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Introductions! / mid-century birb object
« Last post by Icarus Argabright on Today at 04:43 »

hello yes this is birb

Hiii, I'm birb~!

California queer living in Minnesota, sitting at a desk all day and trying to make teachers' lives easier. My life is pretty boring otherwise, except for the rats. I have three rats and two mice, and I will talk about them for ever if you let me. So, don't let me. I also like--

Music: Devin Townsend, Coheed and Cambria, P!atD (lol obv), Barenaked Ladies, TMBG, Eliot Sumner, 80s new wave.

Movies: Clerks, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Laberinto del Fauno, and everything Jim Henson.

Books: Left Hand of Darkness, Borderlands/La Frontera, House of Leaves

TV: Red Dwarf, Twin Peaks, Star Trek, and everything else Jim Henson

Video Games: Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Katamari.

Misc.: Welcome to Night Vale, Arkham Horror, ball-jointed dolls, painting, psychology, cultural/linguistics, and mid-century modern design.

                 >>> this way for characters >>>

Icarus Argabright
         6th year Ravenclaw
  • Lovebird by day, lovebird by night
  • Physicist, philosopher, astronomer, inventor, hoarder, Seeker, guitarist, crisis counselor, healer-in-training, and all-around-genius all other times.
  • New obsession: Alchemy.
  • Feels everything. Literally everything. Be gentle with him.
  • Property of Ava Adair

         Artist with a capital A
  • Privileged brat learning to paint for food
  • Muralist, but can be coerced into portraiture or tattooing
  • Most of it is lizards. It is never Waterlilies, no matter what he says.
  • Californian and not afraid to remind you at every opportunity
Introductions! / comin' at you. aggressively.
« Last post by Helen Kane on 03/27/2017 at 03:33 »

look mom! no hands!

I'm Sophia, and this is my third summer term at Hoggies, and I'll be one of your counsellors this summer for Team Eeyore!! I'm really looking forward to meeting you all-  so. many. hugs.

I'm currently at ANU soldiering through a double degree in Psychology and International Relations, but I say soldiering because I literally spend most of my time on this website.

Here are some things about me;
  • pottermore-proclaimed Slytherin/Hufflepuff.
  • 0% chill always.
  • UNI STUDENT. *screams*
  • dutch and Australian.
  • avid writer of all things. Currently attempting a novel. *screams louder*
  • a listener of literally anything. I mean mostly EDM but I do really love everything.
  • there's a youtube playlist where I stockpile all this sick music but it literally changes every single day so who knows what's on it?
  • just. overwatch.
  • there's this really neat book by patrick ness called 'the rest of us just live here' that I REALLY recommend b/c it's just fun.
  • my chatbox/PM box/voicebox is always open!
  • chronic optimist.
  • user of weird words? sick, radical, cool and every variant thereof frequent my vocabulary.
  • I yell a lot.
  • this list is long congrats for making it this far.
  • I love b99 okay.
  • this introduction has been shamelessly plagiarised from the one i made last year O.o


Helen Kane
15. slytherin and proud. Quidditch nut. Always a good time.

Thijs Marchen
11. hufflepuff baby. Chronic overthinker. Shy and afraid.

Margaux de la Roche
28. The pureblood queen of beauxbatons. Magical linguist and researcher. 
I'm extremely excited to meet you all and thread with your characters! Chuck me a PM or a PC and I'll always shout back.

~ Sophia <33333
Introductions! / Me, Explaining Hoggies to Other People
« Last post by Reggie Graham on 03/27/2017 at 01:52 »

It's me.

Hello my very darling, darlings. I am your notorious trouble maker, graphic-maker and gif-part-taker.

My name is Victoria, but please just call me Tori.  I’m a very fabulous New York City writer and creative person.  Aside from writing here, I also work in advertising as a copywriter.  This basically means I try to  persuade you to buy things you don't need with fancy and fantastical language.

While I work as a professional writer (who would have guessed) is very different from my love for personal creative writing. It can suck your soul a little, and kill creativity despite being a creative-driven field. If you notice I disappear, it's most likely work has pulled me away. But luckily, it's also a career that respects and pushes for down time and creative-thinking. Hoggies is my creative outlet, so to speak.

I’ve been on Hoggies for several years now, and after being absent brought back some oldies and a few new babies as well.

I’m a Leo the Lion, a Hufflepuff, and Year of the Snake. Which basically means I'm obnoxious, loyal, and infuriatingly stubborn. I think I'm cool, but I'm just a big nerd who plays too much Overwatch.

Who do I play, you may ask? Why, just a few:

Reggie Graham | the rebel

          14 - Slytherin - Rising 4th Year

Reggie Graham isn't exactly what you'd expect from the notorious Graham family. That name is synonymous with gangsters, debt, and murder. They take advantage of the weak, and prosper off others pain. Reggie, the only son, prefers the carefree life. He could be found sneaking a smoke or taunting a professor. He takes little seriously, more ready to get flustered over a girl than threaten one. But staying careful with a name like Graham can only last so long.

C M Weatherbee | the performer

          38 - Curse Breaker - Collector

C M Weatherbee is known among the wizarding community for many things. A talented curse breaker, a collector of ancient artifacts, and an eccentric man with lives as lavishly as he can. All the rumors are true, of course. But what they don't know is Weatherbee's drive for power and strength. His lust for ambition and knowledge. But he's also eager to do more. Eager to make a change other than more items to place on his dusting shelves. He just isn't sure what it is yet.

Rules & Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ: Getting Started
« Last post by The Narrator on 03/01/2017 at 21:20 »
Getting Started
Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who should I ask questions, and how do I ask?
Your first stop should be your mentor -- that's what they're there for! If they aren't available or you haven't been assigned a mentor yet, you should contact a GMod or administrator instead.

You can Private Chat (PC) your mentor/a staff member if they're online for an immediate response. If they are not online, you can Private Message (PM) instead. Alternatively, you can always go into Main Chat (MC) and ask your question there. Just remember that other players might also be new and may not be able to help you!

What do all these acronyms mean?
RP = Role-play. This encompasses everything that we do in character (IC) here.
OOC = Out of Character. All interactions in the General OOC forum and its subforums (Introductions, Absences, etc.), and all chat interactions are out of character, as they are between the players, not the characters.
IC = In Character. All of the forums listed as physical places (gardens, rivers, lakes, cabins, etc.) are in-character forums where you are writing as your character. It's important to remember the difference between OOC and IC -- just because someone doesn't like you IC doesn't mean that they don't like you OOC!
PM = Private Message. Access your PMs by clicking the 'My Messages' tab at the top of your screen.
PC = Private/Personal Chat. You can find this by clicking 'Chat Now' in the bottom left corner, and selecting the player you wish to chat with.
MC = Main Chat. Players often chat together here, so come and say hello!
NPC = Non-Played Character. An NPC is a character that isn't written by a certain player, but that your character may know, i.e. a roommate, or a sister. They exist, but they are not written.
Thread = an IC topic in a forum where your character interacts with other characters. 'Posts' refer to the replies in a thread.
Subbie = the text below your avatar. These will eventually hold your magical levels.
Avatar/avvie = the photo of your character below their name.

Chat-related Questions

What's the chatroom/main chat for?
The chatroom/main chat (MC) is the best place for OOC interaction. You can plot with other players in real time, ask questions, and connect with other site members.

How do I get into chat?
As long as you are logged into your account, you should be able to access chat simply by clicking on the 'Chat Now' link. PC/MC can be found as shown below:

Posting-related Questions

What do the names in brackets at the end of thread titles mean? What do 'open' and 'closed' mean?
There are multiple ways to mark threads for certain people. The most commonly used form is to put the requested character name after the title e.g. "Disorderly / Lucille" or "Forgive Me (Mina)". Only Lucille may reply to the first thread, only Mina to the second, as the threads are meant specifically for those people. It would be impolite to join the thread without an invitation. Similarly, if a thread is marked with 'closed' or 'invited' after the title, do not post in it unless you have been asked to do so by the person who started the thread.

You may join threads that are marked as 'open' e.g. "Inside The Lines // Open". These threads are open to any players who wish to join, and that includes you!

If I want to send a spell at someone, can I say that it hit him and he fell down?
You can't. That would be powerplaying.

What's powerplaying?
Powerplaying is when you determine/control the actions of another character. It's frowned upon in the role-playing world, so don't do it! You wouldn't want someone to determine what happened to your character, so let your role-playing partners decide what happens to their characters. If you aren't sure whether something would be powerplaying, the best thing to do would be to ask your partner. 

I made a mistake in my post! How do I change it?
Go to the post, and look at the column beneath your character's name. There will be a button with a green + sign called 'Edit'. Click on it, you'll be able to edit your post. Be sure to hit save after you're finished! The only exceptions to this are in duelling and applications, where editing is not allowed.

How do I delete a post?
Next to the 'Edit' button, there may be a 'Delete' button. Some forums allow it and some do not. If there is no button visible, that forum does not allow you to delete your post. In this case, contact a staff member, and they can help you!

What's double-posting and why can't I do it?
Double-posting is when you reply to a thread and then immediately type another reply -- it's considered impolite. After you post, you need to wait for someone else to reply to your post before posting again.

How long should my posts be? What if I don't have enough to say?
Your posts can be as long as you'd like them to be, but we ask that you try to post at least 3 paragraphs of at least 3 sentences each (unless you have agreed with your RP partner to do shorter posts beforehand). Think about the surroundings, your character's feelings, etc. If you're still stumped on what to add, read some other threads to get an idea of what other players include in their posts. We also encourage you to write some of the workshops - the more that you know about your character, the more you'll be able to say!

Character-related Questions

What's 'canon'?
The term 'canon' means the material that is 'official' in a fictional universe. Here we have two different kinds of canon. We have the official canon as established in the Harry Potter series and we also have the established canon of this RPG. Because we are an alternate universe (AU), we only use parts of the Harry Potter canon.

We also have our own canon that has been established by the players here over the years. This canon is made up of all the events and people that have been created here. This is why we ask that you not say, for example, that your character’s mother was Head Girl when she was at Hogwarts. Because our RPG has such a long history, that role was already filled by another character in our canon! Instead of trying to come up with your own canon, try to find ways to fit your character into the canon that we’ve already established here. We love to plot, so don’t be shy about asking in chat or PMing other players to find ways to fit your character in.

Additionally, it is currently the 1950s in our universe. Please try to keep this in mind. While you don't have to intensely research every part of your posts, try to keep it as period appropriate as possible. Major differences to keep in mind are clothing styles and technology. Student characters would not be permitted to have unnatural hair colors, tattoos, piercings (aside from single ear piercings for females), or unusually revealing clothing. Cellphones and other small electronics were not in common usage yet; furthermore, most electronics do not work at Hogwarts, because the concentration of magic in the castle interferes with them (per the books).

We understand that many of our players here are interested in other fandoms, and that's great! However, this was created as a Harry Potter roleplaying game, so make sure that you stay within our canon and don't introduce other fandoms' canon into your writing. The one place you may experiment with writing other universes is the Freestyle Roleplaying Forum.

What from the books/movies exist in Hoggies, and what doesn't?
The following do not exist:
- any original characters/families from the series.
- any distant relatives to any of the original families, e.g. Ron's long-lost Aunt Hettie.
- any original ghosts, professors, or specific creatures, e.g. the Bloody Baron, McGonagall, or Crookshanks). 
- any locations that relate specifically to original characters, e.g. The Burrow.
- Voldemort, Death Eaters, The Order of the Phoenix, or any associated events from the era of the book series. There is no 'dark lord' on our canon.

The following do exist:
- general locations, e.g. Diagon Alley, the Gryffindor common room
- spells, potions, and objects e.g. Wingardium Leviosa, Felix Felicis, Time-Turners
- species, e.g. house elves, werewolves
- history of Hogwarts, e.g. the four founders of Hogwarts (as historical figures), but not people like Dumbledore, or Nearly-Headless Nick.
- Quidditch(!), a duelling system, and many other parts of wizarding culture.

If you want to read about what exists in our canon, check the HS.Net wiki.

Can I have a character that's an animal / shape-shifter / vampire / veela / werewolf / demon? Why not?
If your species/special power is not found in the Harry Potter universe, then no. We don’t have demons and other creatures from non-HP stories or movies. That would be chaos.

If the special power you want exists in our universe, that’s great, but you will still need to apply for it. We can’t have a whole castle full of Veela, because that’s not part of the canon. If you are interested in applying for a special power, please check the Special Requests FAQ.

If your special power is not approved, please don't take it personally. Special powers are very rare, but we get lots of requests for them. Your request is more likely to be approved if you've been here for over 1 IC term (3 OOC months) and have demonstrated your RPing ability. If your request is not approved, please be a good sport and adapt your biography and posts appropriately.

While characters exist that are Animagi (turning into an animal at will) or werewolves, it is not canon for your character to be part animal by birth or any sort of talking animal. Also, wizards in the HP canon look like ordinary humans. Your character may not naturally possess a hair/eye color outside of what's possible in nature.

Can I be the only kind of a certain type of student (has a special power, has this background, etc.)?
You can include this in your application for a special power, but it’s ultimately up to the administrators to decide who gets which special powers. If you are approved for a special power, it’s possible that you might be the only student with that power, because some powers are quite rare. It's also possible that someone else will apply and be granted that power.

There is no way to make sure that your background is exclusive to your character. We don’t allow plagiarism here, so no one can copy part of your biography, but it’s possible that another player might create a student with a similar story to yours. As long as it falls within the site rules, they are free to do so.  If you find that someone’s character has a similar background to yours, why not think up a way to work that into a plot with them?

Can I be a school ghost/painting/poltergeist? How do I do that?
Yes! If you earn enough Gringotts points, you may cash them in for a ghost/painting. Visit the Gringotts Exchange to see what's on offer. There are a limited number of openings for these characters, so check the rewards list for available spots.

How many characters can I have?
You may have one student character at Hogwarts, and as many Elsewhere characters as you can handle. If you earn enough Gringotts points, you can cash those in for a second student character slot!

What about pets?
Students are permitted an owl/cat/rat/toad at Hogwarts. Any other pets are considered special requests, and you will need administrator approval for them. Bear in mind that a smaller, domesticated animal (e.g. a dog) is far more likely to be approved than a big, wild animal (e.g. a wolf). Talking animals are not permitted.

Roleplaying Questions

What if I don't know what year/House my student is going to be yet? How should I RP that at Camp Loki
Don't talk about it! It's summertime, so try to concentrate on what your character is doing during the summer instead. You can still talk about what classes your character has taken/will take in general terms, but avoid mentioning specific houses or year groups. Most of all, just be patient! You'll be Sorted before you know it.

I posted a thread and no one's responding. How do I get people to post?
Is it an Open thread? Did you post it in the Open Threads list in the General OOC? When other players are looking for threads to respond to, checking the Open Threads list is the first place to go. Telling people in chat that you have a thread with no replies can sometimes help too. However, don't spam MC by repeatedly telling everybody about your thread -- just once is enough!

How long should I wait for someone to respond?
It really depends on who you're threading with! Some players can't dedicate the same amount of time to the site as others, and that's okay. Keep an eye on the Absences forum to see if your thread partner is going to be out or slow at posting. If it has been 6-7 days without a reply, and your partner doesn't seem to be formally absent, it may be okay to send a friendly PM saying that you're really excited for their reply.

What things do I need to ask admin/GMod permission for?
Anything that is going to affect a significant amount of other characters, or greatly alters your own character -- pranks, special powers, attacks, etc. should all be permitted by a staff member. For example, if you want to prank a cabin, that means your actions are going to directly affect lots of other characters. Additionally, special powers and special items must be requested as well. If you want something to happen (such as a wild animal attack), please check with an admin first. Camp Loki and Hogwarts are both very safe, and it is not likely that there are monsters or aggressive animals about.

What are magic levels, and why do I need to know them for my character? Why can't my character cast wandlessly/non-verbally? I want my character to Apparate/steal souls/turn invisible. Why can't I?
Magical levels are ways to measure how powerful your character is in certain areas. There are levels for Charms, Divination, Transfiguration, and Conjuring / Summoning. As your character ages, they should get stronger, and it is to be expected that younger characters should not be as powerful as older characters. You can earn levels by taking classes and extracurriculars at the castle.

Special powers such as wandless/silent casting, and other fun abilities are reserved for skilled players who request them. You must submit a special request to obtain these skills. Apparition, however, is taught to all Hogwarts students who will be turning 17 (the legal age in the wizarding world), and a license can be obtained once a character is 17.

written by Esme Vartan; edited & updated by Calypso Ross [February 2016].

Rules & Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ: Avatars
« Last post by The Narrator on 03/01/2017 at 21:19 »
Frequently Asked Questions

What is an avatar?

An avatar is the picture beneath your username. It is used as a picture of your character, and can be a photograph or a drawing. Most people use a specific actor, singer, model, or other celebrity as their character's 'face'. This is known as a Face Claim (FC). Make sure you look at the FC list to check that your desired FC has not already been taken! You can claim a face here.

Avatar Rules

All pictures -- and any text on them -- must adhere to the PG-13 rating. Nudity is not permitted.

Avatars should be a height of 300px and a width of 200px. If your avatar is larger than this, you will be asked to resize your avatar.

How do I make an avatar?

These instructions are for Microsoft Paint, as it is the most basic of image-editing software. (Many players use more advanced software, such as Photoshop.)

1. Find an image that you would like to use.
2. Open Microsoft Paint.
3. Right click on your image, press copy.
4. Move to the Paint window, click Edit --> Paste.
5. Use the Sketch/Skew attribute to shrink your image.
6. Go to Attributes; enter 200px for the height and 300px for the width.
7. File --> Save. Be sure to save the image as a .jpg or a .png -- not a .bmp.

How do I set up my avatar?

1. Upload your avatar to a website, such as Imgur or Photobucket.
2. Hover over the 'Profile' button at the top of this page. Click 'Forum Profile' from the dropdown menu.
3. Under 'Personalised Picture', select 'Specify avatar by URL'.
4. Paste the direct link to the avatar in the space provided. The direct link will be one that starts with http://i. and links only to your avatar.  It should look like this:

How do I fix my avatar?

If you are having problems with your avatar, it's best to ask a staff member for help. If none of them are online, you can send a PM instead. Alternatively, you can post in the Testing forum to request help. A staff member will be more than happy to help you from there, or you may get a helpful response from other site members!

Avatar Resources

- Google Images
- Instagram
- Modelling Agencies
- Tumblr

Some players enjoy making avatars and will offer to make them for other members. You can find avatar 'shops' in the Summer Graphics Center, and the Elsewhere Graphics forum, so feel free to make a request in one of those! Each shop/player has their individual rules, so please respect them.

written by Esme Vartan; edited & updated by Calypso Ross [February 2016].

Rules & Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ: Plot Pages
« Last post by The Narrator on 03/01/2017 at 21:18 »
Plot Pages
PFrequently Asked Questions

What is a plot page?

A plot page is like the Spark Notes version of your character's biography. Located in Character Plot Creation & Management, plot pages allow you to tell other players the important things about your character.

Why would I want one?

Plot pages can be somewhat time-intensive to make, though they are highly customisable. The greatest asset to these pages is that you can establish relationships between your character and others without doing introductory threads (as these can grow repetitive at times). Plot pages are also useful when creating a new character that you'd like to establish a history with. For example, you might want to write a fifth year Ravenclaw who has been at Hogwarts since first year, rather than writing them as a transfer. With a plot page, you can establish prior relationships effectively.

How do I make one?

Plot pages contain two major components:
1. Information about your character
2. A form for other characters to complete

The first part is about your character, and should include information such as: your character's name; their house (or prospective house); their year (or prospective year); and their blood status. These 'basics' are often followed by a 'biography' or 'background' section, which shares information about their family life, childhood, career, etc. Some players also like to use some adjectives, phrases, lyrics, or quotes to describe their character. It's entirely up to you what you choose to do!

The second step is to create a form for other players to fill out about their characters. They will reply to your plot page with this form. Forms often include the 'basics' (name, house, year, blood status), but also other categories, such as: relationship to your character; how your characters met; history of their relationship; and future RP ideas.

While your plot page can be very simple without any complicated coding, many players like to customise their plot pages to match their characters' personalities. Feel free to try your hand at making a plot page for yourself -- you can find a coding cheat sheet and sample plot pages over at the Graphics Center, if you're new to coding. Some players dedicate their time to helping out others in need, so keep an eye on the Summer Graphics Center and the Elsewhere Graphics forum. Players will sometimes post plot page/coding 'shops', where you can request a plot page.

How do I get others to post in it?

Simple. Post in theirs. It's common courtesy to post in plot pages of the characters that have posted in yours, and sometimes the only reason that someone hasn't posted in yours is that they're out of ideas. Be creative with your character histories -- enemies can be just as fun as friends!

written by Esme Vartan; edited & updated by Calypso Ross [February 2016].

Blood Purity & Status
Era Guide: 1950s

"But, the greatest taboo in the Wizarding world is... if we're talking about prejudiced people within the Wizarding world, what they care most about is your blood status."
- J. K. Rowling

Much like the canon Harry Potter universe, our world also has the same blood distinctions and prejudices that may or may not colour our characters' interactions. For example, a character from an ancient, elitist pureblood family might have advantages and disadvantages that a character new to the wizarding world might not. Like it or not, blood status will have some impact on your character’s story.


In our world, a pureblood is defined as someone whose direct ancestors have all been witches or wizards for at least 6 generations. Some pureblooded families have amassed great wealth and/or political power over the centuries, and tend to be highly prejudiced against those outside of their social circle (similar to the Malfoys in the canon universe). Others, like J.K. Rowling's Weasleys, are pureblooded, but tend to keep to themselves and are happy eking out their own existence without much thought to blood status.

How does this play out? Most top-tier positions, especially in the Ministry, are held by pureblooded families or those with pureblood ties. The children of these families are more likely to know of one another growing up, as pureblood society is rather close-knit. Keen to keep a firm hold on their power, especially given the recent upheaval with the Hexenreich, pureblooded wizards/witches are the most likely to retain deep-seated prejudices against muggleborns and halfbloods.


Halfbloods are those who are magical, but have some Muggle ancestry. These families form the bulk of the wizarding population of our world, and many of them can probably trace their family tree back to one or more pureblood lines.

How does this play out? Depending on their respective familial situations, Halfbloods may have been raised in pureblooded families and been taught the same prejudices against Muggles and Muggleborns, or they may have been raised to be open-minded and accepting of all blood statuses. They might not hold as high a status as Purebloods in this society, but those with sufficient ambition can still find themselves in positions of power.


Muggleborns are, as the name suggests, the children born of two muggles; in the wizarding world, they are at a distinct disadvantage. Unlike most Purebloods and many Halfbloods, Muggleborns enter the wizarding world oblivious to its cultural nuances: they don’t know about wizarding transportation, laws, animals... The list goes on.

How does this play out? Blood status is the biggest determinant in wizarding society, and it used to be incredibly difficult for Muggleborns to find good jobs in the wizarding world without the help of Halfblood or Pureblood friends. While negative attitudes towards Muggleborns are changing among many witches and wizards, Muggleborns still experience hatred and prejudice, particularly among Purebloods. It remains difficult for them to enter highly-paid professions and is practically impossible for them to rise to positions of power.


Werewolves. Veela. Goblins. Giants. If  blood status is the standard by which society judges, then having any non-human attribute or heritage makes just living a normal life in the wizarding world a challenge. As if coping with the difficulties of life (having to deal with a painful monthly transformation, for example) aren't hard enough, letting others know about your heritage is enough to get you kicked out of any establishment and blacklisted from any future jobs.

How does this play out? The 1940s was an era of heightened awareness of differences in Muggle society, and this carried through into the 1950s. Wizarding society echoes a lot of the same mass panic and discriminatory attitudes. Known 'creatures' will be shunned and/or turned away by regular citizens who fear them, and they are likely to become convenient scapegoats for the tensions during the aftermath of World War II. This isn't to say they all have to take things lying down though - who says the Muggle world is the only one with conflict?

Rules Regarding Racism

This site does not and will never encourage racism out of character. That said, we are writing in an era where many such attitudes still abound, especially in the Muggle world. One of the key areas of conflict in World War II (which only ended recently, in 1945) was race, and to roleplay without acknowledging such a rich background would be a shame.

We follow the site guidelines on racism (see here for more), and under no circumstances are racial slurs allowed, whether it's in character in a post or out of character. Your characters are allowed to dislike people for racial reasons and you are welcome to play this out, but we don't want to see the language. There are more creative and subtle ways of going about dealing with such issues and playing out the attitudes of the era, and we encourage you to take this as a challenge.
Rules & Frequently Asked Questions / Era Guide: Sexuality
« Last post by The Narrator on 03/01/2017 at 21:16 »
Era Guide: 1950s

“Capitalism, loyally supported by the churches, has established a Public Policy that the Sacred Institution of Monogamy must be enforced; and such a fiat is the death knell to all sexual freedom.”
- Henry Gerber, 'In Defense of Homosexuality' (1932)

General Perception

Homosexual acts between two men were criminalized by many countries, and could result in imprisonment or even death. Though such laws did not include acts between women, lesbian leanings were seen as a mental weakness and lesbian women were often forced into rehabilitation in psychiatric hospitals. Gay men and women often had to hide their relationships, fearful of being arrested and shunned in a time when society had an extremely narrow view of sexuality. Openly gay individuals and supporters of the gay community often had to deal with physical and verbal violence, restrictions in freedom of expression, violations of privacy, and violations of rights to education/work/health care.

How does this play out? Characters rarely 'come out' to friends; there is very little support for gay rights, and even close friends might think they're helping by telling the authorities, as homosexuality was regarded as a mental illness. Some, if not most, characters are prejudiced against openly gay characters and characters who are openly support gay rights.

In Britain

Up until the late 1800s, if you were suspected of being homosexual you were not only arrested, but sentenced to death. Homosexuality wasn't decriminalised in Britain until The Sexual Offences Act in 1967 (which is still over a decade away). This Act only applied to England and Wales, and did not cover the Armed Forces. Homosexuality in Scotland and Northern Ireland was not decriminalised until even later, in 1980 and 1982, respectively. Prior to the Act, those caught having a relationship with someone of the same sex were most often convicted and imprisoned, yet Britain was still considered to be one of the more tolerant countries.

How does this play out? There is high social stigma against openly gay men and women. It is likely that gay and bisexual characters struggle to find work and acceptance from other characters, and they are often discriminated against. They may be turned away by restaurants, cafés, or even their friends. Some openly gay characters may even find that their civil rights are taken away from them, and most must hide their sexuality just so they can earn a living.

In Germany

Homosexuality was officially made illegal in Germany in 1871, and this law was further extended under Nazi rule. Those suspected of being homosexual were mercilessly persecuted, resulting in a huge increase of convictions. Penalties were severe, and many gay men died as a result. In 1950, the Nazi extensions to the law were lifted, but homosexuality (for men) remained a crime in East Germany until 1968, and until 1969 in West Germany.

How does this play out? After the merciless persecution of homosexual men during World War II, most gay characters will continue to be extremely afraid of being openly gay. Homosexuality is still a crime; much like in Britain, there is still high social stigma against gay characters, particularly men. Many may face imprisonment or a removal of their civil rights if they are discovered to be gay, so try to hide their sexuality.

In America

This was a turbulent time for gay rights. While it was still illegal for two men to engage in homosexual relations, 1950 saw the founding of the Mattachine Society, one of the first LGBT rights organisations that saw some success. However, homosexuality was very much regarded as a mental illness, which led to the banning of gay men and women from working within the federal government in 1953. Homosexuality was aligned with Communism, and the persecution of gay people by the American government escalated into what is known as the Lavender Scare.

How does this play out? Again, there is high social stigma against openly gay characters. They are faced with unemployment if they do not hide their sexuality, and find themselves shunned by a large majority of society. That said, LGBT rights organisations are beginning to surface, so it is possible that gay characters are able to express themselves more freely within such organisations.

Rules Regarding Homophobia

This site does not and will never encourage homophobic behavior out of character. That said, we are writing in an era where many such attitudes still abound, especially in the Muggle world. An area of conflict in World War II (which only ended recently, in 1945) was sexuality, and to roleplay without acknowledging such a rich background would be a shame.

We follow the site guidelines on discrimination (see here for more), and under no circumstances are homophobic slurs allowed, whether it's in character in a post or out of character. Your characters are allowed to dislike people for homophobic reasons and you are welcome to play this out, but we don't want to see the language. There are more creative and subtle ways of going about dealing with such issues and playing out the attitudes of the era, and we encourage you to take this as a challenge.

In addition, please remember that the site-wide rating is PG-13. We ask that your writing also follows this rule as well.
Rules & Frequently Asked Questions / Era Guide: Women
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Era Guide: 1950s

"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

At Home

Despite having gained the right to vote back in 1928, many women were still seen in as housewives and mothers first, and as working individuals second. Most married women with children focused most of their time and effort into raising their children and keeping the household running. Daughters were taught from a young age now to cook, bake, do household chores, and learnt how to keep a home.

How does this play out? Times are changing, but not that quickly. There continues to be an emphasis on homemaking magic for many women, though many witches will find they have increasing opportunities to branch out. An inherent gender bias may also be present throughout threads e.g. your boyfriend asks you to med his Quidditch uniform. There is a large variance in expectations of women depending on socioeconomic class and upbringing, but general attitudes haven't shifted much over the last twenty years. Many people still expect women to move straight from their father's house to their husband's.

At School

All students in 1937 were required to complete a mandatory seven years at a Wizarding Accredited Institution. At the end of seven years (and the successful completion of N.E.W.Ts or the equivalent), students of both genders were considered properly educated. However, higher education was predominantly aimed towards men, and most women who pursued further education enrolled in finishing schools instead. These schools encouraged domestic and household management skills.

How does this play out? All students are required to attend school for seven years before graduating. However, courses vary depending on the institution (more conservative schools, for example, are more traditional); there may be a bias towards women in areas such as the Hospital Wing, and a bias against them in other areas e.g. Quidditch. All students are permitted to take all classes at Hogwarts, but the views of individual professors may vary.

At Work

Despite a continued emphasis on the role of the housewife, women had stepped up to fill the jobs left by men during World War II, which meant that by 1950 an increasing number of women were employed full-time in higher-level jobs than before. Whereas before, women's jobs had been limited to the likes of secretaries, factory workers, seamstresses, nurses, and teachers, now women could train to hold better positions.

However, women in the workplace still had far fewer rights than men; their contracts could be terminated suddenly and for any reason, and equal pay was still a thing of legend. Some of the more traditional members of society looked down upon working women, and they often faced criticism from male family members and colleagues.

How does this play out? Women can apply to many of the same positions as men in our institutions (St. Mungo's & the Ministry of Magic). Rather than working in inferior positions, they can apply to be Healers, Aurors, lawyers, etc. However, they may experience difficulty rising to the highest-level government jobs, and will likely experience some form of gender bias at work. They will also most likely be paid less than their male counterparts.

At Play

Most leisure time in the 1950s was spent at home: reading, listening to the radio, watching television, playing board games, knitting, and needlework were some of the most common hobbies. Children often played with each other outdoors. This was also the decade of jive and rock'n'roll. During the war, women had experienced more freedom than they had previously been used to, and after the war they strove to keep it this way.

How does this play out? Equal rights don't always mean identical activities -- more traditional professors may give preferences to boys in active sports (e.g. duelling and Quidditch) and may expect girls to pursue more 'appropriate' interests (e.g. volunteering in the Hospital Wing). However, the boundary between 'male' and 'female' interests has been blurred during the 1940s; the divide between the two genders has begun to diminish, at least in terms of leisure.

Rules Regarding Sexism

This site does not and will never encourage sexist behavior out of character. That said, we are writing in an era where many such attitudes still abound, especially in the Muggle world. World War II (which only ended recently, in 1945) allowed many women much more freedom (e.g. freedom to work) than they had previously had, but men also felt alienated when they returned from the war. The 1950s was a period that paved the way to securing many more women's rights, and to roleplay without acknowledging such a rich background would be a shame.

Your male (or female!) characters are allowed to dislike female (or male!) characters for sexist reasons and you are welcome to play this out. However, we ask that you keep the site guidelines in mind (see here for more) while writing. Please also remember that sexist behaviour out of character (e.g. in MC or OOC threads) will not be tolerated.
Graphics Center & Art Gallery / Re: Sample Plot Pages
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age -- house/occupation -- blood
coded by rin hunter.

Code: [Select]
[center][div style="width:350px;font-family:verdana;font-size:7pt;text-transform:lowercase;color:grey;text-align:justify;"][center][span style="text-transform:uppercase;font-size:11pt;letter-spacing:2px;"][b][i]name here[/span][/center]
[center][i]age. house/occupation. blood.[/i][/center]

plots go here![/div]

Code: [Select]
[center][div style="width:280px;padding:20px;background-color:white;box-shadow:1px 1px 2px grey;"][table][tr][td][div style="width:100px;height:100px;background-color:white;border:double 5px #cccccc;padding:1px;"][img width=100][/img][/div][/td][td][div style="margin-top:6px;width:130px;height:71px;padding:15px;padding-top:15px;border-bottom:double 5px #cccccc;line-height:30px;"][center][span style="font-size:24pt;font-family:bebas;color:grey;"][glow=#cccccc,2,300]First[br]Last[/glow][/span][/center][/div][/td][/tr][/table]

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[div style="width:310px;text-align:right;font-style:italic;opacity:0.8;font-size:7pt;"]coded by rin hunter.[/div]

[div style="height:15px;overflow-y:hidden;"][code][center][div style="width:350px;font-family:verdana;font-size:7pt;text-transform:lowercase;color:grey;text-align:justify;"][center][span style="text-transform:uppercase;font-size:11pt;letter-spacing:2px;"][b][i]name here[/span][/center]
[center][i]age. house/occupation. blood.[/i][/center]

plots go here![/div]

big thanks to rin hunter!

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