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Author Topic: Round 1 Duel 1: Marlowe vs. Focoso vs. Hopland  (Read 1191 times)

* Lucille Hopland

    (12/17/2013 at 04:24)
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Playing hero usually worked out in her favor. Not always, but usually. She did it quite often too, and for the simplest things, but it wasn't her fault. Well, not entirely.

In part it was due to her nosey-ness. She couldn't help but stick her nose in other people's business and if said business happened to be a sticky situation, who was she to not lend a helping hand? (That was the Puffle in her that refused to be ignored.) And not to mention the rush of adrenaline she got from jumping to someone else's rescue. It was a great confidence booster.

Which was why when she'd defended Percy, she'd done it partially to fill her heroic quota for the day and partially because she hadn't been thinking when she spoke out.

But then the spell hadn't worked and the sound her wand made resembled too much of a fart for her to handle, and Lucille had no clue how to recover from such an embarrassing slip-up. Should she laugh or should she play it off like she'd expected it all from the start?

She decided to go with option c, neither.

Bending her wrist so her wand faced her shirt instead, Lucille threw an arm over her eyes and shouted, "Commutati scintillosus clarus!" Hopefully the blinding light would distract Andrea long enough for Percy to react or, better yet, for the duel to quickly end.

we're getting close now, don't turn away.

Percy Marlowe

    (12/17/2013 at 09:00)
He couldn't even throw a snowball? He was the best eleven-year-old Beater he knew and he couldn't even throw a snowball. At the rate he was going even Gaz would do better than him. Even Robbie would do better than him.

Robbie stuck his head out and nodded in agreement. Percy twitched his nose in annoyance.

He didn't want to play anymore.

Percy sat down to take a break [+ health], because there just wasn't anything else to be done. His wand was broken b-r-o-k-e-n, he couldn't hit the girl, and now she was planning to set him on fire.

Percy remembered Gaz reading something about a weird saying by the Jap'nese, whatever they were; something about sucking it up and moving on. Well, he was going to suck it up and move on. And practice. And do better next time. Maybe he'd ask Lucille, she seemed to be doing all right.

Vincenzo Nicolosi

    (12/18/2013 at 09:40)
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A1 - Andrea attempted to cast Incendio at Percy. Success! 10% Damage.

A2 - Andrea attempted to cast Wingardium Leviosa at Lucille. Success! 9% Damage.

A3 - Lucille attempted to cast commutatit Scintillosus Clarus at her shirt. - Action is void as round time had passed.

A4 - Percy attempted to sit down and catch is breath. - Action is void as round time had passed.

(NOTE: Round time is 24 hour period since the duel update by the referee. Anything posted after that 24 hour period is considered a voided action.)


Percy Marlowe - 62%, -1 Resistance


Andrea Focoso - 54%


Lucille Hopland - 57%, -2 Ability, floating in air for 2 rounds or until Andrea casts another spell.

rise above.

Andrea Focoso

    (12/18/2013 at 16:32)
She was getting better!

Now Lucille was in the air and Percy was...doing who knows what. Andrea pointed her wand at the floating girl, ignoring Percy for now, and muttered, "Incendio" flickering flames in her direction this time.

They'd been going at it for a while now so Andrea assumed that the duel was drawing close to it's end; she didn't have much time to get more of a leg up on her competition.

With a sigh, her next spell was directed towards Percy.

She pointed her wand at the boy [Percy] who seemed rather upset about something, and murmured, "Wingardium Leviosa!" Maybe if she could get both of them up in the air, they wouldn't give her much more trouble.

At least...she hoped they wouldn't.

* Kathleen Ellwood-Luxe

    (12/19/2013 at 17:43)
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Final Round!

A1. Andrea attempts casting Incendio at Lucille. Success! 2% damage.

Lucille sustains an additional 9% damage falling from the air.

A2. Andrea attempts casting WL at Percy. Action is void, only one action allowed this round.

FINAL Results

Percy Marlowe - 62%


Andrea Focoso - 54%


Lucille Hopland - 46%

Congratulations to Percy Marlowe!
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