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In the wake of the recent Time Warp, Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, and Salem have banded together to create a safe haven for their students over the summer. Camp Loki is only accessible to students by one of three Floo fireplaces in the Main Hall, and students who register are required to live on-campus (daytrips are permitted).

Students are housed in cabins of 5-10 students, divided by gender and age. You'll be placed in a cabin shortly, and your cabin counselor should introduce themselves to you soon after! Be sure to look for an OOC forum beneath your cabin once you're placed - it'll be the first place to check for events.

The camp itself is unplottable, which means that it could be in Iceland, Swaziland, or Mars. Your only indicators are the natural landscape, which is quite lush. There are four main areas to the camp:

Convergence Point
Home to the Main Hall, the Infirmary, and the Quidditch & Quodpot fields, Convergence Point is the center of the camp (and the center of the triangle). Students are welcome to congregate there, and take shade in the whitewashed buildings. There are vegetable gardens, ample supplies for lemonade, and a small library for those of you wishing to get ahead for the next year.

Nestled deep in the forest, 0° is the highest point of the triangle. There are numerous walking trails (some of which even light up at night), and students are able to rent tents from Convergence Point should they wish to explore. The Quarry is also home to the Duelling arena. You'll have to look closely if you want to find Icicle's cabins, though - they're well hidden!

Clustered high upon the cliffs bordering Camp Loki, 135° has the most spectacular view - and the coldest climates. Sometimes it even snows late at night for students of Star Team, and some of the more adventurous students might enjoy a campout among the craggy rocks. Careful - the fall off the cliffs is quite steep and unforgiving at the bottom. Always climb with a partner!

Lastly, the lake and its sandy beaches welcome students of all ages. There are no house elves at Camp Loki, and students are encouraged to borrow a copper-bottomed bucket and do their own laundry. There are ample lines stretching between cabins, and the whitewashed, glowing cabins of Team Tinsel beckon their campers home after a long night. Lovers might try out the Boathouse, but to each their own.

Remember! Should you need help, all students are encouraged to shoot up red sparks.


Check here for the Camp-wide events.

Be sure to keep an eye on your Team OOC for team-specific events!


Click here to sign up for Camp Loki! All cabin assignments are done at random and, due to overwhelming numbers, we will not be taking requests.

We're here to help!

Team Tinsel!
Scott Cooper
Robert Oliveroot
Lillica Razi
Team Icicle!
George LaFleur
Eugene Prothero
Frank Viggano
Team Star!
Theodore Beauchamp
Cassius Hurst
Elias Thistlecomb

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Because this summer we're doing our Summer Camp at a new, undisclosed location, campers will be staying at that location full-time, which means that unless there are cabin fieldtrips, your camper isn't likely to be able to both hold down a summer job and be at camp. Counsellors, of course, will have the freedom to Floo in and out on the weekends.

That said, if you would prefer your student to be working rather than camping, that's just fine too! Keep in mind that he/she will not be participating at camp though, so be ready!


Workshops are coming back with a bang! Keep an eye on this forum, and try your hand on a workshop from past terms if you're so inclined.

In the wake of our new era, we've assembled three guides to help you acclimate to the era.

women in the 1930s. | sexuality & gender. | blood status.

Additionally, here are a few resources if you'd like to get acquainted!
If you love food…try the Supersizers!
If you love day-to-day life...try here!
If you love general overviews...try this page!
If you love movies...try parts 3 & 4 of this video!
If you love politics...try this one!
If you love women's rights...this is your jam.


Don't forget to say hello to your fellow players and tell us a bit about yourself -- over here!
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