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Esme Vartan

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10 July 1974
Early Morning
Already hot & humid


Sweat crested on her brow, and though Esme usually loved the heat - was a child of the deep south - England had tempered her taste for it. Switzerland hadn't helped. Lifting her sunglasses to rest atop her head, she looked out onto the field before stealing a sidelong glance at the blonde.

"I never understood why people liked this game."

And she didn't, she never had. Timothy had played Quidditch as though his life depended on it, Damien and Lukas and Penelope all following suit, but Esme had watched from the sidelines -- often with her head in her hands. Flying on broomsticks invited certain death, and she had better ways to perish.

Hopefully with a fruity drink in the middle of Aruba.

Dressed in a simple black sundress, her hair was chopped short and cut close to her chin. Esme hadn't expected to return to the isles so soon, missed Finland already, but that was neither here nor there.

She drew a breath and stepped onto the field, her heels standing firm against the dried grass.

"Game on!"

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Azrael Gabrille

    (08/08/2012 at 15:26)
Sweet. The Administrators of the Summer Campus had allowed her to enter the tournament even though she had enrolled in the Summer program in Salem. This is going to be one hectic summer for Azrael. Floo powder here and floo powder there to be able to make it and see the International Summer Games. If she'd known that Hogwarts was going to host it this year, then she wouldn't have signed up for the program.

Still. No regrets as of the moment.

The little Hufflepuff was just walking around when she noticed the announcement. The rosters were already up, and that game one was starting soon.

Carrying her broomstick, she went directly to the pitch for the first game this summer. She distinctly remembered the first time that she learned Quidditch. Good Merlin, it was only a year ago. Curious as always, she signed up for something that she didn't know and during the game, she found out that she was quiet good at it. She had loved the game since then.

The girl was perspiring like what ice does when left out in the open. The day started out hot and humid. They were going to play Quidditch in a temperature like this. Good Merlin help us.

Nevertheless, she ran into the pitch screaming, "GO TEAM PARIS!!"

Oliver Kirwood

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Quidditch. Ollie's second love was back in his life. His first love had been somewhat of a messy issue but it was alright.

Ollie was excited to take part in the Summer games, he had no idea why he was put in team Paris and he was pretty disappointed that he wasn't on the same team as Jessie [*cough* first love *cough*] but hell this was quidditch and he loved it.

It had been a while since Ollie had mounted his Nimbus 1000 and to make up for that he reached the pitch early. The only person he saw there was the ony person in his team he recognized from school. The young Hufflepuff Azrael was playing chaser too.

Ollie threw his broom ahead of him and jumped on it. Pulling on the well polished handle he gained altitude and leaning flat against his broom he sped towards his teams posts.


Ollie looked down and saw the young girl run onto the field. He shrugged, he definitely didn't like the team name, maybe he could convince his team members to change it. Ollie was glad that he hadn't drank any potions before the game and there were not going to be any burps or weird language.

All set for the game Ollie circled around the field. He had helped win his house become champions could he do it again?

Alexander Bright

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Sandy felt a tingling of excitement as he prepared for the game, searching through the camp bats for one with the right heft. He grinned widely, giving the bat in his hand a couple test swings. There was nothing quite as exhilarating as a good game of Quidditch.

He had a feeling this was going to be good summer for Quidditch. The games at camp were always a crap shoot given the random draw of unskilled players, but he was happy with his Team Paris teammates even though he didn’t know any of his fellow players personally. They had a good collection of students he recognized as fifth years and he was sure that would guarantee them an edge.

However, as he approached the pitch and saw the opposition his heart sank slightly. He recognized Erynn Rae immediately. Team Paris’s chances didn’t seem quite as good against the skilled rising seventh year. “It doesn’t matter; just means we’ll be sure to have some worthy competition,” he consoled himself.

A younger Hufflepuff on his team ran by him screaming, “GO TEAM PARIS!” This encouragement pulled him from his thoughts and put a smile back on his face. With that enthusiasm they would certainly win.

Sandy arrived at the middle of the pitch, his forehead already beaded with sweat, and the grip on his bat already slippery. The wait for the game to begin was brief, but seemed like an eternity in the heat.

Finally Esme’s call rang out and Sandy gripped the broom tightly with his left hand, leaned forward, and kicked himself up into the air. The air rushing by was quite welcome after standing still and Sandy took a leisurely half-lap around the pitch before getting to the work of locating the bludgers.

* Freja Skov

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Freja's parents had impressed upon her the importance of the summer camp. As a transfer student, she knew next to no faces and half as many names of future fellow students. It was critical, they stressed, they she stay at the summer camp to make connections. Blend in with the other children. Become friends with them. She had, thus far, not even nearly blended in with the kids around her. But, on this day, Freja Skov intended to do even better than that. Freja was going to beat some of the other children at quidditch.

Freja collected a Beater's bat and stepped onto the pitch. Reaching for the strap around her neck, she drew up the small metallic hammer shaped medallion. She kissed it and silently gave thanks to Thor. The day was warm and clear; a perfect day for victory in the skies. Getting her broom into position, Freja kicked off from the grass and blasted skyward and used the height to look over the field. Locating a nearby bludger, Freja leaned forward, torpedoing towards it with her bat arm ready. Clobbering as hard as her long arm swing allowed, Freja batted bludger Sprint towards seeker Belinda Sparkle.

Charlie Cole

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The bat was bigger than him. Charlie swung it carefully back and forth, his hand closed tightly around the bat, and frowned slightly at it. Not bigger, but big. And a bit heavy too. And that was nothing compared to how it would feel once the small boy tried to smack it against a bludger. So yes, Charlie was pretty much doomed and, wasn’t the fact that he was just so bloody excited that he got to play Quidditch, he’d be rather worried about how those faces – his team, the ones he was just so absolutely convinced right now that were probably the best Quidditch players ever to set foot on that pitch – would look at him once he flew away from his broom while trying to hit a bludger.

Yes, it was very likely they were all going to lose the game because of Charlie, but this was not something that worried him the slightest bit. After all, even if they lost, the truly important thing was that they all got to play, right? Oh, if only it was so simple. It took only a few shouts of encouragement for the opposite team, and a move from one of the opposite beaters, for Charlie to understand it was not about winning or losing. It was up to him if Team Athens was going to get out of it alive. “ATHENS, WE GOT THIS!” He attempted, and he was even vaguely pleased with how loud his voice sounded. But, as that girl he really couldn’t remember the name thumped the bludger away, Charlie’s eyes widened and he had to add, hesitantly, “We do, don’t we?”

Or they were all just completely mental.

Because, from the moment it was up to a 4’9 feet, 70 pounds kid to save the Athens’ seeker, things were not exactly destined to end up too well. Not that it would be for lack of trying. Taking a deep breath, Charlie darted after bludger Sprint, determined to make sure their seeker didn’t have to worry about it. Before he could reach it, though, bludger Slalom appeared seemingly out of nowhere, hurling towards him. Squinting in fear, Charlie screamed like a little girl as he swung the bat against the bludger. “Watch out, Belinda!” He cried as he hit the bludger Slalom, sending it flying away towards that nasty beater, Freja Skov.

Ermengarde F. Chaucer

    (08/08/2012 at 17:46)
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Ermie liked hitting things.

She liked hitting things with hard wooden bats that would spin out of control and very possibly hit people. It was not a difficult job, as far as Quidditch went, and it was very probably the safest - other people didn't like hitting things at a person who could hit them back.

But right now, hottest day of the year, looking enviously toward the Faracy woman with her short hair and non-stifling uniform, Ermie wasn't so sure she wanted to play after all.

There was no Adam Just to piss off anymore. There was no real competition - though Gryffindors sucked anyway - no terrible things that would inexplicably happen the night before the game, or terrible distractions on the Pitch.

Nobody was dressed as a mummy, either, though Ermie probably shouldn't have expected that at all.

She sighed, listlessly hitting bat on hand, bat on hand, bat on hand, till her hand was too numb to be hit any more.

And then the roars started - Game On, Go Team, Ra Ra Row Your Boat - and Ermie put her head in her hands. The bat dangled precariously at the from a finger, weight unevenly spread, but right now, the Gryffindor couldn't have cared less.

It was hot. People were screaming. Ermie wanted to cry

What was this, anyway?

"Shut up!"

Her voice joined the uproar, broom suddenly hurtling toward bludger Slalom

She intended to hit that seeker, vaguely recognizable as a girl in her house and year - and how had they not met?, an accusing voice demanded, and promptly blamed the other girl. She intended to hit that seeker, send her flying, send blood rolli--

Ermie was moving to fast, thinking too hard.

She didn't see the bludger right in front of her [Slalom] until it was too late.

And then, with a horrifying crack, broom unable to stop itself, her stomach hit it [Slalom!].


She skidded to the side, pieces of broom falling out of the sky from under her. And unable to stop herself - unable to care at all about the stupid Gryffindor seeker with her stupid antisocial ways - Ermie crouched over, clutching her stomach with both hands.

It hurt, damnit. She wasn’t supposed to hurt. This wasn’t supposed to be happening - this--..

But she wasn’t unconscious yet, and in the next second, bitterness kicked in, overpowering the pain by sheer willpower.

“Nice job, Cole,” she called weakly, and dove after bludger Slalom again.

This time, her bat connected with a weak thud, the sound of bludger hitting mummy, and flew several meters before coming to a stop.

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Elizabeth Wheaton

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Libby didn’t know a single soul here. She hadn’t even started at Salem yet, but she had been given the opportunity to travel to Scotland for some sort of game thing, and Aunt Clarissa practically begged her to accept. It was a growing experience, apparently. And one should always take the opportunity to travel! Well, that was all fine for Aunt Clarissa, she was used to it. Other than her recent move to Boston, Effingham was probably the farthest she’d ever been from home, scarcely an hour away.

But here she was in Scotland, across an ocean, about to mount a broom for a Quidditch match. No one had told her that they expected her to participate in these “Summer Games”. She wasn’t about to argue with anyone as a brand new student, though. Besides, they played pick-up games of Quidditch at Yellow Medicine all the time. Surely she could handle it? In fact, she prided herself on being one of the best chasers there.

So she dived right in, kicking off hard and going right for the quaffle. Anything worth doing was worth doing right, as dad always said.

Libby reached out and snatched the quaffle out of the air, tucking it underneath her arm and heading right for the Athens goals.

Denise OSullivan

    (08/08/2012 at 19:38)
It had been two years since the young Ravenclaw girl had been crazy enough to mount a broom. Obviously, she had not grown out of her overall childish thoughts and had decided to sign up again despite the horrors that had surfaced the last time she had left the ground.

Denise was an 'on the ground' type of girl who rarely participated in any kind of sports. Well, except when Mummy had forced her to join a muggle kickboxing club which she had enjoyed before she arrived at Hogwarts. The thing was, Denise simply wasn't good at anything related to sports.

The small girl clung onto the wooden broom, her fingers gripping on for dear life as she rose into the air - petrified.

She didn't like heights, nor did she like Quaffles. Or Keeping. Whatever that was.

But the young Ravenclaw was determined to give it a good try even if it meant a little bit of fear. A lot of fear. She needed to learn how to control her extra paranoia when it came to flying.

At least she wasn't as bad as a blonde Gryffindor girl on the other side of the pitch, being smacked in the stomach by a bludger. Wasn't that one of Kaitlyn's friends? She rolled her eyes, Denise really needed to have a conversation with her older cousin about choosing friends who weren't pathetic. She was the Ravenclaw in the family and therefore had all of the brains.

Thank goodness she wasn't on team Athens and one of the girls on her team was heading straight for the hoops. Good. She wouldn't have to do anything yet.

So the little girl flew in front of her own hoops and waited for something interesting to happen.

Tobias Black

    (08/08/2012 at 20:13)
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  Tobias sat on the bench watching his team. He had flashed a smile at Azrael as she came out even though she was on the opposite team she was still his friend. He watched and grimaced as his team didn't seem to be having to much luck. He took a deep breath and yelled, "Come on Team Athens!! You can do it!!" attempting to encourage his teammates.  He gasped when the blonde girl almost fell off her broom. Quidditch was such a fun yet scary game to watch!

Erynn Nicole Sincade

    (08/08/2012 at 22:33)
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This is what she has been waiting for. The little activities the counselors put up are enjoyable, fun for a little while but every year when summer Quidditch went up was when Erynn's smile grew wide. For some it was a chance to try something new, for the rest it was practice and that was exactly how Erynn saw these matches. Being on the Hufflepuff team had its perks like winning the Cup 3 times in a row but these games were much more unique and diverse. Your competition at the castle now became your teammates and it gave you a wonderful opportunity to set aside differences and form friendships that would have been harder in the castle walls.

Just like last summer she was a captain for one of the teams, Team Athens, which was always fun but it had her thinking about how castle Quidditch was going to go now that Kellen was gone. Who would be taking his place in Hufflepuff? Shaking off the thoughts, she walked onto the pitch with her team, broom held firmly in hands as she waited patiently for the game to begin. Oliver and Azrael were both on the other team which was an odd sight since she was so used to all of them being side-by-side. Beckah, she knew, was a strong player and the other teams captain. Flashing a smile toward the girl as she mounted her broom then turning toward her team she gave them a nod, "Do your best, have fun, and don't get knocked off your broom, alright?"

Kicking off as soon as the balls were released into the air, arm outstretched toward the red leather but missing it by inches, instead a much smaller girl snatched it right up. "Scott! Ursula!" She called loudly as she banked to head off after the dark haired girl. Pulling up closer and closer, Erynn balled her hand into a tight fist and once she made it close enough swung at the Quaffle in hopes that would be enough to pop the ball out of the other players hands. Erynn has never seen the girl before so she inferred that she must be new, just that might have made others go a little easier but the time here was so others could experience the sport and soft and Quidditch never went together.

Overall her team was made up of mostly players who haven't played before. In some ways it put her at a disadvantage because they were inexperienced but it gave them a new shine. After playing on the Quidditch team for 4 years people knew how Erynn played, knew her strengths and weaknesses but newer people were unknown. They left the rest guessing and swatting aimlessly in the dark. It was great.

It just felt nice to be in the air again. Adrenaline pumping, the wind in your face, the turns and dives. A smile was on her face and it was the most sincere one she has made at this camp thus far.

It really was great.

Elizabeth Wheaton

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Libby looked around frantically. She needed to pass this quaffle before someone hit her with a bludger. None of the beaters at her school were very aggressive, and honestly sometimes they didn’t even use bludgers when they played.

Obviously that was not the way they played here. One of the beaters on the other team had already been hit! It looked really painful. Libby hoped she was okay. Could you die from a bludger hit?

Feeling even more panicked than before, she looked for the nearest teammate. She saw that boy…Oliver? Yes, Oliver, he was close and she didn’t care if it was good strategy or what. He was taking this thing.

But it was too late. She saw an opposing chaser closing in on her fast and screamed. She saw the girl’s outstretched fist. Was she going to punch her? Was that even legal? As the fist swung toward her she swerved recklessly sideways and yelled.

“Oliver! Here!”

She threw the quaffle at Oliver as hard as she could just as the girl’s fist connected with her arm. The throw went wild, but still in the general direction of her teammate.

Oliver Kirwood

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Oliver found himself out of the action. This was not happening, Was he too afraid to play? This was the first game Ollie was in after he had broken his ribs. Ollie found himself circling around the field too scared to go to the ball. He saw Ermi take a hit and that shook him.

Ollie stopped in the middle of the pitch and looked at his hands. They were shaking. This wasn't good. He had to get his head in the game. He saw two chasers heading towards him. His team mate had the red leather ball and someone was after it. The fact that the someone was Erynn Rae was not pleasant. Ollie had played with her and he knew she was good. Ollie looked at his team mate as she screamed.

“Oliver! Here!”

That's me! Ollie saw the girl throw the quaffle towards him. He hadn't bothered to remember any names and was surprised when the girl had shouted out his. He shook his head as adrenalin pumped through his veins. It's now or never he thought to himself.

Leaning on his broom and flying towards the ball that was flying towards him. He rolled on his broom with his eyes closed as the quaffle came right below him. Ending the roll Ollie opened his eyes and grinned as he found the quaffle in his hands, he tucked it under his shoulders and  let his momentum carry him. He was now flying straight for Erynn.

Ollie frantically pulled on his broom as he avoided a collision and corrected his course.  He let the Nimbus 1000 fly free at top speed as he head towards the enemy's posts.

* Freja Skov

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Freja sailed on her broom over the pitch, trying to desperately remember faces and keep in mind who were her own teammates and who were not. Really, most other kids looked alike to her.

She leaned her body to the side, throwing a glance over her shoulder; just in time to notice another Beater direct the second bludger in her direction. Freja pulled her broom around hard, spinning like a corkscrew, leading the ball over the field as she and the rock-like ball rocketed towards each other at an angle. Her bat arm hung loose over the side of her broom, muscles tensing and ready to swing. A blur shot forward from Freja's side and intersected with the bludger. A sickening sound, like that of a heavy broken tree branch falling onto the soil, echoed away from the girl as the ball made contact with her body. The girl appeared to double over in pain before weakly managing to bat the bludger away from her, causing it to slow to to a steady stop nearby.

Freja Skov flew towards the girl while scanning the players around them. Without a target, the ball would likely come straight back to this girl as the nearest person. She needed time. Taking a long swing with her arm, Freja batted bludger Slalom out towards team Athens Keeper, Marcos Dantes. With the ball gone, Freja settled her broom beside Ermengarde and held her shoulders steady while giving her a look over. "Freja is here," she said. "Your battle wounds; are they alright?"

Beckah Vartan

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The humidity made her clothes stick and any stray brown locks to cling to her face. Red painted nails flashed in sight for a second as she brushed the frizzy curls from her view and then quickly dipped her hands into her pockets, flashing a pained look, one that detested the heat.

With an exaggerated sigh, Beckah snatched up her broom and left for the match. She loved Quidditch, the adrenaline was a welcome rush as it pumped energy through her veins, and as thankful as she was that she wasn't playing amidst a storm, Beckah just couldn't appreciate the dragging heat either. She neared, and the closer got the more she wondered whether it was truly just fear that coursed through her at this moment. It had been a long time since, not counting her lessons during the last term and playing seeker seemed to be the most nerve racking. She was better at it than any other position, but she knew not how well the other teams seeker played.

And how in the heavens had she managed to make Team Captain surprised her, against Erynn, was admittedly quite daunting. Beckah flashed a returned smile at the older Hufflepuff. Her skills on the Quidditch field were unquestionable. Then, she turned her dark head towards her team, beaming brightly under the ray of sun. "Team Paris. Good luck out there, have fun and," she remembered vaguely of the many incidents in the sport and winced, "keep your balance." Heavens. And try not to foul please. 

They were signalled to begin and Beckah strangely wondered whether that woman's hair would catch fire easier, and then remembered whom the woman was and scowled. Her hands wrapped around her broomstick firmly, familiarising herself with it yet again, and swung her leg over and mounted. For a moment it wobbled with her unsteadily atop until she gained her balance quickly enough, dignity unmarred and a kick sent her up into the luminous sky.

Embracing the way that the wind blew coolly as it brushed against her face and the way in which she felt limitless, hovering in mid-air, weightless. There were cheers that now seemed so distant. She passed Ermengarde, almost calling out to the poor girl before remembering the assigned teams and pushing forward on her broom, catching sight of one of the newer players, a transfer or a firstie. Either either Beckah grinned and she didn't do that all too often. "Nice throw, Wheaton." Within the corner of her eye she caught Freja assisting the Gryffindor and sighed but remained silent.

Then with a pause to brush her hair back, cursing that she'd use some sort of charm on it next time, Beckah steered off on her broom, searching for the snitch.

Azrael Gabrille

    (08/09/2012 at 10:27)
The game started.

Azrael jumped on her broom and surveyed the playing field. She most especially hated playing Quidditch during a hot and humid day, but she couldn't do a thing about it. But it was Quidditch so she's sure that she'd enjoy this game. Especially with new members to play this one.

She had her eyes sit for the quaffle but it seemed that another girl, a girl in her team (Elizabeth!), had already gotten a hold of it. She couldn't forget the name considering that she also has a friend named Elizabeth who also plays Quidditch.

"Nice one Elizabeth!" She shouted.

But then Erynn (She's a Hufflepuff!) tried to claw the quaffle away from Elizabeth. She zoomed towards the new girl in the hopes that she could stop Erynn from talking hold of that quaffle. Elizabeth however have other plans for the quaffle as she threw it towards the direction of Oliver. She relaxed a little as Oliver swooped in to take the ball. She knew Oliver. They were housemates and he's also part of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. He could make the quaffle go through the hope.

She tailed Oliver, planning to help him if that be the case. And also once he's scored the quaffle, she could maybe swoop in and attempt to snatch it if the keeper would send it towards a teammate.

"Go Ollie!"

Juniper E-L Steele

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It was horribly hot and Juniper had always detested the summer swelter. In fact, it tended to make her rather light-headed. Unfortunately, she was stuck wearing shorts and a button-down blouse for the day due to reffing the match. The cooling charms helped considerably, but she still continued to fan herself while watching the movements of the players from behind a pair of shades.

"Some people simply have a death wish." The words were muttered as an aside to Esme before the game commenced. She didn't particularly care for playing either, but she supposed that it was a bit of an acquired taste. There was something incredibly freeing about being able to fly that couldn't be replicated.

No sooner had the match started did she push off the ground and take her place in the air to observe all of the goings-on from a better vantage point. A hand lifted to idly toy with the silver whistle that was strung about her neck even as players vied for the quaffle and dodged bludgers. Thus far, it all seemed rather rudimentary and she wondered if anything interesting would happen.

Bludger Slalom misses Marcos. Bludger Spirit hits Belinda. Both bludgers are free. Oliver is in possession of the Quaffle and is down by the hoops.
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Ermengarde F. Chaucer

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Ermie leaned forward on her broom, accelerating madly to reach Bludger Slalom in time. Nonetheless, she was more careful, now - her broom stopped just short, body suddenly rigid and ready for impact.

Beaters were not supposed to be hit by anything.

Job security.

As soon as Ermie had ascertained that she had really not been hit, her bat arm flashed out, bat curving a little as it made hard contact with Slalom, hitting it over toward Kirkwood - one of those annoying Hufflepuff freaks who had done so much damage last year, and was certainly not going to ruin her summer the way he and Adam Just had ruined her year.

"It," she ground out, more to herself than anyone, for it wasn't fair to have a Quidditch match on the hottest morning in a millennia.

"It is hot."

Her voice grew faster, softer, till she was almost meditating - almost - to herself, or saying a mantra.

--It was hot and Athens was stupid and why the hell couldn't they have bloody rescheduled all of this; cancelled this game and made it up later, on a frosty October morning without the weird foreigners invading?

"Merlin," she repeated as though it were significant. "It's--so--"


She watched for Bludger Slalom with bated breath.
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Oliver Kirwood

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Ollie felt more confident now that he had been flying with the ball in his hand. He turned around for the first time to look back the young Hufflepuff tailing him. She was his wing man and Ollie trusted her. 

Ollie wasn't sure what he wanted to do with the ball at that moment but he was to decide soon. He looked back for the second time when he heard a thud and a creak. This sound meant only one thing. A beater had swung their bat and hit a wretched black ball.

Ollie saw that Ermi had shot a bludger in his direction. He had had enough of those masses of iron and he wasn't going to get hit by one. He yelled out to Azrael to watch out for the bludger as he shot upwards. Ollie knew he had to try and score he came down fast and flew towards the right hoop throwing the ball to the left.

This had worked for Ollie before and he was sure it would work now, especially with the newbie the opponents had for a keeper. Ollie was coming out of his dive when he felt something hit his broom. Ollie held his broom tight as the bludger that had hit him sent him into a spin. He was spinning fast towards the right hoop and was afraid that he would hit it.

Ollie tried to get control of his broom as he almost hit the huge pole. He was not going down in the first game of summer.

Ursula Nonpareil

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A rule-breaker was not something that Ursula was– or at least didn’t consider herself to be. Rules were very convenient for her, for two reasons. One, she didn’t have to make them.

And if she made rules, then they wouldn’t be very good ones. Rules meant to make everyone happy, surely? And thinking wasn’t one of her fortes, that she was sure of. If Ursula was a rule-maker, then something was always bound to go wrong. Something always did when she was in charge, to her dismay. And it didn’t make the people happy– rather the opposite.


She shuddered at the mental image that cropped up in her head when she heard that word. Gray, shriveling, and pathetic was how she imagined it.

Everything she didn’t want to be, anyway...

... Reason two, setting out everything in black and white with no shades of gray. She knew what was right and what was wrong. There wouldn’t be discussion on it, no trying to make hoops– or loops? Well, that didn’t matter. If it was a rule, it was a rule. And that couldn’t be said anymore plainly.

And she’d never question rules. Just follow. That was the only proper thing to do.

Except this time, she broke another rule– more like a promise– to someone special.

Ursula knew that signing up for Quidditch wasn’t a good idea at all. A heavy lump in her stomach agreed along with a little nagging voice in her head.

Was that her conscientiousness? Or something like that? Because it sounded really similar to how Mother described it. Whatever it was called, it was the thing– a voice, really– that spoke to you whenever you did something bad. And if it never did, then you were a good girl.

At least that’s how Mother said it. A voice broke her thoughts of guilt.

"Scott! Ursula!"

She bit her lip and surveyed the situation.

Giving an acknowledging nod, the girl sped off towards the hoops.

What would she do now?

Flying behind Oliver, she was on standby in case the Quaffle was deflected by Dantés. She hoped that the Keeper would catch it and pass it to her.