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Absences / Home Is Wherever I'm With You
« on: 08/27/2019 at 03:53 »
...But according to my mum, home is actually Cape Breton.

So I'm heading there until next Monday (Sept. 2) to hang out with my folks for a bit, remember what the ocean looks like, so on so forth.

Will likely still be around here a bit since I don't do the time change and there's not a lot to do if the weather is poor, but may be slower than usual to get to posts. Have discord on my phone if you need me, want to plot, and/or you want pictures of the ocean, pretty landscapes, the world's dumbest dog (seriously. I've had to stop it from drowning itself in the same pond on nearly half a dozen occasions), or whatever else I happen across.

This will affect Lia, Astro, and my collection of Elsewhere folks.


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I'm still deciding if you suck or not.


Lia Ayres
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Hey gorgeous  ;)


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Hey Gorgeous.


15. Hufflepuff. Half.

You know where to find me if you need me (or need to escape Bracken).


15. Hufflepuff. Half.

This horror theme in dumb. If you can't sleep either, come keep me company?


15. Hufflepuff. Half.

I know all about being the family disappointment. And you're not too bad on the eyes. Can't help with the quidditch thing, but maybe a walk or a chat instead?


Lia Ayres
Fifth Year, Hufflepuff, Halfblood
Lia is doing her best to pretend that everything is perfectly fine.

And in some areas, maybe that’s true. She is a counsellor this summer, which is a good thing, right? And she and Polly are back together (for now) which makes her happier than most things in the world. And she’s killing the potion making thing. And her OWLs went well, all things considered. 

But if you watch closely, you can see that some things are off. She still doesn’t sleep a whole lot and this horror themed camp is bringing back some pretty lousy memories. And she’s hesitant to drink from anything aside from her own thermos and water bottle after being poisoned last year. And she can’t seem to stay committed to Polly, even though she is head over heels in love with her. And things just generally seem a little off.

But don't worry. Everything is just fine.

As she sorts through all of that stuff, she could use more friends, enemies, people to make bad decisions with, people to make good decisions with, and everyone in between. Interested? Do your worst.
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Lia Ayres

15. Hufflepuff. Half.

Long time, no gardening. What do you say we catch up?

It was so much easier to just kiss Téo than to try and make sense of all of this and try to figure out what the older girl was thinking. Kissing did not require thinking. And sure, maybe snogging in a random classroom wasn't the best solution to whatever it was that they were doing, but Lia was much happier doing this than guessing what Téo might be thinking.

Téo's grip tightened on her, and she mimicked the action, holding on tight to the older girl. “We can't keep doing this, Lia.”

"Why not?" she asked, the words erupting from her mouth before she could even think.

Because why couldn't they do it? They obviously both wanted to because they kept finding themselves in these situations. And she had dated Polly and it had been surprisingly fine, so it would likely be the same for them. She just didn't understand why Téo was so against the whole thing.

"You have to know that I'm into you, and I'm guessing, considering that you keep kissing me back, that the feeling is mutual. So why don't we just try it and see what happens?"

She didn't really expect Téo to kiss her back, in all honesty. She had before, sure, but it was different this time. The older girl had been avoiding her, obviously regretting the kisses they'd shared before. She probably just shouldn't have done any of this and taken the hint. But Lia had never really been good at that sort of thing.

So needless to say, she was rather surprised when Téo kissed her back.

“Lia,” Kiss. “This isn’t,” kiss, "talking."

Lia had never been more confused in her life. And she was still taking astronomy, which she hadn't understood since their very first day.

"This is better," she answered, leaning in to kiss Téo again. "And it's easier." Another kiss. "Because I don't know what you want or what you're thinking or what I'm supposed to do with any of that."

It had kept her up so many nights. It was a nice change from being up because of nightmares, but it was still aggravating to lay there and think of the older girl and still not be able to make heads or tails of what they were doing. She knew her feelings, but that was it.

"You're the most confusing person I've ever met."

“Not here."

Given how Téo seemed determined to avoid being near Lia at all, the fact that she dragged her into the empty classroom seemed rather amusing. Unless it was because she was going to kiss her again, but somehow, she didn't think that was going to happen. Not that she would complain if it did.

“What do we need to talk about?”

As if she didn't know! Lia was sure that Téo knew exactly what this was all about, but was going to make her say it anyway. Which was a problem because Lia hadn't exactly thought all of this through. Though that seemed to be a theme when it came to her love life.

"About the..." She was going to say kiss, but there was so much more to it than that. There were so many questions flying around in her head and she wasn't sure it was just as simple as a kiss. Why did Téo run away? Why was it a 'can't'? Why'd she do it in the first place? "When we..."

Instead of trying to sort it out, Lia just stepped forward and kissed her again.

Téo couldn't look at her when they split apart. She was still close and had her hands on her, but she was looking everywhere but Lia's eyes. As much as she enjoyed the older girl's embrace, the longer this went on, the more uncomfortable she became. Something was off.

Maybe she shouldn't be surprised. Téo hadn't wanted this, she knew that. It had been made pretty clear. And then this had happened and given where they had started, she really should have expected that this was where they were going to end up. She bit her lip, unsure of what she should do now.

But then Téo kissed her again.

She didn't know what that meant.

"Lia, Lia, wait. We can’t. We shouldn’t be--"

Why not though? What was wrong with this if they were both happy with it? No one had really cared when she was with Polly, nothing more than teasing or the usual stuff couples got hassled with in the corridor, much to her surprise. She couldn't see it being any different with Téo, and they weren't even really there yet. They were just snogging so far.

“I have to go.”

But before she could say anything or try to reassure Téo or anything like that, the older girl was gone, taking off down the hallway.

Lia stood there, watching Téo leave even after she had disappeared, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Late October
Immediately after Potions

She and Téo hadn't talked since the night they had kissed. Lia hadn't been sure what she was supposed to do or say. 'Hey, I liked snogging you, let's do it again'? She wasn't sure what exactly about it that had bothered the older girl so much, leaving her at a loss for how to start that conversation.

She hadn't been able to stop thinking about that kiss.

It had been running through her mind the entire time she was in potions class, causing her to boil over her potion, making a mess and ruining everything. Professor Hartley already hated her and this was definitely not going to help her case. She wasn't sure thinking about a girl was going to be a good enough reason for the mess though.

They really needed to talk about this. For the sake of her school work.

She cleaned up quickly, wanting to catch Téo before they headed to their next classes. She followed the older girl around the corner, blocking her path.

"We need to talk," she said, biting her lip. She should have thought this out better.

Kissing Téo wasn't really like she expected. She wasn't entirely sure what she had expected, but it wasn't what she got. It didn't feel like when she'd kissed Polly or Pax Fellwater or Henry or anyone else. Perhaps that was what made it so perfect, leaving her wanting more even as she pulled away.

If she was being totally honest, she expected the older girl to shove her off or run away or something. She'd made it pretty clear that she wasn't interested in anything like this with Lia the last time it had come up. Lia should have known better than to try and push her luck, but her brain didn't seem to work on the same page as her heart these days.

To her surprise, Téo's hand wrapped around her back, her other one on her jaw, kissing her again, ignoring her comments about breathing or Spanish or whatever she had been talking about. Lia wove her arms around the older girl's neck and waist, letting herself get lost in the intoxicating feeling of her lips.

She wasn't sure how long they were like that, too preoccupied with the feeling of Téo's kiss, her hands on her body, her warmth. It could have been days for all she knew, or maybe a few moments that just seemed to stretch out forever.

She pulled back, biting her lips nervously. "Um..."

What was she supposed to say? This wasn't at all supposed to happen and she didn't really have a plan for what happened next. The kiss had been amazing, but the last time she'd even tried to flirt with Téo, she'd basically ran away. So where did that leave them? What was she supposed to do now?

"That was um... nice."

She really needed to stop talking. She was not doing herself any favours here, not with a single thing that had come out of her mouth. Téo was going to think she was daft.

“I do; try speaking a little louder."

Lia looked at Téo, frowning. There was no way that it was a volume issue; people speaking Spanish didn't just shout all the time or anything like that. But maybe that was how to get the sense of it, and then once you could do that, you could drop back down to normal volume.

She was about to give it a try when Téo continued.

“And, well, actually, focusing on using your diaphragm while trying the others might be better.”

She looked up at Téo, a look of confusion on her face. "My what?" She was pretty sure that she should have known that one, given that she spent so much time in the hospital wing. But she mostly just did potions there and ignored the other stuff.

The wind about got knocked out of her as Téo stepped closer, her hand resting on the bottom of her ribs. Her stomach erupted in butterflies at the touch and she was having a rather hard time focusing on what the older girl was saying, too transfixed by her eyes and the scent of her hair on the feel of her hands.

“So. Breathe in deeply, and when you go to let it out, push against my hand.”

Except Lia couldn't breathe. She tried, but the fluttering in her stomach was too much and she couldn't get more than a little air in. Téo was so close and she was by far the most beautiful girl that Lia had ever seen, how was she supposed to do silly things like breathing? Her eyes scanned Téo's face, landing on her lips.

She did it before she really thought about it. She moved forward, her lips finding Téo's. But her mind caught up to her actions a second later, causing her pull away, a look of horror on her face.

"Um, sorry," she said, her face flushing. "So, um, breathing."

As if Téo was going to want to continue Spanish lessons after that.

Maybe she was dumb to bring it up. Maybe she should have just let the whole thing go. Maybe she should have never even thought that she and Téo could ever be more than friends or whatever exactly they were currently. But it was far too late for all of that now.

“Does that mean you don’t think I’m beautiful?”

Of all the things that Téo could have said, that was the one that Lia hadn't expected. Her jaw dropped, just for a moment, before she composed herself again. "No, of course not!" she said, perhaps a little too loudly. "I definitely still think you're gorgeous and I'm sure most of the school would agree with me, in all honesty."

She stopped herself quickly, not wanting to make more of a fool of herself than she already had. She could feel her face burning red. Thankfully, it was Téo to the rescue.

“And, we could always continue the Spanish lessons? Has to be better than this, right? Have you tried making that, well, sound you need?”

She smiled at the older girl, pleased that she had changed the subject so expertly. She was lucky to have all of this happening with someone as good at solving this as Téo. This could have gone so much worse.

"I've tried." She stressed the last word. "I can't make it sound like yours though." She had actually tried really hard, convinced that if she could just perfect that sound and be able to speak a few words in Spanish to impress the older girl. But it hadn't quite been going as well as she would have hoped. She wasn't going to be impressing anyone soon.

"Any suggestions on how I can actually do it?"

Téo was laughing at her, which she took to mean that she hadn't done quite as well as she hoped. She frowned a little, trying to compare how it had sounded when she said it to how it sounded when Téo said it. There was an obvious difference, of course, but their accents were completely different. Perhaps that was what was stumping her.

But there were more important things that she wanted to think about. In particular, the gorgeous girl in front of her.

Téo backed away from her so fast that she briefly wondered if she smelled. She watched as Téo ran back into the counter before taking off for rounds even though it had definitely not been eight minutes yet.

If the older girl had looked back, she would have seen Lia's expression change to one of hurt and disappointment. Perhaps she shouldn't have been, though. She would have had to have been crazy to truly believe that Téo would think anything more of her than as just the potions nerd who hung out in the hospital wing apothecary more often than was probably normal.

She went back to her work, even though it was just simmering for another twelve or so minutes. They could probably use some pepper up potion as well. Anything to distract her from the sting of rejection.

Sometime after curfew
Fifth floor

It was a quiet night. They were supposed to be doing their own thing for patrols, but there was literally no one around, so she'd gone off to bother Téo instead. Patrols were less torturous with company anyway.

She'd mostly gotten over the whole rejection thing. She understood, of course. It was just a silly, schoolgirl crush and of course someone like Téo wouldn't think of someone like her in such a way. But that didn't mean that she couldn't stare at the older girl and think about her sometimes and try to find the odd excuse to spend time with her.

"I almost wish that someone would be out breaking curfew so we'd have something to do," she said as they wandered. It would break the monotony since it was at least a couple more hours before they would be able to go back to their common rooms. Not that she really wanted to find trouble, but it was something to do.

She glanced up at Téo, debating for the hundredth time if she should bring up the whole incident with the Spanish lessons. They hadn't really talked about it since then and it seemed like the longer that it didn't get brought up and they just pretended that it hadn't happened, the harder it was to considering mentioning. But Lia did feel kind of bad about it.

"Look, about that day in the hospital wing," she started, immediately losing her cool about the whole situation. She really, really shouldn't have brought it up. "Never mind. Forget I said anything."

She was such a dork.

Tacos didn't count, which was disappointing, but apparently having another language under her belt did. She didn't know how much of her French she retained these days, given that she hadn't really practised much since being at school. But hopefully, it would come in handy.

Her motives for wanting to learn Spanish might have not been focused solely on the language, but she was genuinely curious. Two birds, one stone sort of situation.

“It’ll help if you can make the erre sound.”

"Erre?" she attempted. It kind of worked, the sound coming out in some semblance of what it was supposed to. But it definitely didn't sound like what Téo was doing. The older girl made it sound effortless, while Lia's sounded a bit more like trying to talk while driving over a bumpy road. She tried it a couple more times, though it didn't really improve much from her first attempt. "That's not right, is it?"

"...Who’re you going to say it to?”

Yeah. Like she was going to answer that. That particular answer required some working up to. So instead of responding, she just kind of shrugged, her face burning red. Thankfully, Téo just kept going.

"Eres hermosa," she repeated, the feel of it in her mouth a bit strange. She repeated it a few more times, considering it. It didn't really sound like the way Téo said it, but perhaps that was because of the difference in accents. It didn't sound horrible, or at least, she didn't think so.

“You have eight minutes to practice. With me here, anyway.”

Lia did know that rounds didn't take all that long and that Téo would be back shortly after she left. But the limit on time all of a sudden seemed almost now-or-never.

Which was perhaps why Lia pushed herself to her feet, taking a step closer to the older girl. She bit her lip, suddenly nervous, but looked up at the older girl and said, "Téo, eres hermosa."

Lia shrugged. "I did ask you for help. I got to you pass me that stuff." She shot a grin up at Téo, knowing full well that was not what she had meant. But potions was kind of a solitary activity.

Not that she was at all complaining about Téo being there. Not at all. And especially not when she was so close to Lia. She was almost close enough that she could feel the heat off of her skin...

But all too soon, Téo stepped away. Lia did her best not to let her face fall, though she missed the girl's close presence immediately. For a moment, she wished that the older girl had been even closer, but she squashed down that thought quickly. She was being ridiculous.

“Do you really want to learn?”

She nodded, returning Téo's smile. She was genuinely curious, since it always sounded really cool, but Téo's response made her want to learn even more. The older girl nodded to the space in front of her, which she took as an indication to sit.

“Do you know any Spanish at all?”

"I know hola is hello and gracias is thanks," she said. "And... tacos?" She didn't know if that counted as a Spanish word or that was just food. She wished she knew more, to impress Téo. "I took French when I was in primary school in the muggle world."

As curious as she was about the language - and she really was. She thought it would be very cool to be able to speak Spanish, even just a little - it was hard to focus on that when Téo sat in front of her, looking so casually gorgeous. They were hanging out in a hospital wing; how did she even pull that off? No one ever looked good after dealing with potions or sick people or whatever job you were doing in there. It really just made Téo all the more impressive.

Before she could stop herself, she found herself saying, "How do you say 'You're beautiful' in Spanish?"

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