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Author Topic: Pureblood Families  (Read 6789 times)

Arianrhod Medraut

    (09/07/2012 at 03:47)
Medraut ◊ @Arianrhod Medraut/  ◆ open (please contact for information on available characters!) Wales, United Kingdom - Common The Medraut family is very old and well known.  They are extremely proud that they can trace their lineage back to Mordred, the son of the dark witch Morgana le Fay and betrayer of King Arthur.  As such, the Medrauts are pureblood elitists to the extreme though some - like Arianrhod, her mother Vivienne, and her half-brother Cedric Galyn - have broken off from the norm. Currently, the family is involved in a huge feud over  the succession of the family head.  More details can be found *here* (link to come).
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Brinley Grisham

    (09/15/2012 at 02:03)
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Grisham ◊ / ❖ @Brinley Grisham /  ◆ closed England Rare A wealthy pureblood family, they have commonly worked in the ministry or as researchers.  They value education and propriety, and have also commonly valued pureblood standards.  Currently, Brinley Grisham is the only remaining male in this family line.

Steppe ◊ / ❖ @Brinley Grisham /  ◆ closed England Common A middle-class pureblood family, many of the current living Steppes are women. The Steppes are traditionally nurturers and care about family.

Margot Lecuyier

    (09/17/2012 at 18:25)
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This topic has been locked. Please use the wiki to establish and list all pureblooded families.