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Shadows University is a Magical School for all creatures alike, our timeline is based in the future the year is 2038-2039. This is due to an experiment gone wrong, but the change came in handy after the struggle they were having with war and all they find themselves in an era where everything is new and technology has facilitated many things. But with new times come new and old terrors, chaos among other situations. But the Shadows will step it up thanks to their new found technology. To everyone everything is as it should be and although never taught certain technologies when the rift of time happened with it came the knowledge. The only thing that didn’t change was their physical clothes and the knowledge that they don’t belong.

In a world where only the smart and strong survive, new alliances are being forged some unorthodox and others well known of. Demon’s, Vampires, Shifters and wizards are fighting to survive in a world that seems to have forgotten that they exist. The humans that try to govern the world have determined they are not to be bothered by petty outsiders as they call our kind. It is then they will forge a sacred bond that will unite them all with one goal in mind. To show the humans they are the power of the world and that humans are merely just human. Everything goes, notwithstanding the rules that govern certain species the world will become one place for all kinds of species as it use to be. Or the Powerful Species will rule again. Be forewarned that even in the midst of all the unity there is chaos, rage, hatred, love, friendship everywhere we turn.

You will find everything in this site there is none like this one where administrators enjoy every individual no matter how elemental or advanced their roleplaying is. Do not shy away because some folks roleplay long or have their own plots going on we want you to come and enjoy our chaotic life in Shadows University. This is a world where you create your own future, you promote what your character is to become. Join the Shadows University and start having fun Roleplaying your character the way it is meant to be.
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