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why can't i enjoy food as much as they do in anime.jpg

somehow valencia was given the special stick of responsibility and she is now on her way to abusing her power.

just to fill you in on what's gonna happen this summer.

so usually i try and make my intros different each summer but like i'm too lazy to code a whole 'nother one so this just looks maybe sort of the same as last summer c:


yes hello i am ANNIE, residential disappearing act who comes back every time because i'm too emotionally attached to a certain valencia alvear, whoops. i've been on hoggies for 3 years now, which is amazing considering my horrible habit to abandon things within a month O: consider urselves lucky (or don't, this can go both ways) <3

here's a list now, because it's really hard to ramble about yourself in paragraphs?

LIKES: L A N A D E L R E Y (this is a steadfast love that will never fade away), Hamilton the musical, Sprite, McDonald's, french fries, babies, procrastination, pretty things, writing, coding, emoticons, internet, ?!?!?!?!?! honestly it's hard to actually think about these things like they don't just come to you what's up with that, there's probably a whole lot of things that i enjoy but erm these come up first ahaha

DISLIKES: effort tbh but i'm trying (':

  • i have two dogs! i have pepper, a shih tzu, and summer, a goldendoodle puppy <3
  • someday i want to draw and magically have beautiful art that i'm proud of but i have to work hard for that and im kind of like......... do i gotta <<
  • im ridiculously unorganized 24/7 and obvs i gotta blame it on the lack of earth in my natal chart pfffft
  • (im a gemini sun, capricorn moon if u wanna know uwu)
  • i'm joining my school's color guard this year and i still don't know if it was worth it or nah
  • my favorite color is like a nice golden yellow. maybe like #FFD700 idk it seems pretty alright c:
  • orange is a nice close second tho gotta love orange
  • guys i really like em dashes and semicolons and commas but gosh darn i'm trying to tone it down now like does this count as character development
  • i seriously need to read more these days what are ur favorite books
  • omg so today i learned that shaquille o'neal is literally 7'1" and yao ming is 7'6" like........ aS SOMEONE WHO STANDS PROUDLY AT 4'8" THIS GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING EVER

valencia alvear

sixteen, spoiled spanish slytherin snake princess, the love of her life is her corn snake serafino, team frogs counsellor & foreign(ish) student

titania duke

eleven, luxurious pastel fairy artisan, has many strong opinions but obviously ladies must keep those to themselves??, incoming firstie

darius palomer

twenty (maybe <<), sad meme-y bad boy, tells the best dad jokes but where are the kids, singer at tchaikovsky

kaguya märchen

eight (i think), naively oblivious moon cutie, she has a veeerryyyy stable family life yes, child

cinders märchen

twenty (errr), overly-concerned mom friend and glorified maid, she just wants the best for her younger siblings, baker at bryce & co.

pallas lasalle

nineteen, super shady cousin who shows up at family reunions for 5 minutes then leaves, currently dedicating her life to getting that $$$$$$, unemployed

General OOC / Summer Calendar '51
« Last post by Clinton Litchfield on 07/22/2017 at 21:28 »
Activities & Events Calendar
Summer '51

1 August
Duelling [Round 1] sign-ups open
Infirmary sign-ups open
Quidditch [Game 1] sign-ups open

7 August
Duelling [Round 1] sign-ups close
Infirmary Case Study 1 starts
Quidditch Game 1 Sign Ups End

8 August
Quidditch Game 1 Starts

9 August
Duelling [Round 1] starts

15 August
Quidditch Game 1 Ends
Quidditch Game 2 Sign Ups Start

16 August
Duelling [Round 1] ends
Duelling [Round 2] sign-ups open

17 August
Infirmary Case Study 2 starts

20 August
Quidditch Game 2 Sign Ups End

21 August
Duelling [Round 2] sign-ups close
Quidditch Game 2 Starts

23 August
Duelling [Round 2] starts

28 August
Quidditch Game 2 Ends

30 August
Duelling [Round 2] ends

dates for the all-new cabin wars events coming soon!
Introductions! / ain't no intro copied enough
« Last post by Helen Kane on 07/22/2017 at 08:23 »

reduce reuse recycle

I'm Sophia, or Soph (the decidedly cooler bastardisation of my name, and this is my third summer term at hoggies. I'll be one of your counsellors this summer for Team Wolves this summer, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all!

After an incredible holiday and end-of-semester exams, I'm finally back for the summer! There's like 374656028 posts that I'm owing at the moment and I have such a longstanding love/hate relationship with my writer's block and its decidedly horrid timing, but I can work through it. Pester me for long enough and those posts will come!

I'm also currently at ANU soldiering through a double degree in Psychology and International Relations, but I say soldiering because I literally spend most of my time on this website. Soldiering is my new favourite word.

Here are some things about me;
  • slytherin in the streets
  • in my previous life I was a mountain goat
  • laziness is directly proportional to age.
  • STUDENT *screams*
  • duo-national dutch/australian.
  • avid writer of all things. still attempting that novel. *shakes fist*
  • halsey and lorde for president, please
  • give me a hockey stick and watch me be happy
  • sailboats aaaaaaa
  • deep immersive fantasy novels mmyesyes
  • reduce reuse recycle baby
  • do you ever feel like a plastic bag
  • if I could be a hunter/gatherer I would willingly leave this life and become one
  • skyrimmmmm
  • chronic optimist.
  • sick, radical, cool cool cool no doubt no doubt
  • blackbearrrrr
  • do i ever take anything seriously?
  • no?
  • this list is long congrats
  • one thousand hearts for the magic of timezones


Helen Kane
17. slytherin and proud. Quidditch nut & floundering prefect. Requires an intervention, probably.

Thijs Marchen
11. hufflepuff baby. Chronic overthinker & synesthete.

Adeline de Vauquelin
28. The pureblood queen of beauxbatons. Magical linguist & researcher. Will smite you and smile whilst doing it.

I'm extremely excited to meet you all and thread with your characters! Chuck me a PM or a PC OR a skype message and I'll always shout back.

<33333 Soph

Introductions! / back from the void
« Last post by Persephone Crowley on 07/21/2017 at 13:24 »
hey it's kay!
hey there! i'm kay and after another one of many absences i am baaacckk! my exams for the year are over and i'm beginning to crawl out of the ditch that is writer's block. the fifteenth marks my three-year hoggies anniversary wowow. you can mostly find me lurking and making avvies tbh.

i'm not stellar when it comes to threads ngl but if you're up for plots and throwing our chars together just hmu, i'd be more than happy to talk and i love hearing about your characters lol.

and now for the list i c/p from my last intro every summer lol.

music — panic! at the disco, fall out boy, the dear hunter, marina and the diamonds, halsey, the 1975, hozier, daughter, lana del rey

video games — pokemon, harvest moon, legend of zelda, fire emblem, stardew valley (i haven't touched it in 982903 years tho)

other stuff — art!!! i'm a sucker for renaissance and neoclassical art and basically most things pre-mid-1800s brooklyn 99, how i met your mother, classics, making chars who will judge the heck out of ur chars, anime (but i haven't watched like anything lately welp), more stuff i've probably forgotten

well enough about me now, i'll go ahead and move onto my chars!

rin hunter
    twenty; slytherin graduate; falmouth falcons chaser; ambitious; going against her family's wishes bc frankly she's had enough now

persephone crowley
    sixteen; gryffindor; twin; divination enthusiast; team wolves counsellor

sébastien lesauvage
    fifteen; unsorted; quietly rebelling against his pureblood family; really doesn't like either of his older brothers

caleb winter
    twenty-three; hufflepuff graduate; back in london after disappearing for three years; sinner's house waiter

yuusuke saito
    thirty-one; still doesn't know why he's in england; pseudo-mum to kaguya märchen;

apollo king
    twenty-two; photographer; dirt-poor and forever bitter; not the biggest fan of purebloods tbh

delilah razi
    twenty-six; ravenclaw graduate; lawyer; smart and isn't afraid to flaunt it; linguist

snow märchen
    nineteen; magical portraitist; recently moved into his own apartment; actual cinnamon roll tbh

Welcome, welcome all, old players and new, to the finest introduction in all of Hogwarts School!

Well, no, not really. Close enough! It’s so nice to meet/know/etc all of you lovely people. My OOC name is Katie, but feel free to call me Mia to make it easier. My main character, Mia Green, will be a summer counselor at Camp Loki this term, so feel free to come to me for all the help/counselor stuff/summer things/plotting AND MORE! I’m open for EVERYTHING!!!

But this introduction is basically a thread for me to talk about myself, so let’s get on with that. As I said before, I’m Katie, a generally happy person obsessed with writing and Harry Potter (obviously). I’ve read all the books multiple times and seen all the movies, and I’m a Ravenclaw at heart. I love to read, write, listen to music, and typically do normal people things except for exercise. While normal people are exercising, I am inside on the computer. Life goals, I know.

Anyways, I compiled some terrible lists about myself. Enjoy <3

Books I like!
Harry Potter (duuuuuuhhhhh), Percy Jackson + Rick Riordan everything...basically everything related to these books. Too many to count. Feel free to hit me up for book talk <3

Movies I like!
Very little, actually. I don’t watch many movies. I really shouldn’t have to say HP again, but HP. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The new Beauty and the Beast, of course. Yaaassss Emma Watson!!! <3

Music I like!
American Authors, Panic! At the Disco, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, WALK THE MOON, A Great Big World Fall Out Boy, The Mowgli’s, Sheppard, Michael Jackson, Owl City, Hot Chelle Rae, Rixton, this is too many why are you still reading this

other miscellaneous things
-I have an Australian Terrier named Joey <3
-Favorite HP character is Luna Lovegood
-I like the color turquoise
-Pandas are the best animal in the universe <3
-Have I mentioned I'm a Ravenclaw?
-I should probably stop now.

ANYWAYS! If you want to plot/chat/anything/everything, HIT ME UP!!! Via PM, PC, MC, any method at all you can reach me, I SHALL ANSWER THE SUMMONS.

Love you guys!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

a rare photo of me in action!


this is terrible but I will not apologize
Introductions! / Since I'm a counselor this had a deadline <3
« Last post by Circe Blackwood on 07/18/2017 at 13:42 »
HI GUYS! I just wanted to let y’all know y’all are awesome. <3 So anyways lets get this introduction thing posted.. Since I’m really bad at it. First of all my name is Cori and I live in the small town of Flippin, Arkansas. Yes that’s the real name of the town. I love big cities though, and the travel bug has embedded itself deeply into my soul. So I think it’s now time for the lists.. There’s always lists in these things.

A little bit about me..
1) I can’t code… Obviously since all of this is just normal looking.
2) I have a Schni Tzu and he’s the most adorable mutt.
3) I love GoT. I mean who on here doesn’t though? (Also Gotham, Penny Dreadful, Vikings, and Grey’s Anatomy.. All very different but don’t judge me.) <Obviously Idk how to use perenthesis.
4) If you want to send me Ru Paul’s drag race gifs all day I am okay with that.
5) Ron Swanson is my spirit animal.
6) Virgo, INTJ
7) My favorite animal is an Elephant..
8) I get super excited about everything. Aka I’m basically a toddler.

Circe Blackwood - 15, Seer.. She is SASSY. According to a certain Fish she’s a drama queen.. OR I am? Idk. ANYWAYS… She’s a Slytherin and takes pride in that. She’s adventurous and outgoing. She’d probably be a Gryff if it wasn’t for the attraction to the Dark Arts. If you’re into snogs, then she’ll gladly oblige. She also might call you by the wrong name, just ask Jeremy Smallplant.
Rosie Blackwood - 36, Circe’s Aunt… (haven’t really played her much.. I should retire her really).
Margaux Hartley - 21, Formerly Margaux de la Roche. Her husband is Sebastian Hartley. She is a pureblood princess and thinks the world owes her everything. Why wouldn’t it? She’s very blunt and because of that her circle is made up of only a few, but she would do anything for that few.
Poseidon “Sei” St Oswald - 30, Think mad hatter and you’ve hit him right on the nail. He is a “retired” magical/cursed artifact smuggler/dealer. He might poke your forehead for a greeting, but don’t be alarmed.. He’s just testing if you’re up to par with him or not. Oh. And his other half is Hermes St Oswald. Sei is obviously the better looking twin.
Alastor K. Cassiel - 17, Residential bad boy. They already have his cell in Azkaban picked out, they’re just waiting on him to commit the crime. Pureblood and blood purist. He despises muggles/muggleborns.
Apollo Marquis - 11, She’s in the works right now, but when I get around to posting her app in the near future she will be my bright sunshine baby. Her twin is Artemis Marquis and they like to switch places sometimes, so watch out.

Introductions! / no fancy code i'm afraid, but hello!
« Last post by Beauregard Lesauvage on 07/18/2017 at 13:34 »
Hello!! I'm bad at introductions, so if you have questions, feel free to ask, I'm an open book really.

I'm Shay, I joined Hoggies all the way back in 2015, almost two years here, how? In that time, I have too many characters to count, but please, show love to them all, I love them all. Beauregard is my latest, and probably last for a while, he should be a fifth/sixth year next term, hopefully -fingers crossed-

A bit more about myself; I'm currently waiting to here if I have gotten the grades to make it into University (hence why Bo is probably my last character for a while). I'm hoping to study Politics in September, which I'm looking forward too! I've always wanted to go to University.

I have a wide range of television interests, I'm currently watching a series called Black Sails (which by the way, is awesome!!!), also, now that Game of Thrones is currently airing, I am keeping up with that also! I also have interest in RuPaul's Drag Race, one of the best competition/reality TV everrrrrrr. Otherwise, I'm open to new suggestions, I don't really have a specific genre I like, although Sci-Fi/Post-Apocolyptic/Futuristic things jump straight to the front of the queue.

After that brief interlude of Gif's, we come back to the writing. Now, a little biabout my characters!

Hermes St. Oswald - 32 - Head of the Family - The first of my characters, he has grown a lot since then. He taught at Hogwarts for one year, before he left in order to care for his son (of whom he took into his care from the mother Elsie Marchen). Following, the death of both his father and grandfather, he is Head of the St. Oswald fortune and titles and lands. He has a keen interest in the Social Reconstruction Committee.

Briar Marchen - 16 - Sixth Year Dropout - Bri has been through a multitude of life events, one of which kept him from Hogwarts in his third year, he returned, only to find comfort in Lucas Clarington-DuPont, now St. Oswald. After a recommendation from an anonymous source, The Musical Academy of Vienna asked him to audition. Following the end of the year, he shall be leaving Hogwarts for good.

Barclay Duncan - 12 - Second Year - Barclay is still young, and lives with his grandparents in Scotland, his parents having been murdered by Germans, unbeknownst to him. Barclay is set to go on a personal journey through his third year, to find out what exactly happened to his parents. As well as getting into as much trouble as possible.

Beauregard Lesauvage - 15 - Hogwarts Student - French born, English raised. The Heir to the Lesauvage Headship, lands and fortune, the Prince of Darling France (in his mothers eyes anyway). He has a tough relationship with his Father, and his half-brother Dashiell, even his full brother, Sebastian. He has a kind relationship with the families ward, Alice Labelle... both somewhat being aware they are intended to be married. Also this summer, he is your Summer Counsellor.

These are only a handful of my characters, and if you'd like to thread, I am more than welcome to do so, just shoot me a PM and we can think something out!! Can't wait to speak to you all!
General OOC / Summer Duelling of 1951 Sign-Ups
« Last post by Ryan Ward on 07/17/2017 at 17:51 »
Summer Duelling Sign-ups
of 1951
Summer duelling is the perfect opportunity to get some practice in, perhaps attempt some new things you might like to try during the school tournament. It's also perfect for new players to try their hand at duelling and get to know how it works.

If you are interested in signing up, all relevant information for setting up your profile and duelling in general can be found here. Sign-ups are by duel, however if you wish to do the second round of duels with the same profile from the first round, just post a line saying so when round 2 duels open.

However, as this is summer duelling, feel free to mix things up a little and post a different profile for the second duel if the first time didn't go so well. Just be sure to point out the differences! Note that these changes only work in summer, and that during castle only the initial profiles you submit for the tournament are unchanging and cannot be modified between rounds.

If you have any questions, your dueling refs this summer are myself (Ryan Ward), Beauregard Lesauvage, and Finny Morgenstern. So don't hesitate to approach one of us for help.

Important Dates
1 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 1] sign-ups open
7 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 1] sign-ups close
9 AUGUST: Duelling [Round 1] starts
16 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 1] ends
16 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 2] sign-ups open*
21 AUGUST: Duelling [Round 2] sign-ups close
23 AUGUST: Duelling [Round 2] starts
30 AUGUST: Dueling [Round 2] ends
Duelling Profile
Code: [Select]
[b]Camp Team:[/b]
[b]Year at Start of Next Term:[/b]
[b]Is this your first time dueling (OOC)?[/b]
[b]Are you specialized in any spell(s)?[/b]
          [b]If so, what is it/are they?[/b] ((You may choose up to three.))
[b]Are you using Potion(s)?[/b] ((If so, please remember to PM the previously stated refs with a list of potions you would like to use prior to the duel.))
[b]Are you an Infirmary Assistant?[/b]
[b]Are you a Quidditch player?[/b]
[b]What are your Magical Levels?[/b]
[b]What is your Magical Strength?[/b]  ((Your magical strength must be equal to or greater than your year. If you have more than one level equal to or greater than your year, then you must choose only one of these as your strength for duelling. Example: Joe is a 5th year. His magical levels are C6D7T5S4. Joe may choose EITHER Charms OR Divination OR Transfiguration as his strength, but he may not choose Conjuring and Summoning. If you have no levels equal to or greater than your year, then you have no magical strength for duelling. If you have just applied, this would be notated in your application.))

[b]Total Points:[/b]

[i](First years receive 12 points,
  Second years get 13,
  Third years get 14,
  Fourth years get 15,
  Fifth years get 16,
  Sixth years get 17, and
  Seventh years get 18.)[/i]

     [b]Ability: [/b]
     [b]Resistance: [/b]
     [b]Strength: [/b]
     [b]Agility: [/b]
     [b]Vitality: [/b]
     [b]Velocity: [/b]
     [b]Potions: [/b]
Introductions! / another summer, another introduction
« Last post by Ryan Ward on 07/17/2017 at 16:39 »
Now with 10% less copy/paste.

I'm terrible at this things, but hi. I'm Grimm, or whatever you know me as in MC when I end up in there. This summer with a shiny camp counseller badge.

If you were expecting something more impressive, then I apologize since I mostly recycled this from the last few terms. I suck at these things. Always have, always will. Hopefully you enjoyed the derpy cat though, since it is another one that always tends to make me laugh.

I originally joined back in 2011 after being dragged here by an older member of a site I eventually helped Admin (rather poorly, probably), and the rest is history.

Some things to know about me:
- I'm a terribly slow somewhat of a slow writer. And my muse is fickle.
- I really enjoy cold weather, and melt during the summer months.
- I devour books, although I still need to go get more of them. I usually tend to read the same books over and over again.
- I listen to pretty much anything there is to listen too. Generally as background noise, but my favorite genre's are punk, rock, jazz and swing.
- I turned twenty-seven on Christmas \o/ *slowly approaching the thirty mark*
- I live for puns. And funny cat gifs. And funny dog gifs. Just throw gifs at me.

The Cast:
Alexander Valentine
- Old man. Happily married. Father of two.
- The sarcastic half of Izzentine.
- Works for the MoM, but really needs to be more active oops. Double oops.
- Ravenclaw graduate.
- Immortalized as a coffee menu item in the Ravenclaw Tower.
- With the birth of Elly he has developed a bit of a sweet tooth.
- Papa wolf mode engaged as Elly grows older. She is almost old enough for Castle!

Jacob Scarborough
- Another old man. Probably looks younger.
- Grumpy librarian at Hogwarts.
- Has probably definitely been arrested before. Probably multiple times.
- Was born with a weak heart and underwent surgery in his youth to have it replaced.
- Should have died this term, but is sticking around for another term.
- Fueled by the tears of people he has kicked out of the library.
- Voted most likely to come back and haunt you as a ghost.

James Knight
- Not really new blood anymore.
- The other half of Mames.
- Part giant probably at Six-foot-four inches. Relative of bigfoot with his large feet.
- Nineteen going on twenty. Auror (but probably not a good one oops).
- Big eater. Be careful with food around him.

Ryan Ward
- His name started off as a joke when I first wrote him five years ago. (R. E. Ward. Or Just Ry Wards.)
- Ravenclaw. Half-blooded American. Counsellor of Team Birds.
- Pretty lanky. But not as tall as my other dorks.
- Current goal for summer is to just float around doing as little as possible. Maybe drown himself in butterbeer at the Golden Goose Inn.
- Biggest dork of them all.
- Found his capacity to bite back last term, and can/will if provoked.
- Looking to explore the application of Aura Reading to help medical diagnosis and/or Spell Damages after Hogwarts at St. Mungos. Assuming he doesn't end up lost in the woods (on purpose) this term.
General OOC / Open Threads '51
« Last post by Clinton Litchfield on 07/16/2017 at 09:31 »
Open Threads
Summer '51

Started an open thread? Post it here!

Looking for threads to join? You've come to the right place.
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