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* Eugene Prothero

    (08/02/2012 at 20:03)
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T H E  C R E A T O R

Random facts.
--I came into this world, screaming, on a December morning 23 (and a half) years ago
--I'm Norwegian and very patriotic about it
--I've been on Hoggies for over 2 RL years
--I'm a thinker and a scientist
--I consider myself a RL Ravenclaw (and scored solid Ravenclaw on the sort test - wohoo)
--Tent life is the best
--I'm obsessed with the brutal and the soulwrecking
--Black metal by heart, progressive by soul
--I play drums in a metal band
--I'm on my first term of my University Master's degree in Archaeology
   -->specialization in Scandinavian Bronze & Iron Age, with a natural interest in myths, warrior culture and metal technology
--I work as a light technician on my free time, usually doing lights on live (metal) bands
--My bookshelves are crammed
--I'm not much into romance, unless it's the weird, twisted kind
--Lars von Trier is the only god
--My name is Cathrine, but among English speaking I go by Cat
--I've gone bungee-jumping and I'd love to do it again
--This random test told me I'm male (or solidly within what is considered "a male brain")
--I have an unhealthy alternating of craving attention and hating people
[--Sometimes I wonder whether I'm bipolar]

Some bands to live and breathe for...
Mayhem | Shining |Deathspell Omega | Kongh

T H E  C H A R A C T E R S

Eugene Harmon Prothero
6th year | Ravenclaw | Taxidermist | Pureblood Elitist

Lives in the Prothero Castle, Wales, high class, smart, quiet, Durmstrang transfer, unimpressed by Hogwarts, manners, respect, discipline, kept to himself, observer, not fond of changes, friendly, taxidermy, reading, science of magical medicine, Florence.

Plot page.

Catharina Adhara Eir Vega
7th year | Slytherin | Sugar Princess | Former Dueling Champion | Pureblood

Fleeting, everywhere, cheery, sugary sweet, Slytherin qualities, small, childish, naïve, family events force her to grow up, not fun to be enemies with, hexes people, holds grudges, wants to be friends with everybody, but might hurt you when bored.


Marcus Anthares Vega/Lukas Altair
21 | Ravenclaw | Thinker | Supra Mortalitas | Pureblood

Cat's older brother, my first character, urge to reach the top, faked his death in 1971, Supra Mortalitas, conflicted, Francis Turin's mentee.

Wiki 1.
Wiki 2.

Michael Dominic Gray
39 | Slytherin | Head of Auror Office | Supra Mortalitas | Halfblood

Criminal, murderer, Head of Auror Office, Spencer Malthus' unruly pet, exonerated, the Order, Supra Mortalitas, puppet, spontaneous, aggressive, misanthropic, enjoys hurting people, destructive, hard to control.

I'm extremely proud of this Wiki site.

Maximilian Theodore Yates
47 | Gryffindor | Auror | Halfblood

Justice, equality, human rights, auror personality, idealism, care for others, not good with feelings, former Politics of Magic professor at Hogwarts, hard to anger but frightening, Italian, attended three schools (Beauxbatons, Salem, Hogwarts), workaholic, no wife no children, intensely interested in Potions, believed to be doing some work for the American Ministry of Magic, whereabouts unknown.


Jonathan Twain
18 | Salem Graduate: Knight Society | Sports Enthusiast | Halfblood

Former Salem Quidditch captain, livs in muggle home, Regina, Canada, sports, Ice Hocket, Qudditch, Juliette Chanterelle (!!!!!), friends, not so academic, including, social butterfly, liked by everyone.

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Scott Cooper

    (08/03/2012 at 12:59)
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Mikey looks like he's conducting the orchestra OF DEATH.

Soulwrecking, archaeology/history, bookshelves. Yes.

Aries Paladin

    (08/03/2012 at 16:16)
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I don't suppose you like Hello Kitty.

European hiii. I gotta move back there agh.

Tents yes. Weird twisted romance yes.

Your characters are awesome, like

1. Eugene. No words. Except maybe 'eee'.

2. Limax princess? <3 Real Slytherin female mmm.

3. Lukas tattoos hng. It was fun being in class with him.

4. Michael is utterly charming. Utterly, really, truly, deeply.

5. Good guy. <3

6. Not familiar with Jonathan but ooh Salemites.

I like your list format and pretty pictures.

Azrael Gabrille

    (08/03/2012 at 16:36)


Hi. :)

Daniel Marcus Reed

    (08/04/2012 at 09:15)
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Ohh, from Norway?! (Hello Neighbour from the North!) That's where I spent most of my summers as a kid!  <3 <3 ;D

Not in a tent, though, but I do loooove hiking. :)

Paras Pendragon

    (08/04/2012 at 10:27)

1. Cat & Paras always need a thread

2. Scandinavian Bronze & Iron Age that sounds neat.

3. I also consider myself a RL ravenclaw, pottermore put me as gryffindor - but I think I would have been a hard sort.

I miss threading with you, so we should do that when you get back from where ever.

* Catharina Adhara Eir Viggano

    (08/04/2012 at 18:42)
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@Scott: Mikey's an orchestra of death all by himself... Anyway, you're pretty and we need both Scat and Sceugene - somehow I see Scott and Eugene getting along. But I guess that depends.

@Aries: Heeee, thankyou!! Hopefully we'll stumble into each other in some thread. (I'm scared of promising things, because I've got lists and lists of people I owe D:)

@Azrael: Hi! :D

@Daniel: Whaaat? Where you from??

@Paras: <3 <3

Esme Vartan

    (08/04/2012 at 20:24)
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Wanna go be researchers again?
I'm the opposite of moderate
immaculately polished.


Daniel Marcus Reed

    (08/05/2012 at 04:17)
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I'm from Denmark, but live in Australia now.

I hope I can still be on team Skandinavia, though!  :D

Asher Cole

    (08/05/2012 at 05:18)
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Love your Layout Eugene! (Steals)

Tallulah Pura

    (08/05/2012 at 08:41)
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Your characters are so dark, it's so interesting. I like them alot

Hey Eugene Heyyy
...I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday

* Altair

    (08/05/2012 at 14:22)
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@Essy V: I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT! I need it, both soulwise and plotwise. Reseearcchhh...

@Daniel: SCANDINAVIANS UNITE! *recruits for viking army*

@Asher: Thanks. Do iiit ;)

@Tallulah: Hahah, thanks. They're not all that dark, they're just...conflicted..? It's a great way to play away with ideas that I've had for years. I'm just not that much a fan of...shallow (..?) characters... I don't know, it's hard to explain. But THANK YOU!!

Edgar Golham

    (08/06/2012 at 02:14)
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Here's another fan who's hopping on the bandwagon! This here small boy is going to be dark à souhait... and not too much into typical romances either as he grows older.

I can't wait to interact with you guys!

Deidre Sable

    (08/06/2012 at 10:52)
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I will be stalking your threads.

Hey hi hello~!!! I need to go dig for some weird, twisted romance. It sounds interestingggggg... ;D

Aries Paladin

    (08/06/2012 at 13:25)
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Ah, I well know that feeling. Don't worry, you never need promise threads with me. I like thoughts toooo. *rolls*

Oh, and elitist pureblood families dignified enough to have manners FTW. ;)

ALSO. I just remembered that I've been in Norway. Camping. It's gorgeous there. Loved it. /can't think why she just remembered that, either
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Lysander Ellwood-Luxe

    (08/06/2012 at 16:45)
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Vega, you're pretty and I'm pretty. Together we're unstoppable. Also, we really need to get on with this Catander thing. Really really.

We're a man down
We're a man down
We're a man down

♦ ♦ ♦
and I had him but we lost him c o m i n g   o u t

Michael Gray

    (08/07/2012 at 13:27)
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@Edgar: Niiice. Sounds interesting, I'm going to have to read some of your threads.

@Deidre: So far it's mostly angst, abuse and cousin love. Gotta admit that I love the thing that the purebloods have going on. Cat was supposed to be getting around, but maybe that got too normal for me. I'm really behind on it anyway.

@Aries: Yesss, Norway is the best *struts*  I even love the rain. Manners + elitist....yeeah, we've got to thread....

@Sands: The answer is yes. Poke me. I owe you.

Deidre Sable

    (08/07/2012 at 13:37)
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<3 Angst! Abuse! (I'm a bit sadistic...) Cousin love I'm not so inclined to, unless it's platonic... Well, I'd still love to read about it! ;D

I will stalk all your threads someday... somehow...
pulvis et umbra sumnus
we are but dust and shadows

Lysander Ellwood-Luxe

    (08/07/2012 at 15:35)
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* Maximilian Yates

    (08/10/2012 at 00:37)
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@Deidre: Sadism is the best.....

@Sands: <3 <3
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You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.