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1957 / cards and cupcakes
« on: 08/23/2019 at 14:55 »
I'm somewhat late to the party this year, but you can have an introduction anyway. Excuse the lack of code... I'm hopeless at it.

My name's Elisa and I've been on the site in one incarnation or the other for quite a while (though there was a huge long break in between Yuku and this spot, simply because I misplaced a link). I live with hubby and the pooch in Northern England, though I hail from much MUCH further South.

My career has always been a bit strange. Over the years I've been a teacher (A-level Economics), fishmonger, lettings agent, footwear designer... but right now I'm a retail minion at the place that rhymes with fresco.

I watch too much Netflix. WAY too much. And I read even more than that. We've actually started getting rid of books so that we can reclaim some space in our tiny house, but then somehow all the space has been filled with board games or other cards. Even if we lived in a larger house we'd probably fill every spare bit of room with something hobby-ish.

Current characters:

Shirley Webb is my carefree yet deep thinking Gryffindor. She suffers from motion sickness, can't stand the scent of incense, swims a lot, loves antiques, distrusts house elves and has a way of doing exactly what she wants. Though her love life is non existent, she does pine after somebody. To distract herself she is planning a trip to Cambodia... though we'll have to see if she gets there before graduation.

Robbie Foxglove is an orphan living with two of his three siblings at the Hogsmeade Children's Home. His older sister Willow used to take care of the three younger ones, but after they were taken into care she disappeared. Robbie is still hopeful of her return, though the continued disappointment and ensuing bitterness will shape him into the ornery young boy you'll all get to meet next term. He's part of the now infamous nine ten(!!!) year old group.

Ophelia Marquis is the cousin of the lively Marquis twins, as well as the older sister of Odette. After spending several years in Egypt training as a curse breaker, she's now returned to London to try and resume life in more normal circumstances. She's ambitious and has strong opinions about a few touchy topics, which might still make her unpopular in the future.

Future favourites:

Cyanea Pantazis is loyal, intense, compassionate, shrewd, intuitive, clingy... and absolutely obsessed with the moon. This little dreamer is a hoarder of pretty things, people and memories.

1956 / Re: Quidditch Sign Ups! Summer 1956
« on: 04/02/2019 at 13:30 »

Fly With Me
*  *  *  S I G N     M E    U P*  *  *

NAME:     Shirley Webb
AGE:      14

1955 / Re: sublime -- s.w.
« on: 01/26/2019 at 17:31 »
"So!" Shirley began, not quite believing she was going to share this tale with a virtual stranger. Her parents hadn't been impressed at all and though she didn't worry too much about her academic achievements in general, the entire ordeal had left her mortified.

"Miz Toomey gave us these wooden creatures... mice and squirrels and so... to practice our magic on. During the first lesson we found out they were actually real animals cursed into a wooden form specifically so we could practice on them."

That first class had been chaos, initially because of the discovery and then with the tantrums that followed. Those had been some tense times in Transfiguration.

"One or two of the older girls decided not to practice any spells on their pets, so they were basically relying on theory alone to get a passing grade. They figured if they did well in tests and submitted some classy essays they'd be fine." Shirley had heard from a reliable source that Téo Wittington had still scored an impressive EE for the class, with Julia Cole not far behind her... and all of that without lifting a wand.

"That was never an option for me so I tried to do everything Miz Toomey instructed. Change it to glass? Why yes, ma'am. Load a scoop full of gelato into its gullet? Sure, why not? I would have shaved that squirrel and painted it blue if she told me to."

Yes, she had put poor Circe through the ringer the entire term. It was no wonder that, in the end, she hadn't had the heart to hold onto the critter and offer her a happy home.

"So all of the smarter girls passed on theory alone and me? I scored my dear old friend, mister P."

1955 / Re: salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 01/26/2019 at 17:09 »
It all made sense.

Small things had a way of adding up to big experiences, so Shirley figured this was good advice.

"So maybe I'll make time to go swimming more often," she said, catching Vega's eye as she, too, slipped some Clemetines into her shopping bag. "There isn't a lake at home and I really do love taking a dip with the squid."

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she thought of something else.

"This will also be the one year where I worry less about grades. If fifth year is going to be as bad as all that, I'll do enough fretting then."

1955 / Re: sublime -- s.w.
« on: 01/23/2019 at 21:32 »
It had been a throwaway comment, made in jest; the few words couldn't really do justice to the truth that lay beneath it. She hadn't meant it as anything more than self-effacing humour, yet Jeremiah's tone had grown so serious that she couldn't really deny the sentiment behind it. To laugh it off now, --with him asking so earnestly-- ,would not only be dishonest, but also cruel. Still, it took her a few moments more to find the words.

"Sometimes, yes. Very hard." 

She looked away from him, to where the deep orange arch dipped into the horizon, warming the water and trees beyond it with a final glow. Just like she'd predicted, the evening chill had gathered momentum and a slight breeze brushed her shoulders. The tip of her shoe connected with an imaginary rock before she continued.

"I mean, my memory's fine and sometimes I understand but when it comes to actually doing things it just becomes a mess."

The previous term had actually been worse than any other, mostly because she'd been looking forward to taking some new classes. The sense of anticipation, coupled with the novelty of being a little bit older, had made the disappointment sting even more.

"Have you heard anything about Transfiguration? From last term, I mean?"

As a rule, Shirley didn't really keep track of whom she shared classes with, but she was pretty sure Jeremiah hadn't been present for that particular embarrassment.

1955 / Re: salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 01/23/2019 at 19:49 »
She considered this.

"So if you could have you fourth year for a second time... what would you do differently?"

1955 / Re: sublime -- s.w.
« on: 01/17/2019 at 22:49 »
Charming as Director Litchfield was, he didn't seem like the nostalgic type. He obviously dabbled in something, but Shirley doubted that it was memories. Snacks seemed likely, as did naps.

She shook her head imperceptibly as Jeremiah suggested the name, then smiled slightly as he dismissed his own notion. He was right, this did feel more magical than that.

"Perhaps it's the way the camp underneath is mixing with the magic used to sustain the setting," she suggested, shrugging again. Maybe it even used a little bit of her own magic, and Jeremiah's. That would explain why things felt so hauntingly familiar, even if she knew for a fact she'd never been here before.

"I'm probably the last person to ask about magic, anyway," she added with a subtle smile. Not for the first time, she wished she had a better grasp of how exactly one could use magic to shape the world so perfectly.

"Pretty rubbish at it."

1955 / Re: salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 01/17/2019 at 02:34 »
The oranges were on the small side, which hopefully meant they would be sweet. Shirley reached for one and was about to breathe in the scent of citrus when Vega talked about school.

She shrugged.

"Sounds like it will be a lot like third year, actually. More hormones, more parties... but apart from that..."

Hopefully she'd be able to change her syllabus a little bit, if only to provide her with more choice for when her OWLs finally arrived. As it stood, the only subject that interested her at all was History of Magic and it would be silly to sit all of those exams just for the sake of one subject.

"Is it more difficult? It felt like a big step between years two and three."

1955 / Re: sublime -- s.w.
« on: 01/12/2019 at 16:09 »
"The former," she clarified.  The whole summer still stretched ahead of her, and some moments would be framed and re-framed in the year to come, while others would fade instantly. Whether or not this encounter would be tucked away for later perusal remained to be seen.

"I mean, I know this setting is from a book."

Though she hadn't read it herself, she knew at least one copy was in circulation at the camp.

"But some parts seem very personal, like someone is remembering rather than just making stuff up."

This view was one example, as was the descent into the gorge via the remnants of that stone bridge. Even the rocks to the side of Caldron pool had something akin to nostalgia clinging to them.

1955 / Re: salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 01/12/2019 at 15:41 »
Shirley winced guiltily at the other girl's tone. She'd honestly thought Vega already knew about all the perils that waited for her on the other side. From her comment about the absence of a Potions programme at the school it seemed like she'd done quite a bit of research before making a decision.

"Well, only some of the smaller ones really, like hummingbirds and finches," she said quickly. The last thing Shirley had wanted to do was spook her, especially after Vega's heart-felt confession about being a little bit terrified.

She cleared her throat gently, then reached for a bag to gather her fruit in.

"So are you all packed and ready?"

The bananas would do nicely. Next she needed an orange or two, for balance.

1955 / Re: sublime -- s.w.
« on: 01/12/2019 at 03:18 »
She studied his face as he spoke, following his gaze and gestures. It was interesting talking to somebody completely new. An affinity for pretty sunsets aside, they had very little in common, yet Shirley found herself easing into the moment.

"That's a lot of pressure for one sunset," she said finally. Perhaps the fact that it was the only sunset would make it more special, but how could she be sure if there weren't other colours or contours to compare it to?

Considering this, she took a breath.


"Do you think this view is a memory?"

1955 / Re: salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 01/10/2019 at 10:47 »
Yes, Brazil was far away, but that was bound to make it easier. There'd be no subtle similarities to remind Vega of home once the initial excitement wore off. She'd be able to channel all of her energies into loving, or hating, the experience.

"Well even you won't hate all of it," Shirley remarked with a pointed smile, hoping the other girl didn't take offense at the tiny barb. "There's bound to be some small thing that you'll love. And when you come back, you'll have stories that nobody else will be able to tell."

She glanced back at the blueberries, finding that she'd quite lost her appetite for them. Maybe she'll slice some bananas into the mix instead. It was much more suited to Summer.

"Just stay away from the spiders. Some of them are big enough to eat birds, you know."

Shirley glanced towards the younger girl Marilyn was pointing out. She'd never seen her before either, but then if she liked Charms, that would explain it. It was a subject that often gave her headaches. Best

"Oh I don't have any makeup, really. My mum doesn't like me covering my freckles for some reason and mascara just makes my eyes itch."

Besides, Shirley wasn't really used to wandering around with things on her face. No doubt she'd forget all about it and smear the colours everywhere. The best she could really hope for was a nice lip gloss. Rouge would just look ridiculous against her pale skin.

Looking at the other girl, Shirley suddenly wondered whether the Hufflepuff was a lot better at Transfiguration than she let on. Unless that lemon lip gloss was something marvelous, in which case it was probably quite expensive. She didn't ask her this, nor did she correct her on the name. It would probably be much more interesting to be a Sheila for a few days.

"I think I've met your dorm mate," Shirley mumbled, then shrugged. As far as memory served Lia was blonde as well, but then a lot of Hufflepuffs their age were. The darker, brooding girls usually ended up in other houses.

"They'll probably go to bed very early," Shirley said, watching the younger girl from the corner of her eye. "I plan to stay out quite late most night anyway."

Shirley smiled indulgently as she listened to Mari's rant. Truth be told, she'd learned a great deal from Professor Toomey. Unfortunately she'd gained the experience at the expense of making any progress in Transfiguration. She was nervous of the subject now; it would take an absolute miracle for her to regain her confidence.

"Yes, another year gone," she agreed with a smile, taking a seat on the nearest bed. She was really looking forward to the long, lazy summer that stretched out before her. It was just what she needed to expel the feeling of disappointment that still lingered after the last term.

"I like your lipstick, by the way," the redhead mentioned. Here they were, both the same age, yet Mari looked so much better put together than Shirley had ever managed. "Which shade is that?"

She'd been planning to unpack a little bit more carefully this year, especially since her plans included not being in her cabin very much at all. It was difficult enough to find things in the dark without having to look in unorganized crannies.

But her Effective Unpacking was going to have to wait, it seemed, as Mari was in a mood for a chat. Or a stand-off. Shirley sometimes found it really difficult to read Hufflepuffs.

"Of course you do." The words came easily, followed by a pause and a shrug.

"I offered to switch critters with you in Doomey's class. If the hag had let us, you would have had Circe for the term, not... whatever-your-mouse-was-called."

1955 / Re: sublime -- s.w.
« on: 12/26/2018 at 13:22 »
"Because all of this will be gone in less than a month," she muttered, shrugging.

Magic was still a mystery to her and whatever enchantment allowed Camp Loki to take new form each year seemed really complicated. However this magic had been spun, it was clear that this peak would disappear from her life as soon as she left the camp. The colours were vivid and beautiful, but she couldn't look at them without being reminded that all of this would fade in a matter of weeks.

"There'll be no visiting this spot over Christmas, or even in Spring. There's just this, nothing more."

1955 / Re: salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 12/26/2018 at 13:12 »
Now that made a little bit more sense. Brewing potions was a noble pursuit. Knowing how to grow the ingredients properly would make concocting them cheaper.

Shirley nodded, though the look of understanding turned to confusion again as Vega continued.

"Terrified of what?"

1955 / Re: sublime -- s.w.
« on: 12/09/2018 at 23:51 »
She didn't want to interrupt someone else's moment, but the colours drew her in none the less. The burnt orange of the late afternoon sky was visible even from the path. Very soon, she knew, the remaining patches of blue would deepen and turn pink. Though she'd been itching to look down from the cliff, she only ventured closer when Jeremiah spoke to her.

"It's beautiful," she admitted, knowing that the word was inadequate even as she said it. In truth, she had no words to accurately capture the scene in front of her, nor to explain how her skin just knew that the early evening would bring a breeze.

A few more steps took Shirley to the older boy's side. The dark green canopy of trees below them drew her eye, but only for a second. She'd soon see what lurked beneath those dark green crowns.

"Though it's a bit sad, too."

1955 / Re: salada de frutas (vega)
« on: 12/09/2018 at 23:04 »
"I heard you're off to the rain forest to study Herbology," she admitted. She hoped it wasn't meant to be a secret as she couldn't quite remember who'd told her. The two girls were in the same house, though, so Shirley knowing shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

"Seeing the Amazon would obviously be a real experience, and you're very good at the studying thing, so both of those make sense."

She wandered closer, her eyes trailing from Vega's face to the baskets in front of her. The blueberries were larger than the ones she was used to, and a slightly deeper shade. They weren't her favourites, but a good handful would bulk out the salad without making it too sweet.

"But why Herbology? Aren't there exotic animals to study there? Or interesting people, for that matter?"

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