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Author Topic: Raft Races Sign-Up!  (Read 706 times)

Adam Just

    (04/18/2012 at 15:52)
Hello, lovelies!

It's time for our raft race of the summer, hosted by yours truly and the lovely Calla Locksley.

Are you competitive? Do you love water, wind in your hair, and your very own raft, build only from your own hands, creativity and a fair amount of magic? Or is it just that you can't wait to tip over the others in an attempt to make everyone's lives a little more humourous? Then you've come to the right place!

Sign up below, and try to see if you're able to go faster than the referees!

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Nathaniel Ellwood-Luxe

    (04/18/2012 at 22:59)
Name Nate Ellwood-Luxe
Year Firstie
Description of raft

The basic template of a raft exists.  Long sticks about four feet long tied together with his broom in the middle slightly raised above the other sticks so it is not sticking in the water.  The knots are tight and exact based on years of practice.  Though the end of the sticks are uneven as they were either found off the ground or broken off trees in the forest.

If rowing won't work there is no reason a raft can't skim the water...

* Hero Savage

    (04/22/2012 at 00:37)
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Name Hero Savage
Year 7th
Description of raft

Several barrels sit together, bound by a Sticking Charm. However they are barely visible as wood painted red and green surround them in a mock boat style. Indeed, the raft appears to be an imitation of a miniature ship, a Viking ship at that, with oars extending from holes in the sides and a carved wave inlay at the railing. The full spectre of this raft would be intimidating, if it were not for the very large, very yellow and very fluffy stuffed duckling toy at the helm.

Nathaniel Ellwood-Luxe

    (04/27/2012 at 22:08)
So when and where are me and Hero havin' our race?

Got me a raft all ready to sink...