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Author Topic: Quidditch Teams - Summer (Winter?) 1940  (Read 540 times)

Zephyrus Paladin

    (12/07/2013 at 06:48)
Quidditch Game Number One!

It's Team Horntail vs. Team Ridgeback in a mighty battle for the elusive Golden Snitch and the coveted.... um... well okay, there's no actual prize (except the adoration of Camp Loki campers everywhere), but there's always a lot of fun.

Team captains for this game - congratulations!  Please take a peek at the rules hereand familiarize yourself with the rules.  Note that during summer term, the refs choose positions for you, but you as team captains still have the ability to substitute players in or out of the game.  The more people who get to play, the merrier!

Also, if you're an alternate, don't leave your teammates hanging -- cheer! Or share a cup of hot cocoa with your bench mates.  Comment on the game.  Just don't forget to label your post and tell us you're on the bench.

A Quick Guide to Labelling Summer Quidditch Posts:

Please remember that every post must be labelled!

- If you're a player in the game --> Horntail Chaser

- If you're a player on the bench --> Ridgeback Benches

- If you're a spectator --> Spectator

Team Horntail
Captain: Diego Santos (Keeper) 
Co-captain: Lilith Litchfield (Beater) 
Aethelstan Lowsley (Seeker) 
Naomi Mary Watson (Chaser) 
Tritionis Dacewood (Beater) 
Samantha Carlisle (Chaser)
Percy Marlowe (Chaser)
Payton Rose (Alternate)
Ignis Fides Rivers (Alternate)
Siobhan Fairechild (Alternate)
Amethyst Black (Alternate)
Team Ridgeback
Captain: Denise O'Sullivan (Keeper) 
Co-captain: Freya Fitzgerald (Chaser)
Lucille Hopland (Seeker)
Anastasia Borovsky (Beater)
Zoey Arnette (Chaser)
Calypso Galanis (Chaser)
Joelle Black (Beater)
Arthur MacLaren  (Alternate)
Vincenzo Kedding (Alternate)
Kathleen Ellwood-Luxe (Alternate)
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Zephyrus Paladin

    (12/20/2013 at 01:56)

Game is here!

Rules are the same (see above), but note that this time, each team has two NPCs (non-player characters) at their disposal.  For those of you who are new to the game, NPC players come into the game when a team doesn't enough played characters to fill all seven positions on the pitch. Any player is allowed to post as an NPC, but you must indicate that you are playing that character by labeling the post as such.  For example:

Devilish Dwarves NPC: Bonnie Bumblewisp

Please contact me with any questions!

To our captains, congratulations!! Have a good game everyone!!

CAPTAIN: Kathleen Ellwood-Luxe --- Chaser
CO-CAPTAIN: Payton Rose --- Chaser
Denise O'Sullivan --- Keeper
Merlyn Frost --- Seeker
Zoey Arnette --- Beater

Bonnie Bumblewisp --- Beater
(age 15, hates wearing her coke-bottle glasses but can't actually see without them. Who gave her a bat?!)

Ernest Efflewright --- Chaser
(age 12, whines about everything. The cold, the team color... you name it.)

Electric Elves
CAPTAIN: Aethelstan Lowsley --- Seeker
CO-CAPTAIN: Percy Marlowe --- Beater
Diego Santos --- Keeper
Naomi Watson --- Chaser
Reagan Lilly --- Beater

Winston Wallaby --- Chaser
(age 13, stuck-up know-it-all, thinks he's all that but in fact has very little skill.)

Ophelia Oswald --- Chaser
(age 11, flighty, a daydreamer. Would rather catch snowflakes than Quaffles.)
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