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Chris sighed. "'s well..been eventful." He commented cryptically. "It changed a bit after you left. Maybe it was having one less person to talk to, but it feels different. The halls feel empty and the days are longer and honestly I don't know why I stay anymore." He said quietly. He was happy. As happy as he could be with just Bea and Sandy and they tried their best...but after Chris lost his parents...after Brian transferred to Durmstrang and never spoke to him again, an event that happened recently after Henry's graduation..he felt empty.

"Classes are good. I still work as hard as ever. See Bea and Sandy when I feel up to it. I just...I need a change. I need to get away from all of it. Maybe I'll travel when it's all over? Go to france...visit Alise. Britain has....lost its luster." He tried to elaborate. "But you're going for a Ministry job? That's great. I'm glad you're doing well Hen...and I'm equally happy to here the family is doing alright." He said changing the subject.

Brian had been a sore spot since he heard the previous summer that he'd be moving to Bulgaria...that they couldn't see each other anymore. Something that had hit Chris hard since it came in a letter of all things. He vaguely understood why...he knew they weren't good for each other...but he was the first person Christoph had grown to love. The one that had pushed the bloody crush out of his head.

"The year hasn't exactly started off the best." He finally admitted. He debated how to phrase the next bit considering he'd never really broached the subject with any of his friends. He wasn't sure they even knew about Brian at Hogwarts. They weren't exactly obvious. They were private people. "I kinda got dumped in a bloody letter before term started and was my only relationship to date. I guess it failed on an epic scale. Bloody wanker...he couldn't even say goodbye."

14. puffie!. muggleborn.

Hen is a friendly fourth year huff who is always happy to give a helping hand! He'd be glad to tell Nellie all about Hogwarts, if she wants.
Testing / Re: Test 1, 2, 3
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Journals and Biographies / Re: euphonious -- yardbird!
« Last post by Charles Neddy Palmer on 04/19/2019 at 20:53 »

camilla and i hung out by the river and she taught me how to braid hair and we talked a lot about jeremiah smallweed.  well, she talked about him, i mainly just listened, which is fine because she's got a funny twisting voice and all her words sound new, like no one's ever said them before.

camilla's always changing the things she likes, but there's a few things that always stick around-- books, apples, and jeremiah smallweed.  i think that means that she loves those things, but i don't say anything about it because she says she hates him usually.

her eyes turn this sort of odd color when she's talking about it, like she could explode her brain and heart out of her ears.  it's hard to say what color she is because it changes so much but usually it's some sort of blue or peach.  today it floated with the river, oscillating and crashing like waves, the color of spontaneity and chlorine smiles.  jeremiah is really missing out on that.

Journals and Biographies / euphonious -- yardbird!
« Last post by Charles Neddy Palmer on 04/19/2019 at 19:44 »

i went to the upper year (!!) party and lupin sol was there which is pretty normal but he had to kiss me because those were the rules, so here are some notes about him:

dark dark red with bits of purple and brown.  texture of old bricks but the color of red wine, which mum likes but dad says it tastes like sour dirt-- that's how i know it's a pretty okay version of red, because dad scrunches his nose at it.

lupin seems like he sticks to things like wine, too, because when he's around you it's like you're covered in one of those self-heating blankets, and even when he walks away i can feel it warm in my lungs and on my cheeks.  mum had one of those blankets at st. mungo's.  it was pretty cool.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: silver spoon has fed me good | cal
« Last post by Calvin Sharppe on 04/19/2019 at 19:10 »
When he felt the apprehensive squeeze, Calvin smiled, bending his knees slightly before launching himself downward. Legs and arms flailed wildly, and he even let out a roaring hollar of excitement as they descended. It reminded him of the times he used to jump off the cliffs of summer camp, inhibitions put on hold in the safety of the space where he spend July and August.

Having been used to his own spellwork, Calvin knew what to expect when he landed on the spongy platform. His bum took most of the initial impact, hands flung out from his sides to balance himself. When the bounciness slowed to a slight steady vibration, Calvin turned his legs and pushed himself up from his knees and waited for Athanasia to regain her composure.

“Be thankful your spell worked.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, returning the cheek. Calvin was all about setting, making, and exceeding expectations. If Athanasia had any doubts about what he could do, perhaps she would think twice the next time. He hummed slightly, happy to have accomplished impressing her (in his head), relieved at escaping the stuffy party, and especially glad to be rid of the suffocating tie.

“Well, go on. Lead the way.”

Happy to get as far away from the ledge as possible before his mum or another familiar adult laid witness to his work, Calvin began to walk in the direction of what he believed to be the reflecting pool. "Should just be up ahead." The space was big but gardens were predictable- so long as one kept walking, they would eventually hit their destination. As he did so, his hand resting behind his head as his feet moved him forward, he looked over at the brunette curiously. “So where’d you come from anyway, Athanaus-” His own tongue began tripping over itself. “Anthan. Thanny? Can I call you Thanny? I haven’t seen you before- d’you go to Hogwarts?”
Cher journal,

As I read these past journal entries, I believe I've come to a realization. I... I think I've been lying to myself. I often find it difficult to recognize my own emotions, but this one in particular has been eating at me the moment I arrived at camp-- no-- the moment I found out I was a witch.

Don't get me wrong. The idea of Hogwarts is absolutely amazing. The potential to learn magic is beyond my wildest dreams, but there's something else. I think I'm scared.

All my life, magic was just a concept, and a fictional one at that. Everything is so different now, and the drastic change has been making me very anxious. I'm nervous to be sorted into a house that might not accept me. I'm nervous that I won't be good at magic. I'm nervous to be away from my family, but these feelings will pass, right? They always do... eventually.

- Jane Belrose
jane belrose

eleven. puff (hopefully). muggleborn.

Jane's a shy Frenchie who's nervous and excited about going to Hogwarts too. Seems like they could get along well!

A recent transfer from Beauxbatons, Nellie is more than a little nervous to start schooling at Hogwarts. Sheltered her whole life by restrictive, smothering parents, she's always struggled to make friends, and fears that her experience at Hogwarts will be just as lonely as her time at Beauxbatons.  Compounding this anxiety is her seeming inability to adequately perform any sort of magic, which she fears will result in her peers shunning her. It's not as though she isn't trying, but despite all her effort, the only branch of magic she has any talent for is Divination, and even her abilities there are weak and not entirely extensive.

Sadly, this insecurity means that she is rather susceptible to manipulation. Nellie's so desperate for any sort of positive attention and validation that she has a tendency to latch on to anyone who gives her even a scrap of approval, and as a result, she could easily devote herself to someone with less than pure intentions, and both good and bad influences can have a monumental effect on her. On the other hand, despite her incredible shyness, she's very kind, and will quickly become loyal to anyone genuinely looking to be her friend. So, you know, pros and cons.

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Testing / Re: Test 1, 2, 3
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what if i just        did this thing

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