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Author Topic: Puppy-Dogs' Tails [Icicle's Little Boys]  (Read 503 times)

Lewis Marlowe

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He stood over his trunk, frowning at what little remained in it. Most of its contents had been upended on his bed and the one next to it. Fellow inhabitants of the Hufflepuff 1st year Boys' dormitory were well used to this, but the same couldn't be said of his cabinmates for the summer. Not yet.

Nimbly rifling through the pile of clothes yet again, Lewis tutted under his breath and picked out pieces on occasion before throwing them back in with a resigned sigh. How had he come to Camp Loki so unprepared? It was his first summer since entering Hogwarts, and it was a Pretty Big Deal, and yet -

Whirling around to face the rest of his cabin, Lewis stood, holding aloft two nearly identical shirts, both in a sweet, salmon pink. Very fashionable for men, he'd heard from Elsa, who had reluctantly dug up one of her old magazines (when she had been obsessed with fashion journalism, and that had been ages ago) for his summer preparations.

"Which should I wear for tomorrow?" he asked - no, demanded. It was always good to get a second opinion, even if he rarely followed its recommendations. "It's important." He paused. "First day of summer important. Of course, today was the first day, but tomorrow marks our official arrival in Camp Loki, and that's when everyone's going to start making friends, and by friends I mean first impressions."

He flapped each shirt in his hands for emphasis, smiling at them expectantly. "Important!"
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    (12/13/2013 at 18:12)
Rooster shifted uncomfortably in a pair of new shoes Ophie had bought for him. He was grateful (He cleaned her office, because he didn’t take nothing without giving something in return), but he didn’t care too much for the brown boots that laced up to his shins. They felt too big. He was used to shoes with holes in the bottoms and grabbing the only ones he could, usually the smallest pair that nobody else could squeeze their feet into.

These boots had actual room in the toe, and as he wiggles them under the leather it felt strange.

Rooster sat on the edge of his bed, petting Edward, the large husky mix that had grown nearly triple the size that she was last summer. “Ain’t nobody’s gonna pick on me nows.” Not with her, she’d scare off all those kids that called him a mudblood and beat him up.

Not that he needed protection or nothing. He’d have beat all their faces in if it had just been a fair fight and all. His fingers continued to come through Edward’s hair, and she only nuzzled and licked his hand. Maybe he’d get some friends at this new school, like the boys back in Brooklyn.

But this wasn’t Brooklyn, and all them boys were gone.

”Which should I wear for tomorrow?”

Both Edward and Rooster moved their heads identically. First up, to look at said shout and said shirts, and then cocked to the side, with confusion and the faintest hint of amusement.

“Only a pansy would wears somethin’ like that.”

Yes, he’d certainly be making friends very quickly. 

He looked down at his own outfit. One of two. (He owned exactly six articles of clothing. Two shirts, a blue and a brown one, which Ophie had bought him to replace the raggedy one he had been wearing most of his first year. Two pants, both black, one of which had a hole in the knee. A warm, grey coat, which had been a present from Santa for Christmas. And a pair of socks. He never thought about what he wore, really.

Or impressions, whatever those were.
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Merlyn Frost

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He was shivering, but it wasn’t from the cold.

Katja meowed in her carrier case as he set her down and sat upon his bed. He was as nervous as a mouse surrounded by traps and felt rather odd in the presence of other boys. He thought that he might be the oldest in the group, but he certainly didn’t act like it. He eyed the dog across the room before glancing down nervously at Katja.

He wanted to take her out, but he didn’t want her to become chow to that animal. It was pretty and he imagined that her coat must have been soft, but her teeth seemed rather large and he wasn’t going to take his chances. He cooed the cat and tapped at the case, “It’s ok… Just don’t go running towards that side of the room, ok?” He opened the cage and lifted her into his arms. She had grown big over the past three years. His Auntie said she was a Maine Coon, or something like that. All he knew was that she was huge and could easily be mistaken for a fluffy ginger dog.

“Ok, Katja. This is your new home for now.” He smiled reassuringly before folding a few shirts and putting them into the chest beneath his bed. He didn’t want his shirts to get all crinkled. Sonja said that it made him seem sloppy and he didn’t want to come off like that. Besides, he was tired of all his brothers friends calling him a messy halfblood. So what if he was half blood, did it really matter? He shrugged before looking around the room once again.

"Which should I wear for tomorrow?"


He glanced towards the voice and noticed a boy holding up two very identical and very pink shirts. He wouldn’t ever wear pink, even if Lottie begged and begged him to dress up for a tea party, there was nothing his siblings could do to convince him. Even if he wasn’t a rowdy boy, he wasn’t a sissy either.

Be blabbered on a little about how making first impressions was important and all that. Merry didn’t really think about it much and never thought he’d have to dress to make others like him, neither did this boy…

“Only a pansy would wears somethin’ like that.”

He snickered slightly before speaking up, “But it’s pink…” He looked down quickly and chewed nervously on his bottom lip. “Boys shouldn’t wear pink, should they?” He looked at the other boy for reassurance. Not that he really knew a lot about fashion, he did like to dress nicely, but he wasn’t so into the whole thing.

He kept Katja in his arms as he sat crossed legged on the bed, stroking her head while her purring rumbled around the whole room. She looked more like a lion then a cat really.

Lewis Marlowe

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On second thought, Lewis was re-evaluating how much he could trust his cabinmates' opinions. Not at all had been the initial assessment, but perhaps he ought to do a complete about-turn and do exactly the opposite of what they suggested. The boy who spoke first was far too plainly dressed to have a perspective worth considering.

The boy was far more deserving of help. He could be Lew's new project.

“Only a pansy would wears somethin’ like that.”

Lewis hummed distractedly in reply, this time shuffling towards the other boy to hold the shirt up to his front (of course, trying his best not to touch the boy's drab clothing).

"Right, we're going to have to pick a new shirt for me. This one's going on him," he announced, gesturing at the boy still seated on his bed. They were going to be great friends, Lewis thought with a satisfied smile. The boy would feel indebted to him, and Lew would generously wave off any repayments, helping his friend out of the goodness of his heart.

"Come on, lads, haven't got all day!" He glanced the others expectantly before straightening the shirt, tugging it into shape to try and fit it over Rooster's head.

A soft snigger distracted Lewis from the task at hand. "But it’s pink,” one of the boys pointed out. Lew rolled his eyes, his free hand tapping at his hip impatiently. "Yes, yes, anything obvious you'd like to address? By the way, don't get cat fur everywhere." He glared at the large cat in the boy's arms. What a nuisance - Lew could tell it was just nestling for now, waiting for the right time to strike.

“Boys shouldn’t wear pink, should they?”

Lew sighed his best sigh of long-suffering. "Boys should wear whatever they want. That's the point of fashion, you know. Everyone gets to experiment." Tastefully, he neglected to add.

Speaking of experiments. He returned his critical gaze to the boy before him, either his new friend or his new victim - semantics, Lew reminded himself with a wide grin. "Here, put this on him," he instructed, handing it to one of the boys seated nearby. "I brought a pair of trousers that match perfectly with the shirt and you absolutely must wear it. Give me a moment to dig it up!"
please don't make me face my generation alone!