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1959 / Re: Family Ties|Delrey Snaps
« on: 04/02/2020 at 04:41 »
Sticking her nose up in the air and turning away from her younger brother like a perfect little snob she crossed her arms. "I would have won that duel if you weren't such an overachiever in lessons...brat." She said seriously but with a teasing undertone showing no hard feelings.

"You used spells I can't even cast yet, of course you won. But I suppose that's the family way isn't it? If you got it...use it." She commented with a smirk before nodding towards the building. "Come on and let's get some lunch...Brian left so the ghost is clear for now know you can't avoid him all summer right?"

1959 / Re: Family Ties|Delrey Snaps
« on: 04/02/2020 at 04:29 »
"I...He didn't...he wasn't.."

She cackled unable to help herself from making cracks at her brother's plight. "You mean he wasn't hotter than the son we revolve around at the time?" She translated between giggles only to stop abruptly at his next words.

"Shut it Del, I know I mucked that one up pretty solid. But I'd like to point out I'm not the only one that was drawn in by Francis's...something."

" a low blow Chrissy. Beauchene can be charming when he wants to be and better women than I have fallen for his lines...and apparently some men too." She said with a smirk.

1959 / Re: Family Ties|Delrey Snaps
« on: 04/02/2020 at 04:19 »
"That...That's my Ex. Brian Connors. I dumped him through owl post the term before last...on Yule. For Francis.."

Delphine Dario for the first time in her poised and sophisticated life gaped like a fish as her jaw dropped. Her brother was cowering. Cowering behind her while this...too young for her but fine specimen of budding teenage boy walked by not sparring them a glance.

"Let me get this right." She commented as she turned to face her brother. "You dumped that? For Francis Beauchene? You ditched...the greek god of fourteen to fifteen year old boys...for Francis? Merlin brother downgraded hard didn't cha?"

OOC: Let the record show I also play Brian Connors.

1959 / Family Ties|Delrey Snaps
« on: 04/02/2020 at 04:04 »
First Day,
Arrival Time;
Main Hub.

Delphine leaned against the outside of one of the main camp buildings as she conversed with none other than her brother Christoph Grey. She was still a little jealous that the boy had seriously been made a counselor and not her. She'd submitted a flawless application to her head of house, but had been rejected...though in hindsight even if Chris forgave her later maybe outing her little brother didn't play in her favor.

She was briefly distracted by a new comer stepping out of the building as if freshly arrived. "Merlin...who's the cutie?" She pondered aloud before feeling Chris stiffen next to her. "What? What did I say?" She asked confused.

OOC: For those unaware I control both Chris and Delphine. Powerplay is my discretion.

1959 / Re: Infirmary Sign Ups '59
« on: 03/31/2020 at 23:35 »
Name: Delphine Dario
Age and year: 16-Sixth
Team(India, Peru or Egypt): TBD
Nurse or Apothecary?: Nurse

1958 / Re: target || closed
« on: 12/26/2019 at 20:05 »
Delphine listen to them go back and forth for a few moments before Bracken seemed to take her up on her suggestion and slithered down into the water. She was suitably amused when he popped up and screamed about how terrified of the water he was. Surely that must be a joke considering he was already in it? Indy however seemed to hesitate.

He dangled above the water. Sly smile in place. She decided not to be offended by the question. Most people assumed she was full of shite when she spoke. Sometimes they were right. But here. Now? He was wrong.

“You’re afraid that we might know the difference between self-made and self-anointed.”

Her eyes narrowed only slightly as a smirk that seemed deadly and coated in venom appeared. "Why would I be afraid of that? It would imply that I was self-anointed to begin with." She commented coolly. She kept herself calm. Prevented herself from rising to the anger threatening to bubble. She'd worked hard from nothing.

"I was born poor. I earned everything I have if you must know. My father is dead and my mother was a waitress. So when I say self made. I mean self made." She said before reclining backwards. "Now if you're satisfied I'd really rather talk about anything else. I don't exactly like remembering that my father didn't want me....or that I'm barely a Pureblood."

1958 / Re: don't take it personal // esther harlow
« on: 12/19/2019 at 23:36 »
Darling of France

16-17. Requested HuffinPuff. Pure

Dear, please feel free to flag me down anytime and we can see what we can do about...well everything.

1958 / Re: The riddle of the Sphinx (Delphi)
« on: 12/19/2019 at 02:03 »
"Prove it my dear." She commented with a small smirk. "We'll see if you can prove the Darling of France a fraud." She teased lightly. But Christoph would be easily handled. She wouldn't toss him in jail. No. She needed her brother after all and...he was still family. Despite her personal feelings he was blood and she honored her word when she gave it. There were secrets she could weaponize and ones she couldn't.

"I wouldn't do it...dream about it maybe...but never do it. He's blood loath as am to admit it...and I need him out here in order to get what I want. But it's fun to tease you Frankie dear." She cooed. They might be on civil terms but this interaction drove something home for her. She'd never get back with him. Ever.

"Now...was there something else?"

1958 / Re: The riddle of the Sphinx (Delphi)
« on: 12/19/2019 at 01:32 »
This caused Delphine to laugh. A full body laugh unlike anything she'd experienced in quite some time. " have no idea." She chuckled. "You have no idea just how much influence I have and just how rich I am." She could barely breath she was laughing so hard. She wasn't in need anymore. She was far richer than she ever thought possible. In fact...she was likely almost as rich as Francis himself. Not quite but almost. She did that on her own.

"My wealth has ensured I could retire now at my age and never go broke. It might not be quite on your level...but it's certainly nothing to sneeze at Frankie boo. I got there on my own. I'm self made and you think me ashamed? Let them know where I come from! Let them know I rose from nothing! It'll simply make them love me more...everyone loves a good underdog story baby." She said sweetly.

No she didn't have anything to hide unlike some people. "Now Chrissy...he has some skeletons. Tell would you fair getting him back to you if I were to say...have him locked away in Azkaban hmm?" She threatened. "I could do it. My own eye witness testimony under Veritaserum would do." She teased.

1958 / Re: The riddle of the Sphinx (Delphi)
« on: 12/19/2019 at 01:04 »
She wasn't amused at all. He was so typical. No vision. No follow through. "Fine dear. Be this way and play your little power influence and renown has tripled in the past year since you left. Do your worst." She said flippantly. "It just means instead of helping you get what you want...I'll ensure it doesn't happen with my very last breath." She chuckled.

"Chrissy is so very impressionable after all. Broken. I was able to get him to dump you from another country. Imagine what I can do from the same school. I will get what I came for...the only question is...will you be smart and get what you want as well? Or will you continue this little folly of yours and get nothing?" She asked.

It really was a shame. Francis had been smarter when they were together. Ruthless. Willing to do anything to get what he wanted. It was why they worked. Where was his backbone? "Chris made you soft I see.." 

1958 / Re: The riddle of the Sphinx (Delphi)
« on: 12/19/2019 at 00:32 »
She had spent enough time around him throughout the years to recognize his look. He was just as fake as she though maybe not as convincing. She had only soared higher and higher even after his departure...though he seemed to hit rock bottom after his split with Christoph.

"About as well as you already know I am dear Frankie." She said offhandedly before looking at him with her head tilted. "So does that mean you wouldn't be interested if I said I'd help you get him back?" She said mildly.

He may not want to play the game without having something to gain...but she was all too happy to offer a prize for his cooperation. "After all...I'm officially transfering to Hogwarts. I got my letter of acceptance today." She added and she wasn't lying. It was amongst her things in her cabin.

1958 / Re: target || closed
« on: 12/19/2019 at 00:01 »
"Ah merci. If there's anything I crave, it's to be the unrefined afterthought."

“Least interesting thing about me, but then you can’t buy taste.”

Delphing was able to see they might have taken what she said a little too seriously. Okay...she might have been slightly rude. It hadn't been her intent. Not really when she had just now finally found people who were proving to be interesting. "My apologies Bracken, Indy. I didn't mean offense or anything too serious even. It seems my lack of experience with actual desirable company leaves a little to be desired." She commented.

"And I swear I never meant to imply your wealth as being that interesting. I was just...trying to make conversation with two rather handsome and interesting young men that for a change...have no idea who I am. It's refreshing. Back home...I never get that." She admitted.

"You know, I'm famous too."

Her attention was turned to Bracken as she looked him up and down from her spot. Yes...she could understand why. The boy was rather attractive and seemed to have that vibe to him that made you want to get close with him. He seemed the kind of boy that could turn a less refined young lady to goo by his mere presence. He knew what to say to be charming.

"I can understand why, I'll file the information away for later."

"Should we grant her some time then, Indy-blow? Heard she's trying to get wet. Let's not be arses and deny her any longer, ye?"

She'd gotten distracted by the boy. It was her mistake. She hadn't noticed or tracked Indy's movements until it was too late. His hands were on her hips and she was going in the Creek. She got dunked by the force of the splash only due to her surprise and almost immediately emerged with a small smile. "You know...I meant my feet." She chuckled before turning to Indy and Bracken. "You boys going to join me or...?"

1958 / Re: The riddle of the Sphinx (Delphi)
« on: 12/18/2019 at 23:44 »
Delphine Dario was...a lot of things. A liar. A fake. A user. A manipulator. But one thing she wasn't was stupid or nieve. Francis Beauchene had never been it for her. There wasn't a single moment throughout their relationship that she was deluded to think he was 'the one' as so many looked for. No Francis Beauchene had been...entertainment. A stepping stone to better things. A new toy to cure her boredom. She may have been fond of him. But she never truly loved him like he had her. She didn't love anyone. Not really.

So when she heard that he'd shacked up with her brother...she wasn't even hurt. No she was angry. She was angry that he dared do something like that to her after making nice with her foreign contacts and making new friends in France. He used her...he used the master of using people and he didn't even seem to do it on purpose! Then to add insult to injury...his next lover was...Christoph? Her younger brother? Really!? That stung.

Hearing his voice made her want to die on the spot because honestly? He meant nothing to her now. But...he still might have uses. He just needed some of her classic and subtle manipulation...and he never had picked up on it before...why would he now? "Franky darling! I haven't seen you in ages...give Delphi a kiss." She commented in her thick French accent before giving him double air cheek kisses.

"I heard about this nasty business with Christoph and I was so sorry. Is there no chance he'd take you back?" She asked in something masked as concern.

1958 / Hexes and OMGs|Delrey
« on: 12/07/2019 at 05:09 »
"My exes and Ohs they haunt me, like ghosts they want make more they won't let...go. Exes and Ohs."- Elle King (Exes and Ohs)

Calamity Jane's Infirmary
End of Week One
Mid Afternoon.

There were a lot of things Delphine Dario wished to be true. She wished that she was a legitimate heir to the Grey fortune. She wished she was an only child. She wished her father had loved her enough to choose her. The point was that she'd change a lot of things about her life if she could. But currently along with her issues with Chris? The biggest thing she would change was her ex. Yes...that ex. The one she shared now with her half brother.

Francis Beauchene was enough. Everything Delphine had looked for in a possible future husband. One that she'd eventually catch cheating she was sure and take for half of what he was worth. In a perfect world. If she didn't live in the era she did. No this was not that fairy tale where she got the riches and the arm candy and could dump one and keep the other. She knew that. Had been prepared for a loveless marriage because...let's be real. Who could truly love that boy?

She supposed her brother had proven to be the answer to that question. He'd seemed happy...and of course...she had to fix that. Chris wasn't allowed that. Not on her watch. So the right words whispered in his ears sent him running away from that slice of happiness as easy as can be. Not that it really was that much of a loss because...Francis would have lead to Chris ruining himself eventually, the boy was poison. But it hurt in the moment...thinking it all a lie. Never being sure.

But she was drifting from her initial line of thought. No if she could turn back time with a wish she'd never had given Beauchene the time of day. She would have continued on with her life. Maybe she wouldn't be here right now, who could say. But she wouldn't have to feel the shame of having dated someone so...boring and foul. Foul like the smell coming from the cauldron that her half brother was stirring not far from her.

"Ello Chrissy. Whatcha making there?" She asked brightly.

1958 / Re: target || closed
« on: 12/06/2019 at 01:45 »
She hated that normally. Being...not dismissed but...questioned? Asked why she was important. She didn't need a reason. She simply was. But this boy...this young man, teenager with the nice hair and this air about him somewhat not unlike her own? He didn't make her feel irritated anyone else asking her that would. It wasn't coming off like he was doubting she was, more like asking her why he cared. Like she'd do of someone else like herself in his position. She could respect it.

"Delphine Dario. Model and Fashion Icon. Self made and the darling of France. Famous nationwide. Though it doesn't seem to carry me as far as I thought it would...something I'm learning isn't too bad. It's good to have a break from speaking to the public as it were." She commented before adding on while considering him again more closely. "And you? You don't assume to be better carry yourself as if you're someone of note as well." She said smoothly. Curiously.

This boy wasn't like the other. While the other possessed looks and all that, he didn't have the same...genesqua as the one with whom she was currently engaged. He seemed like the guy one would spend time with if they were looking for a good party and to have some fun. But serious? That wasn't something that a guy that had his look would be down for. Not to her way of thinking. "More refined than your companion. It's a nice change from others I've encountered thus far and...if you're willing to keep me company I'd like to talk more." She said finally.

Her gaze fell to the other boy again and she gave him a small smile. Even if he didn't seem to be the serious type...he was funny and she liked funny. "Your friend too."

1958 / Re: all i want for christmas is... AVVIES
« on: 12/04/2019 at 23:35 »

face claim: Claire Holt
age: 16-17
gimme a pic!: Anything ya want.
anything else?: Bright. Bubbly. Snooty. Festive

1958 / I Ain't Plastic, Call Me Classic| Dario
« on: 12/03/2019 at 09:55 »

The Darling of France has graced Camp Loki with her presence. Model. Fashion Icon for Witches Wear. Delphine Dario is known far and wide. Stepping away from the spotlight she heads into seclusion to prepare for her transfer to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Born to a poor waitress at a little Bistro in Paris, France...Delphine Dario is the illegitimate daughter of Thaddious Grey. You may know her brother Christoph. Or as she calls him, Chrissy. She's worked her arse off for everything she's got and earned her own fortune. Hands off the costs more than your life. 

After her boyfriend Francis Beauchene transferred out the year before Delphin began making plans to reunite with her boo...who unfortunately for her was too busy falling for her brother to miss her. No big. She was going to dump the dead weight soon enough. Now she can spend the summer relaxing and tormenting her half brother before setting her plans in motion. This cute little Princess from the city of love is more than she appears. Time to get what's hers.

16-17 -- TBD -- Pure
coded by rin hunter.

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1958 / Re: Not In France Anymore..|OPEN
« on: 12/02/2019 at 08:56 »
Delphine was taken out of her reverie by a rather beautiful young woman sitting next to her. She was beautiful and her skin was so glowy! She didn't compliment anyone lightly and never when she didn't mean it. She could be fake...but not about beauty. That was her job after all. Model. Fashion Icon. She allowed herself to look confused however at the words that came from the other girl's mouth.

"But...I'm Delphine Dario....I'm famous." She commented slowly not in a snobby way. In a slow way as if she truly couldn't believe what the girl had said to be true. "Although...I suppose it does explain why no one has asked for my autograph since I one knows me do they?" She asked with wide eyes. This was...interesting. Part of her response was an act...the rest not so much. She was anonymous for the first time in a long time.

Her amazement turned to slight indignation. "Of course I'm not boring! I am the life of every party...boys come to see me and girls want to be me. Boring are the people that can't get in. I'm not...I can't be one of those." She insisted shaking her head. She looked at Solange a moment as she assessed her for authenticity. For a spark of anything like the people she'd usually hang out with. She needed friends after all didn't she. "You know what's wrong? You can help me yes?" 

1958 / Re: Open Threads '58!
« on: 12/02/2019 at 06:36 »
Delphine is a little unimpressed with Camp Loki...feel like dealing with her?

1958 / Re: target || closed
« on: 12/02/2019 at 06:31 »
Green eyes that sparkled in the sunshine looked on in vague interest. Horseplay...immaturity...but they didn't look at all like the little boys playing grown up she'd seen until now. No these boys looked like young men. Finally some entertainment around this otherwise barren landscape. She removed the sunglasses from her head and slid them into a pocket and let her hair down. Time to charm.

If the Dario knew anything it was men. Men were greedy and often after only a few basic things. Money. Influence. Girls. Not necessarily in that order, but it was the gist. That Delphine knew how to handle. Hell she'd been handling it for the last couple years. Men. Boys. They fancied her...the French Darling. You just needed to know how to tell the difference and how to approach them.

She used her hand to fan her face...her long blonde hair falling around her shoulders occasionally blowing in the slight breeze.

"I don't suppose you gentlemen mind a lady dipping her feet into that water? I've been walking around and's warmer today than I thought it would be. Getting a little wet sounds like just what the doctor ordered." She said as she approached the edge.

No introduction. No extending her name, the more mysterious she seemed the more likely she was to keep their interest until their curiosity was satisfied.

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