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Name: Vivian Jangleton
Age: 15
Relationship: We're friends, right?
Plots: We need to win that cup one of these days before you leave, cap.


This past term and summer has been somewhat of a rockety year for Vivian. Apart from juggling Quidditch and studies at school, she is also dealing with personal hassles back home such as her adoptive family's continued disparaging of her that has gotten worser. As a result, she's gotten a bit more irritable and perhaps a bit more sporatic than she usually is but nevertheless, keeps it all up locked up to herself confiding in a few only. Looking forward to prepare for her O.W.L.S for this term and perhaps try to make camp and term go as smoothly as possible without any more future distractions, the French girl can only hope that everything goes off without a hitch.

15 -- Ravenclaw -- Half-Blood

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Character Plot Creation & Management / Re: Quack Fun
« on: 04/02/2021 at 04:05 »
Vivian Jangleton

Introvert - Friendly  - Geek

Any new books you've come across recently?

1961 / Re: The Pretty Lies, The Ugly Truth
« on: 12/29/2020 at 20:41 »
Welcome, Farren!!

Mann, those release parties sound really top of the line. Never had the chance to go to one myself but perhaps one day! Glad to have you with us nevertheless!

1961 / Re: Where?? Am?? I??
« on: 12/28/2020 at 22:17 »
Hey, Courtney!

Your coding is absolutey gorgeous. I need your skills, teach me.

I happen to be a budding violin player myself though been out of practice this past month or so but feels good to kick back and do a tune or two every now and then! Let me know if you ever want a thread.

You have caught my attention mentioning mango cheescake, do share.

1961 / Re: The calm after a storm
« on: 12/25/2020 at 02:30 »
A fellow history friend! You're my new favorite person,I could go on for hours about anything even remotely historical!

Welcome to Hoggies and if you ever are in need of a thread, feel free to ask!

1961 / Re: Code Red (Open)
« on: 12/24/2020 at 16:53 »
“ Congrats, as I’d hate to have added finding your wand to the list of rules I’ve broken. “

That, and there would be probably be a whole more than just rules broken if that happened as far as Vivan was concerned. You would think for something so important to a witch or wizard's everyday life, such an item would be more..secured in a sense. To the average person, it was after all no different than a piece of twig, the comparison was almost insulting in a sense. She had to admit, Cressida's words did confused her a bit. Breaking rules for helping someone, it seemed almost ironic. "You're saying you would get in trouble for helping someone find their wand."

She didn't see anything about this situation that would constitue a punishment of any kind. She simply shook her head laughing. She couldn't really get a read on Cress but Vivian decided she liked that, some people were just tough to figure out and the Ravenclaw took that as a personal challenge. "Fair point, I suppose." To each their own, that was her philsophy and if Cress's thing was potions than Viv's was creatures as far as the eye could see. A budding magizoologist in the making.

"So what did you do to get an in on the counselor job here at camp?"

Vivian didn't think she was coming back to this role anytime in the near future. It was nice in a odd way, having some level of authority and control  but some of these kids just seemed to sap the energy right out of you. She didn't understand how the professors did it and had no interest in learning to do so. "Nothing special, I threw my name up for consideration and I guess Litchfield thought I was cut out for it." She shrugged in response because truth was, Viv didn't know herself. She had not been expecting to get it but it had been a rather happy surprise. She wasn't exactly what you would call a goody-two-shoes yet not a people person either, why she had been picked for something like this was beyond her but she wasn't complaining.

"Not too shabby though if you can look past the younger years."
It was the younger years really they had to look out for, the elder students they could an extent. She still had reserved opinions about some people around camp..some.

1961 / Re: fetch the bolt cutters
« on: 12/22/2020 at 02:01 »
Law and Order, you say? I think we will get together perfectly though I must admit I stopped watching it a while back, shame on me. But, welcome back and let me know if you ever want threads, I'd be glad to throw Vivian at you!

1961 / Re: i like your outfit
« on: 12/22/2020 at 01:56 »

You know, I thought that picture was of a bat at first, had to look up what a colugo was. Looks oddly similar in some ways! Can't wait to see what things Cori gets up to!

1961 / Re: Rolling you up into my katamari
« on: 12/22/2020 at 01:52 »
Welcome back!

Ulyana sounds like quite the interesting character, cant' wait to see what she gets up to around these parts! Let's thread some time, yes? The more, the merrier, I say!

1961 / Re: The Slow Regard of Silent Things
« on: 12/22/2020 at 01:47 »
Welcome to this lovely place, Orin!

I am with you right there on the coding struggle. I can not for the life of me make some of these wondrous and pretty things that but one can try! Once you get settled in, if you ever want to thread, let me know! I have a character roaming about in Elsewhere!

Welcome back!!

A fellow cat person! Best creatures hands-down :)

If you ever want to thread, I'd be down!

1961 / Re: Hues | Open
« on: 12/21/2020 at 00:08 »
Yes, she supposed Ed had a point. Those people who were more reserved in nature tended to be full of talent as the next person though in her case, well..Vivian wasn't exactly ready to explore that particular angle yet. "So basically what you're saying're a chatterbox." It wasn't exactly a bad thing, she liked people who were more outgoing in nature, tended to counteract her sort of isolated personality she had as of late and the boy had a good air around him, yes, this would be alright in her books. "I don't think it's a bad thing really, makes it easier to fit in with everyone."

That had not been the case with her but she had made it work. The discussions about houses made her smile. Viv hadn't been exactly surprised by the hat's choice, she had always been sort of a bookworm and her undying desire to just immerse herself with as much of the wizarding world as remotely possible was probably an influencing factor. "I'd say you did something brave just now. You didn't exactly give yourself credit for your singing voice but you still sang. Counts in my book." Perhaps it was a little thing but that was what mattered. Over time, little things turned into big things and as far as she was concerned, Edmund Whiteclaw's vocals were far from nightmarish.

The noise and sound of other people around confirmed that they were approaching their intended destination. Time to see if this hot chocolate was really what Ed made it out to be. She couldn't really speak for the Sorting Hat, it worked in mysterious ways but she had fit in alright. "Honestly, I wasn't really surprised with my Sorting , I do spend way too much time in the library than any sane person should." It was a habit and not one she would easily lose. House of the nerds, she thought it was just right for someone as academically passionate as her.

"Mum and Dad weren't pleased though, I sorta broke the Slytherin trend in the family." She said laughing. It almost hurt her she had to call them that but that was the secondary reason, it put her apart from them, made her different. "Not that I fancy spending a whole seven years in the dungeons." She didn't know who's genius idea it was to place a common room in those cold, dark, dungeons but for her, Ravenclaw Tower was warm and high, just the perfect place.

1961 / Re: Hues | Open
« on: 12/19/2020 at 22:05 »
"He's the cheerful type, think we'll be alright as long as he's around."

Aside from getting them up to speed on how to manage some very extremely energetic(maybe too much)campers, she hadn't interacted with the Hufflepuff professor too much but he did seem like one of the good ones. She ducked a low-hanging branch that presented itself into her way. And then there was Professor Galanis, basically the person who had helped her function last term though Vivian was not keen to recall the events of that. All she knew was that if she got another one of those Howlers, she might have to look into changing owls or something, it had not been a very pleasant experience to recieve one of those to say the least.

"It’s just not an environment that’s filled with much light at the moment."

She nodded solemnly her smile faltering for a moment, the image of the disapproving look of her own step-parents materializing in her head. "Don't blame ya, can get hectic every now and then." That statement was so true it almost hurt but the Ravenclaw knew far too well any other alternative was out of her reach. At least here, she could be happy and forget about things for a while, temporaily at least. Vivian didn't even know if it constitued being called a family with all the things that went on but she didn't want to dampen this converstation with that.

However, Ed's next comments caused her to let loose a quiet chuckle. "I'm one of the more quiet types, I suppose. I've been trying to work out of that, though." There were a lot of people she had become acquainted with at Hogwarts, more than she had imagined and at first, it was almost overwhelming but Viv didn't mind it, it had made her felt like she belonged a while. "I'd say we're pretty close-knit. It's hard not to be honestly, you just can't avoid it." That, and along with being on the house Quidditch team, she had found her place alright and she was perfectly content with it.

"I can add one more person to that list, I suppose though we'll forgive the fact that Gryffindor claimed you." She said, a bit of light humor entering the dialouge. Home of the lions, just like her sister. And then there she was, stuck with the geeks, not that she minded. It was perfect given her almost obsessive addiction to reading, Elena still didn't understand that concept.

1961 / Re: Hues | Open
« on: 12/18/2020 at 16:46 »
"The world is your snowball, see how it grows."

Vivian supplied helpfully. She had to admit despite that, it was a nice little tune. Truthfully, the girl had though she would have been the one to mess up first. After all, singing was not a thing that she did every so often but it came to her every now and then, if she was in the mood. "Let's blame it on me sounding like a dying horse." Viv was surprised to be fair, she had never revealed her vocals to anyone really but for some reason, it made her at peace. A sort of happiness if you will, she couldn't really chalk it down to anything solid but whatever it was, it seemed to be working.

“What made you decide to sign up to be a counsellor? Was it something you’d been looking at for awhile or was it a rather spurr of the moment decision?”

The golden question. She had to think about it for a moment as they trudged on in brief silence for a second as the Ravenclaw thought about it. "Well..." She started attempting to formulate her answer into words. "I wasn't expecting to get it really, just thought I would try my luck and I guess Litchfield thought that was good enough for him." Vivian was stilll surprsied by at but also secretly happy, things had gotten much better the conclusion of last term It was odd how things managed to turn out sometimes. "It suits you though, you seem like a people person."

The girl said grinning. It was true for how little she knew of the boy. He had that air about them, there were just those individuals that meshed well with others and she could see it. "Any plans aside from camp?" She knew that Camp Loki was't the only thing on most kid's agenda for the month of freedom that they had, a visit to Diagon Alley was still something she needed to check off her list. Alternatively though, she wouldn't have minded just huddling down in this winter wonderland for quite some more time, it was a nice little change from the summer she was so used to even if the weather did not seem to agree at times.

1961 / Re: Hues | Open
« on: 12/16/2020 at 23:13 »
“If you’d like to add another layer, you can have this for the time being."

She paused hesitating for a brief second. It was a nice gesture, not one she had been expecting. "You sure? Don't need you getting frostbite or something." Still, Viv had to admit, the cold months was something she still had trouble getting adjusted to. Sure, France had it's mean months too but nothing this bad. She gratefully accepted the coat swinging it around her shoulders the warmth feeling clearly present. "Thanks. Now I'm obligated to buy you that hot chocolate. One for one." It only seemed fair as the little snow particles drifted on down pelting them gently and adding to the accumalation on the ground. It was beginning to look more like an iceberg than anything camp-like in her opinion.

Thankfully, she recgonized the song her fellow counsellor had opted to choose for this particular endeavor. His voice was..he said give anyone a nightmare? That was a total lie. "I think you sold yourself a little short, choir material for sure." The blonde affirmed, music to her ears. She knew a good voice when she heard it and he was most definitely up there, a rare trait but a pleasant one. Recalling the words that came after, Viv waited a second before launching into her portion of the song.

"Those are marshmallow clouds being the arms of the evergreen trees."

That part was quite amusing in her head given their current location as she eyed the treetops that surrounded them. It was the perfect location.

"And the sun is red like a pumpkin's shining so your nose won't freeze."

Vivian found that she was actually enjoying this. If you took away the bone-chilling cold, if you took away the hectic chaos of the intial first day, this was actually relieving. She didn't know whether it was due to Edmund's relaxed and friendly personality or the joy of just getting a break before camp kicked off for the month. A mixture of the two, that sounded about right, the vivid smile not leaving her features as they walked. Yes, perhaps nightime walks were just what the doctor ordered.

1961 / Re: Hues | Open
« on: 12/15/2020 at 02:12 »
"When I was little and irritable, all she had to do was sit by bedside and sing."

"Our mothers are alike then, mine would do the same thing to get me to sleep." Vivian remarked reflecting for a moment. It had worked mostly but she wasn't that little eight year old any more and her mother wasn't around to do that anymore. Honestly, she hadn't remembered the last time she had done anything of the sort but today seemed as good as a day as any. Minus the cold. The mention of hot chocolate sounded like an appealing one as she pulled her coat tighter around herself.

"I like the sound of that though coins for hot chocolate sounds like a far better deal than my wand, hm?"
Yeah, Elena would murder her if anything ever happened to that thing and she did not want to entertain that though any further. "I'll hold you to your word." Viv said grinning a bit. Edmund seemed rather confident in his assessment of the drinks here as the girl clambered to her feet shaking off some snow that had deposited itself on her garb. This was summer, Christmas had defnitely come too early. Next time, perhaps she ought to invest in some hand warmers or something, those things were life-savers.

"A duet it is then! W-why don't you start u-us off then? Any song will do."
The blonde proclaimed her teeth chattering gesturing to the pathway that led to their intended destination.  Merlin curse this weather, they were in July, not December. Sometimes, she wondered if someone had found it amusing to implement one of those Weather-Modifying Charms and this was the aftermath. She wouldn't be surprised, she had a few names in mind on who would probably do that sort of thing.

"Shall we be off then?" A steaming hot cup of hot chocolate officialy vouched for by the Team Mistletoe counsellor had never sounded more appealing.

1961 / Re: Hues | Open
« on: 12/14/2020 at 02:43 »
“Oh no, not bad at all. Quite busy, but not bad. I’ve been put in charge of an energetic group of 10-12 year olds and they’re well excited to be here."

She cringed inwardly at hearing how young they were. There was just something about younger kids that she tended to run from. Maybe it was their infinte amount of energy, controlling them could be quite diffcult and she was glad she got stuck with a older batch, more her age and she could relate to better. "Let's hope that's all the energy they have for the duration of camp." She said chuckling slightly though she sincerely hoped so, she was going to have one or two grey hairs by the end of this.

"Pretty alright, my bunch's not that rowdy. This cold isn't helping things however."
Viv remarked taking up a handful of snow in her hand eyeing it ruefully before depositing it back in it's rightful place on the ground. A cup or two of hot chocolate would see her nicely into some warm blankets but the wooden, rough texture of a tree would have to do for now. It was oddly comforting in a sense and with all the decorations, made for nice scenery if you asked her.

"I wasn't that good though, surely you've heard better. Do you sing?"

The question was posed out of curiosity. The Ravenclaw by no means considered herself talented in that fashion any way, it had just crossed her mind at the moment and she had gone through with it. "Tiny tots with all their eyes aglow...will find it hard to sleep tonight." The light French accent disitnguishable with the words that  filtered out as as she drifted back into her singing state for a brief second before snapping back to the cold, freezing reality that was Camp Loki. "Sorry, habit. Had to finish the stanza."

1961 / Re: Hues | Open
« on: 12/11/2020 at 03:44 »
The first evening was always the most hectic. Campers filtering in, assinging cabins, the usual shabang. Thankfully, all that was past them now and dark was filterin in slowly. Well, she didn't know if you would use that to describe where Vivian was because it most certianly was not dark. The trees were ablaze with light and decorations her back resting against one. She had needed just a couple of minutes, a quick break before she trekked on back to the cabin into a nice, warm bed away from all this bone-chilling cold.

"Chestnuts roasting on a open fire..."

The melodic tunes tumbled out of her mouth as she sang lowly staring up at the darkening sky.

"Jack Frost nipping at your nose.."

It was one of those tunes her mother would sing to wake her up, a soft, sweet harmonic voice. Well, that was the good times as she patted the snow beside her. Back when things were better, back when she didn't have to worry so much. The thoughts of last term flashed through her head as Vivian sang the lyrics, it was a sort of stress relief thing if you will and it helped her unwind.

"Yuletide carols being sung by a choir.."

“You’re quite good!”

Her eyes snapped open as she had begun to doze off looking around in a panic. "Who? What? Whe-oh." Her eyes landed on the boy who had stumbled upon her relaxing a bit. What was his name again? Edmund, was it? That one boy who had done that Terra club thing. She had enjoyed it as she smiled at him. "Thanks, I try." She hadn't expected anyone else to be roaming about but she didn't mind. "First day not too bad, ya reckon?"

1961 / Re: Code Red (Open)
« on: 12/11/2020 at 03:22 »
"Seeing as I want to use magic next summer I gotta get on Litchfield’s good side.“

"How of all people did you manage to not get on his good side?" She asked utterly bemused by that fact. She didn't know the Head of House all too well but one thing she did know, he seemed nice, perhaps too nice or at least she thought so when the counsellors had arrived to prep for camp so the fact that someone wasn't in his good graces escaped her. "Don't tell me it was another one of those wonky potion experiments."  Vivian replied remembering all too well that day in the tower, they had sorted it out thankfully enough. Somehow, she still wondered if anyone found out about it, if they had, they hadn't come to Viv so she reckoned she was safe.

Her hand suddenly shot up triumphantly cluching a slender piece of thin wood aka her wand as a grin spread across her face. "Aha! See, told ya!" The blonde said stuffing it back into her coat pocket this time making sure it was snugly inside. The Ravenclaw was still reeling a bit from the fact that Cress would think this was a set-up, as if she was that nefarious to do anything of the sorts though she had a few people in mind who  find entertainment in such an endeavor, however Vivian was not those people.

"So, tell me. What did he bust you doing?" She asked slightly curious brushing off the snow from her gloved hands as she made her way back to where Cressida was standing. The evident disturbance in the snow where she had fallen was still evident, she supposed she was lucky she hadn't bonged her head against a tree or something. All she was happy about was that the girl had secured her wand and that she didn't have to worry about the choice words that would erupt from Elena's mouth if she ever found.

What a scene that would be to experience. 

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