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Author Topic: I'll be a sloth.  (Read 405 times)

Leia Wendland

    (08/22/2012 at 02:28)
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for a little while.

Starting sometime between now and 8/25, I will be slow for one (maybe two?) weeks because it's school timee! whooo. Gotta get settled in, all that good stuff.  I'll be posting, but not as much. In chat even less. But I'll be back! Until then, here's a visual for you all, as slow as I'll be:

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Ebony Razaih

    (08/28/2012 at 09:53)
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That sloth is cute!

missingyou <3

Ermengarde F. Chaucer

    (08/29/2012 at 06:28)
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..but, I mean.

Miss you! Love you!
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