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Author Topic: Infirmary Description  (Read 417 times)

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A single log cabin set against snow covered pines; the infirmary looked quietly isolated from afar, remote from the bustle but still accessible to visitors. A red flag flapped in the breeze, handsomely brilliant even in the flurries of snow. Its crisp white cross ripples in the occasional breeze. Little windows on all sides of the cabin were constantly covered by drawn curtains, keeping in the warmth and quiet. An inviting orange glow that slipped from the frosted windows and under the door was a beacon for the otherwise solitary cabin.

Inside was roomier than the outside might suggest, the vaulted space to quarter patients lined with rows of beds along its walls. Each bed, when not in use, was stacked high with several plush blankets and two pillows, a tempting invitation to perhaps prolong a stay under pretense. At the back of the cabin was a linens closet, cabinets and counters stocked with bandages and the more common poultices and balms. Off the main aisle were the doors to a few additional rooms-- one for staff, another for storage, and a third for brewing.
Beside each patient’s bed was a table, big enough to hold a book or cup of tea or mug of cocoa. For in addition to some of the fouler tasting potions and brews, hot kettles were kept for both beverages ready for the asking, with honey and marshmallows to boot. But despite its cozy interior and assembly of creature comforts, the Infirmary was not a cabin for just a short kip or a bit of recovery or respite. The faint scent of disinfectant and rather sparse nature of the room was always apparent after a while. After all, there’s no place like one’s own chalet or tent or igloo.