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Lillica Razi-VD

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The Infirmary Roster

Lillica Razi-Van Droombeeld - Infirmary Director

Benjamin Looper  -  Assistant

Ermie Chaucer  -  Emergency Medical Tech.
Arcus Ricardus  -  Healer
Clementine Richards  -  Emergency Medical Tech.
Eleonore Cecile Vanhelm - Healer
Parris James Alexander Jr.  -  Junior Healer
Valeire Alexander  -  Junior Healer
Alice Taylor - Junior Healer
Nickoli Flamel  - Patient Relations
Riley Jade Fulviano  -  Patient Relations
Atticus Carter  -  Junior Healer
Damon Stone - Junior Healer
Dacien Ellwood-Luxe  -  Medicinal Herb Collector and Organizer
Harrowine Stone  -  Patient Check-In
Clemence Ariss  -  Patient Check-In
Merida Swanson  -  Patient Relations
Ashley White  -  Infirmary Maid
Edith McCullough  -  Infirmary Maid

**All positions are able to be changed at The Directors will.


The Position Guide

Healer -  Heals patients ; takes on assigned clinic hours, and mentors Junior Healers.

Junior Healer  - Shadows and assists Healers and EMT's in duties; brews potions for supplies.

Emergency Medical Tech. - First on the scene of any medical disasters, you are the front line for all urgent injuries and severe illnesses.

Patient Relations - Making sure patients are comfortable; helps  with any non-medical issues.

Medicinal Herb Collector and Organizer  - Travels around Camp Loki collecting, categorizing, and organizing herbs used in for healing purposes. 

Supplies Organizer - Follows provided organization charts;  keeps supplies properly organized and makes sure Director is made known of any depleting supplies.

Patient Check-In - Checking-In patients and basic triage, so the proper healers are made aware.

Infirmary Maid - Cleans and scrubs the Infirmary; makes sure it is spotless at all times.
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