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1973 / Re: The Cave [ECV]
« on: 04/20/2012 at 01:48 »
She had loved him once, she still remembered it.

It was his smile as he dismounted after a hard game, sweat plastering his brown locks to his forehead, sunshine seeping into the blue of his eyes, alighting them green as the grass. He had been a demi-god then, surrounded by friends, admirers, teammates alike, and he had adored her - she, him. They had been masters of their fields inside the microcosm that was the boarding school, the perfect couple, the best match, winners.

Esme Faracy loved to win. She knew nothing else.

Occasionally it was the way he sighed late at night as they poured over a stack of textbooks too tall to see over, his hand reaching around to find her own. Quiet companionship (quiet was a rarity with Timothy, Esme knew, but she knew him in small moments, odd hours), their fingers interlacing in the darkened library. She had been shy once, good and quiet, she hadn't treated love carelessly like Penelope, frivolously like Lola.

Undoubtedly, it was when they danced, for no one danced the way that Timothy and Esme danced - a riot, but fluid, their steps in time, their laughter in place. It had been his smile and his charm, the way that he had refuted her excuses, challenged her, teased her into place and right back out of it again. They had been a perfect match once, for even when he hit her (once and only once, for Esme decided what was an adequate punishment for her actions and she served her sentence with grace), she was glad for it.

She had loved him once. They had been partners once.

"He'll like it here."


A small smile fought its way onto her expression and she nodded, swallowing. "He will."

Julian liked anything. Infants had an easy way about them.

Esme took a sip of water, glad for the relief, the distraction, anything.

"How's things? Your parents?"

Swallowing, she nodded amiably. "They're well. Definitely well. They-- mom's traveling," Esme rolled her eyes, for Estella was always traveling - she never seemed to stop moving, never stopped doing. In a way, Esme was her mother's daughter, for her limbs ached with the same restlessness and she felt a similar strain, a fear of mediocrity, a desperate need to progress. "Dad's... well. Painting."

Cade had been painting her entire life.

Esme wet her lips and shrugged. "What have..."

What the hell have you been doing?

"What's new?"

Almost instantly, Esme shook her head and lifted her hand, brushing the question away. They could exchange pleasantries until the drain fixed itself, both well-bred, highly educated, more than competent.  Her eyes met his, gray and seething with unexpressed anger buried beneath months of disappointment, years of distance. Years.

When had they gotten so old?

"You didn't sign the papers, you ass."

« on: 04/14/2012 at 20:02 »
The powers that be would like you to know that the next clue is up! Happy hunting.

1973 / Re: The Cave [ECV]
« on: 04/09/2012 at 15:53 »
"I think."

That was usually where their problems began.

"No, I didn't."

A smile tugged at her mouth, she suppressed it. After too many years of knowing Timothy, Esme was almost too adept at predicting his answers, his moods, his thoughts. Familiarity crossed her expression for only a moment before it vanished into creamy skin and the faintest dusting of summer freckles. She had known him once; she did not then.

The Timothy that Esme knew did not run away - not from people or jobs or certainly Hogwarts, of all places. He didn't run away, and he didn't hide at his family home when things went wrong, even when they went awfully wrong. Esme drew a breath, her jaw twitching as it itched to be squared though her features remained lax.

"I'll get someone to fix that."

"I'm sure you will."

She barely knew him anymore.

Unscrewing the cap from her bottle, Esme took a sip and sighed, leaning against the countertop.


Sweat brewed on her forehead in a line of tiny beads and she laughed without much of a reason for it.

"Was it always so hot here?"

1973 / Re: The Cave [ECV]
« on: 04/03/2012 at 06:03 »
Esme knew of the South, for she had been raised in the South. Brought up among heavy trees covered in Spanish moss and gallons of sweet tea, the sugar so dissolved that it simply coated the ice cubes and made them a treat of their own, Esme knew the South. She knew heat and humidity, the warmth of sun-soaked tiles and the difficulty of a southern summer.

She wore blue that day, navy, a sundress smock that neither clung to nor hid her curves, her hair pinned back into a tumbling mess atop her head. Travel was not the easiest when Esme had not been pregnant, and traveling with a small child seemed altogether out of the question.

Her hands were empty as she stood in the doorway, light filtering between her legs and over her shoulders.

"This is what happens when you buy a place without checking it first."

She dropped the paint can with a clatter, the seafoam inside shaking from the motion but not splattering - there was not enough paint left.

"I thought you--" Checked it. The words fell silent, and Esme pursed her lips together and released them, shaking her head abruptly. It wasn't worth it.

"I've finished the hallway." She countered dully, not mentioning that she had never picked up a brush to do so (the polish of her manicure said as much), never referring to her ability to do so without so much as lifting her wand. It was easier that way, she felt. Better.

Stepping further into the room, Esme opened the small refrigerator - an antiquated thing too small to hold a true family's groceries, though neither Timothy nor Esme had complained. They hadn't made it that far.

She extracted two bottles of water and passed him one, leaning over his prone body.

"Is something wrong?"

1973 / Re: This is not about cupcakes.
« on: 04/02/2012 at 02:58 »

@Neka: When I was younger, my mom used to bake cupcakes inside ice cream cones. Ridiculously good... made better with funfetti.
@Adam: Tell me. Better yet, show me.
@Nate: I'd watch a cupcake rodeo. Or just the running of the bulls.
@Ebs: <3
@Annabel: GET HIM.
@Kellen: ...If you buy her a few drinks first.

1973 / Re: RAVENCLAW
« on: 04/01/2012 at 14:26 »

love it, Ebs.

1973 / Re: RAVENCLAW
« on: 04/01/2012 at 05:01 »
helloooo babies.

1973 / Re: Bazinga!
« on: 03/30/2012 at 16:16 »
23 yessss. It's the best age.

Do you plan to move back to Ohio? Also, I'm kind of jealous that you get to stay up all night.

1973 / Re: Once Upon a time...
« on: 03/30/2012 at 16:13 »
Ahhh Chantell!  Visual arts are the best. :)

I'll just second everyone in that teaching abroad is really brave and cool. Good luck!

I don't think you really exist anymore.


« on: 03/30/2012 at 16:10 »
I think your list of characters is longer than mine and that makes me glad.


That is all.

1973 / Re: Awww, Here we go again! [Yay for Intro's]
« on: 03/30/2012 at 16:09 »
...All I can think of for the title is R Kelly, and I really don't think that's right.


My cats are trying to kill me, too. Treats seem to calm them? I don't know. It's like a warzone walking home every day.

AlVal baby. <3

I think Jacob sounds like an excellent Ravenclaw, and since you already know the house...

Just teasing. I won't steal you for a second time until AlVal graduates.

House Mom

A list, because I like lists:

  • 23 TWINS
  • Donnie Darko yes
  • Pan's Labyrinth yes
  • You, you, you yes
  • Also you could have ended the last sentence of Lukas' description with 'Together with Esme Faracy.' I think the rest is irrelevant.
  • But I'm biased.

Oh and I will post for you today. I got distracted by dinner last night. <3

1973 / Re: The one who is terribly horrible at titles
« on: 03/30/2012 at 16:04 »
Eee my Ravenclaws.


Someday, I want to hear the story of all of your nicknames. It always piques my interest when you use them in chat.

1973 / Re: Three Point One Four One Five Nine
« on: 03/30/2012 at 15:59 »
dear scott, a haiku:

thanks for being awake
when we're running maintenance no, you awesome.

House Mom

PS, if Mav ever wants someone to scorn and judge Kedding's poor life choices, Ella's around.



see you in april.


1973 / Re: Hey hey hey! It's Kellen!
« on: 03/30/2012 at 15:53 »
Dear Pam, three things:


2. I adore you.

3. Thank you for having email conversations with me about changing facebook names. It kept me laughing at work.


1973 / Re: Now I'm the princess of a downtown train...
« on: 03/30/2012 at 15:51 »

I love you.

Thank you for sharing my love of shelves and Gaga.

House Mom

1973 / House Cup Winners 1972-73!
« on: 03/29/2012 at 18:34 »
So, so many points this term! The race was close, and now that final grades are turned in, we can finally declare a winner (but you're all winners to me).

In fourth place, with 2167 points, comes Hufflepuff!

In third, with 2427 points, comes Slytherin!

In second, with 2499 points, Gryffindor gave them a run for their money.

And in first, with 3359 points, Ravenclaw wins the House Cup!

(Congratulations Ravenclaws. I suppose I'll let you back in the Commons for next term. ;) )

1973 / Re: RAVENCLAW
« on: 03/29/2012 at 01:08 »
hey boys hey.

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