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Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: let me down slowly [Vagary AU]
« Last post by Avery Elliot on 02/22/2020 at 18:58 »
Avery stepped back to let her work, lest vines strangle him too. He took the time to clean off the moss agate with a small bottle of moon water, then rinsed the lavender with it too. At her question, Avery glanced between the moss agate in his hand and the malachite she further buried. "Which one?"
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« Last post by Kurtis Garland on 02/21/2020 at 22:16 »
"Have you ever cooked this way before?" Kurt asked warily, eyeing her up as he handed over the frying pan.

His head bent down to Lophie's height before he whispered, "Who should we call first? The ambulance or the fire department?" The baby didn't answer him, obviously.

"Do you need instructions? do we get the rest of the batter of the ceiling? I've lost my wand again."

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« Last post by Adelaide Parfait on 02/17/2020 at 19:20 »
Adelaide smiled as she looked at her boyfriend, and that little sheepish smile that he had. He probably thought that she was some sort of demon, by the way that he did his stupid little smile, slightly nervous that she would yell at him. She was not a monster. She was just trying to be a good, kind, relaxed girlfriend, which is why she ignored the splash of batter on her forehead and instead just smiled at her boyfriend.

His silence was slightly worrying, but that was okay. Because she smiled softly at her boy, hoping that that would reassure him, as one hand reached out to take the frying pan.

"Non, I want to cook with ze muggle type." She smiled, "I can do it. I want to try. And you can not cook with a little Lo," her fingers reached out to softly feel her daughter's hair, "on your torso."
Testing / Re: Testing 123
« Last post by Joseph McCormick on 02/14/2020 at 20:43 »
Shiny new things!
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: let me down slowly [Vagary AU]
« Last post by Vega Nettlebed on 02/13/2020 at 17:35 »
Vega watched, hawk-like, as Avery did the dirty work and she cradled Fiona in her arms.

Blue eyes watched, not missing a thing, as he reached out towards Fiona, digging through the top layer of her soil. The semi-precious gemstone was, she could only assume, the moss agate he had mentioned in one of his notes.

She hadn’t understood it then. She still didn’t understand it now.


Vega broke from her thoughts, jarred into action by his question. With a gentleness that surprised even herself, the Gryffindor lifted Fiona out of her old home and lowered her into her new one.

As she reached for a handful of soil and began to cover up their Fanged Geranium’s roots, Vega’s impatient curiosity finally got the better of her.

“What’s the rock for? You never explained.”
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: let me down slowly [Vagary AU]
« Last post by Avery Elliot on 02/09/2020 at 17:47 »
He found agreement easier to understand from the plant than Vega, who would never fully say she agreed with him. As long as Fiona liked it, though.

When Fiona was situated with Vega, Avery began to prepare the new pot. Enough soil to fill the edges, but leave her room to stretch her roots. Malachite nestled at the bottom. He sprinkled water from the New Moon in July's Leo to moisten the fresh soil, for good measure.

Reaching over, Avery shifted some of Fiona's topsoil to find the moss agate he'd given her, setting it aside for when she was re-potted. He also had some dried lavender to keep her company afterwards to help relieve some of the stress of the ordeal.

Putting some more soil into the pot, Avery eyed how high it was comparatively before deciding it was enough. "Ready?"
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: let me down slowly [Vagary AU]
« Last post by Vega Nettlebed on 02/08/2020 at 18:03 »
Both snappy creatures bared their teeth in what might have been two matching smiles.

“She likes it,” Vega insisted, because that was easier than saying, yes, you’re right, it does. Fiona swayed slightly in her pot, which Vega could only assume was her version of a nod. They all agreed, then, even if the two girls hadn’t specifically said it out loud.

“Now we have to repot her.” As great a challenge as picking the right pot, if not a greater one. “I’ll hold her,” Vega held out her hands expectantly, “—and you get her new home ready.”
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« Last post by Kurtis Garland on 02/08/2020 at 00:02 »
The sheepish smile on his face grew when he realised that Addy wasn't actually mad at him for the mess. It probably would have been worse if he'd let the baby crawl loose in it.

Good job he had his bag!

Apparently, God hated him because the pancake batter chose the worst time possible to fall (so fast that he couldn't try to catch it) and landed on his girl.


She was offering to cook and Kurt didn't know if it was just a ply to get him to hand her the frying pan so she could wack him with it.

"Really? I can do it, sorta, just have to..get that down..with a spell? You're uh, good at spells? You can do it?"

Kurtis Garland did not want his kitchen burnt down by Adelaide Parfait, who was a terrible cook.
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: talk too much - hexe snaps
« Last post by Marcus Helvar on 02/07/2020 at 23:44 »
Marcus took great satisfaction in how easily he pushed her underwater, even if her struggling splashed almost as much water in his face as she got from being submerged in the stuff. He wrapped his arms tight around her, forcing her down as long as he could until eventually letting her up. He didn’t exactly want to kill her, and besides, his arms were already burning.

“Oh dear.”

Marcus fixed Odi with a remorseless grin, more a baring of his teeth in predatory challenge than an actual smile. He still kept a tight grip of her wrists, a subconscious part of him aware of the danger she posed.
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: let me down slowly [Vagary AU]
« Last post by Avery Elliot on 02/07/2020 at 03:01 »
The best way to avoid danger was to keep it within sight. He learned it when his back brought spitballs and his curls tangled in vicious fingers. He learned it when someone grabbed his bag and when he braced himself. Uncertainty was the same as a threat because predictability was his only defence.

Avery followed a step behind Vega, ensuring he had an extra second if she decided he wasn't worth the trouble of passing Herbology. He also counted on the fact that she cared for Fiona perhaps more than anyone else in her life (he had yet to be disproven on this suspicion), and he held Fiona carefully in front of him.

It was most definitely not because he could also watch the way light filtered through her hair and reminded him of summer woods.

His attention shifted from porcelain to ceramic with her prompt, evaluating each. One seemed more like Fiona, earthy and strong. The other simply looked like Vega took one of her cauldrons and put it here to throw him off.

"I think this one suits her better," Avery finally said, setting Fiona behind the vined pot. He tilted his head as if imagining someone wearing an outfit. "What do you think?" he asked to both snappy creatures in front of him.

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