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Author Topic: Quidditch Game One [Horntails vs Ridgebacks]  (Read 2638 times)

Joelle Black

    (12/08/2013 at 18:37)
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Ridgeback Beater

Who ever thought putting a beater's bat in her hands needed their heads examined. She was a keeper,well and technically a chaser but that had been against her will as well. She was not a beater,she could barely control her broom with two hands let alone one. She had been tested both physically and emotionally as chaser,would she be able to have the same success as beater?

Joie threw her head back and laughed at all the young players yelling about rules and fouls,did they really believe that grabbing someone's broom was worth a foul? They would learn a lot if they decided to play for their house in the upcoming term,grabbing someone's broom was common play during House Quidditch. It was laughable that they would ever bother,obviously they had never played a match against Slytherin.

Joie flew towards bludger Coal after it hit Freya's broom and wound her arm back to hit it but she missed and succeeded in hitting herself in the shoulder and spinning her broom. Not the graceful movement she had gone for at all. Joelle was not a beater.

Righting her broom Joelle took a second swing and made contact,sending the bludger Coal towards Naomi. The hit wash;t hard but Joie's hand stung from the vibrations that rippled through her bat.

Someone definitely needed a sanity check for putting Joelle in as beater.

* Calypso Ross

    (12/08/2013 at 18:51)
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Ridgeback Chaser

"I'm sorry! I didn't know!"

Calypso stared at her teammate in disbelief. She hadn't known? Somehow, the girl found that hard to believe. How could you be on the Quidditch team and not know? Either way, she was grateful that Zoey had let go. Perhaps the foul would go unnoticed by the referee, and the game could continue without too much hassle.

She wasn't quite ready to dive back into the action yet, though. Everyone was still crowding and shouting. That was not a part of the game Calypso dealt well with. She'd probably end up falling from her broom, and she knew what that felt like: nothing good, that was for sure.

Instead, she remained perched away from the battle going on beneath her, perfectly content to-

The Bludger (Coal) came out of nowhere. She barely had time to squeak before the heavy ball slammed into her side, causing her to slip from her broom. Her hands gripped the handle tightly as she struggled to maintain her balance, despite the pain that was now throbbing at her waist. It was a good shot, she had to give whoever had aimed it that compliment, at the very least.

It was just a shame that she was now hanging from her fingertips, hoping that another Bludger wouldn't come her way. Some assistance would have been nice too, if anybody could spare a moment to help her.
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look out! look out!

Freya Fitzgerald

    (12/08/2013 at 18:54)
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Ridgeback Chaser - Co Captain

As she moved her hand away from her head her eyes locked with another incoming attack from the Horntail Co Captain. Did she have it in for her or what? Freya shot off forward towards the incoming bludger [bread], almost playing a game of chicken with the leather ball, if she didn't time the swivel motion around the balls firing line just in time she would surely crash to the floor and break a few bones. But this is what she lived for now the thrill if living life on the edge.

She twisted the wooden handle, swiveling herself round full circle and barley missing the bludger by inches. She had made a mistake of letting her hit her back end moments before. Now she was alert, aware, awake, Freya wasn't intending on letting it happen again.

She carried on striaght, gaining more speed as she went faster towards the others.

"Nice swinging arm! But you will have to try harder than that to knock "me" off my broom twice!" Freya shouted across to the brunette with a smirk.

Nothing had been called, so Freya assumed it was fair game. It was almost perfectly timed as a bludger [coal] flew past her sent form there teams beater, hurdling towards the other teams player [Naomi]. Freya zoomed in fast, momentum built and quickly punched the Quid form Naomi's arms. It flew up in the air, open for anyone's taking.

Naomi Mary Watson

    (12/08/2013 at 19:33)
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Horntail Chaser

Everybody was shouting at the girl to let go of the broom. In the end, it seemed the broom just slipped out of her grip. How that happened was going to be a mystery. Was it Naomi's attempt to shake her off? Was it Marlowe's shove? Or maybe the girl had just let it go? Unknown ... there was no time to waste on that. The brunette needed to shoot. And, apparently, duck at the same time. Which she did, letting bludger Coal go below her harmlessly.

But it wasn't so harmless what happened next. Because, out of nowhere, she felt a hard hit on her wrist. The red ball almost went loose, but her other hand gripped it tightly almost instinctively. It took her a quick gaze to the side to realize who the culprit was. Fitzgerald ... Of all the people. Naomi hollered almost immediately: "You idiot ... Watch what you're hitting! Get off the damn pitch, if you have trouble distinguishing boxing from Quidditch!"

Her right hand was still throbbing and her left hand was the weak one. However, Naomi had no intention to just hand the red ball over to the Ridgebacks. So she dispatched the Quaffle rather clumsily towards the left hoop-thing. Except the weird spin from the clumsy throw sent the crimson ball sideways towards the right hoop. Oh, she felt like smacking the blonde for that uncalled hit. What the hell, seriously? This was how Quidditch was played? Well, she'd be damned if she'd play nice then.

Lilith Litchfield

    (12/08/2013 at 19:58)
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Horntail Co-Captain [Beater]

Unsettling snowmen aside, Lilith briefly checked on both her last targets, not an ounce of regret in her system. The counselors had been smart to put Lilith in the beater's position. She had a surprisingly strong forearm and her aim wasn't the worst out there. She had always been an athletic girl as apposed to a girl of the arts, despite rarely being interested in quidditch growing up.

Her first target dangled from her broom like a ragdoll with her arms stitched to the handle, helplessly kicking as she struggled to remount. Her next target made a game out of her hit, barely steering away from the bludger within the last moment before contact.

"Nice swinging arm! But you will have to try harder than that to knock "me" off my broom twice!"

"No hard feelings," Lilith called back, chuckling to herself. The girl really thought Lilith was trying to knock her off her broom. Lilith's intentions were far from that. She watched as the cocky girl attempted to hit the quaffle from Naomi's grasp, missing by an inch. Naomi sped off and threw the quaffle, attempting to score.

Hopefully, her attempt wouldn't fail.

Lilith jolted to Bludger Coal and batted it straight towards the uneducated chaser who had now let go of Lilith's teammate's broom [Zoey]. Hopefully, the girl didn't break any more rules during the game. The commotion she had started was enough to bare.



Lilith sighed, taking one last look at the referee before flying towards Bludger Bread. She waited for the results of Naomi's throw.

* Charles Kedding

    (12/08/2013 at 20:08)
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(Remember not to control other people's characters, this means if they let go of the ball or get hit with a bludger.

Naomi scores! The Quaffle is now free!)

Charlie was pleased to see the game going well, but he thought it was time to spice things up. The Snowman came to life, and began to throw giant snowballs at players. Snowballs were launched towards Lilith, Calypso, Zoey and the Horntail stands. Watch out!

Denise OSullivan

    (12/08/2013 at 20:19)
Ridgeback Keeper

"Merlin! Follow the rules guys!" Denise cried out, suddenly loud enough for everyone on the pitch to hear. This was why she didn't particularly like playing in the summer; it was filled with a bunch of little kids who didn't know the rules. Stupidity, that's what she called it. Then again, the girl was very small and probably inexperienced but Denise wasn't the most forgiving of people.

The American girl, Naomi, still appeared to have the Quaffle and now Zoey had let go, she could finish her trek down the pitch and shoot. Not on her watch. "Chasers go!" she screeched while gripping her broom tightly, ready to swing either left or right if Naomi managed to make it.

But no.

They did not go and maybe they tried but they were not nearly fast enough. Naomi was near. And she was throwing. And Denise was swerving. And she was too late. And she caught the Quaffle with both of her hands.

Well, that hadn't worked.

A grin crossed her young face as she looked out over the pitch, trying to pick a Chaser to throw it to. Oh Merlin, was falling off or broom. She tossed the Quaffle towards Freya because she could trust the girl to take the ball to the other side.

"Galanis!" she cried out. "Pull upwards!"

* Calypso Ross

    (12/08/2013 at 20:51)
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Ridgeback Chaser

Nobody seemed to want to help her. This was proving to be even more miserable than the first and only match she'd played against Slytherin. At least in that game, her team mates had attempted to look out for her. Here at camp, it seemed that everyone looked after themselves. She suddenly missed Hogwarts, overwhelmingly so. She held a vague hope that Ellie was there in the stands somewhere, but it didn't seem likely. Besides, she was hardly in a  position to be looking for her friend.

"Galanis! Pull upwards!"

Her determination suddenly doubled, and she kicked upwards, gritting her teeth as she swung herself back up onto her broom. She wasn't quite sure where the sudden boost of energy had come from, but one thing had been made clear to her; it was up to the eleven year old to save herself. There were no Seamus Reinhardts to catch her here. There was that overwhelming feeling of nostalgia for Hogwarts again.

Something was wrong if she was missing Reinhardt, of all people.

She was on her broom and back in the game. But apparently somebody somewhere wanted to destroy her; because a second later, a huge sphere of white was hurtling straight at her. That was no Bludger. It was bigger, much bigger - about the size of Calypso herself. "Bloody hell!" The tiny Chaser barely had any time to react properly. Clearly those snowmen weren't as benign as they'd initially seemed.

Yanking her broom to the side, Calypso dived out of the way. She missed the huge snowball, which continued travelling into the distance. But she was left spiralling blindly through the air at top speed, heading straight for the nearest Horntail Beater (Lilith).

She sincerely hoped Lilith had the initiative to move before it was too late.

Payton Rose

    (12/08/2013 at 21:00)
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Horntail Benches

No foul was called and Payton was a bit disgruntled about that but it was fine because Naomi had managed to get away anyway as well as keep her grip on the Quaffle. She was on her feet a moment later again, this time cheering as their team scored.

"Woohoo!" She called, grinning widely, blue eyes flashing.

The Ridgebacks would stand no chance against them!

The other team's Keeper had taken the Quaffle and tossed it off. "Intercept!" Payton called out loud, egging on her team members. Even though she was no longer on her feet, she was nearly falling off the edge of the benches.

That was when the snowmen attacked.

She startled as the first one moved and hurled a snowball at Lilith! "Watch out!" She called, trying to warn her teammate. It was like having more bludgers, these ones larger, whiter and more wet, on the pitch.

Suddenly she was glad she wasn't a target for the snow.

* Anastasia Borovsky

    (12/08/2013 at 21:03)
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Ridgeback Beater

Much to her disappointment, Anastasia's bludgers had been blocked again. This was her very first real Quidditch game so to accept her losses and not to be a sore loser was going to be tough, but she had to try. There was no I in Team, after all.

"Freya watch out!" She shouted, Russian accent clear to all that could hear her. Unfortunately she couldn't get there in time to protect Freya, but she could warn her which seemed to have worked because someone else came in to save the day.

However it would have been a lot more useful if her fellow beater had hit the ball away and not take the impact. Easier said than done she supposed, but then the Bludger Coal came back towards her and Anastasia batted it hard towards Lilith, the girl who had originally hit it in the first place.

It was getting rather competitive now and Anastasia loved it. This was an atmosphere she wasn't ever allowed to be in let alone take part in. She only wished her brother Vladimir was around to watch her.

Another bludger heading for her team, Anastasia decided to take action. Attacking the opposing team was one thing, but it was no good if you couldn't defend your own team either.

Flying as fast as she could with her bat continuously raised and ready to protect her team-mate, Anastasia managed to get to Zoey in time. However, it was only in time to get hit by the bludger Coal herself right in the ribs. Anastasia huddled over on her broom in pain and groaned.

"I'm okay!" She lied, now understanding Joelle's difficulty, "Keep your eyes open, Zoey, they do wonders."

Anastasia may have been injured, but she refused to quit. It wasn't in the Borovsky nature to just give up, so she turned her broom and went to catch up with the first bludger that came into her sight.
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Lilith Litchfield

    (12/08/2013 at 21:51)
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Horntail Co-Captain [Beater]


Lilith inhaled sharply as out of the corner of her eye the snowmen seemed to animate, contorting into snowball throwing machines. Swallowing the lump in her throat, Lilith felt her heartbeat quicken, thumping against her ribcage as her senses inclined far too quickly. Her gaze darted across the field before she cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted, "Horntail, snowballs!"

She had known something was off about the snowmen.

Lilith wrenched her broom to the side, nearly missing the snowball as it brushed passed the side of her ear and plummeted to the ground below. Having the right mind to believe there to be more, Lilith continued to search the field with a slightly wild gaze, taking in the chaotic essence of it all.

Her gaze locked on one of her past targets, huddling towards her at top speed. Pointing her broom towards the ground, Lilith shot towards the snowy field and dodged the girl who had lost all control.

Putting all her weight on the tail of her broom, Lilith managed to steady herself before she nosedived into the ground. She had lost all sense in direction, the world spun before her and her throat felt hoarse as though she had lost her voice entirely. And that's when it hit her.

It literally hit her.

Lilith shouted out as a bludger came in contact with her knee, followed by a dangerously deafening crack. A jolt of pain traveled from her knee cap to her thigh. "Goddammit!" She screamed, a pained expression on her face. She knew her knee was broken; she could hardly move her entire leg without wincing.

Taking a deep, shaky breath, Lilith shot up towards the nearest Bludger [Coal] and slammed her bat into the surface with all her might towards the back of  Anastasia's head.

She wanted nothing more than to see the girl in pain. The thought itself terrified her. Lilith had never felt this amount of pain before, let alone anger. Is this what it was like to feel angry?

Darting through the field at a lightning fast pace, Lilith batted Bludger Bread towards the co-captain, Freya, when her back was turned.

Game on.

Zoey Arnette

    (12/08/2013 at 22:09)
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Zoey cursed under her breath. The other team had scored anyway and all she had accomplished was both teams yelling at her. This was not going well and,  if she had any hope to ply on the school team, she had to step it up.

The girl turned on her broom as her own team finally obtained the Quaffle. She followed down the pitch, doing her best to keep open if she was passed the ball. Although, she doubted she would get a chance to touch it this game - maybe by accident, if she was lucky. The girl assumed her team wouldn't want her to touch it now and, while normally Zoey didn't care if she was a part of the team, she did want to play Quidditch. There was no one without the other, unfortunately.

Dark, couldn't they get over it? She had barely taken hold of the other girl's broom and it didn't do any damage. Now she had something to prove.

She saw something zooming toward her out of the corner of her eye, barely paying attention to the bludgers for she had been lost in her own little world. She thought the hit was imminent. And then, out of no where, Ana jumped in front of her.

The girl was stunned, another team mate sacrificing themselves to cover her. Especially after everyone yelled over the broom ordeal. Ana hadn't even the chance to lift her bat in time and the sound of the bludger coming into contact with the other girl's ribs was sickening. If the position was reversed, Zoey wondered what she would have done and a part of her knew she probably wouldn't have done the same. Mostly because she assumed no one would have done it for her.

"Are you OK?!" The girl called to Ana. She said she was, but Zoey doubted it. Didn't know how she could shake it off that easy. But the game was still in motion and there was barely time to think. So much was happening at once, something the eleven year old didn't really expect somehow. This time though, she didn't miss the bludger coming toward them.

Ana had just been hit, and Zoey didn't know if another one might take the girl out of the game. She may have grabbed someone's broom, but Zoey thought that taking a shot at the back of someone's head was just as bad. How could they defend against that?

"Look out!" In a split second Zoey acted instinctively, pushing Ana out of the way of bludger Coal and ducking, letting it pass over them.

And then something [the snowball] hit her in the side of the face.

She saw white lights for a moment. At first she thought it had been the bludger, and took her a minute to realize it wasn't. Snow dripped down the side of her face and it was all she could do to hold on to her broom. Giving a huff Zoey continued to follow her fellow Chasers to the opposite end of the field calling out "Guys look out! Those snowmen are throwing snowballs!"

She tried to shake it off. She was supposed to be redeeming herself! Not getting knocked over by snowballs!

Percy Marlowe

    (12/08/2013 at 23:38)
Horntail Chaser

Things were going really fast. In an instant Percy's shove had managed to dislodge Zoey from the broom, the other girl had thrown the red ball kwafel thing, and it had gone into one of the hoops, and Percy grinned and shouted with delight 'HELL YES'. He didn't think either Daddy or Gaz would have had approved of his swearing, but neither Daddy nor Gaz were here. So there.

There was a little girl hanging off her broom and Percy stared at her concernedly. "Are you okay?" he shouted, almost making to go and help her, although suddenly he realised that she was the other team's player and he didn't think his captain would look very favorably on him if he attempted to help another team's player. But she managed to get herself back on her broom anyway. That was good.

Someone groaned and Percy looked over to find Queen Anastasia not looking in very good shape. "Anastasia!" He wasn't being a very good Chaser, just shouting at the other team's players to make sure they were all right, but Anastasia was his friend and Queen and someone ought to look after her. Someone had hit a Bludger at her, and Percy knew that it was his own captain, but you didn't hit a Bludger at someone when they were in pain, did you? "Anastasia, look out!" He didn't care if he was going to get scolded, because Percy lived for adventure and there was some adventure in being scolded, and he didn't want to see his friends get hurt.

There was nothing else that could be done so Percy dived after the passed Quaffle, hoping to catch it before it got to its intended target. Hopefully he'd catch it and redeem himself and no one would be angry with him for looking after other players.

* Anastasia Borovsky

    (12/09/2013 at 00:38)
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Ridgeback Beater

Anastasia made absolutely no change in expression at the sound of Lilith's knee shattering - which wasn't exactly unusual for her. She almost never smiled and if her face did react to something she usually frowned.

However despite no change in her face, Anastasia was rather glad one of her bludgers had finally hit somebody whether they injured them or not. Back in Russia when she played in secret with some boys, that was all part of the game. You just had to carry on or you were considered weak.

"Anastasia, look out!"

Her head turned at the sound of Percy, however not in the right direction.

"Look out!"

Another voice then sounded and Anastasia turned again, suddenly seeing the bludger coming for her. She barely had time to hit it but Zoey thankfully appeared and pushed Anastasia hard enough that the ball missed her head and carried travelling away from her.

Anastasia nodded to Zoey in thanks and even forced a small smile before flying off and past Percy. As she did so she winked and gave him a thumbs up. His Queen was quite alright and she would live to play another day.

Looking around the Quidditch pitch, still flying pretty speedily, Anastasia was on the look out for not only the snitch so she could catch the Horntail seeker off guard, but more bludgers. The snowmen had come to life now, just as she thought, and were aiming for certain students. However that was just snow, they couldn't do much harm.

Litchfield was surprisingly still on the pitch and she had hit another ball towards her team. Stassie was beginning to get a little fed up with her, though, she did admire her determination and talent. Not many people could put up with such pain.

Speeding towards Freya, Anastasia raised her bat and hit the bludger {Bread} away from her. It was a weak hit, due to the pain in her ribs, but it seemed to have worked nevertheless and it was now heading towards Naomi.
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Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding

    (12/09/2013 at 02:18)
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Ridgeback Bench

Little girls did not belong anywhere near a Quidditch pitch. Granted, Patrice had been spectacular upon a broom, but his eldest sister was more wild animal than girl which hardly counted. Godric only knew why he had decided to sign up for this farce of a game in the first place. The lot of them could barely manage the stick that was -

The book he had supposedly been reading was promptly snapped shut.

(Zeke was good for appropriating a great many things that he otherwise would be incapable of getting his hands on. Where and how he managed to acquire such goods were questions he never asked his younger sibling. The only thing that mattered was that he had the latest issue hot off the presses before the rest of the unwashed masses did.)

Noise, noise and yet more noise in decibels that no creature should utter caused his attention to roll skyward. The shrill little banshees were battling over the ruddy ball and he wished someone would just take a bludger to the head all ready so that it would stop. Jade eyes lethargically rolled at the scene while he inwardly contemplated just abandoning the pitch all together. They certainly wouldn't miss him. After all, they'd been so kind as to bench the real talent rather than place him upon the starting roster.

(Didn't they know that Keddings had a track record for being the best and the brightest? Plebes. Peons. Peasants. One and all and why didn't they recognize his talent?)

If the harpies didn't stop their yowling, he was going to take the majority of that tome and -

"Why are there snowmen?" Whose brilliant idea was that? "This pitch is no longer up to regulations." Arms crossed over his chest and he sniffed in indignation. His cousin was ruling over this sham, but why wasn't he surprised? Charles (for he would always be Charles and never Charlie) was a great many things, but bright was not one of them. "Fix it. Fix it now."

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* Lucille Hopland

    (12/09/2013 at 04:48)
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Ridgeback Seeker

Lucille couldn't stop giggling.

Her teammates were just so… so.. fierce. If they were lions they'd be roaring at each other by now. Sadly, they weren't. They were just plain ol' wizards.

And none of them were exceptionally talented at Quidditch either, herself included, but they tried and that was all that mattered. It made the game ten times more fun. She felt like she could mess up over and over again and still not have as much pressure on her as there was during term. Although, there was a limit, and though they hadn't reached that limit quite yet it was still early in the game.

They'd have enough time to pull their acts together, too.

And speaking of pulling acts together, she figured she should get a move on. Since the start of the game she'd been floating aimlessly high above the action on the pitch, preferring to fly above everything so as to get a better view. She hadn't moved much since her ascent. Occasionally wiggling this way and that to get a better view of what was going on. But other than a few fouls on their part and a goal and, eugh, a couple painful hits, nothing awe-worthy had happened.

She'd almost wanted to go say hi to Artie, too, but knew if she neared the benches in any way, shape or form her captains would think it a sign of her surrender. And there was no way she was giving up her spot that quickly without doing anything to help her team.

Eyes glancing curiously around the pitch for the familiar flash of gold, the red-head gripped her broom handle with both hands and dove for her team-mate. Pulling up slowly beside Anastasia, she gave the girl's hair a tug and gestured with her chin to the bludger that'd missed her head and continued on its path.

"Almost got your head knocked off did ya'?" She remembered what it'd been like to get hit in the head by a bludger.

Second thought--no she didn't.

"I would've had to drag you to the infirmary myself!" She could imagine herself stumbling through the snow with a knocked out Anastasia slung over her back.

There was a lot more activity in the lower part of the field. A little too much when you were trying to find a two inch ball of gold with wings, but there was no time to complain. She'd thought she hadn't been able to see the other Seeker and the snitch from high above because the other player had been struggling to find the minuscule thing as well. Now that she was down there it seemed like the other Seeker had slipped away from her and that was worrisome.

Unbeknownst to her, he'd been right under her nose the whole time. Literally.

"Have you seen a tiny--" she paused to stare at the snowmen, then continued. "--golden thing-y, Tasia?"
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Naomi Mary Watson

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Horntail Chaser

What the heck was that Snowman doing? Inserting extra objects into the game? At least these weren't that dangerous. Unless if one would hit you in the face. The brunette paid more attention to the red ball situation than to the snowman though ... and she was quite pleased to see it go in. Naomi would've been much happier if her wrist wasn't still shaking. Fitzgerald was going to pay for that stupidity ...

The whole snowball thing seemed to cause chaos over the pitch. The American brunette ignored it and just kept her eye on the prize. The red ball. The opposing keeper had it and she was going to throw it. Where was it going to go? Fitzgerald looked closer. Naomi watched the keeper and then took off just before the pass went off. It was indeed going towards the opposing co-captain. Oh, there was one of those big black balls coming too ... Perfect.

The brunette moved in and placed herself between the red ball and the other girl, intercepting the passed quaffle. Nice and steady. Fitzgerald probably didn't even see her coming. At the same time, Naomi had put the Ridgebacks co-captain in the path of the oncoming bludger Bread, using her as a shield. Well, that was tough luck for her. Now ... not to hog this quaffle thing. Oh, there was a teammate. "Hey, Marlowe ... catch!" Naomi dispatched the quaffle towards Percy in a hard pass.
Naomi Watson. Deal with it.

Percy Marlowe

    (12/09/2013 at 12:34)
Horntail Chaser

Zoey knocked Anastasia out of the way and Percy breathed a sigh of relief. At least no one else was going to get hurt in this game. No one else he knew; if someone else got hit he didn't really mind. In fact he thought he'd make a top notch beater because he liked hitting things.

Oh - hey. Percy blinked, because evidently the Quaffle wasn't where he thought it would be, and someone else had got it instead. Was it a horntail girl? Percy squinted at the person with the ball. Yes, it was, that girl with the Quaffle before. It was all getting very confusing.

Someone was throwing snowballs. Percy looked at the pitch with wide eyed amusement. That was out-standing. He liked snowballs and he liked throwing them even more. Whatever would happen if one of the beaters tried to hit them back, he wondered? Probably they'd just break into bits and it wouldn't be particularly fun.

"Hey, Marlowe ... catch!"

That was his name, wasn't it? "Yeah, that's me!" Percy said enthusiastically.

She was throwing the ball at him. Percy panicked for a moment. What was he supposed to do again? What did he have to do again?

Catch it, idiot, he heard Gaz's voice in his head, so automatically he reached out and grabbed the Quaffle safely to his chest.

Okay. He had the ball. He didn't know what he was supposed to do now.

* Diego Santos

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Horntail Keeper

He cheered as the red leather ball flew through the Rigdebacks golden hoop. It was awesome to see his players had spunk and actually wanted to win this game, whether it was something himself or Lillith had said was uncertain. But at least they were putting in some effort.

"Well done guys! Subbing Dacewood for Rose!"

He beckoned on the younger girl cheering from the benches with a smile. Every member of the team had been pulling together, doing there jobs. But the Dacewood lad was no where to be seen. Diego tightened his grip on the handle doing a few celebratory flips and weaves between the hoops.

The balls were re released and the Ridgebacks Keeper tossed the ball to the small blonde that seemed to be beckoning a hit from Lilith, he had no doubt that his co captain would catch up with her eventually. He watched from the hoops with a smirk as the Hortails took back possession of the Quod, he watched so intently he had not noticed the various snowmen coming to life below them.

A snowball caught him hard against the side of the face sending him hurdling into the middle hoop. The cold stig took him by suprise and he found himself loosing control of the broom, taking the handle and pulling back as hard as he can he lifted back into the air, straightening himself and getting back his balance.

Diego mummbled curses under his breath as he steadied himself. Focusing back on the game and keeping a careful eye on the snowmen this time, Diego punched his fist in the air as Watson made the pass, swinging himself out to the left to avoid another snowy blow.

"Go Marlowe! Get it in the hoops!.. Lilith, cover him! "

Payton Rose

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Horntail Beater

"Well done guys! Subbing Dacewood for Rose!"

Payton's face lit up as she heard her name, flushing slightly and returning the smile her captain gave her with glee. Gripping her broom expertly, she slid off the bench and into the air in almost a single move.

She had been waiting for this.

The broom felt alive beneath her and the cold air whipped at her dark hair, instantly turning her cheeks a darker pink with the cold. She was glad she'd thought to wear her gloves, else her fingers would be frozen to the handle of her broom.

Once she got comfortable and high enough in the air, she paused to take in the scene spreading before her. They had possession although her teammate didn't look particularly certain about what he was supposed to do with the Quaffle.

Chuckling, Payton opted to help him out but her captain had already taken care of the instructions. So she cradled the bat in her hands and frowned at it. She'd not played this position before but she was always willing to try...

She was a different person when up in the air.

On the ground everything was too heavy, making her thin shoulder droop with the weight she carried but up here, in the air, it all fell away. There was freedom and adrenaline and that rush of joy at being aloft. She craved this.

She shot forward towards the Bludger Bread and made an inexperienced swing towards the angry ball, swatting it away from her chaser. She had seen Naomi's attempt to dodge behind the Ridgeback player but the thought of that thing smashing into anyone made Payton wince.

If it saved both of them, so be it.
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