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I might let you talk me into teaching me to fly but only if you get me butterbeer afterwards.
bookish \ sweet \ innocent

Hey! I like your brother except when he touches creepy crawlies, so I think I'd like you too. I have tons of books we can read.

Dylan Duckheart
Absences / Re: 2020 - 12674, me - 0
« Last post by Roo Hopland on Today at 13:51 »

Thank you both!! (Also, Elsbeth, you have no clue how lucky you are. This was rough.)
Character Plot Creation & Management / gust of wind - f.f
« Last post by Fergus Fraser on Today at 13:43 »

fergus fraser

Gus hasn’t always fit in, though he’d barely been given the chance. Homeschooled due to being declared unable to emotionally cope in a mainstream education environment, Hogwarts is what the boy and his family had been working on for years. Right from the first sign of magic, it was all about teaching Gus that professors were people who could protect him, that he had to follow instructions and that Callan would be there with him. Summer camp was their tester before they sent him off - the test that involved the ten year old socialising with new kids that weren’t his siblings or cousins, controlling himself and surviving without his mama’s hand to hold onto.

Fergus would be easily classed as on the Autistic Spectrum, though in the 60’s it wasn’t quite seen like it is today. Due to this, Gus doesn’t have a diagnosis specifically other than being down as emotionally delayed. Gus himself isn’t entirely aware of these things as he has been sheltered from them. He is quiet (selective mute) and portrays traits such as stimulatory behaviours, echolalia and sensory issues. Ya gotta be delicate with him guys!!
timid \ dependant \ introvert
Open to ideas of meet ups and relationships such as friendships, may vary depending on how well our chars would mesh.
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[div style="width:361px;height:56px;padding-right:16px;padding-left:12px;letter-spacing:0px;overflow-y:auto;overflow-x:hidden;"]How do we know each other and what should we plot?

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Absences / Re: 2020 - 12674, me - 0
« Last post by Billie Monday on Today at 06:53 »
sadfhkjahf im so sorry!! take care & stay safe!
Absences / Spotty Coverage
« Last post by Addison Ayers on 08/10/2020 at 21:30 »
Hey hey lovelies, I found out that I am working quite the work week so I apologize for being a bit in and out over the next week or so, but replies are being worked on!  <3
Absences / We’ll be right back after this—
« Last post by Auberon Huxley on 08/10/2020 at 20:32 »
Hey friends! I’ve been really really very sick for a while and last week I started losing vision in my left eye haha so I need a break from stress and screens for a bit. My writing is awful lately anyway so maybe a break will help that as well.

I’m going to slowly to keep up on Summer things in progress with counsellor duties/Summer activities taking priority, and I am available for some texting about term plots, but please understand if I lag or write shorter for a while, or am unable to take on new summer threads. If you have personal plot things with me that need attention, please let me know so I can prioritize you.

Thank you for your understanding!
Lycus Ricardus.
Pure. 11. lol.

you dared me to do some wild stuff. are you really so tough or just bored? and why do you need an accomplice? please don't pin this on me if all goes wrong.
lycus ricardus

✴ i lost the shirt my mother told me not to lose ✴

stuffed animal picknicks and tea parties! i swear you'll warm up to lox, he's the gentlest dragon!
Character Plot Creation & Management / Re: chandra // dd
« Last post by Lycus Ricardus on 08/10/2020 at 15:11 »
Lycus Ricardus
gullible . dreamer . clever

do you know where dragons come from?
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