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Player of the Week (or PotW) is a weekly feature we've implemented each summer to introduce some of the newest players to our Hoggies community. We've had such an influx of great, exciting members that the Mod Squad and I wanted to acknowledge some of them, and bring them to your attention if you haven't met them yet! We took a moment to ask Ember Harlow a few questions about life, Harry Potter, and adjusting to Hoggies (not to mention chat shenanigans).

I've really enjoyed reading her posts, and already have a nice feel for the sort of person that Ember is. I look forward to reading more about her over the rest of the term! Insider tip, Ember - keep an eye out for the summer workshops, which are great ways to develop characters both for new and old players!

What shall we call you? Do you have any favourite nicknames?
Hello everyone, this is rather exciting and I'm so thankful for being picked for this .. Award? Can it be called an award, well I shall do, I don't usually get picked for awards! They call me Chinyere and many people think I'm Asian but I'm not haha. I was born and raised in England though my mother is African so I guess that's where my name is from. I have a couple of nicknames but I'm usually called Chi of Chi-Chi.

How did you find Hoggies?
My older sister who plays the character Penny Tibideaux has been on it for about a term and when she'd let me (you know how sisters are) I sat with her to watch how the site worked. It looked like a really nice community so I decided to join and have a go myself and here we are now!

Which book is your favourite in the series?
Hmm, I have to say the third one! Sirius is by far one of my favourite characters as well as Draco and Snape. It's when you start really learning about the rules of magic and how when used correctly it can be so useful, like the time turner. I've always wanted my own time turner as well as many other magical items! In movies I'd have to say the sixth, but that's only because Tom Felton looks absolutely beautiful playing Draco.

Who is your favourite character from the books?
My favourite of all favourite characters is our dearly beloved Severus Snape or as he is also known, The Half Blood Prince. I have to say I loved dark Snape and enjoyed thinking he was plotting to get rid of Harry with Voldemort. For some reason, I never really liked Harry much and he was the main character! Finding out Snape had been good all along kind of shocked me at first but it made me see what a fantastic writer Rowling really is. Managing to keep us from guessing her plot ideas for six whole books for a writer I'd say is a big achievement because usually I managed to guess the plot early on which makes the book kind of boring after a while.

Who are you most excited to RP with, that you haven't yet?
Well, Charlotte Tallis and I have a little plan coming together which I'm excited to get started on. I've seen Charlotte RPing a bit around The Hangout and she looks like the sort of person Ember would have fun annoying with her easily excitable and childish ways.

What is one thread that everyone should read this very instant? Why?
Being the sort of person to snoop around all the other threads when I have nothing else to do I stumbled across the thread 'Cruel Intentions' with Eve Hallows and Lysander Ellwood-Luxe. It was so intense just reading it they're both such big characters and just reading it left me at the edge of my seat like, what is going to happen!? It's a seriously good read and I'm dying to know if they decide to give in to their under lying feelings. Maybe it's just me but I see a little bit of attraction between them.

What is one thing about Ember that no one knows?
Ember may seem like a really happy person all the time and that nothing gets her down but she's actually really insecure and covers it up by being overly happy all the time. She may not act like it but if you say something to her she may take it to heart and you'd never know. She finds it hard to express her true feelings and I don't think she really realises that in the long run she may not be able to carry all her worries on her own. She'll have to break sometime, but when and to who that's the question!

What are you most excited about for term?
Classes! Ember is eager to learn everything there is to know in a classroom environment. Coming from being home schooled she wants to see how it differs from at home. Also, she's never experienced school rules or professors so that will be a new for her.

Any last words?
Thank you again for picking me for this I really appreciate it. I hope to RP with many more of you over my time here. It's lovely to have met the people I have so far and it's so much fun, it really is a lovely community. Feel free to RP with Ember, she may be crazy but she doesn't bite!
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