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1958 / Re: unexpressed || Arthur
« on: 12/26/2019 at 20:07 »
It was exactly like that kiss from Astro. Less involuntary, but at the same time not much better. Less than a minute ago they had only been friends, and Arthur would need time to convince himself that they weren't anymore, he certainly wasn't prepared for a sudden display of affection.

He did his best to gently kiss back, but he was hesitant and it didn't feel right at all. Maybe that would improve over time? He was entirely new to this.

Stepping backwards, he hoped that this feeling wasn't entirely mutual.

"Do we keep this a secret?"

1958 / Re: unexpressed || Arthur
« on: 12/22/2019 at 11:35 »
So that was why she needed him alone. It also explained why they had walked this far away from the other campers. And why she seemed more dressed up than usual.

Arthur stared blankly, shocked that Bea of all girls would come with such an unexpected but very clear suggestion. So shocked that he entirely missed the first part of Bea's explanation, his own thoughts drowning out her monologue, memories of last summer surfacing as he tried to work out what had changed since then.

He only had to listen to her to figure it out, and blushed when he started to understand. She liked him more now. Probably a lot more. And admittedly, he admired her as well. Arthur considered Bea to be smarter than he was, and she made some very valid points. He wasn't one to argue with facts.

"I- Bea," he called to interrupt her, "I think you're right."

1958 / Re: unexpressed || Arthur
« on: 12/17/2019 at 11:09 »
"Uh, sure, I have time," Arthur nodded. This was summer camp, of course he had time to talk. He followed after her.

At first he didn't think too much of it, though the more time he took to speculate about the message she had for him, the more nervous he became. If this really could only be discussed privately, it had to be either bad news or drama. And he'd never seen Bea do anything like this, which only made it worse.

He was relieved when she finally started about her reason for approaching him.

"I'm listening," he said eagerly.


Yes to all the music things. Much admiration for all the people who can actually make the notes do a high, or sometimes a low. I never got much further than just making the drums go fast.

Horses are okay and all, but have you considered zebras?

1957 / Re: This is not a dead man, yet!
« on: 08/31/2019 at 22:37 »
Chriiiis. You're my favourite Norwegian person. Also the only one I really know, disregard that part, please. But you are definitely an amazing person and I think you should know that. I mean, archaeology and blacksmithing and also nerd stuff and hard music? Heck yes.

I am SO looking forward to seeing Altair around!!

@Clara (Do I get to reply to other people?), here is the only solution to the trolley problem

1957 / Re: Ohhh let's learn the species
« on: 08/31/2019 at 22:02 »
Yes!! I'm rather proud of the musical staff.

I always loved Rhythm Paradise (or Rhythm Heaven in the US), there's something so simple and clean about those games. I'm also better at Guitar Hero than I'm ever going to admit here. There's now Clone Hero for PC, which is basically that but more custom and better!

Current favourite is Beat Saber (I am the most musical of the Jedi!), it's just tons of fun but also quite the workout once it gets faster...

1957 / Re: control group | Arthur
« on: 08/31/2019 at 21:43 »
Not half bad.

There was a lot going on in his head, and not all of it made sense. She wasn't helping either, thanking and complimenting him for doing nothing at all. Had he had a bit more confidence, he would have liked to have shown her that he could do even better. Perhaps even approach her, and go for round two. But he couldn't.

"I didn't do anything."

Arthur was confused. Astro wasn't giving him the answers that he was looking for, and now she even made it sound like this hadn't all been her doing.

"But thanks, I guess?" he mumbled. It wasn't getting any better. Arthur raised his hands in defeat, turned around, and ran away.

1957 / Re: there's a first time for everything || Arthur
« on: 08/29/2019 at 22:52 »
Arthur didn't understand. Surely they could just wait until they got to a situation where it felt right? But she thought they had to. Why did she have to say that? What did he miss that Bea was seeing?

He had said he'd do it though, as he usually did when people insisted. (It was a bad habit, but one that he was only partially aware of.) Now that was why he had to, it was only fair. He supposed that was his reason, as it was the only one he could think of.

"Alright, uhm... Let's get it over with?"

Arthur nodded, moved toward her a little, and leaned forward. He hoped that was the right thing to do.

1957 / Re: control group | Arthur
« on: 08/28/2019 at 00:49 »
Arthur nodded excitedly at the mention of the infirmary. Not only did he like helping at the hospital wing enough to continue doing it over the summer break, it was actually even more exciting with the current theme of camp. It wasn't like any student was going to get themselves impaled here or back at the castle, but discussing the 'what if' certainly was very entertaining.

He was about to tell her all about it, he had stories of campers that had found the most ridiculous ways to get themselves injured, though as soon as he opened his mouth, Astro started to move.

"What the-" he started, though it happened too quickly for him to finish the sentence or to make any real attempt at stopping her. He didn't even fully realise what was going on until it was happening, then decided that he liked it, and finally decided that he shouldn't have. Arthur placed the palms of his hands on her shoulders, and gave them a gentle push away from him.

He froze, simply staring as he waited for Astro to explain what he had done to earn that.

1957 / Re: there's a first time for everything || Arthur
« on: 08/28/2019 at 00:39 »
Arthur stayed silent after Bea's first attempt at speaking, looking at his fingers as he dug them into the sand. Deep down, he still wanted to try it to see what it was like. All he had to do was agree, and then he'd know.

It didn't feel right at all. Nervously, he looked back up at Bea.

"Do we really have to?" he complained softly, and immediately felt guilty for saying it, since he wasn't saying, yet still implying that he didn't like her enough. It seemed that she was as hesitant as he was though, so he guessed that she didn't actually like him that much either.

Oddly, he really hoped he was right about that.

1957 / Re: control group | Arthur
« on: 08/18/2019 at 21:19 »
His visit to his cabins had only been a brief one, a simple stop to grab a drink and eat a little before heading back out to where all the camp activities were. He was already on his way out, moving swiftly through the entrance of the tombs when a voice caught his attention.

Arthur's head snapped to the side to see who it belonged to.

He hadn't expected Astro here, but couldn't say he was surprised either. He'd seen her around camp but not near his cabins, so he figured she was on one of the other teams. Which didn't really matter because this was camp, where people didn't always need a reason to go somewhere.

"Oh hi!" he replied cheerfully. It was true that they hadn't talked lately, but he definitely had time for some catching up.

"Not playing, no. Not my thing, remember?"

1957 / Re: there's a first time for everything || Arthur
« on: 08/18/2019 at 00:05 »
Arthur had been nervous enough to practice his greeting in his head before he said it, and now that he had finally gotten it out there, he was met with silence. It didn't exactly help him find the confidence he was going to need.

Was Bea as unsure about this as he was? He considered her to be smarter than himself, and if she had her doubts as well, then maybe this was a very bad idea indeed. Was he supposed to encourage her to stick to the plan? He doubted he could bring up any convincing arguments right now. And even if he could, he definitely didn't want to make her do things that she'd regret.

"This uh... It's..." he tried. A sentence wasn't going to happen though, he had nothing to say. He dropped to the ground in defeat, sitting between Bea and the water, a short distance in front of her but not close enough to make himself more uncomfortable.

1957 / Re: there's a first time for everything || Arthur
« on: 08/14/2019 at 00:53 »
Arthur wasn't sure why he had agreed to this. His initial answer had actually been a no, and somewhere along the way he'd let himself be talked into thinking that this was actually not such a bad idea. He regretted that, he wasn't so convinced anymore.

He couldn't even say he knew Bea that well outside of their shared classes and infirmary duties. She was nice to him and pleasant to work with so he liked her, of course he did, but not in the way he liked Clara or even that third year Gryffindor witch he'd yet to learn the name of. At the same time there was nothing 'wrong' with Bea, and here he was on his way to the lagoon, already seeing her sitting there in the distance.

Even now, he was considering turning around and walking back to the tombs to go find people to go swimming with. He'd really prefer to be doing that, and at the same time, didn't have the guts to back down and just not show up here.

That, and he was secretly sort of curious as to what it would be like.

"Good morning!" he called softly as he approached.

1957 / Re: Ohhh let's learn the species
« on: 08/05/2019 at 12:15 »
@Clara: As a professional in the field, I am sorry to have to tell you that there are many, many fish that are better than the bubbly-eyed goldfish. This one, for example.

Also yes those are little latin names thanks for noticing. And I got good at coding with generous amounts of practice and tears. c:

@Jane: You sound like my kind of person. Also I love how well biology and technology/physics/chemistry go together for aquariums. Yay, science!

@Zak: Would it be possible that we are both each other's spirit animal?

I know a place or two with decent roller coasters. We should for sure go there. Do me a favour and formally invite Jip before you attempt a kidnap. o:

@Bracken: Wow, Zoo Tycoon was my life when I was younger! So many memories. Still disappointed I never had a tunnel aquarium in that game, but I guess I got one in real life?

@Goose: Thanks for appreciating! I'd try to explain fully but I used so many tricks. It's mostly just margins, border-radius, and box-shadow.

They're entirely scaled to the line height so I can make them smaller by just changing the font size, look c:

Honestly I can't say exactly how long it took to make, because I didn't really keep track and I generally get distracted a lot. By estimation, I'd say the first fish I coded took about 4 hours. The last one took only half that, because by then I had some practice with the concept and could copy-paste a lot.

You're right, this was definitely a project! I have no regrets.

@Val: My favourite Fish has posted 3 posts above you.

It is also this potato grouper, and he's the inspiration for the fish at the top of my intro. We call him Biff, and he has more personality than some of the people I know. Biff is a king, he rules the tank. An absolute majesty.

1957 / Ohhh let's learn the species
« on: 08/01/2019 at 18:19 »
About michel:
the player behind this account

Hi there! I'm Michel, and it appears that you clicked on my intro page. So let me tell you about me! I'm 24 years old, live in The Netherlands, and apparently I've been here for 5 years already. wow.

In my daily life, I work at a zoo's aquarium with sharks, rays & also fish of basically every colour. The aquarium is so big that I even get to dive with them about twice a week. It's a very active job, but I enjoy it a lot!

epinephelus tukula

Here's a little list of other things that I really like:
   o Animals. My favourite probably being the zebra
   o The cyan colour range
   o Good stories, particularly sci-fi and fantasy
   o Drums and also rhythm games
   o Rollercoasters! Haha, wheee~
   o Technology and science, also space
   o Code. Surprise, no images were used in this post
   o I also like all of you lovely people on here. <3

paracanthurus hepatus
my characters:
what i write when it isn't code


Adopted into a German pureblood family, Finn has had quite the past. He adapted pretty well though! You'd never tell he's a muggleborn.

After Hogwarts this friendly, impulsive ex-Gryffindor emigrated to Avallon, France, to further study magical zoology. One day, he hopes to be one of the leading experts in the field, but for now, he's volunteering at a rehabilitation center for magical creatures.

amphiprion ocellaris


This young halfblood Slytherin is determined to be the best wizard ever. His grades show that he's far from it. Maybe next year he'll work to change that?

Arthur's a little shy, but despite the sarcasm he's polite and approachable and can be dragged into doing pretty much anything. He likes being helpful, so the hospital wing is his favourite space in the castle. He also manages to have an opinion on everything.

acanthurus olivaceus

1957 / Re: Infirmary Sign-Ups 1957
« on: 08/01/2019 at 05:50 »
Arthur Darwin

AGE: 12

Do you work well under pressure? Sure

1956 / Re: i feel the cold on my skin | OPEN
« on: 04/29/2019 at 22:00 »
"What are you looking forward to the most?"

There were so many things. Like finding out which of the houses he was going to be in, because he didn't believe he knew himself well enough to be able to predict that with any certainty. Like sleeping and living in an actual castle, like some sort of prince. Or like exploring and finding out what else, beside magic, was real. One thing was particularly fascinating to him though, and he'd only just learned that it was a thing.

"Learning to fly!" Arthur replied enthusiastically. That had to be the best feeling, not having to walk everywhere. If he could fly, he would not have got lost today.

It did sound dangerous though. He knew he could try it here at camp, but while Arthur wasn't particularly afraid of heights, balancing on a broom high off the ground would take skill and learning this skill was not something he was willing to ruin his summer over. He had decided it would have to wait until school started.

"So what's astronomy about?"

Sounded like something he was going to avoid taking, if even the older students had trouble with it. Unless it was one of those classes everyone had to do? He hoped not.

1956 / Re: Paris, je t'aime! | Infirmary Case Study
« on: 04/21/2019 at 14:07 »
The boy made a good point, the counsellors were probably more qualified to help than he was. But Arthur had already seen him go through the steps once, and what he had seen had been good enough - he was confident that they'd be able to pull this off together.

In what felt like no time at all, they went through the first steps of the potion - some of which Arthur could easily do alone, and some of which he'd never have been able to do without help, like figuring out which ingredient was what - until he'd finally caught up to the point where his new buddy was.

Comparing the two potions, it was easy to see that they weren't identical. Arthur found that odd, as he couldn't see how that would have happened if they did everything the same way. Still, they both resembled each other pretty closely, even if Lysander's was slightly different.

He didn't mention it. His brewing buddy was so nice to him, it seemed rude to suggest that he might have made mistakes.

"Sandy," he repeated out loud. "I'm Arthur. Nice to meet you!"

He stared at his potion for a while longer, until Maria's voice caught his attention. He was glad that he hadn't brought up the differences in their potions now that she told them that it was normal, and he was also glad that the next steps seemed easier than the ones before.

Arthur stood up and walked across the room to choose his ingredients. The first thing that found its way into his hands was a jar of honey. That left two more ingredients, though; Arthur looked around the tables and quickly settled on bringing a cherry and a gardenia petal back to his workstation, where he'd reunite with Sandy.

"Why'd you pick that stuff?"

Honestly, his choices hadn't been thought through at all, apart from the honey. If their previous ingredients tasted the way they looked, then honey could only be a smart choice. Besides, it was a love potion, it could hardly be sweet enough. Arthur simply smiled at Lysander. "They said not to think about it, so I didn't."

Arthur didn't do much to prepare his ingredients. He cut the petal into tiny pieces and then used the same knife to squish the cherry, which he believed would be good enough. The honey shouldn't need any preparation - that's what bees were for.

How much was 'one' honey, though? Did he just drop the whole jar into the solution? Would it be a single spoon? Arthur held the jar in his hand and stared at it for a second as he contemplated how much would be enough, then shrugged, and started adding it straight from the jar to the potion until he felt like stopping (which was about when half of it was gone).

"Did you think about your ingredients?" he asked Lysander, guessing that he might have chosen his additions a bit more carefully.

He did notice that this time, there weren't any directions mentioned for which way to stir. That was okay, he'd figure that out himself. He went with once left, once right. That way he'd stirred both ways, which meant that he should have done it at least half correct. He did that after everything he added. Turned out potions weren't so hard.

"You travelling good?"

"Uh, sure" Arthur replied, not entirely sure what exactly Lysander was asking. "You?"

He watched his now red potion carefully as the contents in his cauldron started to grow, its surface slowly but surely rising higher. Fearing that it would spill eventually if it kept going, Arthur raised his hand and called out. "Is it supposed to do that?"

1956 / Re: i feel the cold on my skin | OPEN
« on: 04/21/2019 at 00:43 »
"You excited?"

He could hardly describe it. Arthur went with "Very excited!" which was still an understatement, but got the point across. Daunting or not, getting to learn how to perform magic was an amazing opportunity that his friends back home could only dream of. If only he could tell them...

"Going into my fifth year."

Wait, she was four whole years ahead of him? He could only imagine all the things she had learnt in that time. That was four years of knowledge... That pretty much made her an experienced witch in his eyes.

Arthur looked back at Lia. She sure didn't look like a witch. At least, not like in the stories. Of course, when he looked in the mirror he didn't see a wizard either, but the way everyone looked so normal made it easy to forget that this camp was full of people from a very different world.

One that he knew next to nothing about.

Which meant that when Lia asked for questions, he would gladly provide them. He'd already talked everything over for hours with his mother, and the people at his cabins had been asked dozens of questions by him as well, but every day he got more. He took every chance he got to get some of those answered.

"Well," Arthur started, "Are the lessons difficult?"

Perhaps a very subjective question and he already knew that it wouldn't be the same for everyone, but it was the first one on his mind. Her opinion would be good enough, really.

1956 / Re: i feel the cold on my skin | OPEN
« on: 04/16/2019 at 13:03 »
Lia. That'd be easy enough to remember. He took her hand, gave it a little shake, then let it go.

"I'm Arthur," he said with a smile, "From team Daubigny." As if that wasn't made obvious by their destination. Honestly, he was just proud of how well he could pronounce it (yes, he'd practiced).

"This is going to be my first year..." He still didn't really know what to expect. Going by what his mother had told him there was going to be magic, adventure and fun, but at the same time it was still just school, with schedules, homework and rules? Arthur just couldn't get his head around it.

Still, everyone he had met at this camp so far seemed to confirm the stories, and he had no trouble believing that he was magical, having seen the evidence. It would be pretty amazing to be able to do things like that on purpose. The idea of it made him pretty nervous, actually; what if he couldn't do that?  What if he couldn't keep up with his class? Learning by studying was one thing, but if he just wasn't 'strong' enough...

He tried not to think about it. He hadn't even seen Hogwarts yet.

"What about you?"

He doubted that she'd be a first year like him. She had to have been at that school for a while, right?

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