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Author Topic: Welcome back! It's 1972.  (Read 387 times)

Esme Vartan

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Hi everyone, and welcome (back) to the new Summer Campus! We'll be here through the end of December, after which we will transition back to the castle.

If your character graduated, don't forget to apply with a new one! Additionally, Elsewhere applications are open year-round, and we'll let you know when professor applications go live!

Here are some general announcements (some new, some old). It's great to see you!

General Links
Sorting Hat
Hogwarts School Wiki

The Mod Squad
Ask them if you have any questions, or if you'd like to get involved in their efforts! We've restructured the Mod Squad this time around to hopefully encourage more activity and purpose. If you're interested in any of their areas, let them know - we need as much help as we can get!

Cadi Wolfe
Kellen Douglass

Directory Representatives
Hero Savage
Cassius Ellwood-Luxe

Department of Games and Things
Lydia Chant
Edgar Marlow
Charlotte Tallis

Additionally, the administrators for this term are myself (Esme Vartan), Cat (Bruce Havard), and Sarah (Rhoswen Hardwick).

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements

Security updates!
The chatroom is only open to characters actively writing at our site. You must register to join our chat.

Paging All Residents!
Check out the General OOC if your character plans to stay at the Hangout for the summer (and if they have anyone that they would like to live with!). Keep in mind, the cabins are separated boys and girls. Younger years share cabins of up to ten students (rising years 1-6, essentially), while older years bunk in groups of four (rising year 7).

Got a boo-boo?
The infirmary, located across the hall from the Mess Hall, is open for all of your medical disasters. Come by and visit!

Going Out?
The little Hangout town (between the Hangout and Hogsmeade) is home to all sorts of small businesses. Feel free to have your parents crash for a weekend at the hotel, hold a romantic tryst in the gazebo, or spend an afternoon in the bookshop.

Biographies, Plot Pages, and Journals, oh my!
Be sure to check out the Character Development forums for Wanted! ads and plot pages. They're a good way to make friends without doing an introductory ("Hi, I'm Esme." "Hi, I'm Timothy." "I'm the Keeper of the Keys." "Yeah I know.") thread.

Thanks everyone! Have a great summer.