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Author Topic: Pureblood Families  (Read 6788 times)

Azrael Gabrille

    (04/11/2012 at 07:58)
Gabrille ◊  Asia Rare Family description Gabrille was an ancient royal family but through the years, some branches of the family have gone out of their ways and married not purebloods, but halfbloods and sometimes, muggles. They're a family of leaders- cunning, clever and crafty. They've tried to keep the family fortune to themselves by marrying their cousins, relatives, and even their siblings.
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Robert Lake Jr.

    (04/18/2012 at 03:40)
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Lake ❖ @Robert Lake Jr. Canada Common The Lake's populate the Canadian Prairies and the Vancouver cost-line with some of the Lake family trickling down into Seattle and Washington. They are heavily into pureblood supremacy as well as rubbing their fortune and status in people's faces.

Jessie Pendragon

    (04/18/2012 at 14:43)
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Black ◊ / ❖ @Jessie Black /  ◆ closed London mostly Common (Note: please post extinct lines sparingly and only if they are essential to an ongoing plot) The Black family line goes way back in history. A very well respected family and most members have worked in the Ministry. A connection to the Shan family through marriage. Not elitists even with the long line of pureblood. Most offspring are male except for Jessie,Joelle and few sorted females.
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Elizabeth Knightlock

    (04/19/2012 at 00:41)
Knightlock ◊ / ❖ @Elizabeth Knightlock/  ◆open Devon/London Rare Though the Knightlock surname is an uncommon one, the family spreads far over the wizarding world. The head of the family is Alexander Knightlock V.
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Jackalope Furcifer

    (04/22/2012 at 10:52)
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Furcifer ◊ / ❖ @Jackalope Furcifer /  ◆ closed London/New Austin/Texas Rare The Furcifer family is relatively self-explanatory. The family consists mostly of no-good fools with too much spare cash. They migrated to America during the Gold rush in pursuit of discovering a new land to carry out their exploits, though some remained in England.

Lyra Ambrose

    (04/22/2012 at 23:33)
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Ambrose ◊ / ❖ @Lyra Ambrose /  ◆ closed Greece/England/Rare The Ambrose family is an old, wealthy, and elusive family that originated in Greece, but moved to England in the 1500s. They are notorious for being neutral to Muggles and being careful not to inbreed. Ambroses generally get sorted into Ravenclaw and Slytherin at Hogwarts.
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Phoenix Kilgour

    (07/26/2012 at 23:27)
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Kilgour ◊ / ❖ @PhoenixKilgour /  ◆ open, Scottland, Semi-Rare, The Kilgours are a proud, manipulative, and quite a cocky bloodline. They tend to be dangerous, often muddling in dark arts. They are generally Slytherins. Kilgours are moderatly wealthy, and do not focus on money. They focus on power. On the rare occasion, there are quiet, reclusive Kilgours, (unlike most that are usually loud and daring) but not often.

Amalryc Van Droombeeld

    (07/30/2012 at 02:23)
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Van Droombeeld  | ❖ @Amalryc Van Droombeeld | Open just ask

The Van Droombeeld /van//druːmbɛld/, New York family of Sibson Van Droombeeld (1819–1929) and his brother Winskin Van Droombeeld (1824–1922), is a wizarding American industrial, banking, and political family of German/Dutch descent that made one of the world's largest private wizarding fortunes in the iron works business during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, primarily through the ‘Illusions Stahl Company’. Able to trace the familes ancestry back many many years, the large powerful branch of the family in American based. A few Van Droombeelds, not decendents from Sibson/Winskin can be found in Germany. While they are a very contemperary family with much of the family business based in muggle goings on, they are still very blood elitist. I have a huge family tree made up so all are welcome!
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Helena F. Upright

    (07/30/2012 at 12:08)
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Gaelian ◊ / ❖ @helenagaelian /  ◆ closed
Gaelian Estate in Kingswood, London/Rare

The Gaelians were once an extremely wealthy, well-established family, but overspending and poor investments have eaten away at their fortune, and they are now struggling to maintain their spot in pureblood society. In as recently as one generation alone, the Gaelians have gone down an entire class level, wallowing on the bottom rung of the aristorcracy while they fight tooth and nail to keep their tenuous grasp on dignity. They are somewhat of a standing joke in the world of high-bred purebloods.
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Wisteria Po

    (08/01/2012 at 07:10)
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Po /❖ @Wisteria Po /  | United States |Rare |  Extreme elitists. Moved from England to America in the early 19th century, where they have remained in relative isolation. The main family branch is typically located near the family's estate in Boston, Massachusetts.
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Salazar Ricardus

    (08/04/2012 at 10:15)
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Ricardus / ❖ @Salazar Ricardus / Mostly spread over the UK, and Italy Common
A name that means 'powerful leader' just can't be any good. In the Medieval, three quarters of the family moved to the United Kingdom from Rome, Italy. The family members are extreme elitists. They hate muggleborns and muggles like their life depends on it, and they think they have some good reasons to hate the muggles and muggleborns. They tell those stories as they are the only truth. They love hexes a lot and don't hesitate to use them in an unequal battle as they don't play fair. Ever.

Florence Prothero

    (08/10/2012 at 17:38)
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Prothero ◊ / ❖ @Florence Prothero /  ◆ closed Most live in a Castle off the shore of Wales Rare
The Protheros are an old family with a strong bloodline, although there are very few left. There's really only one rule, don't kill your family member. Because of the selective nature of Protheros, the family has dwindled over the years. The family has also suffered from stillborn infants and less than satisfactory offspring. However they are beginning to regain power and hopefully grow.

The family's symbol is a scorpion and their gemstone is rubellite, which matches the family color of red violet. They take protecting their pedigree very seriously.

Yvonne Dechavez

    (08/15/2012 at 11:39)
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Dechavez ◊ / ❖ @Yvonne Dechavez / Paris, France mostly, or just generally spread around in France / Uncommon, nearly Rare
The Dechavez's are a very old, very greedy family that inbred to keep their names (and fortunes) within their kin; however, when they had started to go extinct in the mid-1700s, they decided to marry other purebloods, namely (but not limited to) the Lhuillers (mostly) and the Azuraihs. They are a long line of elitists, mostly homophobes, who have a passion for the arts, mostly dance and music and painting. Females have been known to be very proper, very graceful ladies, whereas the males have been known to have more passion for power (the Ministry) or dancing, as well.
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Cosette Desmarais

    (08/16/2012 at 05:56)
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Desmarais ❖ @CosetteDesmarais Aix-en-Provence, Southern France Rare | Starting with recorded muggle repellant charms around the 1850's, the Desmaraises appear to have had relatively "shut in" tendencies, which have continued for some time. The long term effects of this include an affinity for arranged marriages, as well as the cultivation of an intellectual side, collection of original books, art, and family wands. Large amounts of old money. The name, while headed by pureblood conservatives, had begun to churn out more independent thinkers, the most radical of these being Deirdre Wendland (née Desmarais), who spurned the family for a muggle lifestyle in the 1950's.  Younger generations have been exposed to more control and private tutoring in light of this.
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Amara Greystar

    (08/17/2012 at 08:02)
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Greystar ◊ / ❖ Amara Greystar /  ◆ open France,England uncommon on it's way to being rare. A wealthy family as most purebloods are. They began in France about 200 years ago and have since spread from exclusively there to England. Due to few boys being born to the Greystar clan and a refusal to inbreed, the males are often married to the strongest pureblood family they can strike a deal with. There skills run in Divination with at least three notable seers in the family. They detest scandals as it may hurt there chances at a good match for the males. The don't particularly care for muggles but are not elitist and often do not make close friendships with "lower level wizards and witches". 

Ignatius Hallows

    (08/17/2012 at 16:19)
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Reinhardt ◊ / ❖ @Ignatius Hallows /  ◆ open {upon request} England / Rare
The Reinhardt Family is a very private and paranoid pureblood family, they accept Half-Blood members but keep them away from the public. All members are held to the great burden of success, you choose your own career and are supported as long as you are successful in it. We are a primarily Hufflepuff family with Slytherin members slipped in. Mix of English blood and Venezuelan (Latino).

Eilidh C. Adler

    (08/24/2012 at 08:49)
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Rosseau ◊ / ❖ @Sophie L. Rosseau /  ◆ closed Austria and France Rare
The Rosseau Clan is a very disclosed family, although most only stay within their own close-knit and compact recluses and hardly come out to gather and reconcile with other branches.  All members used to be together under one family patriarch and matriarch, but after a dispute between two brothers over 6 centuries ago over position as leader, over half of the clan had migrated to Austria. Then the bloodline began to fan out and wane, the Austrian line has run very dry, almost to the point of extinction. Although the original branch remains as strong as ever, just in a much smaller number.

Anneliese Nacht

    (08/27/2012 at 21:20)
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Nacht ◊ / ❖ @Annaliese Vevey Nacht /  ◆ closed Switzerland, Germany, France Rare The Nachts are one of the very few pure blood lineages that could be traced back into the Middle Ages, when the family first gained wealth and prominence in a deal with the Charlemagne governance. Although the family believes in equal claims between males and females, its bloodline discriminates those whose other parents are non-purebloods, diminishing the number of its members rapidly. The head of the Nacht house is always its eldest member and runs the elegant Nacht manor based in the outer sphere of Geneva. Although the family used to educate their children in the manor, recently, many of its members have attended a variety of magical schools around Europe.

Vevey ◊ / ❖ @Annaliese Vevey Nacht /  ◆ open Britain rather common The Veveys are a part of the large network of British pureblood families and could be traced back to about dour hundred years ago. Despite the fact that they are keen on keeping the family pure, they are more tolerant of muggles than the stereotypes of pureblood dynasties. Though not the wealthiest of British pureblood families, the Veveys are most likely well off. They do not live off inherited wealth, but instead off high positions in the Ministry. It is the tradition of the Veveys to send their children to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Emma-Belle Breeze

    (09/05/2012 at 10:51)
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Breeze / ❖ @Emma-BelleBreeze Cornwall, England Rare The Breeze family members are usually Gryffindors or Ravenclaws. Dispise Dark magic and are usually blonde or brunnette.

Victoria Laurent

    (09/05/2012 at 10:54)
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Laurent ❖ @VictoriaLaurent / France Rare Mostly attend Beuxbatons. Dispise Dark magic and mainly keep to themselves. Most members are blonde.