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1961 / Re: fetch the bolt cutters
« on: 01/01/2021 at 00:15 »
hey hey hey <3

your music taste ahh!!

we've got to talk about rina sometime. i think i could write a five-page essay single-spaced about how much i love her and what a masterpiece sawayama is. that's also the album that inspired my to create chelsea, so miss chái really owes rina her life.

and your tv show taste!! double ahh!!

i haven't watched she-ra yet but it's been on my list for a very, very long time. on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate it?

i also have so many thoughts about law and order: svu and sense8 always so lets talk about it sometime?

1961 / Re: by the pricking of my thumbs.
« on: 01/01/2021 at 00:06 »
EMMA !! hello <3

honeycomb patterns

honeycomb patterns are lovely and so is your intro. 293/10

unlikely friendships

yup yup yup yup yup. i love plots like this (might even be my favorite kind?). they're so fun to write and read and watch grow.

also i would love to see your watercolor tattoo sometime because that sound so?! pretty?!

p.s. i am so so so excited for charlotte and cleo things to happen during this upcoming term <3

1961 / Re: The Slow Regard of Silent Things
« on: 01/01/2021 at 00:04 »
hey orin! welcome to site!

i don't have anybody at st.mungo's currently, but i've got two adults (one at hogwarts, and one at the ministry) and i'd love to thread with you sometime if you're down.

feel free to hit me up on site or via discord @abby#7691 <3

1961 / Re: The Pretty Lies, The Ugly Truth
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:58 »
helloooo marina fan and welcome!!

faren reminds me a lot of sia! they're both slytherin, traditional purebloods who can be kinda snooty. maybe we can thread them during term...?

i too also share a weakness for gossip girl. i'm currently trying to hold myself back from rewatching it for the third time

1961 / Re: Beep Boop!
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:56 »
hello!! welcome!!

i would love x1000 to see some of your pottery some time. i've tried to get into wheel twice myself but both times i've kinda sucked :/ i'm in awe of all people who can throw well and will very happily and appreciatively admire your work

i am also currently collecting crystals! maybe we can share our collections? i've got two strings of crystals that a friend made for me that i'm very attached to

1961 / Re: Rolling you up into my katamari
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:53 »
hello!! i'm a huge huge fan of so many of the artist and shows you've listed so i think we'll get along great

I am a practicing witch, but omg am I lazy about it

i would love to be a practicing witch, but alas, i'm too lazy to even start. i'm slowly collecting some crystals with the help of some friends, but that's all at the moment. if you ever want to help me get started, i'd love the advice?

im loving the contrast between the punk rock and cottagecore aesthetic and also would love to see your closet.

manipulative, not rude but not nice either

i think her and sia would get along very nicely

1961 / Re: The calm after a storm
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:45 »

welcome to harry potter roleplay and hoggies more specifically! i hope you'll have a good time here and the roleplay horse is nice to you :c

a tall idiot with a temper

this is me (—sort of, i could be and wish i was taller), and also sia

maybe you can tell me some weird trivia facts some time and i'll tell you all about my favorite horror and thriller movies? it's a trade?

1961 / Re: Where?? Am?? I??
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:42 »
welcome back!!

mango cheesecake sounds amazing?! if you have the recipe i will happily steal it from you <3

i've never watched the great pottery throwdown but now i definitely have to?! i got into ceramics a little bit during quarantine and while i'm still really really bad at throwing i love watching other people work.

1961 / Re: i like your outfit
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:33 »
x-files, x-files, x-files !! i'm only five seasons in right now but i'm thoroughly upset and already disappointed there's only six more seasons for me to watch.

being right

i relate to this a little too well

trying to learn German

i also really relate to this. i studied german in high school and got really good at it and then i stopped and now i've forgotten almost all of it. every now and then i download duolingo and try to get it back and yet here i am, still german-less.

i'm looking forward to seeing corina at the castle. maybe we can thread sometime?

1961 / Re: The Sardonic Frenchman
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:12 »
gwen! hello and welcome!

1) i would say chelsea is the most like me. she's determined and hardworking and can be pretty stubborn but she's also good at making bad decisions and can be pretty impulsive at times. charlie is the most different from me. i'm nowhere near as bubbly and i'm not as obsessed with romance as she is, although i did read a ton of romance novels growing up

2) i've watched a lot of wild krats recently with the kids i nanny but unfortunately, nothing is coming to mind? i'll have to get back to you on this one

3) again, i'm gonna get back to you

4) i think i would have been a big fan of anything where we did a lot of spell casting. i hate heights and would definitely have flunked anything quidditch related.

5) a little basic, but i love love love hot chocolate.

1961 / Re: Hello... It's me!
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:09 »

i too feel like i am always watching how to get away with murder—but in our defense, it's such an amazing show!! the cast is great, the acting is great, the plot is great. there's really no cons.

may spill your secrets by mistake. Oops.

sounds a lot like charlie

Ada is very intelligent but hides it advantageously

and this sounds nothing like charlie <3

maybe they can have a gossip session some time? charlotte likes to be in the know but is also way too stuck in her own world to ever know anything about anyone else.

1961 / Re: G'day how's it going!
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:07 »

i'm extremely interested in hearing your idea for a horror film. is it more of a psychological horror film? gory? jump scares? thriller?

 i am forever finding new horror movies to talk people into watching with me, even though i'm a huge scaredy-cat and probably won't be able to sleep with the lights off afterward. are you a big fan of the genre? i've seen a good amount, and the ones i haven't seen (because they seemed to scary/gory for me), i've probably read the plot of on wikipedia

1961 / Re: just ignore me obsessively smelling candles
« on: 12/31/2020 at 23:02 »
jamie! happy belated birthday (about three weeks late)!

and im in the midst of my junior year

i'm sending you good vibes and buckets-full of motivation :/ this year is rough (and senior year isn't much better because stupid college apps) but then you're done!! you're free!! you can do it!! i believe in you <3

♡ favorite candle scent? anything boring. i like the plain linen scents or the ones that smell very very faintly like flowers or an herb. i am a big fan of lemon/orange though, which is slightly more adventurous.
♡ zodiac sign? my big three are libra sun, pieces moon, and virgo rising
♡ if you could travel anywhere right now without the concern of covid or money, where would you go? universal studios
♡ favorite time period? can i say now (minus covid)?
♡ favorite plant? they have these plants at the botanical gardens in atlanta that look like brains. i had to google it but they're called cockscombs.
♡ favorite ship on the site? i simply cannot choose
♡ want to plot? ofc ofc

p.s. your music and tv show taste is wonderful

1961 / Re: who's got game pt. II
« on: 12/31/2020 at 22:56 »

téo was one of sia's first friends at hogwarts and she's still her favorite artist. we need to write them soon please and thank you

big on history and true crime.

booooooo history (unless it's that secrets of the dead show. i love that show) but <3333 true crime.

very distracted by brown eyes

i think you forgot to add blue eyes here >:(

maybe one day we'll get around to writing an au. until then i'm very happy to keep writing ping as they grow up together at the castle.

love them and love you mwah

1961 / Re: The Summary
« on: 12/31/2020 at 22:53 »
hello! hello!

i know you've already gotten a lot of comments about stinky tofu but i'm also?! really?! curious?! does it actually smell bad? does it taste anything like it smells?!

vivian and charlie are in the same year but they haven't interacted very much so far. maybe this is the term that we change that? <3

1961 / Re: Echoes from the Heavens
« on: 12/31/2020 at 22:48 »
hello nico!!

not that new in the roleplaying world though.

did you used to write harry potter stuff, or were you apart of a different genre? i'm always curious to see where people are coming from/what got them into writing and roleplay specifically

I've studied art and did a few years of animation aswell.

this sounds so cool! animation has always amazed me and seemed way above my head so i'm in awe of anyone who does it.

i've got chelsea in the adult world if you'd like to write some time. sia's also an adult technically but she's at hogwarts unless it's summer break, but they could always meet in hogsmeade if you're interested.

1961 / Re: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
« on: 12/31/2020 at 22:43 »
steph! i applaud you for your intro because it's so so cute.

you shouted at a crocodile?! how did he take it? i hope you were a safe distance away because i would be absolutely terrified of retaliation

if calliope ever decides she's fed up with married life, sia says she's been there and is a strong supporter of divorce

more feyre/charlie things next term?

hello !!

I also swim. When forced.

when forced...?

i understand the lack of enthusiasm though. i swam competitively for almost five years before i decided i hated the sport. meets were super fun but practicing for hours three/four times a week was too much.

i'm also very very jealous that you still (do you still?) ride horses. i used to when i was a lot younger and then i fell off so many times that i got scared and gave up. but now i miss it a whole lot :/

The Song of Achilles

i love this book!! a few years ago i accidentally stole it from a library a few states over and no one ever asked for it back so now i've got my own copy

1961 / Re: two truths and a lie
« on: 12/31/2020 at 22:30 »
HIL !!

hehe i love you and you know that

i missed the window to play the guessing game but looking at the answer choices i can confidently say i would've gotten every single one wrong, so maybe that's for the best

still kinda heartbroken about Charlie

and i'm still kinda heartbroken over that song you wrote for ellie because it was so freaking cute so i guess we're even huh

i'm going to miss having harlowe at the castle, and i know charlie and tawnie are going to miss annoying her, but i'm sure we'll have our hands full with threads anyway, so i'm slightly less bitter

1961 / Re: this is my only summer post
« on: 12/31/2020 at 22:24 »
hey caz !!

i do not speak french

i do not speak french either, but i really really wish i did. it's right up there next to italian on my list of "languages i really wish i could speak but don't and will probably never learn"

i am a twin, a big sister, a little sister, a half-sister and a step sister

my brain had a very hard time comprehending this

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