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Author Topic: HEY HEY YOU I LIKE YOU  (Read 608 times)

Kieran Nonpareil

    (12/05/2012 at 01:51)
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about me
hi lovelies!

So, my name is Albert and currently I'm sixteen years old (and kind of wanting my license right now) living somewhere in the west of AMURICA. But I'm really Polish. <3

I find lists to be optimal in introducing myself to others, so here's one!

>> I'm currently a sophomore in a high school in which I do not like my classmates. One reason that I want to go to college is to escape self-centered, superficial kids. I'm very much interested in Psychology and would want to become a psychiatrist or a radiologist.

>> I like character plots of all kind. I'm kind of neutral towards romantic plots..but I still like my share of romance, don't get me wrong! xD I think that there are other plots out there.

>> I like Agatha Christie, Robert Louis Stevenson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Charlotte Bronte.

>> My fandoms include Pokemon, Harry Potter (PLOT TWIST), Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon. I'm wanting to get into Sherlock.

>> I LOVE Korean dramas (Goong, Rooftop Prince, You're Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers etc.) And K-Pop. And just everything Korean. Even food. Actually just include everything Asian.
>>  I like Disney. <3 My favorite movies would have to be The Emperor's New Groove, Mulan, Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, and Tangled.

>> ALSO, I love seahorses and hummingbirds. And penguins.  Along with puppies and kitties. Just cute animals.

>> If I just stop talking to you during chat, it's probably because I've fallen asleep past twelve in the morning or was distracted by something. DX

my characters
my babies!

(Stealing Aries' and Esme's cupcakes.)

kieran cherrywell
thirteen | pureblood | february 2nd | ravenclaw | biggest wig (confusion abound)

>> He's deluded, insane, and just a plain weird kid. He thinks differently, but is intelligent and perceptive.

>> Kieran's a chauvinist. The kid thinks that women should be making him some food.

>> He's everything insecure. uses his annoying and crazy demeanor to mask his insecurities about himself.

>> The Nonpareil is looking for women to be his consorts– and men. But he doesn't know about men.

>> The brat demands to be entertained all the time. He likes to have fun– too much.

>> Cherrywell considers himself to be a manly man, god, angel, and just perfect. He thinks that everyone loves him.

>> Expect him to be very cocky and arrogant because he won the dueling tournament by luck.

ursula cherrywell
fourteen | pureblood | november 25th | gryffindor | single & ready to mingle

>> She has an obsession over Aries Applesnow and is also possessive over him! Watch out!

>> Ursy's an absolute girly girl, to the point where she butchers others' names by picking out syllables as their nickname (e.g. Freja = Frej-Frej or Anna = Nana).

>> The Gryffindor's flirtatious and boy (and girl) crazy. But she's too obsessed with Aries to be like that towards others.

>> Underneath all the dresses and make-up, the Gryffindor has a resolve to become stronger and braver–but she doesn't know how to do it.

>> She enjoys gardening not for the beauty and femininity associated with it, but the growth of the plants and maternal feeling she gets from it.

>> Ursula has a very violent temper, to the point where she hurts people and destroys objects. It's also easily taken advantage of.

>> Although she has her shortcomings, she loves her friends dearly and believes in true love. (DISNEY PRINCESS POWERS UNLOCK)

>> She has no ambitions for the future. All her ambitions involve being Aries' wife and a mother.

romulus applesnow

twenty-four | pureblood | july 12th | daily prophet | second place first-born

>> Romulus is a man of failures and this led him to be ignored by the family. Everything he has done has ended unsuccessfully.

>> A very jealous man, Romulus personifies the "means justify the ends". Very Machiavellian is he. (Very Yoda I am)

>> He is OCD. The man cannot stand disorder of any sort. He loves to color code things.

>> Rommy works hard often to the point of exhaustion and illness due to his workaholism. He thinks that hard-work can achieve anything.

>> He's not what he appears to be in front of others. Basically he's two-faced.

>> Watch his interactions with Aries.

>> I'll be more active with him this term. 




RP maybe?
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Valerie Alexander

    (12/05/2012 at 02:09)
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Hmm I'm not sure if I can respond to this, but.... CZESC!!! :)

*Your characters seem both interesting and fun. Especially romulus applesnow as his color coding OCD.

*I'm interested in majoring in psychology as well although I'm not exactly sure where I would want to go after getting my degree. oh and Mulan is awesome.

- Katrina

Juniper E-L Steele

    (12/05/2012 at 02:21)
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I love all of your characters. All of them.

Also, Romulus. *drags off* LET'S PLAY.

Esme Vartan

    (12/05/2012 at 02:21)
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1. Esme's original face was Amy Adams and I love that someone's finally using her. She's so cute! And so perfect for Ursy.

2. High school sucks until it doesn't and that's usually when it's over. Go you for liking books. I like books too. Let's be friends.

3. I also fall asleep at the computer. Sometimes I wake up to half-written sentences and I'm like "...what. but why. what does that even mean?"

ex-house mom

Ebony Razaih

    (12/05/2012 at 03:16)
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I love Tangled and mostly the horse. (;

BUT YOU. I love everything about you and all of your characters.

No, you won the Dueling Tournament because you're awesome and that's how you roll.


Deidre Sable

    (12/05/2012 at 06:13)
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2. COLLEGE YAY! Also: School. D:
3. PSYCHOLOGYYYY. A radiologist sounds awesome, by the way! (I only just Googled it)
5. Those authors you listed sound familiar, but I'm sure I've never read any of their work before. O.o
6. Pokemon, Harry Potter, Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon, Sherlock (I've only watched the movies, but they were AWESOME!!), Boys Over Flowers. Eeeeeeeeee! <3
K-Pop! YAY! /still shifty.
7. Oh hey look, I'm Asian. ouo
9. Did you say 'cute animals'? ...And penguins?


10. I told you sleep is Very Very Important! D: Also: AWRIGHT! Fellow Easily-Distracted-Person!! ;D
11. Kieran is awesome but I won't say it makes me LOL. XD
12. Ursy is adorable! <3
13. Romulus' OCD-ness will be... fun to torment. *smirk*
15. I intended it to be up to #15, and so it shall be!


Ignis Fides Rivers

    (12/05/2012 at 15:39)
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Hey, you, hey!

Because I love Kieran. Although it was kind of fun to torment him.

And I like you. Because of the fact that you like psychology as well and would like to do something with psychiatrist -maybe-, even more so because some charries should visit one actually. (My own character Salazar, for example. He's nuts.)

Let's thread again!
will you grin and lift your head


Phaedra Spekt

    (12/05/2012 at 19:14)
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Kieraan, you forgot to put 'in love with me'. Juss saying.

..also seriously, you're awesome, everything you love is awesome, and sophomores just about rule the world. <3

* Catharina Adhara Eir Viggano

    (12/06/2012 at 00:21)
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Psychology <3

All of your characters are super pretty.

And congrats on the tournament ;)

..I'd love to RP Romulus and Morgan (that girl needs to get some RPs going, really) when my exam chaos is over?
Sweet as candy.

Nathaniel Ellwood-Luxe

    (12/06/2012 at 01:28)

   *  I also like plots other than romance ( though my reason is I suck at writing romance, but shhh that is a SECRET )

   * RL makes Kieran look honest as swear people think like him always

   * But I really LOVE indenting them and having levels of them

Annabel Grey-Vartan

    (12/06/2012 at 16:01)
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ILU. I don't think Anna feels the same about Ursy though. Alas.

Also AGATHA CHRISTIE. Do you have a favorite? Ugh, love the classics. I think mine has to be Endless Night.

I'm... also more comfortable writing non-romance, but I'm game for ANYTHINNGGG. I tend more towards angst and causing my characters complications, perhaps too much. BUT IN ANY CASE. Let's do what Shang says and... ALL THE PLOTS. <3
do or die ◊◊ you'll never make me
because the world will never take my
h e a r t

Florence Prothero

    (12/06/2012 at 18:12)
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I sort of want Rei and Kieran to meet at camp.

And if Romulus likes hard working and defeated single mothers, Claudia Prothero has a daughter for him. <3
Although baby Daddy #2 is Michael Gray so.. yeah.
I swear I love Dahlia.


Aries Paladin

    (12/06/2012 at 18:43)
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HEY BROTHER FROM the same mother.

I need to start up the first Romuries; remind me, okay?


so he replies, "then how do you manage?”
I dodge the blast & apologize for collateral damage

Ursula Nonpareil

    (12/09/2012 at 08:24)
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@ Katrina/Valerie -  Are you Polish? :D But even if you're not I like you.

Hi! I really hope you like this site, it's an awesome place filled with awesome people. <3

ROMCOM will hate the people who tamper with his OCDness. But just do it– he probably deserves it.

Also your like of Mulan and psychology already tells my sixth sense that we will be friends.  Although you are older than I am, choosing your degree must be hard. I hope you pick the best choice for yourself. <3

And yes to the Val/Kieran thread, I'll PM you back about that!

@ Juniper - I love you and your characters even more. Seriously. Especially Juni. She has so much depth and plot it's crazy. Also your new character is absolutely adorbs. <3

Romulus: ...What do you need from me? *scowls*

I would use a Bastien Bonizec gif but he has too few, unfortunately.

@ Esme - First of all,  I can't decide between which of your alts to love. (They're all perfect!)

Really? Esme had Amy Adams? That's awesome! She and Ursy are sort of FC-twins! <3 And thank you! (Redheads are absolutely a pain to find.)

AMEN SISTER. To books and high school. *hugs*

Hee, I know what you mean. I once used feminine pronouns in one of Kieran's posts. And I was just like, "...whaaa?"

@ Ebony/Beck - MENTOR

I love you in so many ways.

WHAT– are you sure? Don't be influenced by Kieran. I'm pretty sure it was luck! But thank you! <3 You are awesome-er.


yes, the idea of threading with you is awesome. <3 Almost done with the post.


(Oh gosh, you were right about sleep. Thank the heavens you didn't say I told you so. (; )

@ Fides - That boy needs to be tormented more. And I thank you for taking on that task. c: BECAUSE CHARACTER TORTURE.

I like you and the fact that you also like psychology. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Kieran and Salazar in a mental asylum would be awesome to roleplay. Kieran would just annoy the hell out of him.

Kieran: I find your face to be repulsive, you should throw a sheet on it before it becomes green like your former house and rotten cheese! *points*

Yes, let's thread again. <3

@ Phae - HOW COULD I FORGET THIS *Dobby headsmash*



Your awesomeness = My awesomeness x ∞

It would be scary if sophomores would rule the world. D: But interesting...

@ Cat - Psychology is awesome. I like it too much. 8D

Your characters are even prettier. Especially Cat and Eugene. Not to mention Mikey ...Now I regret striking that out.

Eee, thank you! But I was very much surprised at it. KIERAN'S EGO WILL INFLATE TOO MUCH FOR THE CASTLE

Maybe we could PM each other after your exam chaos is over? Because I'd love to thread with you. <3

@ Nate - We are twins in thought. Seriously.

Romance plots are also not my forte. I feel like my characters come out too cheesy/tsundere/obssessed/intense. It depends. XD But you're obviously better because Narah is adorbs.

Hee, Kieran appears to be like that, yes. He's very much superficial and conceited. But he nevertheless likes Nate as a friend.

Lists ftw.

@ Anna


It's a shame that Ursy doesn't like Nana. They would have so much fun together. Seriously. <3

AGATHA CHRISTIE YES. My favorite would have to be The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. The plot twist at the end is unexpected and awesome. 4:50 from Paddington and Cat Among the Pigeons are very close.

ANYTHING IS THE BEST. And I know what you mean by writing non-romance, I feel that it doesn't come out to be authentic. ANGST OMG. I love putting characters through angst.

...I sound very sadistic.


@ Flo - Ooh, I do too! I wonder how'd they interact!

Romulus is very much attracted to hard-working and defeated mothers. Hmm... yes I sense a great plot coming out of that. <3

Lucky girl! Getting Michael Gray to be the father! Hee! The poor thing *hugs*

Dahlia is an awesome character. I especially liked her thread in the cake shop. <3



Okies! I'm definitely looking forward to that. <3

Lotus Pond on repeat. Hee

Jessica Beauchamp

    (12/09/2012 at 23:15)
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Is you ok? Is you??

Good, because you know I always want to know.

I love all these characters. *collects*

and Tangled. I love Tangled a lot too.

* Sarah Lambton

    (12/12/2012 at 14:04)
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Charlotte Bronte! I love the Bronte sisters, though I might prefer Emily a little more (Wuthering Heights *wiggles*). I need to actually read some Agatha Christie, but I love the shows based on her works. I'm currently watching Poirot.

Beauty and the Beast! <3<3

Also, I love your characters. Ursy's posts in Quidditch are always so fun to read.

Loyalty, Labor, Love

Daniel Marcus Reed

    (12/12/2012 at 14:29)
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Hey hey you!!

All the lists and all the awesome things! Psychology, cute animals, disney, Asian food, everything! :D

And your charries are awesome too! Especially Ursy! <3 Go red headed firecrackers! Hehe (I'll get the thread up! Promise! <3)

Oh, and... *hands pillow* :P

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