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1957 / Re: This is not a dead man, yet!
« on: 08/28/2019 at 21:29 »

I'm so excited for C/S this term! Plus our profs have a patrol together. So maybe we can do something with that! Hahaha. All in all though I'm happy you're trying to come back.

Also I've always found Archeology cool. It was what i wanted to do when I was little cause my dad would have Indiana Jones marathons with me.

And I hope doggo gets better soon! ):

I also miss Fishy

1957 / Re: BOO! It's Voice Meme 1957!
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1956 / Re: Kickstart My Heart | Rome
« on: 04/30/2019 at 05:21 »
It was normally a shock to guys when she jumped quickly, first. She wasn't scared. These things thrilled her to no end. It reminded her when she would jump from the cliffs on the island she called home, just off the Greece mainland. Her mind was back there when she flew downward through the air.

This water wasn't as pretty though. It was a black water here, even during the day. It felt like water though and that was the important part. She would miss this when it was time to go back to the castle, so she decided that she would go swimming as much as possible... So that included during the day, during the night... Whenever possible.

"Might want to swim out of the way a little. I wouldn't want your kingdom to lose its Princess from drowning."

"Doubt they would notice!" She yelled back with a laugh, although part of her felt as if it was true. She swam a bit to the side though just to be sure he wouldn't hit her, but as soon as he hit the water she made her way to where he was.

"Was it good for you?"

She laughed as she swam around him though she never took her eyes off him. "Thrilling." She said with a devilish grin and with one swoop of her hand she splashed him, daring him in some way. What fun was being in the water with someone if there wasn't splashing or dunking? She didn't know. "How was it for you?"

1956 / Re: are you ready to partie party? | Open To All!
« on: 04/29/2019 at 15:44 »
Pil stood as her two friends exchanged pleasantries. Glenn was the best guy she knew and he deserved someone just as great. Ole was a squib, but she had great qualities about her. She was super patient and caring and so was Glenn. They would be a perfect fit, and better yet Glenn wouldn't get hurt with Ole. That was the important thing.

She was even about to agree to hang out with the two somewhere else when Bracken interrupted.. What was with him anyways? Did he even know Artemis that well? Questions ran through her mind and she couldn't help but notice the gazes he gave the girl.

With a roll of her eyes she took a sip of her drink and looked at Glenn with hopeless eyes. "If anyone is tired it's you, babe." Pil said with a dry laugh. Hopefully it wasn't too noticeable. There were people there that would look for any sign of weakness. Sometimes she wished she didn't have to put on a facade. She wished that she was able to act on emotion like Artemis or Lia... Well she did once. That didn't turn out well though.

"We were just discussing going elsewhere." She said with a forced smile. "Maybe you'd like to come with us. Spend a bit of time with me?" Her voice hopeful.

Her and Bracken's summer had been anything but loving, but through everything they were still together.

1956 / Re: Put Your Paper Face On | Athanasia
« on: 04/27/2019 at 00:52 »
Pil grabbed her drink off of the house elf's tray and smiled at Nausea while the girl talked... and talked.. And seemingly didn't know how to shut up. It was a teenzy bit amusing.

Plus.. No one was better than her at putting on a fake face. She had been doing it most of her life. Her mother trained her on it when she started wearing heels. Pain is beauty. She could hear her mother's voice in her head.

It would take more than just prodding at her father's disappointment in her to get a rise. Especially since that was just who he was as a person. He wanted his daughter to succeed in every way imaginable. Did it hurt? Yes. It hurt like no other pain she'd ever felt, but deep down she knew he just wanted her to have the best. Like he had the best... Or he just wanted to wait to sell her off to the highest bidder in order to make family bonds. She preferred the first theory.

"At least my father doesn't coddle me and make me think I'm actually likable." She snapped at the other house elf to get the finger nail polish ready. "Oh and I just noticed why people call you Euthanasia behind your back." She stated with a laugh. "You talk so much that people ultimately want to kill themselves rather than listen." Another laugh.

Then Pil motioned for the girl to sit in the other chair across from hers. "You can sit on my bed, but your nails won't be getting done there." She shrugged. "So it's up to you."

Pil liked their public encounters more. The girl was much less vile... Although so was Pil. It was something she had honed in on. People's weaknesses were her strong suit. Nausea was tougher to break though. It made it fun. The girl wasn't like any of the other girls at the castle. Were Greek girls just better? It was what it seemed.

1956 / Re: flowers in the concrete ;; Pil
« on: 04/27/2019 at 00:33 »
It had been a tough two weeks. Her and Bracken weren't exactly seeing eye to eye, but also she had done something irreversible. She was just lucky that her boyfriend seemed to be avoiding her just as much as she had been avoiding him.

Then her eyes met his and he nodded for her to come over. Great.

"Happy birthday!"

She rolled her eyes and just stood there with her arms crossed. "It's not my birthday, but thanks." She forced a smile. What was his problem? What if she just didn't like her birthday? Making a big deal out of it would only make it worse. The only people at school that knew were the administration, Lia, and Nausea... The latter only because their families were so close. She willingly never told a soul though.

"So what's up?" She didn't know why it came out like it did, but it came out with an attitude that Bracken probably didn't deserve. She couldn't help it though. His arms was the one place that would make her feel better, but she didn't see that happening anytime soon.

She shook her head as the tears filled his eyes. No no no no.. She didn't want that. She moved closer and her hand went up to meet his face. Her hand fell as he mentioned Bracken though. Her boyfriend. She had a boyfriend. A boyfriend that she had been falling out of love with all summer. A boyfriend that she was still scared of hurting though. "I know, Glenny." She held back her tears. Now wasn't a time for her to cry. "What should I do?" Glenn was the only person who believed she was good. Glenn was the only person to ever hold her to a higher standard. A standard she had destroyed a long time ago... First with Rome... Then with Glenn... The only difference was that Rome was just as terrible as her. When she held Glenn's hand she felt warmth. She felt as if the world couldn't touch her. She felt safe. Bracken melted away, her father melted away... It was just her and Glenn.

"Yes I did." She said as she stopped circling his palm and just held his hand. "You deserve better though, Glenny." Tears rimmed her eyes. Everyone deserved better than her. "You deserve someone who isn't selfish." She was the most selfish person she knew. Glenn deserved the world and Pil was just a burnt out sun. A black hole of emotion. "It wasn't fair for me to say that to you even if it is true."

She nodded as she shifted to face him. Her knees were brought up to her chest and her chin rested there. "What about it?" She asked. Her eyes flitting up to stare into his. She just wanted Glenn to be okay.. Even if she wasn't particularly comfortable talking about it she would for him. She was uncomfortable talking about a lot of things. That's probably why her relationship with Bracken had gone so awry. She took his hand in hers and traced circles around his palm with one of her fingers.

Last Night of Camp

Her head rested on his shoulder as she ate popcorn and watched the movie. A lot of people had left camp already, so they were practically alone. It wasn't entirely like it was before the kissing thing, but it wasn't bad either. The thoughts of Glenn's words never seemed to escape her mind though. He wanted to kiss her. "I know I asked if we could forget what had happened, but I never asked if you wanted to talk about it." She said as she lifted her head and looked at him. "I'm sorry." It was all that she could think of to say.

Without much notice she hugged him. She didn't know what made her do it, but she just wanted to feel his arms around her. "Can we please just forget what happened the other day?" She said as she nuzzled her face into his his chest. Her smile never fading. It wasn't fair to him what had happened, but  she want to talk about everything else that had happened. She just wanted her friend back. The boy she would go to with everything. The feeling of his arms around her was soothing.  Then she had an idea. Without warning she pushed back and started running. "Last one to the beach is a rotten egg!" She yelled, speeding up into a full run not just a job.

PI... His nickname for her. It made her melt back to before. He was trying to play like nothing had happened. She was okay with that. Glenn was normally a fixer... He liked to talk about things even when she didn't. She was grateful when that wasn't this conversation. In reality she missed his company. He was her best friend. "I might be slacking, Glenny, but I can still beat you in a race." She joked, a smile spreading across her face. She was actually okay.

Days had went by without seeing him... Not by accident. She was actively avoiding him and it was made easier by not being in the same cabin. She was thankful to the fates for that one. Although the rest of it must have been a cruel joke to them. Then all of a sudden he was there... At the front door of her cabin. She thought about turning around, but ultimately decided she couldn't avoid him forever. "Hey." She said with a nervous wave as she walked up onto the porch. "What's up?" She knew what was up, but playing dumb worked for her most of the time.

She felt his arms around her. It felt nice. It felt like Bracken's arms used to, but without everything attached to it. It felt like home. She shook her head as she released him and pushed him back. She would ruin him wouldn't she? She would ruin the sweetness of the gentle giant named Glenn. Poison Ivy... The name she jokingly gave herself when he was tutoring her. PI... That should have told her what would happen all along. "I have to go." She said as she picked up her bag. She didn't deserve to be happy. She didn't deserve love was what she realized then. Bracken was that... Her father was that... Love was a luxury that she would never be able to afford. "I'll see you later, okay?"

How stupid was she? Stupid enough to throw herself at someone who was friends with her boyfriend. Then the words came out of his mouth... He wanted to kiss her? Why'd he basically launch himself to his feet at the thought? Tears swelled in her eyes as she looked at him. "I want to kiss you too." She said as a tear broke through and streamed down her face. She couldn't though. She was stupid and selfish for even putting Glenn in that situation.

She nodded as Glenn moved to his feet and held out his hand. "Yea." She said, not wanting to look him in the eyes. "Sorry." She said out of embarrassment. Rejection was certainly humbling to one's ego. Was loving her really that bad? Bracken had cringed... Now Glenn acted basically like kissing her would be the worst crime of the century. "You don't have to come to the party." She didn't really want to go anymore either. Her bed sounded nice. She packed up her bag without looking at him. "I'm sorry again." She choked out as she finally decided she was able to look at him.

She watched as Glenn's face went red. It made her grin from ear to ear and she couldn't stop. It was the first time she had smiled like that in a long time. "I mean if you don't want me to kiss you I don't have to." She said as she looked down to the ground. She was back to the shy little girl she had been in her fourth year.

Pil's eyes widened in shock as she slid off the boy's stomach in order to sit next to him. Suddenly her dress didn't matter. "You've never been kissed?" She asked with a smile. "The Glenn Collins has never been kissed?" A giggle escaped. She was pretty sure most of the girls would gladly get a chance to snog him. He was tall and handsome. He was also super sweet. "If you wanted.." She said as she bit her lip. Her cheeks burning as blood rushed to them. "I could teach you how to kiss."

She shrugged as took the silver dress from Glenn and sat using his stomach as a bench. Getting the dress dirty while rolling in the grass before the party was not an option. "Well I've never seen you snog anyone, Glenn." She said with a hint of mischief in her eyes.

She held the gold dress up to her and twirled around once. "I think so too." She said with a smile as she put the dress on and slipped her bikini top out from under the dress. She let her hair out of its ponytail and let it fall into its natural wave pattern. She laughed as Glenn reached for the silver dress. "If you show up in that you'll definitely be the talk of the night!" She laughed as she threw the dress at Glenn before he got to grab it. "Why do you hate parties so much anyways? What are you afraid of? Lips?" She raised her eyebrows, teasing him.

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