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Author Topic: Administrative Changes  (Read 385 times)

Esme Vartan

    (12/05/2011 at 04:43)
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Hello lovelies! Happy Monday to you.

While we're just getting into the swing of things for the summer (and the new site - yay new site!), I wanted to alert you of some changes on the administrative side. We're doing a bit of an electric slide with the houses, and all of you are getting new house heads.

Yes. All of you. It just worked out like that. ;)

We are saying goodbye to one of our administrators, and we ask that you wish her well when you see her as we're all very sad about the loss. Rhoswen Hardwick has decided to take a backseat and return to writing more on the site, a decision which comes at a loss for us, but will (in my humble opinion) be a huge gain for the site to have her writing with everyone.

From here on out, the new administrative team is as follows:

Professor Tibble

Deputy Headmistress
Elizabeth Birch-Hurst

Keeper of the Keys
Marguerite Reine (NPC)

Head of Gryffindor
Timothy Vartan, M.D.

Head of Hufflepuff
William Lancaster, MFA

Head of Ravenclaw
Esme Faracy, PhD

Head of Slytherin
Anneka Ivanova, Esq.

Note, the titles after our names are just for laughs.

If you have a question relating to a plot or something about your character, you must talk to your house head. Approaching another administrator will simply get you referred back to your house head, unless the matter is an OOC rule violation or something dire. In that case, we're all ears. But otherwise, we really implore you to communicate with your house head (or Elizabeth Birch-Hurst, if you are a professor/Professor Tibble if you are a graduate, shopkeeper, et al), as we try to keep the request load spread evenly amongst our team and your house head likely knows your character best out of all of us.

If you have not been sorted yet, feel free to approach any of us. :)

Thanks everyone! Enjoy your week.

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