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Zeke Idlewilde

    (08/03/2012 at 00:04)
American Cuisine Booth

The simplicity of American food appealed to Zeke. The less work that had to be done in preparing the meals, the better. He'd shaken his head at the two girls' booths as he'd made his way past them. It looked like too much effort for him.

Zeke sat on a chair behind the main table at his booth, the table with the main courses. On either side of him were tables with appetizers and desserts. He'd decorated simply enough. Behind him was a makeshift wall made of cardboard to which he had pinned a lap map of the United States. Above that was a large American flag. To the tables he'd hung banners with alternating red, white and blue triangles hanging down. It hadn't occurred to him that the other two countries had the same colors in their flags. To top it off he stuck in the ground along each table a number of red, white and blue pinwheels that were spinning lazily in the light breeze.

The food itself was mostly fried. There were onion rings and french fries (he'd laughed while making those) and mini breaded hot dogs among some of the appetizers. The main dishes cheeseburgers, deep-fried chicken mixed with sandwiches and subs of all different varieties. The possibilities were endless, really. Most everything around him was a finger food because Americans didn't have time to eat with utensils. Some of the desserts took a little time to make, however. Pies with almost every kind of fruit in the center were available. Along with strawberry shortcake and something called Wacky cake. Zeke had just learned that wacky cake was a cake prepared right in the baking pan. All the ingredients were tossed in, mixed and baked. To save time, of course.

Zeke was sitting in a fold-out chair a huge pile of pinwheels beside him. "Come on over and try some hearty American food. Free pinwheel to every guest." He wasn't quite as enthusiastic as the girls were but Zeke was hardly ever enthusiastic.

Azrael Gabrille

    (08/03/2012 at 11:53)
The little Hufflepuff was only staying here for the first week of Summer, after that, she was to be in Salem. This was her second summer in Hogwarts, and the school never failed to amaze her. She can't say that she regretted signing up for the summer program, but she knows that if she was going to be asked again, she'd picked to stay. She sighed.

Not wanting to miss anything, she hopped down to the first free booth that she saw. The American Cuisine Booth. Since she was heading down to America next week, she might as well prepare her senses. And what better way to prepare her sense of taste than by actually tasting their cuisine.

"Excellent." She said, excited to discover something new once again.

The booth was a cornucopia of red, white and blue decorations. Every inch of it (At least to Azrael as she was hardly paying attention to the decors) was spangled with flaglets and pinwheels, and what have you to represent the States' colors.

Azrael's eyes however were much more focused on what's on display rather than what's on the backdrop. She could feel herself salivating as she saw the  profusion of fried goods. Yes. Americans and their love for cholesterol-enriched foods. Americans and their love for oil.

"Come on over and try some hearty American food. Free pinwheel to every guest."

Without acknowledging the boy's presence, she reached in and grabbed a plate, filled it with mini hot dogs, some chicken legs, and one serving of blueberry pie. Then she reached for those tasty looking french fries.

Realizing her rude manner, she blushed, and smiled. Embarrassed.

"Uhh, can I have one pinwheel, please?"

Zeke Idlewilde

    (08/08/2012 at 13:43)
Zeke was bored.

Not that it was a surprise to him. There wasn't much he was interested in. At least all the major work was done. Now all he had to do was sit here and maybe answer some questions if anyone had any.

He was beginning to crave a cigarette too. He'd forced himself to leave them back in the cabin, though, magically locked in his trunk so none of the snooping young boys he was in charge of would get into them. That was the last thing he needed. Kicked out of Europe before he'd even been here more than a week.

Smoking was a habit he'd had for several years and he hated it. Feeling like something had control over him was not something he was fond of. This summer seemed a good opportunity to try and break his need for nicotine. He may not particularly care what others thought of him but he had little sisters that he would like to set a good example for. The boys in his cabin were sort of surrogate little brothers for the summer so living in such close quarters with them would help him stop smoking. Or so he hoped.

Frank walked by his booth and Zeke nodded at his class mate. The boy didn't stop to talk but there were girls around. Zeke smirked when Frank stopped at Ember's booth.

A young, dark-haired girl came up to his booth and began ransacking it. She didn't seem to notice him and he just sat back and watched her, amused. Once her plate was piled high she finally turned to him.

A lopsided grin appeared when she asked for pinwheel. Zeke stood and grabbed one of each color from the pile beside him. He walked over and stood before her, the table with food between them. "Of course you can have a pinwheel. Which color would you like?" He paused, looking down at the three in his hand. "On second thought, why don't you have all three?" He extended his arm, offering the bunch. He leaned forward and blew at them. The blue one gave a half-hearted attempt at a spin before becoming stationary again. He shrugged. "I'm sure they work with some good wind."

Taryn Sky

    (08/08/2012 at 23:19)
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An American food booth. Thank God.

Taryn practically ran to the red-white-and-blue decorated table. Somehow finding some restraint, she took the time to survey the options at the booth. French fries, fried chicken, onion rings. Taryn couldn't even remember the last time she had onion rings. Let's face it, the hangout's food was awful. Taryn wasn't entirely sure what was in the grey mush that she was served this morning. And Hogwarts' food was actually pretty good, but man did she miss the fried goodness that was American cuisine. "Damn, I miss the US," she remarked, mostly to herself, her mouth salivating.

Grabbing a plate, Taryn took a piece of pretty much everything. Her plate was overflowing with desserts, sandwiches, and fried deliciousness. Sure, the Ravenclaw probably looked like a pig, but hey, Taryn was starving from her quidditch match that afternoon. Turning to the boy at the booth, she asked, "Did you make all of this yourself?" There was a ton of food, but nothing that required a huge amount of skill to make.

Deciding that she had exercised enough self-control already, Taryn dug in. And boy was it good. Contemplating whether or not to get seconds, the Ravenclaw waited for the boy to answer.

Céleste Petit

    (08/10/2012 at 14:34)
She didn't belong here. The cabins were nicer than any place she had ever slept, the clothes given her nicer than she had ever worn. They spoke a strange language that they didn't understand. Céleste was here for just a few days, an orientation to her new school.

This tournament was hardly an introduction, but it did push her into the wizarding world that she would have never expected to find or to be a part of. She walked the grounds of the camp just wondering what she was supposed to do or to learn. She walked over to a booth sporting her French colours, looking at the food. She didn't recognize any of it.

Finally, she spotted the cut potatoes and a small smile came to her face. "Pommes Frites. Trois." she held up her smallest finger and two more, just in case they didn't speak her language. She only wanted three of the potatoes to save some for the rest of the people. "Le Prix?"

She didn't have much money, just a few francs that her coworkers could spare that were exchanged to knuts when she had arrived to the Hangout. She kept them loose in the pocket of her dress, a hand never far away to keep checking that they still remained there.

Neil Weston

    (08/14/2012 at 03:20)
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Neil was famished. He had never gone so long without eating in his life, and he could feel his stomach knotting into a ball steadily decreasing in size. It had been a long couple of days.

When he received his letter from Hogwarts, they had mentioned that Neil would be welcome to visit the "Summer Campus", if he so chose. Whatever that was. It wasn't around when his father attended Hogwarts, and so of course his father wanted him to go and find out about what this new development was. After all, it wouldn't hurt to meet some of his schoolmates before school started.

What the letter failed to say was that the "Summer Campus" was given all the same protections as the castle itself, and so when Neil and his father attempted to Apparate there, they ended up 2 days walk away. His father simply left him on his own with only a sandwich and a few miscellaneous snacks. By the time he went to sleep after the first day of walking, he had finished all the supplies he had.

He stumbled upon the Main Hall mostly by chance, but also because he heard the loud babble of voices. The doors were open, so he walked in. His eyes fell upon the table that had a flashy, red white and blue camouflage pattern on it, or so it seemed to him. It could have been a bare table for all he cared, for upon it, surrounded by an imaginary halo, was piles of food.

Neil walked over and said to the older boy sitting behind the table, "Is there a price on this stuff here?"

Zeke Idlewilde

    (08/14/2012 at 20:37)
More people were arriving at his booth, which Zeke wasn't sure he liked. He'd signed up for this, though, hadn't he? He just had to keep reminding himself that he wasn't at home and away from home was the best possible place he could be. Or, at least, being away from his father was the best possible place to be.

A blonde girl about his age, if he had to guess, arrived and began piling a plate full of food. He thought he'd heard her say something about missing the U.S. and Zeke turned to face her fully. "Are you from the states?" He might have been able to guess by her accent but Zeke was learning that this place had too many damn accents. It was nearly impossible to tell where someone was from.

He smirked a bit at her question, rubbing the back of his head with his hand, a bit uncomfortable. "I made most of it. My cooking skills kind of end at the pies." He gestured to the large assortment of pies nearby. "Everything tastes okay, right?"

Zeke picked up some more pinwheels and offered her one before he moved on to the next person. If he thought he'd been uncomfortable answering questions about his cooking, he was mistaken. This girl was speaking a language he didn't understand. The dark-haired girl was holding up three fingers but he wasn't sure what she wanted.

" you speak any English at all?" He grabbed a plate and started loading several different things on it. A hamburger, some sort of noodle casserole dish and some French fries. He didn't know if he'd gotten what she wanted, but hopefully this would suffice. He held the plate out to her. "Here. I hope this is okay? If not, maybe you could point at what you want?" Zeke began pointing at things and then throwing a questioning look at her.

A boy stepped up next and Zeke began growing flustered. He didn't want to ignore anyone, but he needed to make sure this French girl was getting the types of food she wanted.

"Hey, there," Zeke said to the other male to let him know he knew he was there. "Yeah, everything's free. Including the pinwheels. Feel free to take one." He dropped his pile onto one of the only remaining spots on the table. "If you need help with anything I'll be with you in just a minute."

Zeke focused back on the French girl, hoping something of what he said made sense to her.

Neil Weston

    (08/14/2012 at 21:29)
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After being reassured by the older boy that the food was all free, Neil examined all the choices displayed across the table. He also noted the presence of an older girl, about the same age as the boy on the outer side of the table, who appeared to be doing the same thing. To Neil, there were too many choices for food. He decided to ask the other girl what he should try. Most of the food was new to him, but the older girl's plate implied at least some knowledge of the feast laid out before him.

"Excuse me," he said, walking over. "Could you please reccommend something for me to try?"

Céleste Petit

    (08/15/2012 at 02:12)
She screwed up her eyes as she tried to understand the boy who was making the food for everyone. Did no one in this country speak French. Not even the basics, nor know what basic foods were called. Who wouldn't know what frites were.

"Oui," she answered to his question, not knowing exactly what he asked. It was something about English and she hoped that she could say yes and be right. Unless he had asked her if she spoke English, in which case she was wrong. "No."

"As he put food on a plate for her she wondered if was expected to eat everything. She only wanted a couple of pommes frites and he was trying to feed her everything at the table. She decided she would have to step in. "No. No. Oui." And when he seemed to get it right and handed the plate toward her, she just picked three of the frites from the plate and placed them in her palm.


With a couple of her french fries, she nibbled lightly on one and watched the rest of the people at the table. She wasn't sure why she found the other people so fascinating, but it was almost funny. Two girls were piling food on their plate as if stocking for winter. Another boy didn't want anything, butstood there talking to the other one about itMaybe he wasn't very hungry.

Taryn Sky

    (08/17/2012 at 02:00)
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The booth suddenly became very crowded. First it was a french girl, who didn't speak any English and looked fairly confused. Taryn spoke a little bit of French, and was just about to help translate, but the boy behind the booth seemed to have it under control. Then another boy walked up to the table. In Taryn's mind, it was getting much too crowded.

"Are you from the states?"

"Yeah," Taryn replied. "I moved around a lot as a kid, so I've lived all around the U.S." The boy's accent sounded American too, so she asked, "What about you?"

Taryn was surprised to learn that he made everything, but I supposed he would have to be somewhat of a good chef if he signed up for the American Cuisine Booth.

"Everything tastes okay, right?"

Taryn gestured at her nearly-empty plate. "You can tell I hated everything," she joked.

Then, a younger boy walked up to the Ravenclaw and asked for a reccommendation. "Yeah, definitely." She thought for a bit. "Well, the onion rings are good, and so are the cheeseburgers, and the chicken too," she said, gesturing to each of the items.
"But pretty much everything is delicious." The boy seemed nice enough, so the seventh year introduced herself. "I'm Taryn, by the way."

Neil Weston

    (08/18/2012 at 03:54)
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"Thanks, Taryn" Neil said as he turned back to the mounds of food. "My name's Neil. I'm newer here than Son of Dracula. Muggles. They wouldn't know horror if it it danced naked in front of them wearing a tea cozy." He scoured the table looking for this new thing called a 'cheeseburger'. He finally found it, hidden amongst several other sandwiches. He also grabbed a handful of French fries, some casserole, a few onion rings and a slice of apple pie. and piled it all onto a plate.

"Hmm. So this is what my mother would have eaten back home. Interesting," he said, taking his fork to the pile of casserole. "I thought it would be much different."

Deidre Sable

    (08/18/2012 at 09:07)
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For some reason, whenever Dei got bored, the pulling-a-random-stranger's-hair thing seemed to have lost its appeal; instead, she always seemed to go where food was. Must be Azra affecting me, after all those years, she thought with a small chuckle.

She walked to where the Opening Ceremony was being held, making a beeline for the American Cuisine Booth. Thank God. Fried American food! she thought with a grin as her wide eyes ran through the dishes presented on the tables. Onion rings! Oh my God, I've only had those once on Aunt Marge's birthday! Oh, God: French fries! Hotdogs! Burgers! Chicken! The list went on and on as she gave each dish a one-second stare of appreciation before moving on to the next.

"Yeah, everything's free. Including the pinwheels. Feel free to take one," she heard -- she looked up to see who it was -- a boy, apparently the one attending the booth, say to a younger boy.

"So this like an eat-all-you-can or something?" she asked with a grin and, without waiting for an answer, grabbed a plate and began to pile it with one of everything. She hadn't eaten much lately, since she usually just pushed her food around whenever she got bored and decided to eat, but who in their right mind would miss out on a good opportunity to eat fried food?

"I miss this," she whispered to herself, as she bit on a cheeseburger -- God, how she missed cheeseburgers... Even if she'd only eaten them once, on her Aunt Marge's birthday. In fact, she thought with a glance at the food, everything on here I seemed to have eaten only from one of Aunt Marge's birthdays. -- and then on a French fry. Then she looked around and asked, "Got any condiments?" Because what was a French fry without ketchup and a little mayo?