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1951 / Re: Duellatorum | Mia
« on: 09/02/2017 at 01:12 »
"Course there is. The most common one is probably Protego, the Shield Charm, which is fairly simple. I'm sure there's more out there but I'd say that'd be the best to use."

That one went down immediately, above all the others. Protego. Shield charm. She wasn't sure how much use she would make of it, but the mere fact that she wouldn't have to dodge and jump around all the time was terribly appealing. Tongue sticking out, Ernestine made sure to underline it. It was a wonderful idea to ask Mia for dueling tips. She wasn't sure she would win the next round coming up, considering it was her first time, but she already felt better knowing some spells she could have under her belt. "How about this," Ernestine swiftly looked up from her writings to pay attention- this sounded important.

"You try to send a spell at me-anything you think you can do-and I'll put up a Shield Charm to show you how it works. You have permission to try some magic right now 'cause I'm a counselor. Does that sound good?" It sounded....not bad, but Ernestine wasn't sure she should. They weren't dueling and she didn't really want to attack Mia anyways. What if she accidentally hurt her? But if she didn't, she couldn't see the shield charm in action either....

"Alright." Her agreement sounded rather small.

Looking back into her notes she tried to see if there was a spell that would do little damage....not Confundus....Impedimenta was also a no....Expelliarmus? All it would do would cause Mia's wand to fly out of her hand. And it seemed simple- Ernestine took out her wand from her own pockets and raised in the air waveringly.

"Expelliarmus!" She squeaked, flicking the end of her weapon towards Mia.

1951 / Re: Truant | Open
« on: 08/30/2017 at 23:53 »
As the stranger gathered his butterbeer, Ernestine had taken the opportunity to draw the Knight Bus. As well as she could remember it anyway. Dirt marks from where it skidded in the countryside, dents from wizards too reactionary to get run over and a dead head with silly cross-stitches over its lips in the driver side window. It was long gone by now, so she had nothing to reference by, but looking back over at the Scot in the same manner as before revealed that it was just the right amount of dingy to counteract his silken state.

As she peered once more over her sketchbook- she was going to draw him next to the craggy thing with the words 'Strange Scot'  right over his groomed hair- he smiled at her. Not a big one. Not like the small crescents her mother wore when she caught a kitten trapped in the sink. Not like the great guffaws her papa roared when he gossiped with old friends who apparated into their living room. It just barely touched his eyes. She had smiles like that, ones to just get her through the day without too many questions, but whatever could be the purpose of a smile like that?

She decided it was a nice smile, at the very least. Perhaps a formality from Scotland. She didn't smile back because the rest of her face was behind her sketchbook and it was going to stay that way.

""Charming place, thes. Student or maintenance staff?"

Or not. Closing the book, sticking her pencil behind an ear, and letting her legs swing back down from their precipice upon the cushion, Ernestine decided to at least clear up any confusion. It would be rude to ignore him, considering he caught her staring. To be honest, she wasn't sure if there was a maintenance staff. If there were, they must be very accomplished wizards, because while the grounds were kept and bed sheets were cleaned, she never saw them at all. "Student, sir."

Should she say anything more? Ah, well, if only to satisfy her itching curiosity- "Why did you come on the Knight Bus?"

1951 / Re: Friday's Children | Cosette
« on: 08/30/2017 at 02:51 »
The girl's train of thought was amusing. A momentary fantasy of the pair of them being Gryffindors popped up, donned in armor with wands aloft like in fairy tales. Ravenclaw might suit her a bit more though- here it was, she had been reading book Ernestine wasn't even sure was on the list for classes before classes even started.

The admittance that she would be, quote "The Grumpiest Hufflepuff ever" was hardly funny (were Hufflepuffs supposed to be always happy?), but the way she laughed at herself had Ernestine break open a toothy grin too. She supposed...supposed that if the girl did get sorted into Slytherin, she would make an effort to stay friends. Ambition itself wasn't bad. You just had to know what to use it for.

"I'm Coset Petit." Coset Petit. Her name had a lot of T's in it, but it was small. Ernestine wondered how it was spelle- she was broken out of her wondering with Coset's sudden lean towards her cheek. Almost as if she had been a tree pushed over by storm winds, Ernestine leaned away from the greeting and stuck her hand back out in defense.

"In-in England," she began rather nervously, "new friends shake hands." Coset would obviously need a little help with the culture at Hogwarts. "People might think you odd if you just kiss them."

Last round.

She still hadn't taken any damage. Good. Now that Naoi was tied up with a bit of greenery, she could pull out one last spell. Something that caused damage- she wasn't confident that if Vanessa cast a spell on her, it wouldn't bring her down and cause Naoi to win the match.

Silvers was up in the air. Brannen was out on the ground. Just one last spell against one last opponent and she might just win.

It would be a bit cruel, Ernestine supposed, to do it, but it was just a game- wasn't it? She hoped Naoi wouldn't hate her too much after she pulled this one. With calm face and steeled eyes, Ernestine calls out "Incendio!", aiming her wand directly at Vanessa's robes. If it did catch, that would be two scorch marks on perfectly good clothes. Maybe, after the match of course, she could make it up to her.

1951 / Re: Truant | Open
« on: 08/29/2017 at 05:06 »
She was drawing the bar. It served butterbeer instead of pumpkin juice- the stains on the warped wood were of a more honey-sweet hue than the dining table back at the Cliffside Callow. Curled up in a twine armchair at the opposite end of the warm cabin common room, Ernestine had a perfect view to watch people come and go, taking butterbeer with them and laughing. She couldn't catch the ones that were moving, but serviceable caricatures existed with smiles and cheers at the flat bar that existed on the page of her sketchbook. Tucking her knees in further to support a particularly deep shadow, she surmised that there was only a bit more that she could do before considering it do-


The explosive sound jolted the sleep out of her bones. Certainly, yes, because of the absolutely obtrusive nature, but also because of the familiarity. A look out the paned window of the Golden Goose confirmed the small student's first errant thoughts- it was the Knight Bus. Only sometimes would it bring witches and wizards to the bed-and-breakfast, as opposed to the more common Floo network, but that sound- that terrible sound could never leave her. She had dropped a basket full of eggs because of that bloody sound.

Painfully curious, if only because the Knight Bus brought the more peculiar of visitors, Ernestine craned her neck to catch a glimpse of who could take that horrid thing to summer camp. Why wouldn't they use the Floo? It was much quieter. The window pane distorted him a bit, but it was a boy that came off the bus. He looked like he could be Hogwarts age. Maybe older than her. Still didn't explain why his parents didn't send him through the Floo.

As he strode into the Golden Goose with surely too dapper a set of clothes for summer camp, Ernestine changed her first assumptions. Definitely older than her. Gangly, with a cream waistcoat and tie that even further disassociated him to his appearance on the rambly, cobbled, cramped Knight Bus. Ernestine herself was only wearing a sensible pair of brown boots, a rose cream blouse and navy trousers- she was planning on visiting the garden later today. He certainly seemed very full of himself as he continued toward the bar, as if he hadn't arrived on a ramshackle excuse for wizard's transport.

She straightened up and watched him as he crossed the room, and settled down at the bar with his trunk. "Butterbeer and a room, eff you have one." A Scot, eh? Didn't he know you had to be assigned a cabin? The Golden Goose rooms were Team Birds only. Ernestine continued to watch him from behind her sketchbook- her narrowed  eyes and freckles being the only thing to peek out from behind it. What a strange arrival indeed.

1951 / Re: Duellatorum | Mia
« on: 08/29/2017 at 04:15 »
There was a bounce in her step as Ernestine lead the way outside, terribly excited to get a demonstration in dueling. Turning to face Mia once they reached a proper bit of grass, she bit her lip, rocking back and forth in barely restrained excitement. A demonstration! She wondered- as Mia took out her wand- if she was to participate too. Should she take out her wand?

"So, um," Maybe not. She would wait until Mia told her to. Instead, she opened her sketchbook and began to take notes to review later. "....try and use spells that give you extra time to cast more than once..." There were spells that could do that? Ernestine quickly scribbled the spells Mia began to list off onto the space beside her father's head. Impedimenta. Petrificus Totalus. Stupefy. Confundus. Expelliarmus.

"Disarming's also good, but it's difficult to pull it off more than once, so I've heard" In the little nook between Expelliarmus and William Baumgartner's outstretched hand, she wrote Disarming hard to do twice. She found it encouraging to see beside the one arm he had left.

"Impedimenta!" The sudden charm jerked Ernestine away from her father and to the chipmunk Green's wand was pointed to. It stopped, shocked, and then began to move as if it had been transfigured into a turtle. Following after Mia, she bent down to get a closer look- "That's the effect of Impedimenta, if you use it properly."

"Oh." Ernestine had never seen such a spell in use. She had heard stories of offensive spells like this one, but there was never really any use for it at the Cliffside Callow. Watching the chipmunk was almost mesmerizing. But before she forgot, she wrote down the next bit of advice- Spells might not always hit. Some duelists agile enough to dodge.

Ernestine wasn't sure she was agile enough to dodge. "Are there any defensive spells?"

1951 / Re: Friday's Children | Cosette
« on: 08/28/2017 at 22:36 »
The girl smiled at her, ignoring her outstretched hand. It was a little awkward, holding it out for her to take for more than a few seconds, so Ernestine tucked it away under the other end of her sketchbook. Did the French not shake hands? She once remembered seeing French wizards kiss each other in greeting. Should she have offered a kiss instead? She didn't want to kiss another girl (she didn't even want to kiss boys), even if it was only on the cheek.

"I was just reading about the houses. What house do you want?"

Oh. She was just focused on her book. Ernestine felt relieved. Once she let her shoulders down, she gave the question a good long ponder, staring at the grass still wet with dew under her boots- what house did she want? There were so many besides Slytherin. And they all had their good qualities too.

Her father had been in Gryffindor. And he had certainly lived up to the reputation. Brave (to a fault, her mother used to cry aloud over letters), and willing to stand up for his morals. She didn't know if she had the bravery required, but she would be honored to get accepted into Gryffindor.

Her mother had been a Ravenclaw. I'm not too terribly clever, she used to sigh, but I do love to put my mind to work. She was in charge of the Cliffside Callow- all it's finances, it's reputation, how much they might stock of this or that, what forms they had to fill out for the ministry. Ernestine.....felt like she wasn't a Ravenclaw. She liked work where she didn't have to think. Beating rugs, picking cherries, painting signs. That was her job.

She guessed that left Hufflepuff. Her eyebrow raised at the thought. It wasn't unappealing or enticing. It just...was. She supposed she wouldn't mind being put in that house. As long as it wasn't Slytherin.

"Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor." She looked back up and told the girl.

She couldn't keep calling her 'girl'. "What's your name?"

The spell hit before Silvers could regain her wand. How grand! It had been a smart choice to change spells after all. Ernestine tried to not let the accomplishment get to her head, but it was hard. Here it was, the two older girls were down and she had yet to take any damage. It was almost if the sun that shone that morning was bestowing her power.

But she hadn't won yet. So she would keep her ego on the ground. First, to finish off Silvers- she would go for another simple charm. Hopefully this one would do a bit more damage. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Ernestine bellowed, flicking her wand at Rebecca and hoping the forcefulness of the incantation would give it a boost.

There was an echo of her charm that startled her. Naoi. She had almost forgot- luckily Naoi's wand was pointed at Rebecca. If her charm worked (or alternatively, Vanessa's) Silvers wouldn't be able to keep her busy any more, and Naoi would turn attention to her. Hoping that in the seconds after her first cant she could pull off another one, Ernestine swung her wand arm at Vanessa and cried, "Vineyard!"

She only had to last until the last round.

Aha! The charm worked excellently after Silvers cast her spells. She didn't have her wand! She couldn't defend against what she was going to pull out next. Though her expression was set in "grim determination", Ernestine was quite happy.

Now that Naoi's robes were on fire, she could cast Creo Exessum at Silvers. Maybe. It was a spell beyond her level- it seemed like a brilliant idea just a few moments ago, when she was planning. But now she felt doubt. If she couldn't pull it off, that meant it was a lost opportunity. The disarming charm would've been for nothing.

Ernestine raised her arm in Rebecca's direction and called out "Petrificus Totalus!" If this worked- it was simpler than Creo Exessum- she could redirect attention to Naoi. Brannen, she felt uneasy about; she still hadn't moved at all.

It worked! Kadence's legs were wrapped in vines that grew magically from the platform. Ernestine felt pride for a second before she was swept up by a gust of wind. Ventus Redimio! She couldn't move! Who cast it?

"Sorry! Good luck for the duel, by the way! Silvers! At least she was nice. She gave Rebecca a tight smile in acknowledgement- Ernestine wasn't much for talking while there was a task to focus on. Brannen hadn't acted at all- and she had gotten hit by a Petrificus Totalus by Naoi. She would be down for little.

Ernestine didn't know any counter spells for Ventus Redimio, which meant she was just going to have to go through with her original plan. Pointing her wand at Rebecca she cried "Expelliarmus!" in an attempt to disarm her.

She hoped the previous spell aimed at Naoi worked though- she could probably use that to her advantage.

1951 / Re: Duellatorum | Mia
« on: 08/25/2017 at 21:52 »
In the moment Mia took to contemplate her question, Ernestine started to doubt her initial idea. What if she was too busy? Maybe she actually was being bothersome. Maybe the answer would be no. Which.....she could handle, maybe, but she had gotten her hopes up and was already thinking too far ahead with her fantasy of winning the second bout of dueling coming up. What if-

"Okay," She said yes.

She said yes! Maybe her internal review was a little silly. Of course Mia would say yes.

 "Do you want me to actually, like...demonstrate? We can go outside or something? Sorry, I only just started dueling myself." Ernestine's hadn't considered a demonstration. She had only wanted tips, and had brought her sketchbook to write them down. But the idea of it made the corners of her mouth bounce into a smile. It didn't drop when Mia mentioned her own novelty- it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that she won and that she said yes.

"Yes! Yes, let's!"

She was jittery.

Today's early morning was much different than other early mornings at home or even at camp. Ernestine wished she had a little bit more time to psych herself up, or even a chance to watch other competitors go first, but her name was on the roster and she had to  let the stepping stones take her to her fate.

She wanted to win. It would be great if she could win. But Rebecca- Mia's last opponent- Ernestine knew she could silent cast. Naoi, she had no idea, she hadn't' watched her match. Neither Brannen- but that just meant she would have to keep her head on a swivel. If she could get one in a bind, that would mean-

Red sparks drew her eyes. There was the start of the match!

With all the speed she could muster, Ernestine aimed for Kadence and shouted: "Vineyard!" If she could get her major unknown out of the way, she could focus on laying damage into Silvers.

1951 / Re: Friday's Children | Cosette
« on: 08/23/2017 at 02:19 »
"Quelle surprise!"

Ernestine never heard that saying before, but the way singing girl blurted it out with an impressed expression made her feel rather proud. Her explanation- ‘It means wow,’- also felt like it was pumping air into her chest. Were her drawings really that good? Would other people be surprised to see them?

She debated it for a moment, giving the girl her book to flip through so she could feel that sense of elation again. Her face had stretched into a small smile as she held up the pages, and she wanted to keep it. But- “I’m not sure how Hogwarts years work, but I assume first.”

“I’m eleven and I’m a new student. What does that mean?”
With a resigned breath- her ego’s opportunity had passed- she shut the book. Away went her nightmares and sketches of home- and she stuck out her hand in exchange. “It means you’ll be first year, like me. I’m Ernestine Baumgartner.” she had to hold her tongue from continuing with how may I help you today? “First years like us get sorted into different houses where we’ll make lifelong friends.”

She was quoting her mother with that last bit. She didn’t really know much about the houses besides what her parents told her. And by what her parents told her, the only thing she was sure of was that she didn’t want to be Slytherin.

1951 / Re: Duellatorum | Mia
« on: 08/22/2017 at 01:15 »
"Hi, Ernestine, what's up?"

Her head turned towards the sound of her name, and found Mia there, headed towards her. With a quick apology to the person she bothered momentarily before, Ernestine gave her best smile in preparation for her approach. It was- regrettably- her 'customer is talking to her' smile; the type where her eyes closed partially, and she made sure to grin wide without showing any of her odd teeth. She didn't have a 'friend coming to greet me' smile quite yet.

"Hi-" she started. And then stopped. Her feet shuffled around a little and she took a quick peek at her skirt. It had little strands of grey cat hair- how hadn't she noticed that til now? Were other clothes in her trunk covered in cat hair? Was there any other way to avoid saying something. It's not hard.

"Hi-" Ernestine started again. "I saw your dueling match and I want to ask for some tips." It came out more as a statement than a question but it was out there. She didn't mumble (though she had wanted to at the end) and she didn't rush it. Clear and concise. Just what she wanted and nothing more. Like always.

1951 / Re: Sunshine Child | E. B.
« on: 08/22/2017 at 00:41 »
Both of you have been pm'ed!

1951 / Re: Friday's Children | Cosette
« on: 08/20/2017 at 16:35 »
Hogwarts, a History,” The girl had squeaked in reply. Hogwarts had a history book? Ernestine blinked, trying to remember- was that an assigned book or not? Should she be reading Hogwarts, a History too? Or was it just for foreign students? Her accent sounded French- Ernestine had not met many Frenchmen, but the way they spoke was terribly distinct. Why was she going to Hogwarts and not Boba- Beauta- Beauxbatons?

Did you draw that?

She looked back at her sketchbook, where the page showed the unfinished Golden Goose. Ernestine’s face flushed a tiny bit- she didn’t usually let strangers look inside her sketchbook. But… the singing girl’s demeanor had changed from shy to curious when she asked. If she was going to Hogwarts this year too, then maybe they could be friends.

Therefore, Ernestine went to pick up her sketchbook, and took it back to show her. “Yes. It’s for my parents.” She made no motion to let the girl hold the book- there were pictures on other pages she’d rather no one see, but she eagerly held up the Golden Goose drawing for singing girl to take a closer look.

“What year will you be at Hogwarts?” Ernestine hoped that she would say first.

1951 / Re: Friday's Children | Cosette
« on: 08/19/2017 at 16:25 »
Her absent-minded humming- a gift from the loud sailors of Salcombe- stopped when Ernestine realized that someone else was singing too. For a moment a spine-chilling tingle raced up her back as her mind leaped to the well spirit. Could it be real? What if it wasn't friendly? What if it was a siren, and it was singing to lure her down into the watery depths of it's home?

Seconds away from plugging her ears and running back to bed, Ernestine soon realized that the singing was not coming from inside the well. Rather, it was coming from beside it, and while it was pretty, it was also normal. Not at all eerie like she imagined a siren might sound. Who could be up so early? she thought.

She quietly shuffled her jacket around, placing her sketchbook on it whilst she left herself. Hugging close to the stone of the well, she crept around and took a peek- it was a girl in a navy blue dress with polka dots, lying on the ground and deeply fascinated with a book. Those stains will be terrible to get out, was Ernestine's first thought. Her next thought, she stood up and said aloud- "What are you reading?"

1951 / Re: Summer Duelling of 1951 Sign-Ups
« on: 08/19/2017 at 16:01 »
Name: Ernestine Baumgartner
Camp Team: Team Birds
Year at Start of Next Term: first
Is this your first time dueling (OOC)? Yes
Are you specialized in any spell(s)? Nope
Are you using Potion(s)? Nope
Are you an Infirmary Assistant? No
Are you a Quidditch player? No
What are your Magical Levels? None yet
What is your Magical Strength?  Conjuring & Summoning

Total Points:


     Power: 3
     Ability: 2
     Resistance: 3
     Strength: 0
     Agility: 2
     Vitality: 1
     Velocity: 1
     Potions: 0

1951 / Friday's Children | Cosette
« on: 08/19/2017 at 00:37 »
Mid July, 1951
Early Morning

A satisfying sound followed Ernestine, as she tromped her way past the Golden Goose Inn. Squanch, Squich, Squanch! The morning dew wasn't nearly great enough to make her footsteps sound like puddles, but she supposed that was better for her boots anyway. With a jacket tucked underneath one arm and her sketchbook in the other, she swiveled her head around for a nice spot to sit and observe the camp.

Her path took her toward the well. Some other campgoers had been whispering about how it had water spirits or some other such nonsense, but right now- as she spun around to take a gander at the camp from the well's point of view- it would do just fine. She laid her jacket with care against it's side and sat down.

Ernestine was drawing a picture for her parents. Even though Mum and Papa had encouraged the though of attending summer camp- "You can focus on making friends!"- they had worried over small things, like whether they had packed enough sweaters, or if a charm against ants would be necessary for her comfort. Now that she was here- and perfectly fine- she wanted to reassure them. So she would draw pictures of camp and send to them scenes of how wonderful it looked.

Humming a small ditty to herself, Ernestine scrutinized the setting with her thumb before finally putting pencil to paper.

1951 / Duellatorum | Mia
« on: 08/19/2017 at 00:13 »
Near the end of July

Ernestine rubbed her cheeks until her face was loose and determined. Standing in front of the Golden Goose, she made every attempt to smack her nerves with a proverbial newspaper and tell it to stop tearing the curtains. Absorbing the exterior of the Team Bird cabins helped a bit- it looked like it came straight from a fairy tale, with wooden eaves and grass growing over the little cobblestone pathway.

The noise inside- the source being visible through pained windows- was the worrying part. She was looking for Mia, and the thought of having to go around and interrupt perhaps multiple conversations to find her was a bit daunting. Though not as daunting as having to ask Gree-

Whap! Even though it was imaginary, the sound her newspaper made against her nerve was satisfying. Simply because Green seemed absolutely fantastic the night she watched her face off against Silvers and ... Cane, was it? That didn't mean to ask just a few questions would be too great and terrible. She was the Team Birds Counselor after all- and Ernestine was Team Birds, and that meant she could practically ask her anything, and Mia had seemed really nice when she introduced herself at the beginning of summer.

You are going to ask for tips on dueling- the young girl reminded herself as she marched across the lawn, swung open the door, and stepped inside- that isn't so hard. In an attempt to make her quest as quick as possible, she attempted to tug at the sleeves of the nearest person in the warm and chattery room and make a query. "Excuse me. I'm looking for Mia Green."

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