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i want sigs!

character name: Mari-Rose Wilson
signature content: Well my heart knows me better than I know myself so I'm gonna let it do all the talking
other additional information: pretty colours on the words 'heart', 'myself', 'talking'
extra: I LOVE YOU!!!! SO MUCH!!!!
Graphics Center & Art Gallery / Re: birb's junk shop™
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request for Zoey Jones
Colors: #91f4ff , #61bcf9
Shade: Light or dark base
Theme: Very much an ocean based theme
Images: Honestly, any Indiana Evans photos where she does not have a tail would be incredible!
Words: I dance to the song of the sea.
Features: Go nuts!
Etc: An Australian who's visiting Summer Camp to enjoy British life only to find it's an Australian theme, and is now ignoring everyone in favour of water sports.

16June 1954.
Dear Diary,

Have just arrived at camp. Certain of 3 things:

  • I have forgotten something
  • I am taller than Aphrodite Foxe
  • I don't like it here

I CANNOT imagine papa enjoying himself in a place like this, maybe uncle Cass but he doesn't count.

More later.

He laughed when she stifled hers, pausing a minute before stabbing a small forkful and re-stuffing his face.  She wasn't expecting him to be so flippant about Lecia and Newton- an advantage.  He was guilty of nothing but a conversation and a smile, a shared memory with someone.  Where (or when) that memory came from was immaterial- he'd been a free man then.

When he was ready to go on, "Probably had something to do with Dad..." he caught himself, ", her Dad.  That whole thing with her sister and their inheritance... her family's a bit of a mess sometimes- probably got her brain tied up in knots."

It had nothing to do with the letter she'd received, or the inheritance- yesterday had been his Wedding Day in the other universe, to Lecia.  He'd spent a great night and the better part of the next morning with Julia in this universe.

He'd seen Lecia- briefly, last night- when Jere brought her into the cabin, unable to walk on her own.  Yes, he knew that her being upset was because of him.  It wasn't fair- he wasn't upset that she had a boyfriend, why should she be upset about him and Julia?  He looked in Julia's eyes, "Howard's a good healer, but he can be overbearing."  A hitch as he realized his mistake, You idiot!  How do you know that name?  Relax Brick.  Brenda.

He made a face as if clearing something from his teeth, "Lecia's Dad is one of the healers that's treating my sister in St. Mungo's.  Lec and me have talked about him quite a bit."  An awkward silence.

A change of subject, "Hey, I was thinking about going to watch the aurora australis- someone told me the bluff a bit south of here has a great view of them- if they show up.  We... we kinda missed them the other night."  A smirk, as he reached out a foot to catch her attention, a little footsie, a little nudge.  "Interested?  Maybe bring your guitar?  It... it'll be fun."

Goose Märchen

fourth | hufflepuff | Super Awesome Counselor

“Where is that Newton, anyway? You don’t suppose they…”

Julia nearly spit out her food trying to repress a laugh. “I… don’t think so,” she said, still covering her mouth.

“Strange, how? I hope she’s alright?”

Once Julia successfully swallowed her food, she accepted the roll. She propped her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand, keeping her eyes on him.

“Well… I’ve only seen her act that way once. When she blamed me for ruining her chances with someone. But that can’t be the case, since she does have a boyfriend, and you’re the only person I’ve been snogging.”

She took a bite of the roll, still not straying from his eyes. “Weird, isn’t it?”
11 July, 1954.
Sydney Town Hall.

Dinner was a necessity- he'd gone without a real meal for a couple of days now, and he seriously needed the nutrients.  Between the love and the tears and the climbing and physical activities and the mental fatigue of the past few days all catching up with him, he was hungry.

After only a few minutes of food bliss, his girlfriend showed up.

His girlfriend.  The thought made him smile from the inside out.  She sat, and he smiled at her- reached out for her hand, her leg- to touch her as if to prove she were real.  He'd have leaned in to give her a kiss, but he had his mouth full.

She must have had something on her mind, "Say... have you talked to Lecia lately?  She was acting strange earlier."

He didn't choke.  He didn't swallow hard, or make any outward motion that there was anything out of the ordinary at all.  He did make a noise indicating that he had something to say, but not not until he was done with this bite of food.

Eventually, "For a minute or two?  Down at the beach.  She was looking for her love."  All of it, technically true.  He swiveled his head, giving the room a once-over.  Satisfied in the construction in his head, "Where is that Newton, anyway?  You don't suppose they..." a leading question, with a little wraggly-eyebrows.

He hoped she was.  For her own sake, she deserved to be happy.  To get everything she wanted.  He hoped.

He offered Julia a dinner roll, "Strange, how?  I hope she's alright?"
Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: Summer days drifting away | Brulia snaps
« Last post by Julia Cole on 08/13/2018 at 23:43 »
July 11. Dinnertime.
Sydney Town Hall.

After her brief talk with Lecia, Julia had spent some time in her room, thinking things over. She grabbed a hasty lunch, then laid out by the river, thinking some more. Like how did Lecia know they were dating so soon? She hadn’t told anyone.

She did notice Brick had been missing from breakfast and lunch the previous day. Lecia had missed all the mealtimes. Brick wouldn’t have gone to her right after they started dating, would he have? No, he wasn’t like that.

Or was he? He had snogged someone who was in a relationship, which she thought he’d never do. Not after Pax had done it to her. Now she was just being paranoid. Lecia, who knows where she was. Brick was probably just tired from camping. It was probably all fine.

But still, Lecia had been pretty peeved that Julia was with Brick, after suggesting several times that the two of them should get together.

Julia sat next to Brick with her food.

“Say… Have you talked to Lecia lately? She was acting strange earlier.”
Testing / Re: Teeeeeeest
« Last post by Gilroy Locke on 08/13/2018 at 23:16 »
beep boop
Lecia scoffed. If Julia only knew that the  kiss -not a snog- they shared had been so much more, she had no idea what she was missing.

“So, yeah, you better go talk to your ‘boyfriend’. You don’t deserve him, you know. But I guess that’s up to him to decide.”

Her true colors were showing and they looked more silver and green than black and yellow. "If anyone doesn't deserve the guy she's dating, it's you. He's way too good for you, for anyone."

She walked towards the showers, not once looking back at Julia.

Summer had only begun for her and she was already fed up with it, with them, with herself. She couldn't wait to leave.

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