Chayce Glazkov

    (12/31/2012 at 00:34)
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Do you feel Rick Rolled?  >3

HI EVERYONE!  I just want to start by saying how welcome I already feel to this community, as a brand new member it was so lovely and endearing to be greeted so warmly.  But, I'd best get started on this introduction and hope that I don't ramble too much.  My name is Ebbs and I come from the land down under, where during the end of the world all the kangaroos decided to eat our souls one by one.  But, really, it's currently sweltering here and all I've ever wanted to do has been to see a white Christmas.

I recently graduated from highschool, roughly a month ago, and will be attending university next year to study Political Science and International Relations.  Call me a little bit of a nerd, but I'm right into public policy, the foundations of the government system, etc.  Goodness, I really do sound like a nerd!  But hopefully in a year or so I'll be studying my law degree, I have dreams of working in criminal law and defending victims.  But aside from school, because school is ew, I am actually a ridiculously fun person.

On my Friday nights I like to play scrabble.  I am the scrabble Queen.

Okay, maybe that sounded much cooler in my head?  Um, um!  *snugs for everyone* I am currently in the process of doing my bedroom up with a New York theme, it's going to be black and white everywhere.  I have the hopes of visiting New York next December, it's basically a dream in the making!  I guess in some respects I'm like a thirteen year old American school girl D:  I like my daily dose of One Direction, I love the Bring it on movies, and I watch the Notebook at least once a month.

Reading is a real passion of mine, and I'd have to say that over the years there are a few that have really stuck with me.  I'm a huge fan of Jodi Picoult, if only because she writes about issues of humanity coupled with a enigmatic writing style.  Currently I'm reading two novels, and they're both wonderful.  On Beauty by Zadie Smith and Just Kids by Patti Smith.  Both of these pieces are beautiful, the latter of the two is lyrical and fond whilst Zadie's writing is so human and simply refreshing.  Ever since I was quite small writing and reading always held a special place in my heart, and even now that I'm grown I feel that it always will.

I guess there's a few things that I like!  I love Winnie the Pooh, handbags, nailpolish, scarves, my fake snow that I can make in a bucket because we don't get the real thing, pandora beads, watching live parliament Q&A, Law & Order: SVU, lots of coffee, Lana Del Rey, LLAMAS.  If you like these things we will probably be friends, and we can even play scrabble any day of the week. 

OKAY WOW SO, I think that I have rambled aplenty.  Have a squishy cat gif (below) to make up for it D:  But I am mega super duper excited to be here and to meet you all, fingers crossed I'll see you all around and maybe be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to write with you.  Have a wonderful day!! <33

* Theodore Beauchamp

    (12/31/2012 at 01:08)
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I (just) haven't met you yet! Welcome to the site. You are adorable.

I'd like to see a white christmas too! I'm from the UK and despite what the movies suggest, I've never seen one.

alsooo mmm political sciences and international relations! come here and talk policy with me? I do Geography at Uni (Second Year) but I concentrate on the human side of it and I lovelovelove talking politics. I'm very rusty though, I haven't taken it for almost two years now and no-one I know actually cares.

(then I scrolled down and saw the notebook and 1D and ... I'm ashamed of my fangirlness for that band I blame theo because I had no idea who liam payne was before I used him as a fc!)

We will be friends. *hugs* HI AND WELCOME AND I'LL STOP GUSHING NOW.

* Daschell Crane

    (12/31/2012 at 02:26)
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Let me begin with three things:

1. Dark Paradice
2. Video Games
3. Ride

And lovely,

At Hoggies, being the Scrabble Queen IS as cool as it sounds in your head.

You're my new best friend because you spell your name with a Y, also.


Olivia Baudelair

    (12/31/2012 at 02:28)
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welcome, my deary. <3 i'm so glad you joined with chayce.
olivia and him are going to have oodles of fun okay.

I LOVE JODI PICOULT. AND THE NOTEBOOK. AND COFFEE AND LLAMAS AND LANA DEL REY. and i desperately wish i lived in australia, but you already know that.

Yvonne Dechavez

    (12/31/2012 at 02:52)
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I wanna see a white Christmas (in person) too! I have this very high expectation that it will be beautiful or magical, like the books say, actually...

EEEE COLLEGE! It's awesome, no? I've briefly considered taking Pol. Sci. once, actually, then decided that my brain wouldn't be able to take those law books. *coughs* But I agree with you though: School is Ew. :C


I love SCRABBLE (omg, I haven't played that in a looong while) even though I almost always lose ('cause I almost always get the hard tiles), and I LOVE B&W EEEEEEEEEEE! *ahem* Sorry, I just get really excited at the sight or mention of B&W. I just really love it. Really. Really.

Ahem. I love the Bring It On series, I like 1D, and I thought the Notebook was cute, reading and writing are pretty much my life now (aside from school), Winnie the Pooh (and co.) is adorable but sometimes I get annoyed, I wanna see what fake snow looks like, I LOVE COFFEE., and llamas are cute but penguins are cuter.


Yeah, okay, I'll stop rambling now.

<3 <3

* Eve Hallows

    (12/31/2012 at 10:24)
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Hi Ebbs, welcome to (again)!

I'm in love with everything political, and yay for someone else watching real life Q&A's from the Parliament. I always feel a bit duped that I'm on the roll with the old people.

In any case, I suppose we're all reading/writing freaks. I have a feeling you'll feel right at ease here (:

Here's a puppies gif for you:

Beckah Vartan

    (01/02/2013 at 07:45)
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I hope you'll still see this because omg!


I'm from Australia too, my character's name is Ebs, and I just graduated from high school! I've also always wanted to see a white Christmas, and I really hope I get to see one next year when I go to the UK!

Also law & Order SVU, yes so many times.  AND One Direction. Although if you're looking for someone to fangirl over them more then I could - find Sarah Darcy and you'll be up all night. (;