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Author Topic: The Christmas in July Ball || OPEN  (Read 2096 times)

James Elliot

    (12/29/2013 at 16:59)
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"Mum more than mom?" James laughed. He thought about it for a second, ignoring the tiny ache in his chest at the word "mom" and then shrugged. "British accents sound prettier than American accents I think, but then it's still the same language. And a question of habit."

He took another cookie and bit into it. "I don't think I have a strong accent though..." he said thoughtfully. Then he grinned at Joy. "Whatever. It doesn't matter, really. I mean - it doesn't matter, does it?" he said, trying to mimic a British accent.
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Joy Detora

    (12/29/2013 at 17:07)
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Joy laughed. James' British accent mimicking was actually pretty good. "I use really sometimes. American habits rub off on me." She said.

He barely had an accent to her. "Why thank you." she said. "British accents probably sound pompous to Americans though." In America some people would say she was stuck-up because of her accent.

What a ridiculous notion.

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Selena Winter

    (12/30/2013 at 18:19)
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She saw a young girl laughing with another boy.
"Excuse me, have you seen Joy?" Asking was the best way to go about it. 'Well, Joy Detora." Maybe there were more than one Joys? The ball was irritating her. Find subject, give present, leave. That was her plan of attack. So where was Joy?
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Joy Detora

    (12/30/2013 at 18:21)
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Joy looked up, hearing her name. "Oh, that's me." She said. "What, is there something wrong?" She asked.

She recognized the girl though. Her name was Selena something. A season. Selena Summer?

She continued eating. If there was something happening, she should tell her now.
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Samantha Carlisle

    (12/31/2013 at 03:01)
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Samantha sighed as she glanced around the room and tried to spot someone she knew or at least someone around her age. There weren't many people that she recognized. At least not until she spotted Joy and James. Oh and there was Selena too that had been at Beauxbatons.  Might as well socialize.

And so Samantha smoothed out her blue velvet dress and greeted everyone.
"Hi James and Joy", she said in English."How are you two doing?"

Then she ventured closer to Selena and greeted her in French.

"Hello again Selena. I didn't know you were coming to camp too. How have you been?"

And with that Samantha waited for replies.
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Matt Lancaster

    (01/01/2014 at 12:54)
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A Christmas in July... quite an idea. Who wouldn't want Christmas to continue into the summer. If this was a summer..

Matt shuffled into the hall, freezing in spite of his coat and scarf. He had her present ready.. He didn't really know why he had signed up for the thing, just a hasty decision. Or else, he just wanted to be a part of a social something for a change..

He looked around, most everyone was already here, mulling around. First things first, a drink to get the blood flowing..
Matt dragged his numbed feet over to the table on the right. No drinks but plenty of warm food. Immediately as if his life depended on it, Matt set about stuffing his face with sausages.

He was chewing for the life of him, when he saw Payton . Alright..relax..
He had her present with him. It was the best he could do..
She was on the quidditch team, so he figured he'd give her something to do with the sport..

Matt walked up to her, surprised at his own non-awkwardness.. Well, he did know her, and he'd attempted to catch her once when she was about to fall. That was enough to not be too awkward right?


He came right up to Payton, holding the box he had for her under his coat. "Er-Hi.."
And that was all he could manage at the moment. What was his thing with girls.. Well she was pretty AND she played quidditch. He liked quidditch.

She definitely liked quidditch. Oh no
His present wasn't much at all.. Hardly related to the sport.. He'd got it for her broom, assuming she had her prized broom that she'd never leave, ever..

"Erm- Payton.. "

Hopefully she'd like it.. He'd transfigured it the best he could , took about a week to do it properly too...

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