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Aries Paladin

    (12/07/2013 at 19:24)
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disclaimer: this may or may not have been written with the aid of caffeine

Olenka, with a capital 'P' for pink, though my family has always liked pointing out how much I resemble a cat physically and mentally and calling me kitty. Twenty, first gen American, spent my childhood in books, the USA, and Saudi Arabia. My life got super cray after I moved to live in PL (where the rest of my family lives now, except for my dad -- I miss him a lot) to become a med student, following in pretty-much-every-person-in-my-family-ever's footsteps. It's a really exciting time and it's also the worst ever, but somehow I feel really alive and that's kind of a neat thing. (…except for on Test Days. never on those. and I've had a billion of those in the last few weeks with, ofc, many more to come.)

What free time I have now I like to use for:

  • books or this place. <3 I love writing and it's a little bit of sanity even just to stalk things.
  • exercising. the gym is a revelation.
  • drinking coffee. recently discovered how amazing it is. (also: STARBUCKS ORANGE MOCHA)
  • watching K-dramas with my mom and, occasionally, brother (hey Urse hey).
  • skyping.
  • sleeping.

basically, i turned into a cat 100%. although i'm not sure my cats study quite as much and if they do it's probably something way more special than cadavers. they're erudite.

... probably. Also, on that note, I dearly miss my kitties (Eomer and Sultana, ginger and calico respectively); they're back in the USA with my dad.

--SO CHARS. I PLAY -- mostly Aries. tbh, that uncoolness works for me. However, I do have two new kids that I've been really thinking through, so watch for them. and yes, they will actually do things this time.

Aries S. Paladin
18 - Parselmouth - Auror-In-Training

Most of you know me for that ubiquitous blond prat. He's my baby and he's… well, just look at his stupid resumé. Also, his plot page (HIT IT UP). Basically though, super ambitious, narcissistic, snarky, and a whole bunch of things (it's been 5 terms/20 months of developing this guy), and by the time I'm done with rewriting his wiki page (sob what a pain) and have posted it in Elsewhere Biographies you'll see exactly why he's screwed up (and, actually, improved in many ways). His storyline goes like this, though: was raised by elitist zealot family of Gryffinpuffs (parodying the Weasleys here, they hate Dark magic &tc) with fab inbred golden eyes, was beloved until he sorted into Slytherin and was summarily disowned. then he found out he was not only a Parselmouth but also gay for his BFF Dacian Ellwood-Luxe.  Had lots of angst and hated himself but eventually rose LIKE A PHOENIX and became a Big Man On Campus.

Currently: Aries is gonna be an Auror trainee in Elsewhere, living with his pretty Healer/housewife BF and Ashera, his sassy leucistic magi-hybrid snake familiar, who is also a star anthropologist. He plans on owning more snakes and becoming ubiquitous in Elsewhere. Also to win Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award.

R. Gaius Nonpareil
23 - Jerkass Jock - Lounge Lizard


Aries idolized this guy, once, though now the selfsame guy Dursleys at Aries because he's a freak Slytherin. Poor lil' bro. But soon you will see where Aries got the prat from.Here's the head canon: Gryffindor, unrepentantly, the worst of Gryffindors. A ladykiller and a slacker and a party guy, total frat boy. Hates being called Remus because his brother is called Romulus and is the Head of The Family whereas he is not, so he goes by Gaius and has decided to be as unproductive as possible because he's sort of miserable without realizing it since he's partying too much because he's miserable. Loves Quidditch and likely isn't the brightest bulb ever. Oh, but Gai's terribly fun when he's not being an asshole and bigot… er, he has a long way to go to adulthood, really.

Currently: WIP. but YOU WILL SEE YOU WILL ALL SEEEEEE AVAILABLE & hit him up. he's swaggering around elsewhere landing himself in Mungo's mostly.

Asteria S. Nonpareil
42 - Socialite - Black Widow Wannabe

ASTY. She's Aries' Hot Mom. Not Gai's though, because she hates that kid, and Gryffindors, and 4/6 of her children, 'cause they suck because they're mostly red-haired (like a good number of people in her husband's family) and from her husband. Yow. She's really messed up, lacks 77 % of human feeling, and is obsessed with things that happened centuries ago. The proof of it all is that she willingly married into her family's old enemies (old blood feud) so as to destroy them through in-Snaking them and messing stuff up. It has worked because now things are going to hell over there and children are suddenly Slytherining and people are going crazy or dying (old age, usually, but still). She's very happy. What she doesn't realize, though, is that Aries (1/2 approved children) isn't too happy with her for not supporting him properly throughout his Traumatic period. ooooops. But seriously: Asty really is weird. She's more idea than person. Playing her is as therapeutic as it is unnerving. She'll probably go full on Bellatrix someday...

Currently: Floating around, secretly buying apartments for her precious baby boy, working on getting a divorce. Let's see what happens when she notices Son's roommate. That'll be a wonderful day.

Arsenius L. Paladin
61 - Retired Curse-breaker - Head of Paladin Family

HE'S NICE. LOOK EVEN HIS GIF IS NICE. I don't think many of my chars are as nice as Arse (ha ha) -- the old guy's sweet. He loves his pipes and is really a bit loopy in the head and hoards gold and snuff and stuff. Cares a lot for his grandkids, sons-in-law, snakes, daughters, and son Alerio. Does think 3/4 of his children are fruitcakes, though. Especially Alerio, because what man spends that much time on his muscles, seriously… wow, I must thread with Arse. He has not a single thread. geez.

Currently: Running around trying to make people feel better about themselves/the war/whatever and get more gold. Or something.

AND WOW look at the time, I'd better cut that short. Come say hi? <3

Oh, and remember:

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* Lucille Hopland

    (12/07/2013 at 20:06)
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hi, omg, you're adorbs *fangirls*

wait a minute look at gaius for a sec

can we thread? even if our characters have nothing in common, let's thread them hugging or something <3
Tonight, we are young.
So let's set the world
On fire, we can burn

brighter than the sun.

Alerio Cerberus Paladin

    (12/08/2013 at 09:34)
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Hey there, IC nephew :P

You are super lovely and always have been fun to thread with so I am looking forward to threading with you in the future or just following your other threads, like Daries ones and others, hurrdurr = v= <3 -sticks a cookie in your mouth-

Scott Cooper

    (12/08/2013 at 11:59)
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I love all of your characters omg but I think I love the way you talked about them more. ALSO EOMER IS THE BEST NAME FOR A KITTY side note my dad and I had this debate in the back of a van once about whether it was Karl or Keith Urban it was a weird argument


*sasses at*

Can they go around Ministry hallways doing this

* Anneka Ivanova

    (12/09/2013 at 05:29)
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ARIEEES. Slytherin won't be the same without him. :(

Also to win Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award.

He might have some competition, because David thinks he deserves to win every year.

I remembered your kitty was named Eomer, because I have Eowyn!

and if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free
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tell them how I am defying gravity

Aries Paladin

    (12/09/2013 at 22:53)
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(Gai's a proper character now. c;)

I would love to thread with you any time! PP me and PM or something. <3

(and threading hugging is always a yes. especially if aries is involved because he'd flat out OWO;; ...gai would just enjoy it because he's lewd like that, arse would like it same as any sane person would, and asty would suck out your soul very slowly through the pores of the skin on her ever so slim arms.)

@Xers: MHMHMHPHJ -cookie crumbs-

you make me feel speshul so here:

for you, cherries of A Certain Significance. treasure them well.

or knot.



…i'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not at this time of the day, but hey. i'll take it. i'm a sucker for compliments, especially from pretty people.



THEY SHALL. i will get that thread up. (sorry i think tests ate my soul.)

@NEKA: awww so nice. <333

well, I suppose he could always come to help David out someday or something with the … kids? IDK. (or, well, his hair likes david's; it just needs an excuse to hang out.) Really, he loves Slytherin and Neka 5ever.

For her:

does he oh --- that will the true war story of the generation, I think.


Remus Gaius Nonpareil

    (12/09/2013 at 23:12)
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who says hi back. mostly in this manner:

(here's his bio too, though I think the gist is here, yep.)
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sorry, my conscience called in sick again
a n d  i' v e  g o t  a r r o g a n c e  d o w n  t o  a  s c i e n c e

Juniper E-L Steele

    (12/09/2013 at 23:48)
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I shall now attempt to summarize our interactions by gif:



Clio & Aries:

/adoration for Prinz

Clio & Gaius (featuring Zeph):

Possibilityyyyyy. We shall see how it goes. :'D I just wanted to include Hitachiin twin gif because gingers.

Lastly, Juni & Aries when they were still in school:

*flits away with tea*

Lincoln Litchfield

    (12/11/2013 at 08:02)
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also *highfives* for coffee and sleeping, my two favorite things! My faves from Starbucks are Rasberry White mochas, Pumpkin Spice lattes, and mocha frapachinos~ The Mocha Cookie Crumble is really good *u*

* Leander Laskos

    (12/12/2013 at 03:36)
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Because I just want to say hi again.

And give you this gif(t) of coffee.

Top Two Activities
Coffee & Sleeping
(but really Red Bull <-- don't tell me how unhealthy it is)
Daries stalking is also up there.

Also, also!
Christopher Lee ❤

oh, oh
and you as well ❤

look at where his eyes are

Aries Paladin

    (12/13/2013 at 20:14)
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@Bitter: you already know I loved the heck outta your reply. COMMERE TIGER


@Linc: you are so attractive.

also, I posted in your plot page.

and thanks for the recs! I need to branch out more with coffee. :D

@Anders: omg that's cool. lady, how do you do all those cool gif and graphic-related things.

I won't tell you that because I like it too. only now I like coffee more. :P


….anders, anders, anders.

nahhh jk. you're wonderful, I read your stuff too, and we must thread properly again sometime. and send more letters.


Seamus Reinhardt

    (12/15/2013 at 11:43)
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@Xers: MHMHMHPHJ -cookie crumbs-

you make me feel speshul so here:

for you, cherries of A Certain Significance. treasure them well.

or knot.

There are so many jokes about cherries
-snuggles with and hands you some orange mocha-
Because it's the best.


-snuggles with some more-

Online nap time!

Well, these days I'm fine - No these days I tend to lie

Josephine LaFleur

    (12/15/2013 at 15:54)
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I'm gonna sound like an old grandma now...

I didn't know that range mochas were an actual thing. I only knew of orange mocha frappachinos from Zoolander

Is that what the kids like nowadays?

Do you not have a student character anymore? Who's going to give Josephine nosebleeds?

I'm a
Monday to Friday

* Kathleen Ellwood-Luxe

    (12/31/2013 at 21:37)
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I prefer purple to pink but this makes it difficult during football season because I feel traitorous wearing purple when that's the Vikings color which is a pretty big rival of the Packers.

Dilemma ugh.

But I love you, you're awesome and you write beautifully. I look forward to threading with you in the future. Kathries is one of my favoritest ships!

Your eyes, they shine so bright.

I want to save their light.

Zephyrus Paladin

    (01/01/2014 at 08:46)

Clio, Aries, Zeph

Aries and Cedric