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Author Topic: Snow Castle Building Contest! [Team Star Campers]  (Read 514 times)

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Building sand castles was supposed to be a fun part of a normal Summer; at least that's what she heard. Kathleen didn't like getting dirty and would never work with sand because it would most certainly get under her nails. All her time spent down at the lake in previous Summers had shown her that it was a popular activity. Perhaps more for the younger campers, but it would be good for everyone to have a little fun for a little bit.

The fact that they would be building snow, instead of sand, castles was actually much better for Kathleen. Maybe she wasn't like Clio, who liked to lay about in the snow; she was more than able to touch it and mould it with her hands. Though it might prove a little difficult with the mittens over them. This really wasn't her playtime anyway, she was here to judge.

Or perhaps make their work a little harder if she chose to.

Snow was lightly falling around them, silently, as they trudged through the forest. The sky peeking through the branches of the trees didn't provide much light; the snow already on the ground was so bright it hardly mattered. Kathleen had scouted this location early this morning because she had been looking for a place with a good amount of untouched snow that would be heavy enough for the campers to shape. Each camper's work area was a circle that had about a fifteen foot circumference. If they needed more snow than that they would just have to waste some time leaving their area to get some.

Kathleen stopped on the edge of the work areas and waved everyone passed her. "Pick a circle to work in and get ready to get started. You'll have two hours to create what you can before the judging will begin. I have a gift voucher for some sweets at Honeyduke's for the winner."

Hopefully everyone liked something at Honeyduke's.

Her Acacia wood wand held out at her side, Kathleen cast a glance around the area to see if everyone had found a spot to settle in.

"You may now begin."

OOC: The Rules

  • This activity will be done in rounds.
  • Each round will last between 48 and 72 hours.
  • You may attempt up to two actions per round.
  • Please remember to bold your actions.
  • Actions can include: attempting to sabotage the work of others, trying to prevent any interference to your own castle [dodging any attack that might be aimed for you], Adding to your castle [for example, you don't have to bold when you're making separate pieces for your castle but you do have to bold attempting to move on to a new part of the building. Something may happen to that section...], Picking up an object nearby [like a branch], leaving your area.
  • Please remember there is no magic used at camp. You must do everything with your hands or random objects you might find in the area.
  • If you have any questions, please send me a PM.
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