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Author Topic: [Quidditch Game One] Jets VS. Sharks  (Read 1985 times)

Charles Kedding

    (04/11/2013 at 00:14)
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Team Jets – Super Awesome Chaser

The wet dog trudged through the mud with a sour expression, brows knitted in frustration as the light rain continued to soak through his jacket.  He absolutely refused to use a spell, since just a week ago he had seen some muggles kicking a black and white ball across a field while it poured.  He was determined that, if a muggle could do it, so could he.

But he wasn’t very happy about it.

He wasn’t playing this game, and so the Co-Captain lounged at the sidelines, just soaking and getting a bit grumpier with each drop.  He watched Sarah move to the center, and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her.  She was a pretty girl, but she was the enemy, and Charlie had to fight against her.  He just hoped Nate could pull it off for the team.

He watched the game as it was, but, as many fifteen year old boys, his mind began to wander.  He thought of Aubrey and when they had gone swimming last year.  He missed Theo.  He missed talking about girls under the covers and sneaking snacks from the kitchen. 

A crack brought his attention back to the field.  Oi.  Holy hell that looked like it hurt.  Charlie had seen worse, though, it came with the territory of being a werewolf. 

He heard a shout and looked to Nikko, almost ready to do just as the elder Slytherin requested, but at the last minute he gave a snarky little smile and mounted his broom.  He was Co-Captain, and he’d prove why he deserved it.  Besides, Nikko looked like he was about ready to burst at how badly he wanted to play, Charlie felt he needed to cool down a bit.  Sometimes you had to sit on the bench, that’s just how it was.   But then the shout came from Nate and Charlie slouched, crossing his arms and grumbling as he sat back on the bench. 

But there was still the little problem of Tobias’ broken leg, the poor kid was barely on his broom.  Ben was a good guy, though he didn’t know the American outside of this game, but at least someone was trying to help with Tobias, so the kid would be okay. And then-

Bloody hell.  Tobias had gone mad.  He was shouting spells at Darcy for something that just happened in the game.   Charlie couldn’t keep up with the whole thing, and then Nate shouted his name.


He was in.  Charlie was on his broom and it seemed this team needed a bit of a game plan.  It looked like everything was shouting and more shouting.  Nice save, Nickoli! The letters floated above his hand, wand pointing up to sell out the letters.  The Quaffle was with… with… that French girl, another person he didn’t really know. He didn’t learn her name, first of all. Lets go Jets! Charlie got himself into position just beside Harrowine, watching it sour towards the Shark’s hoops.

Marlena Adele Gillespie

    (04/11/2013 at 01:46)
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Bludger Tony is free!

Bludger Maria just misses Sarah Ann Darcy.  Bludger Maria is now free.

The Quaffle passes through the hoops.  Team Jets score!

Harrowine Stone

    (04/11/2013 at 10:30)
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The odds were almost within her reach.

Harrowine might have jumped out of triumph if she wasn't in her broom. She was having some doubts lately and it wasn't even helping her to do her task. Having came from a foreign land with nothing but etiquette and stuff. Sports wasn't part of her yearly game plan but being here in a free camp with nothing to do but have fun and forget about nationalities and others, well, sports now had taken her favor.

Harrowine rubbed her eyes in disbelief as the quaffel went straight through the hoops. Everything paid off well huh? Though, having got this head start she wouldn't let her ownteammates's ego down that easily. They still have to maintain what they have started. Harrowine blew off her loose hair swinging right in front of her, steadied her grip on the broom and looked fearlessly at the quaffel.

"Let's do this... again"Harrowine reassured herself.

"Let's soar higher Jets!" She shouted to her teammates hoping that one of them appreciated her game on mode.

Harrowine breathed hard againts the rain and waited for the next release of the quaffel.
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Nikko Jagged

    (04/11/2013 at 17:28)
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Team Jets

Nikko saw the quaffle go in and he was excited.

"Yes,that's what we need! Keep it up Jets." he shouted as he raised his hand in the air in celebration.

Nikko heard Nate call out to him to watch things while he went to get a nurse but all Nikko cared about was catching that snitch and maybe irritating a few players in the meantime. He looked around not only for the golden ball he wanted so badly but for members from the other team that he could bother in the process. His prospects weren't very abundant since Team Sharks seemed to be completely unqualified to be on brooms let alone play quidditch. It looked like the arrogant Atticus would be his next victim,a little payback for wandering off into the dark woods with Nikko's girlfriend.

Nikko flew right next to Atticus keeping his eyes on the boy before he sent a foot out in atticus's direction before flying off and cutting players from Team Sharks off,flying in between them,along side of them,right behind them,the whole while keeping his eyes peeled for that golden snitch.

If he had to play seeker he would make it as fun as possible for himself.

Marlena Adele Gillespie

    (04/14/2013 at 23:49)
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Game One has come to a close!

Captains, get me your scores ASAP!  (I love you all!)