe?

She would rather marry a sheep. That boy would criticize fashion like there was no tomorrow.
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Samantha Carlisle

    (12/31/2013 at 04:28)
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Normally Samantha loved performing but not today. She was furious she had not been chosen for any of the lead roles and regulated to the stupid chorus. How was th at even possible? Samantha had a lot of experience of performing, yet here she was as a lowly chorus member. And honestly how the bloody hell did Joy get a lead role and not Samantha?! It was stupid and she had no love for the casting director at this point.

Incredibly even Andrea Focoso Samantha's great friend from Beauxbatons was even relegated to the lowly chorus. And she was fantastic on stage. Because of the fact both Andrea and Samantha,as well as Selena who was stage manager had been passed over for leads, Samantha couldn't help but wonder if the casting director had some personal vendetta against Beauxbatons.
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* Lucille Hopland

    (12/31/2013 at 08:05)
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She'd signed up on a whim. The story was a favorite of hers ever since she was a child and she figured there'd be no harm in singing along to a few songs. Maybe be a tree in the background.

Life didn't work that way.

Come rehearsal day and suddenly she's a lead with none to none acting experience. Rehearsals were a pain, too. Though they would've been useful if she'd at least paid some attention. But she hadn't, and now they were on the day of the actual play and she still had no idea what she was doing.

So, what was she to do?

Lucille stumbled out from the other side of the stage, opposite of Joy, and clutched at her stomach dramatically.

"Ugh, someone help me! Please! I've not eaten in days…" She made sure to drag out the endings of her words as if exhausted and starved beyond the point of coherence.

She figured if she was going down, she'd go down swinging.
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Zephyrus Paladin

    (12/31/2013 at 18:20)
At least they were able to get a few lines out. The audience would at the very least understand the intention.

(And if not, they could be entertained by the Hopland girl's dramatic rendition of a chipmunk with a stomach ache.)

"Mmm. Yes. So then they all decided to go to the Fountain together even if only one could bathe."

(He'd like to Stupefy the sod who'd written this pathetic narration.)

"In the morning, along came a knight in rusted armor, also seeking his fortune.  His name was Sir Luckless.  He was unlucky in fame and love, and sought the Fountain to change his fortune."

(A grungy little boy in the front row was picking his nose and sampling the goods; Zephyrus shot him a withering look.)

"Hearing the clattering, it woke the Magical Creepers in the bushes, who grabbed the four hapless travelers and pulled them roughly into the thick brambles, trying to tug them through."

(Cue the Magical Creepers.  He stared at Samantha.)

Joy Detora

    (12/31/2013 at 18:25)
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Joy grabbed Lucille. She let Samantha tug her into the magic garden set, and grabbed Lewis Marlowe as she fell in.

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Samantha Carlisle

    (12/31/2013 at 22:21)
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 Samantha was still fuming at the fact Andrea and her had been passed over for leads when it was obvious the two of them were far better suited for the leading female roles than anyone else when she noticed the casting director guy staring at her. Oh right she was supposed to be pulling people into the  elaborate magic garden set right now wasn't she?  Oops.

And so  when she noticed the cue, Samantha attempted to yank Joy into the set along with a  boy rather roughly. Perhaps see he had gone a bit overboard with the yanking. Oh well. Hopefully, she hadn't yanked so hard that she accidentally hurt her friend Joy. If so hey at least Samantha had learned a little bit about treating minor injuries in the Infirmary  this summer and last term at Beauxbatons.

"Sorry if I hurt you any Joy," Samantha whispered sincerely under her breath.

But again she was still in the stupid chorus! It was a bloody outrage!
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Andrea Focoso

    (12/31/2013 at 22:50)!

This was an outrage!

Andrea wondered why she'd even bothered to show up for this play, disaster that it was going to be, and she tossed dark hair over her shoulder, golden eyes flaring. Right...a Focoso stuck to a promise and, as much as she was loathe to admit it, signing up had been a sort of...promise...

Whatever. How dare they deny her a leading role!

At least she and Samantha had something to complain about later on...if they ever had time. They always seem to be so busy but Andrea had a soft spot for the girl regardless...and she would definitely be complaining about this.

Stupid chorus.

She didn't even know what a chorus was for!

At least in the plays she knew, the chorus had specified lines but they'd given them no instruction. So now she was standing here with a bunch of other...losers...doing nothing and waiting for nonexistent cues.

Did anyone here know how theater worked?

Lewis Marlowe

    (01/01/2014 at 12:32)
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His ears perked up when he heard the play begin. 'Luckless' was a bit of an unfortunate name, but Lewis liked the idea of playing a tragic-ish hero. It was especially thrilling because he'd ousted Focoso for a lead - even if he had to marry Detora at the end of the shenanigans.

Maybe Lewis ought to have approached the director for rewrites. Too late for that now. He regretted it all the more when Joy grabbed his hand. He choked and tugged it away. "What in Boris the Beerchugger's name was that?" He hissed. "Don't touch -"

"In the morning, along came a knight in rusted armor, also seeking his fortune."

He leapt onto the centre of the stage (without the help of Joy's hand, thank you very much) and presented himself as Sir Luckless with a flourish. Unfortunately he didn't get to flourish and prance about for long, since they were supposed to be attacked by gross Magical Creepers. Right.

So Lewis flopped over dramatically at the Carlisle girl's feet, writhing. "Oh, no! The vines! The dratted things have got hold of me!" With a little bit of effort in his wiggling, he managed to roll onto the magic garden set and leapt to his feet, taking his place next to Detora.

"My name is Sir Luckless," he announced in his best booming voice. "But seeing as the three of you are powerful witches, it seems my quest is doomed to fail. Perhaps I shall give up now, and bid the three of you the best of luck."
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Matt Lancaster

    (01/01/2014 at 12:38)
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Matt couldn't believe he was here for a play. A play! Of all things.. He hated people and yet here he was in a room full of people to watch a drama played out on stage. Completely unlike him..

Where was she..
He scanned the stage, "Right. This is the story of the Fountain of Fair Fortune."

Oh Merlin, he was supposed to sit through this load of hogwash? Where was she..

Then he saw her.
He stared at her, a little breathless. Her golden eyes were flaring. He grinned and started to laugh.
He coughed to steady himself. Andrea did not look happy. Matt looked at her, she looked quite like an angry 6 year old, puffing up like that.

"In the morning, along came a knight in rusted armor, also seeking his fortune.  His name was Sir Luckless-"

Matt squinted at the professor and the stage scattered with garden decor. Magical gardens and knights and fountains. This was going to be a long day..

Lucille was on stage, and a girl he didn't know.. And Samantha was it? Andrea talked about her..

Matt tried very hard not to yawn, and kept looking at Andrea, hoping to catch her eye. If he did catch her eye however, she might notice that he was thoroughly amused by her. He was only playing of course...she'd know that surely..

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