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* Naomi Inez Howard

    (12/12/2011 at 21:42)
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Summer Activity 3 has started!

Bake Day - -  at the Main Hall.

Takeshi Morisawa

    (12/13/2011 at 03:22)
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"Big Brother Taka!" Common Visits To the Children's Ward
St Mungo's Hospital

(During this time Takeshi is not at camp or at in the ashworth hotel, and working part time at Hogsmead Apothecary.. family doesn't know where he is. Going by his mothers Maiden name: Yamasenzai --instead of Morisawa. Rumors flying everywhere about Takeshi gone rogue from his rich noble pureblood family, because of an engagement.....join to ask about rumors, simply be making a chance visit. whatever you like. Come join!)

Filius Pendragon

    (12/14/2011 at 16:05)
Need a new wand? or a place to practice? Welcome to Pendragons Wands for Witches and Wizards!

Alexander Valentine

    (12/17/2011 at 23:43)
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Does The World Really Taste Good?

Alexander is working at Honeydukes in an attempt to improve how he deals with people. Let's just say that it won't go very well. Probably.

Cyrus Silverwick

    (12/18/2011 at 20:14)
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Join Cyrus as he rambles on about the rabid girls. Poor bloke...

Arcartemis Angel

    (12/20/2011 at 20:53)
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Arcartemis has just returned to the Hangout after enduring a summer without his family, and finds himself atop Mount Agrippa.

Annabel Grey-Vartan

    (12/22/2011 at 03:08)
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Hogwarts is a school full of magic, friendships and wonderful things, right?
Have you ever been scared out of your wits by a professor, or been horrified at things that professors have done to students in class or in detentions? If so, then this student-rights protest is for you! Come join the movement for a cruelty-free learning environment, sign the petition, pick up a bra below!

The Anti-Cruelty Against Students Campaign
do or die ◊◊ you'll never make me
because the world will never take my
h e a r t

* Naomi Inez Howard

    (12/23/2011 at 01:54)
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Final Activity of the summer!

End of Summer Bonfire, being held at The Forest -

I'm putting this final summer activity thread up now since we're close to Christmas and therefor close to term.