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1957 / Re: if i'm doomed | Henry
« on: 08/30/2019 at 03:25 »
”Why couldn’t you be in love with my anyways?”

Lia opened her mouth, ready to say that it was because of Polly. She loved Polly and you were only supposed to have your one true love. But Polly had been her true love and it had still gotten all screwed up, which wasn’t supposed to happen. She closed her mouth again, thinking. Was she in love with Henry? Maybe not right now. She loved him, yes, but she wasn’t sure it was the same. She was fairly confident that she could fall in love with him though, given the chance.

“I don’t know,” she said, finally, after a long moment had passed. “I guess I could.” If she had to choose someone to fall in love with, Henry would be the person. “If Polly and I were to ever split, would you consider going out with me? At least, give it a go?”

It was a bold question for someone like her, who’d delayed and hesitated and worried when it came to her current relationship, especially early on. But what he’d said had stuck with her. What if she just needed someone who wasn’t Polly?

“I’ve been cheating on her all summer,” she admitted, the confession feeling a bit like a weight off her shoulders. “I love her. Really. But it’s just like I can’t help it. Like my brain doesn’t understand that we can’t do that. Things just feel so off between us.” She bit her lip, running a hand through her hair. She hadn’t meant to drop something like this, but it had just come up and Henry was the best person she had to talk to. “I wouldn’t do that to you, though. Promise. It’d be different.”

Sleeping potions. Why hadn’t she thought about sleeping potions?

“I can make you something to help you sleep, if you want,” she said. “There’s stuff milder than what we use in the hospital wing, harder to get dependant on. Just let me know.” She should make some for Artie too. Maybe Polly and Sandy. Whoever needed it from that night.

“And yeah. Pretty much any time I can dream.” She pulled her knees up to her chest, glad for her opaque tights, and took another drag from her cigarette. “Which isn’t really much, honestly. Guess once you’re tired enough, you just don’t. Makes falling asleep harder though.”

The subject of school and OWLs and all that was a welcome reprieve, as the infirmary talk had been. Interludes between their serious topics. She grinned, just a little, taking another drag from her cigarette and knocking the ashes into the grass next to her.

“Cram as much information into your head as it can hold and hope for the best,” she said, her eyebrows raised playfully at him. “It worked for me.” It wasn’t a great method, but she’d pulled off mostly Outstandings and Exceeds Expectations, with just a couple of Acceptables. “You can use my study notes, if you want. And I can quiz you. I’m sure you’ll do fine though.”

1957 / Re: if i'm doomed | Henry
« on: 08/29/2019 at 03:59 »
”If it were really perfect, it wouldn’t be a guy.”

Lia bit her lip because, damn, he’d hit that right on the head, hadn’t he? How many of her worries and concerns could have been solved if Polly had just been a boy instead of a girl? And she supposed that she could have gone out and found some guy, but they wouldn’t be Polly.

She lit another cigarette, holding the pack out to Henry. It was that sort of night.

“If it were really perfect, I’d be in love with you,” she said, the words slipping from her lips before she caught them. It was the truth though. She couldn’t imagine a better person than Henry. “And don’t get me wrong, I do love you. Just... You’re not Polly. No offence.” She glanced over at him, a little chagrined. “Not to make this weird or anything.”

It was easier to talk about the hospital wing.

“Someone’s got to make sure you don’t run out of burn paste,” she said, grinning, any awkwardness from her last revelation dissipated. “At least, you know the nights are being covered. You must get there just as I leave.” Not that they got tonnes of injuries in the middle of the night, but they were always the hardest slots to fill when she’d been trying to manage the apothecaries the past year. Maybe that had just seemed that way because of having to work with Vega though.

“You still not sleeping either then?” It didn’t seem like it was in the cards for any of them these days.

She actually laughed a little at his ‘game and name’ comment. Because it was just so odd and oddly perfect at the same time. But she was a bit more somber when she responded.

“It’s weird, I guess. Like I’m running out of time to decide what I’m supposed to do with my life.” She already knew, of course. Everyone who knew her probably knew that potions was her future. But she wasn’t exactly sure how to turn making potions into something that could get her out of her father’s house. “You excited for fifth year? Ready for those OWLs?”

1957 / Re: Of potions and herbs | Min
« on: 08/29/2019 at 03:31 »
Lia raised her eyebrows as Min ground up the plant and peeled off her gloves, her hand hovering over the bowl. Because wow, that was some serious commitment to this project.

“If you’re really sure...” she said, the slightest grin playing on her lips. But she hesitated. “Hang on.”

She ran over to the potions cupboard, gathering a collection of poison remedies, general healing potions, among a few others before returning back to where they were working.

“Just to be safe,” she said. “In case we’re wrong or you react poorly or something like that.” She glanced down at the green on the mortar and pestle, just the slightest bit nervous. “Whenever you’re ready, I guess?”

1957 / Re: more grace than I deserved | Ayres
« on: 08/29/2019 at 03:18 »
Bracken didn’t really answer when she asked about him really liking Alice. He didn’t really have to though. She’d been around enough people dating and crushing to know liking someone when she saw it. She wasn’t sure why she always thought of Bracken as so emotionless that such things struck her, but it always seemed to catch her off guard. Perhaps it was just strange to think of her friend like that.

Joking was easier though, and he responded much more quickly to that.

“Is that what all the girls are telling you?” She said, grinning, though she pretended to be disappointed. “I was wondering why your head was getting so big.”

It wasn’t, not really. Well, it was, but that was just Bracken in general.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to get more serious though. Lia didn’t want to get in the way of things for her friends. Well, for Bracken, since Alice had come to her and not the other way around. Lia didn’t want to be that sort of person.

“No, I won’t,” she reaffirmed. “It makes it... You know. Different.” She didn’t know how better to put it, but she didn’t worry about it too much, because then he brought up another complication.

“I never told Polly. About Alice or about Sol,” she admitted, chagrined. “It’s weird. Between me and Polly. Good but... weird. I just... I don’t know what I’m doing.” She was a mess at the best of times, if she was being honest. “I don’t know how much you two actually talk, but don’t mention it to her, please. I need to figure that out.”


The sweet potato marshmallow thing is so strange. Marshmallows don’t belong with vegetables.

I’m excited for future Mari/Lia and Bea/Astro drama! I’ll message you soon about some school year stuff!!

1957 / Re: band, instruments up!
« on: 08/27/2019 at 13:47 »
I’m always impressed by people who can march and play their instruments at the same time. I’ve been doing band since elementary and I can still barely play without falling out of my chair. Though my primary is flute, which would be awesome for marching because it’s so light. Trumpets more what I’ve been doing these days though.

Of my characters, Lia definitely wouldn’t be in marching band. She’d fall down. But Astro would find the loudest instrument and probably love it.

Super excited about our Odi/Astro thread. I can only imagine what those two are going to get up to. ;)

1957 / Re: if i'm doomed | Henry
« on: 08/27/2019 at 03:30 »
It seemed reasonable that if you missed the moment, the moment was never meant to be anyway. Maybe that was the case for her too, but she kept making the moments happened, the opposite problem. She wanted things to be perfect so much that she just made it happen.

But maybe that was dumb too. Maybe she just had no idea what she was doing.

"Well, I'm sure when the moment is right, you'll know," she said, offering him a smile. If anyone deserved happiness, it was Henry. "And he'll be the absolute perfect guy too."

She could only hope that it would go as easily for her friend as it seemed to for her. She and Polly had gotten pretty lucky, in all honesty. No one had really cared about them being together, other than the odd comment here and there when people felt particularly nasty. But it was nothing worse than anyone else seemed to get.

"So..Are you missing the infirmary or is running those duels better than dealing with the aftermath? I'm not going to do anything else this summer, it just.. doesn't feel right."

"You kidding? I've been in the infirmary basically every night," she said, with a laugh. It was the only place that she was allowed to just brew whatever potions she wanted. "Better than wandering around this place in the dark when I can't sleep."

She took a final drag from her cigarette before putting it out on the ground next to her. "You just that loyal to the infirmary?" she asked, grinning.

1957 / Re: I'd rather stay home and hang out with my dogs
« on: 08/26/2019 at 04:06 »
The title of your intro is a very big mood.

So is watching cheesy high school rom coms when bored. They're great background noise!

Your comment about the nature shows for some reason reminded me of this two year old that used to come to one of my classes who was obsessed with Planet Earth 2, and would apparently cheer when the snakes were chasing the lizards (I think it was in the Islands episode?).

I want to chuck Astro at Laurel because Astro says that she wants to be included in that best friend list  ;)

1957 / Re: the hot-mess express
« on: 08/25/2019 at 16:57 »
Please send a list of your favourite horror movies. No one I hang out with watches them and I haven't found a good one in so long.

I should also message you about Big Brother because this season is weird and I feel the need to discuss it with someone.

Also sorrynotsorry if Athanasia ends up in a duel with Pilar and Lia...

1957 / Re: dad jokes and paladins
« on: 08/25/2019 at 16:52 »
I don't know why, but I get the feeling that running a bar and working with teenagers is not super different? Both involve people doing questionable things and drama, so maybe the experience is transferable.

I also love that you included your girlfriend in your intro. That's awesome. You should get her to join us!

Also also, I adore Sandy and I have someone that Elias might have a connection to/run in similar circles with and I will eventually message you about this.

1957 / Re: Of potions and herbs | Min
« on: 08/24/2019 at 23:34 »
Lia was grateful for Min's help. She was good at herbology, but after a while, all the plants just started to blend together into a mess of green leaves and she lost track of what everything was. A second set of eyes helped with that. Not to mention, Min was good company.

"Huh, what do you know. It's called a ghost orchid."

She couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips. Because of course it was called a ghost orchid. What else would it be called at a horror-themed camp?

"That would be rather fitting," she said, still smiling at the whole thing. She moved to stand next to the other girl, checking out this ghost plant. It wasn't see-through or at all ghost like, which was a bonus.

But there was one problem.

"How do we test it though?" she asked, biting her lip and glancing up at Min. "To know for sure that's what we're looking for. Because I'm pretty sure that we shouldn't just rub it all over us and hope for the best."

1957 / Re: Duel 2 - Märchen vs. Märchen vs. Santoro
« on: 08/23/2019 at 15:01 »
Round 7 Results:

A1. Mouse attempted "Confundus" at Kaguya. VOID. Kaguya has forfeited.

A2. Mouse attempted “Wingardium Leviosa!” at Kaguya. VOID. Kaguya has forfeited.

A3. Leaping towards Mouse with a whoop, Sol attempted to bring the boy down with a bearhug...tackle. Success! 6% damage.

Final Results:

Kayuga Märchen - FORFEIT


Mouse Märchen - 85%


Solange Santaro - 77%

Congratulations to

Mouse Märchen

for winning the duel!

1957 / Re: if i'm doomed | Henry
« on: 08/22/2019 at 01:43 »
Lia couldn't help but smile at Henry's idea of waiting until the time was right. It all sounded very romantic, though she did briefly wonder if it was just a tactic to put things off longer. It was a rather convenient idea on that front.

"How are you going to know if the time is right though?" she asked, genuinely curious. Moments had never really been her thing. "What if you don't realize it and then you miss it?"

Had she missed moments of her own? Was she missing them now? What if she'd taken a bunch of moments and misunderstood them? The whole idea was making her head spin. She took another drag from her cigarette, hoping to quiet her thoughts.

Though the subject of Polly wasn't much easier.

She shrugged. "I don't know. It just seems not as nice this time around. Or no, that's not it. Like it's harder, I guess." Didn't help that she was snogging people behind Polly's back either. "Yeah, she's pretty much my first everything, unless you count Spin the Bottle. So that probably doesn't help, not knowing what I'm doing."

1957 / Re: more grace than I deserved | Ayres
« on: 08/22/2019 at 01:23 »
She realized as she was speaking that there was nothing she could say that was going to make any of this any better. He should have known; why didn't he know? And now she'd gone and made the whole thing worse.

Lia stood, silent and at a loss, while he ranted and swore. God, how had they found themselves in this situation? Sure, she'd said it for the reaction, but she hadn't realized the situation Alice had put them in. Part of her was impressed because damn, Alice was playing everyone. But mostly, she just felt guilty now for her role in it.

"You really like her, don't you?" she asked. Because he had to, right? Otherwise, it wouldn't be bothering him this much.

"Oh bloody hell I sound like Mari now."

That brought the smallest of smiles to Lia's face. "No, not at all. You haven't mentioned once about how pretty you are or how boys don't like you because you're not pretty enough." Or however that conversation usually went. But Mari being pretty tended to come up a lot in Mari's conversations about her relationships.

"I won't snog her anymore, though," she promised. "She's still my friend and I'm not going to ditch her or anything. But I'll tap out. Not really supposed to be doing that anyway, what with the whole 'having a girlfriend' thing."

1957 / Re: Duel 3 - Ayres vs. Dumont vs. Nettlebed vs. Sol
« on: 08/22/2019 at 01:06 »
Lia was starting to get sick of being up in the air. On the plus side, she wasn't moving around all that much, but even so, she was starting to get a little dizzy with the height and the movement on the ground below her when she was kind of stuck in place. She knew falling was going to hurt, but she kind of wanted to get it over with. Solid ground under her feet sounded wonderful.

She was relieved when Lupin's silencing spell didn't land. Thank goodness. The last thing she needed was to be stuck in the air and only able to do silent spells. She supposed she could have chucked her shoe as well, but with her aim and luck, she'd probably hit Nash instead. Or someone in the stands. Or someone in the library. So probably not the best option. Good thing she could still speak.

She looked down at the ground around her. She'd been hoping that Lupin would just go out in that last round like Alise had, but no such luck. Too bad that he'd dodged her confundus. She wasn't feeling as confident this ground. But maybe she could knock him down enough that she or Nash could still win.

She pointed her wand at Lupin and attempted yet another "Confundus!" She followed this up with another spell at Lupin, this time going with, "Furnuculus!"

1957 / Re: reunion | Luella
« on: 08/21/2019 at 21:58 »
California sounded amazing, even if Luella had never been able to meet any film stars.

"It sounds like someday we should go to America and just hang out wherever the celebrities are until we can meet someone. In the meantime, we can go shopping and try to find a break or something," she said, half-joking and half-serious. It almost sounded like a dream, to be honest. Escape everything here and just embark on a whole new life in America.

She didn't know how to respond to the other girl's comments on her relationship. To be honest, communication seemed to be the last thing that she and Polly were doing of late. Hell, she'd been snogging other people and definitely not telling Polly about it. So rather than answer, she just kind of shrugged and let the conversation move on.

 "Of course," she said, to the comment that the drama never really changed. "You know, who's snogging who and who's upset about it and who is getting revenge on the other person and who's in the middle of a fight. Though I don't think anything will ever beat the drama of that Valentine's dance."

Lia looked up, immediately smiling as Luella mentioned that someone had caught her eye.

"Oh my goodness, who is it? Do I know them? Are they here?" She looked around the room. "Can you point them out?"

1957 / Re: Everything to play for || Lia
« on: 08/21/2019 at 21:34 »
Lia had almost forgotten that she'd told Sandy that she would teach him to read music. But when it had come up again, she'd been more than happy to do it. It was a good distraction and she really needed one, especially with how it seemed like something weird was going on between her and Polly, though she couldn't quite put her finger on it. But then again, with how she'd been going on this summer, perhaps it was to be expected.

But a few hours where they could hide away at a piano and not think about that? Sign her up. She'd never really taught music before though. It wasn't as simple as explaining potions, she was finding.

"I don't know," she said, shrugging at his question. She'd never really thought about why they seemed to start on C and not on A like the alphabet. "I think it's something to do with the frequency of C or something like that. But maybe someone just decided it was a good idea."

Music was a lot more complicated if you questioned everything.

"But then there are the black keys, and those don't get letters. But depending on how the music is written on the sheet, they could be a sharp or a flat for the note next to it. But you don't have to worry about that yet. And they'll always make that super clear."

"All these pages are making my eyes itchy."

She grimaced a little. Maybe she'd been pushing it a bit too hard.

"We can take a break if you want. Or we can try to play it without the music. You learned piano by ear, right?"

She glanced over at him. "What made you want to do this now, anyway?"

1957 / Re: feel alive | solia snaps!
« on: 08/21/2019 at 21:22 »
Lia wasn't sure about the whole idea that games were more for kids than the two of them, but she was rather intrigued by the idea of a prize. In all honesty, she was rather intrigued about the whole idea of Sol in general.

"No fair!" she called, as the other girl took off. "I suck at running!"

But she ran anything, landing at the lake significantly behind the other girl. Darn people and their long legs and running ability.

"So what do I have to do then?"

1957 / Re: feel alive | solia snaps!
« on: 08/21/2019 at 04:46 »
“Aren’t we a little old to be playing games?” She asked, grinning.

She was awfully curious though.

“What sort of game did you have in mind?”

1957 / Of potions and herbs | Min
« on: 08/21/2019 at 04:43 »
Lia stood over the cauldron, making sure it was turning into the sickly green that the instructions said it should. It was an odd potion, for a very specific type of reaction to some plant or their that one of the younger kids had encountered while ‘exploring’. Given that there hadn’t been a single mention of this thing all summer gave Lia pause, but she wasn’t in the mood for asking questions.

She glanced over at Min, who she had met while working the infirmary one night earlier in the summer and found kinship with over potions. What Lia was really hoping though was that she had a keen eye and could help her figure out exactly what sort of plant had caused this particular reaction out of the pile she’d collected.

“Any luck yet?” She asked, glancing over. “It has to be there, right?”

She hoped so anyway.

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