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Author Topic: Pipsqueak | Priscilla Paladin  (Read 901 times)

Priscilla Paladin

    (12/08/2013 at 17:19)
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Priscilla Paladin
eleven - pureblood - hopeful Slytherin

Priscilla is the baby sister of Zephyrus Paladin, aged 11 and ready to start Hogwarts this coming term. She's hoping to follow in the footsteps of her brother and be sorted into Slytherin.

Prissy is a girly girl through and through, she loves attention more than anything else, she's determined, ambitious and doesn't take no for an answer. She's also smart, and she knows it. She's not at all fond of animals (except snakes), she hates dirt and would rather stay indoors reading or discussing interesting topics with interesting people.

Come play with her! She's new and a bit lonely (though she'd never admit that!)


Close friends
Anything else!

The List

Arthur MacLaren - First Year
Childhood "enemies"

Caroline Whitt - First Year

Anastasia Borovsky - First Year
Dislike, annoyance, bad influence

Percy Marlowe - First Year
Annoyances, Dislikes

Danielle Darrow - Second Year
Friends and/or Rivals

Joy Detora - First Year
Annoyances, mutual dislike

Zephyrus Paladin - Attorney's Assistant
Big brother

Aries Paladin - Auror-in-training

The Code

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[b][font=courier]AGE/YEAR:[/font][/b] (Age and year here)
[b][font=courier]HOUSE:[/font][/b] (House here)
[b][font=courier]OUR HISTORY:[/font][/b] (History here)
[b][font=courier]OUR RELATIONSHIP:[/font][/b] (Relationship here)
[b][font=courier]PLOT IDEAS:[/font][/b] (Ideas here)

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Zephyrus Paladin

    (12/08/2013 at 17:30)
NAME: Big Brother
AGE/YEAR: Older than you/graduated, thank Merlin
HOUSE: Former Slytherin.
OUR HISTORY: I was the first to hold you, besides Mum. And Dad.  And maybe I care about you a little.  Sometimes.
OUR RELATIONSHIP: In two words - sibling rivalry
PLOT IDEAS: Brother/sister awesomeness <3

Arthur MacLaren

    (12/08/2013 at 17:33)
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NAME: Arthur MacLaren
AGE/YEAR: 11/First
HOUSE: Hufflepuff hopeful
OUR HISTORY: None yet, but I don't think they'll be... well, friends.
OUR RELATIONSHIP: Childhood "enemies", lots of arguing
PLOT IDEAS: Meet Mac. He's my toad. I'm giving him a mud bath.


Caroline Whitt

    (12/08/2013 at 18:38)
NAME: Caroline Whitt
AGE/YEAR: 12 (Second?)
HOUSE: Awesome
OUR RELATIONSHIP: Friends/Annoyance
PLOT IDEAS: Caroline certainly talks about all sorts of fun and logical things.  The catch is that talk is usually immediately followed by action which can get messy.  Perhaps in the end it might come down to being friends v.s annoyance to Prissy based on how messy Caroline is at the moment.

* Anastasia Borovsky

    (12/08/2013 at 19:00)
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NAME: Anastasia Borovsky
AGE/YEAR: Eleven, First Year
HOUSE: Ravenclaw Hopeful
OUR HISTORY: None as of yet.
OUR RELATIONSHIP: Dislike, annoyance, bad influence.
PLOT IDEAS: Anastasia is pretty much the complete opposite to Priscilla. She's a complete tom boy, forgets to brush her hair a little too often, and is often bounding around playing with the boys. As well as this, she has pet wolves (not at camp of course) so if Priscilla annoyed her too much she'd probably threaten her with them.

To be honest I think Priscilla would think Ana is a freak. She's pretty expressionless and doesn't smile very much at all. She is happy however, she just can't be bothered to show it. Also she has a miniature guillotine. She'll probably behead your teddy bears with it at some point.

Anastasia can be pretty intimidating and maybe eventually become a bad influence. They are young after all hehe. LET'S PLOT MORE. <3
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Percy Marlowe

    (12/09/2013 at 00:19)
NAME: Percy Marlowe
AGE/YEAR: Eleven, First year
HOUSE: Gryffindor Hopeful
OUR HISTORY: None yet!
OUR RELATIONSHIP: Annoyances, Dislikes
PLOT IDEAS: You're a girly girl. I'm a boy's boy. You wear high heels, I wear sneakers. We definitely don't see eye to eye. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

Aries Paladin

    (12/09/2013 at 07:43)
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NAME: Aries Paladin
AGE/YEAR: 18/Secret 8th & Auror-In Training
HOUSE: The Best One
OUR HISTORY: none. sadface.
PLOT IDEAS: COUSIN THINGS. Slythersorting would certainly make Aries more disposed to look kindly on Prissy, though he'd give her a little benefit of the doubt as his cousin (and he will try to get on with Paladins, so there's that). If he likes her even a little -- could try to make Zeph jealous, yes? Or even if not… ;)


Danielle Darrow

    (12/18/2013 at 22:34)
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NAME: Danielle Darrow
AGE/YEAR: Eleven, First year
HOUSE: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw hopeful
OUR RELATIONSHIP: Friends and/or Rivals
PLOT IDEAS: Danielle is also into somewhat of a girly girl, not liking dirt and such, but she does love the outdoors. They would probably get along very well, at least in the beginning, but they'd have tensions arise between them as time goes by, probably over who they tend to associate with aside from each other.

Joy Detora

    (12/30/2013 at 01:24)
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NAME: Joy Detora
AGE/YEAR: 11/First
HOUSE: Unsorted
OUR RELATIONSHIP: Annoyances, mutual dislike
PLOT IDEAS: You are girly. She likes to socialize and get out and do stuff. She would probably side with Percy and gang up on you. I agree with Percy. FIGHT!
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Priscilla Paladin

    (01/01/2014 at 05:23)
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Eeee, you're all awesome! Sorry I've taken a while to get around to this, been busy with family and Christmas things.

@big brother: All the awesome sibling things!

@Arthur: I think we should introduce Mac to Prissy *evil grin*

@Caroline: That sounds interesting! Prissy might think Caroline is rather messy sometimes, but it's also quite likely that she'd find her interesting. I guess we'll see what way it goes when they meet!

@Anastasia: Oh dear, a miniature guillotine! Sounds like fun! *grins* Priscilla might be a little afraid if she sees that, but she'd never admit it. Probably just be rather annoyed with her instead, hehe.

@Percy: They'll have lots of fun together, I'm sure! ;)

@Aries: You got your baby snakeling! Ready to introduce her to the world? ;)

@Danielle: Another girly girl! Let's see how things work out when they meet!

@Joy: Sounds like they could have some fun with mutual dislike! Let's see how things go!

Shoot me a PM if you want to thread! I can see a few of us will have classes together this term! :)
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