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1950 / Re: eternal summer \\ johel snaps
« Last post by Helen Kane on 05/11/2017 at 02:05 »
Hel had long since abandoned the search for answers as to why she was as attracted to girls, if not more, than she was to boys. She'd always accepted it-- Effy and Althea and Circe and Persephone had attested to it time and again.

Electricity arced along her skin, magical energy pooling in the tips of her fingers and begging for release. She was hyperthermic wherever their skin touched, unable to concentrate past the way this felt.

With Effy, it had always been a ceaseless spin, a longing for reconciliatio-- Jocelyn's was a slow burn, a culmination from both sides to a conclusion they'd both already considered.

And Hel really wanted that kiss.

"You know," she said, almost contemplative, "I really like you."

And with that, heart pounding in her chest, she swung one leg over Jocelyn's two and straddled her, and cupped the other girl's cheeks in her hands to kiss her.
1950 / Re: eternal summer \\ johel snaps
« Last post by Jocelyn West on 05/09/2017 at 07:09 »
The intensity found in Helen's eyes were matched tenfold, searching for an explanation of why she felt this way -- with a girl. But any logic was thrown out the open window of the room when Helen's fingertips grazed her skin, inching up her back. An involuntary shiver coursed down her spine, but her hues didn't dare leave Helen's blues.

closer than close

She reached out, brushing a stray blonde lock from the girl's vision, her thumb gently running down her cheek, stopping just below the corner of her mouth. Her own green hues followed the trail before looking up at her friend.

Was this really happening?

Nose to nose, there wouldn't be another chance like this. No, the gods wouldn't give her another opportunity, not like the river, when she should've taken the risk. But what a great risk it was. Her parents would never understand, purebloods never did. Did Helen think the same thing? Did she have to worry about reputation; it never occurred to her that their blood never came in conversation.

She was stalling, she knew that.

A kiss would change everything. (was she ready?)
1950 / Re: eternal summer \\ johel snaps
« Last post by Helen Kane on 05/09/2017 at 06:53 »
Breath halted in her throat, her eyes trying to cover as much ground as possible. Her fingers ached from her knuckles to the ends, eager to map every single stretch of skin she found find here.

How close could she get before she couldn't help but kiss her? Hel leant in, nose brushing Jocelyn's. There was no way she could ever rationalise her actions as playful anymore, not with this complete erasure of space.

The hand on Jocelyn's hip strayed, sliding up towards top of her spine and settling with splayed fingers. It was an anchor, and Hel pulled herself closer.

Closer, closer.

Eyes dipped down towards Jocelyn's lips, towards her exposed collarbones and the corner of her jaw. Not long, now.
1950 / Re: eternal summer \\ johel snaps
« Last post by Jocelyn West on 05/09/2017 at 05:41 »
"Me too,"

Though she knew her friend enjoyed the company they shared, it was nice to hear the confirmation. A shifting of position sent her heart into a frenzy, working overtime at the prospect of seeing how her skin glowed beneath the soft shine of the moon. Window opened to let the air in, to cool off the electricity surging through the air between the pair.

It was never ending, the fire they shared. Refusing to be extinguished.

Fingertips against exposed skin, a breath caught in her throat.

What was Helen doing to her?

"I'm sad you're leaving-- This summer with you.. It's been something."

"It really has. I'm glad I experienced it -- with you," she turned her gaze to find Helen's.

Godric, she was truly stunning.
1950 / Re: eternal summer \\ johel snaps
« Last post by Helen Kane on 05/09/2017 at 00:55 »
Even though she'd suggested the sleepover, Hel couldn't sleep at all.

Jocelyn's proximity clouded her judgement and filled her senses, and she felt a delicate tremble running underneath her skin, something mixed with longing and anticipation.

Every since they'd been interrupted at the river, inches away from the kiss she'd been chasing after, Hel hadn't been able to think of anything else.

She really wanted that kiss, but now that the door to her cabin was locked, and all her campers asleep, and the opportunity ripe for the taking-- she found herself chickening out. Jocelyn's response at the river, at the dining pavillion; they could have been illusions.

"This has been the best summer. I'm glad I came."

"Me too," she replied, red-hot like the reply had been lying dormant on her tongue, ready to speak. She blushed at the ceiling, and yet forced herself to turn on her side and face her friend.

Even the word seemed to be misrepresentative. Whatever they were, it was something more.

One of her hands snuck out and draped across Jocelyn's hip, fingers aligning over the bone. "I'm sad you're leaving-- This summer with you.. It's been something."
1950 / Re: eternal summer \\ johel snaps
« Last post by Jocelyn West on 05/09/2017 at 00:11 »
Even beneath the water, her skin burned where Helen touched, a sensation she had yet to feel from another being. The innocence of ankles hooked held so much more meaning than the simplistic gesture suggested. The connection to the blonde as growing, and it was more frightening with each passing glance.


She was close. Godric, so close and so intoxicating. Green hues sought after her lips, then to her eyes. Warm breath Jocelyn could feel against her mouth, fingers lacing tighter with Helen's.

this is it


Release. Kick back. Clearing of her throat. Greeting to the intruder.


end of the first month
ten p.m.

A sleep over was the best idea Helen had all summer thus far. The beds were big enough for two, thankfully, the girls comfortably laying side by side. Skin against skin, the thin straps of her top let the bronze glow beneath the moon that shone through the window. A dark mass of hair spilled over her pillow, contrasting with the sun streaks of Helen.

Her heart hadn't stopped racing since they decided to get into bed. She hadn't realized she was holding her breath until the words slipped through her lips.

"This has been the best summer. I'm glad I came."
Introductions! / Re: HELP!
« Last post by Calypso Ross on 05/08/2017 at 20:54 »
I've sent you a PM, so check your messages (located at the top of the page under the 'My Messages' tab)!

1950 / Re: eternal summer \\ johel snaps
« Last post by Helen Kane on 05/08/2017 at 12:52 »
The glow spread from the pit of her stomach to the tips of her fingers, dragging along Jocelyn's arms and the dip in her waist, pressing briefly to the dimples at the bottom of her spine. Hel drifted impossibly closer, hopelessly helpless against Jocelyn's tides.

"Not at all,"

Fingers linked under the water and Hel's breath caught in her lungs at the starlight that glimmered in the reflection beneath them. Jocelyn's eyes were shimmering in the half-light, her lips glossy and her hair a dusky halo, and Hel wouldn't have been surprised if wings suddenly sprouted from Jocelyn's shoulderblades.

There was an angel in her arms, and she was fully captured; a willing figutive.

Jocelyn let go but Hel pushed forward, slotting a leg between the other girl's and tangling their ankles together to keep afloat. It hit her with the force of a bludger, head spinning against the current. She wanted to drown here. In her.

"Good," she said, teeth chattering even though the chill was far off, and she leant in even closer. Their noses brushed, and Hel forced herself to staye close. Was this was Jocelyn wanted? Was she reading into it?

Her lips tingled regardless of the answer.
1950 / Re: Too Much Green To Feel Blue | Helen
« Last post by Helen Kane on 05/08/2017 at 08:25 »
He widened below her, his body opening to the span of her hands, stretching wider and swallowing her attention to keep it captive, and she was powerless. She melted in his hands, clay molding to a far softer shape, and she curled forward into his space. She couldn't think straight, not this close to the source of her attraction, not when they spun in the air and she was lightheaded from the force of their collision.

They curved closer, and Hel didn't think. There was no doubt in her mind, not when she focused on his lips and the perspiration on his forehead, nor the flutter of his eyelashes, or the drop her stomach made when he looked at her, and she could see the longing made manifest.

Perhaps, in a distant future, she would regret this decision or the million others she'd made this summer, and be resigned to reliving the moments forever and ever in purgatory. For now, she could only conform to the bloodrush, her longing and her shuttering field of vision.

She didn't think of Zak, or Reggie, or Althea, or Effy--

She just kissed him.

1950 / Re: Too Much Green To Feel Blue | Helen
« Last post by Adrian Alric on 05/08/2017 at 08:01 »
"Like that?"

The gravity in her voice pulled him harder than their collision possibly could have. Adrian had misjudged his approach, as well as how quickly she would leap up to meet his dive at her hoops. Bright, brown hues widened in shock once he realized what would happen; the scene playing out in his hyperactive mind as the seconds ticked to make it true. It was all he could do to keep them from falling right off their brooms to throw all his weight in the opposite direction, skidding slower but still impacting hard.

His legs found their counterpart as Helen's ankle hooked around his. Adrian's were not nearly as slender, yet they both intertwined better than they could have planned for to keep themselves from falling off. The quaffle ceased to matter; its glow fading to the floor under the duress of needing to secure his hands to something.

That turned out to be Helen's waist while her instinctive reaction was to wrap hers around his neck. The spun slightly, countering the force until they stopped. Adrian's breathing raced along with the blood pumping furiously through his veins, heated eyes looking at the floor and gulping at how lucky they had been.

He had planned to ask if she was alright. The words quickly sunk when she looked at him. Even with the last vestiges of daylight already gone, there was no hiding her beauty. An intense exhale left his lips, twitching feverishly against the weight of that gaze. That gravity. He should have been thinking of Euphemia, what she would think of all this if she knew that he was snogging some other girl. While he did not know what they were, his rather naive sensibilities would have never allowed him to drift so close to Helen. It would have felt like a betrayal, a breach of trust of their shared intimacy.

Chance had intervened instead. Adrian could not think clearly, not when his chest pounded and his legs ached. Not when she stared at him with that longing look, desire made human. He secured his hold of her and brought her close; when his lips finally got a taste, he doubted there was any room left for debate.
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