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1959 / Re: la ciudad perdida — froodie
« Last post by Roo Hopland on 04/30/2020 at 03:17 »
“What’s magic like, huh?” he parroted the question, unsure of where to start.

The second question wasn’t any better. Roo didn’t know much about the Muggle world. His only connection to it was the Muggleborn boy, Fat Jimmy, he bought his Muggle baseball cards from (Jimmy's aunt was American), and the Muggle boys Fat Jimmy had introduced him to over the years, the ones he played baseball with back home. But that was it—his mother and father and sister and aunts and uncles and cousins were all like him, very much a part of the wizarding world.

Still, Roo had promised to answer all of Freddie’s questions, and legally speaking, since they had shaken on it, he couldn’t go back on his word. It was on him to figure out an answer.

His face—lips pursed, eyebrows furrowed—twisted in a replica of how he imagined his thoughts were trying to twist themselves into a meaningful explanation.

“Have you ever,” he began, as he tried to remember the last time he had accidentally done magic. It had been during one of his last Quidditch games with the Twickenham Trolls; his sadness at aging out of the junior Quidditch programme had been so profound it had wilted the grass beneath his feet.

That wasn’t a good example of what magic was capable of, though, so instead, he thought of his mother, of how her spells lit up their home in a flurry of moving dishes and dustpans, self-organizing toy bins, and animated, tickling dolls. Her magic left traces of her energy—bright and warm and comforting—all over their home.

“Have you ever taken a cake out of the oven?” Freddie had said he could bake, hadn’t he? “You know that gooey smell and that heat you get in your face when you do it? Imagine that, but everywhere. I’m doing a piss job of explaining it, but it’s quite nice, I hear. Convenient, too. I don’t actually know ‘cause I’ve never done magic, you see, kids aren’t allowed...”

1959 / Re: Sphinxes and Other Things | OPEN
« Last post by Cressida Scrivner on 04/30/2020 at 02:41 »
"I'm Dolores.”

The odds of the other girl being a mirage just lowered by a tenfold.  After all, if she were making up names for an imaginary person she was sure that Dolores wouldn’t be in the list.  They would probably be named after a character in a book, or something equally exciting.

"I've seen one or two.  Of the real ones I mean. Not the ones that just lie there in the muggle museums.

Now the odds for the girl being a mirage just increased again.  Then she realized the girl said a muggle museum which was an answer she’d never imagine so the odds went back down again.  She said “ They have them in muggle museums? “ questioning out of curiosity.

Though the pyramids were so big that muggles had to know of them.  So it made some sense.

"Have you?”

She shook her head and said “ No. “  Then she continued “ Though I also only have explored the pyramids here and all the tombs I’ve found so far were empty. “  Naturally she was keen to explore some more so she said “ Lets see if we can find one and you can tell me what the ones you saw look like. “

Maybe she was looking for the wrong thing before.
1959 / Re: Here Croco, Croco... || Open
« Last post by Cressida Scrivner on 04/30/2020 at 02:16 »
She looked over towards Callan with a smile and a nod as she noticed he managed three skips.  Impressive, but as she wasn’t certain she could beat it consistently she wasn’t going to point it out.  Though as she tossed her next rock she gave it a bit more force, which resulted in a higher skip for the first skip but no skips following that.

Was there a technique to rock skipping? 

"Think that's gotta be those big stoney things,”

How could he not know the name of Stonehenge?  It was the only wonder that was based on a place that actually was in England.  The other wonders while majestic were based on places from other parts of the world, or ones she wasn’t sure if were really real.  Probably they were some hidden wizarding spot that her parents hadn’t let her read about in fear she’d beg to go. 

Shaking her head she said “ Stonehenge.  It’s in England.  Never played quidditch in the real one, but got to visit it. “

"You make potions?"

It seemed making potions was a lot less popular than she’d expected it to be.  Outside of the wing people didn’t just have potions in there pockets - though the counselors got to have wands so they at least made sense.  With a smile she said “ Of course.  They do so many interesting things. “  Then she paused and said “ Plus if you don’t get caught throwing them and you clean the vial good enough no one knows who they came from. “
1959 / Re: dead red — rookie
« Last post by Roo Hopland on 04/30/2020 at 01:59 »

Obviously she had meant that they had given her protection before Hogwarts. If Roo were a fast thinker, he might have caught onto that, but he wasn’t and he didn’t, so the tips of his ears went pink at her gentle chide.

He sat up to face her.

“You make it sound easy, you know.”

Despite the roundabout way they had gotten to this point in their conversation, her words had served to reassure him, because even Roo, who liked to pretend he knew what was up and what was down, had his doubts about what he was walking into in two months.

“No brothers around, raised by a bunch of old Muggles, flaming ginger hair—” He twitched out of the way as he ticked each trait off, a wicked grin splitting his face. “—if you had an easy go of it, I reckon Hogwarts will be a piece of cake for me.”

He was sure of it now, more than he had ever been.

“Alright! Up off your arse!” He barked suddenly, his coaching persona back in place. He reached for his mitt once again. “It's time to teach you how to hit…”

She couldn’t help but laugh as she saw Billie move towards one of the other boys.  He obviously didn’t understand what was meant by the dare that directed him to serenade.  Though she couldn’t help but continue the laugher as he rhymed the other other boys name with fart.

She clapped lightly at the end of the song.

Then she moved on her skates to grab a pastry hoping she wouldn’t miss an interesting dare ( or a useful truth ).  Making a slight twirl on the skates as she reached the table she debated over the options that were presented to her.  They all looked delicious, but she settled on a vanilla one.  After all, if someone added something to a vanilla one she hoped she would taste it, but as she took her first bite it tasted normal so she smiled.

Doing another twirl she went back towards the group.  Though as she skated around them she didn’t hear anything that motivated her to stop and join the group again.  The chatter was there, but it seemed dull to her ears with the skates being more exiting to her.  So she decided to continue skating around the group until she heard something to entice her back in the conversation.

Hopefully, someone would come up with more entertaining dares. 
1959 / Re: avvie wizard here for all ur avvie needs
« Last post by Frankie Dufort on 04/30/2020 at 00:49 »

requests are now closed for the summer! ill be posting everyone's avvies sometime later today <3

1959 / Re: The Sun is Rising on Hogwarts (Calliope)
« Last post by Cressida Scrivner on 04/30/2020 at 00:44 »
They certainly had different families.  She knew her family would support her no manner what, even if she messed up big.  Her parents had made mistakes.  Her eldest sister had done something she was sure Calliope would refer to as a high crime.

"I'm as good as married, though, the contract they've both signed is more binding than wedding vows ever will be - those are just a pretty formality.”

Blinking she decided to give Calliope some hope.  She said “ My eldest sister “ then she paused and said “ well half sister “ before continuing quickly “ she had an arranged marriage but she choose to marry someone else.  They’re happy now too. " Or at least she thought so.  She was confident that Irma wouldn’t settle for anything or anyone. 

"I liked my house in Beauxbatons though, better than Slytherin in a way.”

With a smile she said “ In what way? “
1959 / Re: little league || roosefina
« Last post by Josefina Soto on 04/30/2020 at 00:33 »
Roo Hopland was not a good kid, but he had other traits that Josefina liked to make up for it. He had a certain fire, was unafraid to speak his mind. Gritty and straight to the point. Yes, this was what initially piqued her interest—Roo Hopland was not a good kid, but he had a distinctly American attitude. She'd never tell him, though.

And this is what Josefina failed to realize in her joy of finding a kindred spirit—Roo Hopland was a boy, first of all, and Roo Hopland was an English boy, which certainly exemplified all the things that made the unfortunate half the the human race like… that.

Girls like Josefina Soto were Earth's saving grace.

Sure, she had agreed to this storytelling-critter exchange, and it was her job to fill in Roo's deprived childhood with all the Brooklyn goodness that only she could provide, but like her mom had always said, beggars can't be choosers.

And Roo was certainly in the position to be begging.

"Hopland," she deadpanned, stopping midway as she reached for the beetle. Normally, Josefina wouldn't mind her numerous titles, but her admiration for Roo's American attitude was quickly souring. Disrespect simply just dripped from his tone like a ridiculously greasy slice of pizza.

Then he had the audacity to commit a most heinous crime: threatened violence to an innocent civilian. She was pretty sure that that was a war crime—it was literally in the Geneva Conventions!

Josefina narrowed her eyes and abruptly stood up. She placed her hands on her hips and stood her ground, just like she had done numerous times in the schoolyard both in this dumb country and back home in Brooklyn.

"You unhand him right now, Hopland, or you're never gonna hear the ending of that story." And, as a final clincher:

"And I'll never show you the baseball card that Berra signed."
1959 / Re: trouble comes back | elira
« Last post by Elias Glass on 04/29/2020 at 23:58 »
"Dodgin' ain't fightin'," he complained. "If you're gonna do the fightin' for me, ya gotta actually do it and not just hop around." He glanced at her, frowning. "How come ya wouldn't have your wand? 'S just camp we can't have 'em at, aye?"

Kyra hung out in the hospital wing and the infirmary all the time, how did she not know more than burn cream? But then again, they also hung out a lot too, so maybe it was his fault. Maybe he should make them hang out in the infirmary more, incase she wanted to practice.

"So if my leg falls off, I get to blame ya?" Seemed reasonable to him.

He looked up alarmed. "You're gonna heal me like a muggle?" Or was she just talking about the dirt. But he rolled up his pant leg anyway, wincing as it rubbed on the cut. "Don't muggles just come at ya with a saw or whatever and take the whole thing off? That's what my sister said. Maybe it can just stay like this."
1959 / Re: triple dare | closed
« Last post by Elias Glass on 04/29/2020 at 23:52 »
"Ya sure ya wanna go with runnin'? Ain't ya worried you're gonna fall and break somethin'?"

It was always a chance when it came to Monty. She was weird like that. But at least he knew that he wouldn't have to worry about Calliope catching him first.

Monty checked the window and dragged him inside, even thought he was hardly unwilling. She was just bossy.

"Woah," he said, looking around. He'd been in girls rooms before, of course - he had a sister after all -  but this was way different. Way fancier. Calix didn't have anything like this hanging around her room. She just had weird stuff.

He grabbed a dress he found and held it up to himself. "What'd'ya think? Is it my colour?" He twirled so that she could get the full effect before glancing over at her. "Ya find 'em yet?"
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