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1958 / Re: Jailbreak - Gunslingers and Lawmen!
« on: 12/09/2019 at 04:30 »

One, yes. One, no. Well, it was better than nothing. More people got in on the act. But only one got a successful capture. They needed to persist though. Still enough 'gunslingers' on the loose. Time to get them back where they belonged. Which was 'jail'. This was a rather fun game. People just needed to be a bit more active.

Ok. Which one to try and get next? Well, there was one person that stood out. And why did that diminutive law-woman allowed him to escape? That was mildly annoying. Imogen shook her head before deciding to try and stun Elias. If that little blonde would try something stupid, Imogen would just turn her attention on her.

As a next step, Imogen attempted a capture on Elias. Because he wasn't supposed to go any further than he already gotten. That was how this game worked. Right? Right. A quick salute to Clara, then Imogen was off to do more 'law-woman' work.

1958 / Re: Quidditch Game! // Tumbleweed VS Cactus
« on: 12/08/2019 at 21:25 »




"I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear what you just said ... "

Imogen wasn't in the mood for stupid games. Especially not with that halfwit Amberghast. So she decided to just cut this one short. Her head needed to be in the game and not occupied with his stupid statements. "It sounded like 'Don't forget to smack my dumb mouth with your bat ...'" Blank stare. "I'd be careful ... I might just play the blind card and send the bludger at you instead." And she was off to do her job. Amberghast could do whatever.

There was a bit of disappointment, but this was her first proper game as a Beater so she didn't have high expectations. Rather unlikely that she would go for this position during the actual Quidditch season at Hogwarts. Seeker would probably be her first option. Secondary ... Chaser or Keeper. She had time to decide about that.

Ah, there was the big bugger. Should she persist in continuing to try to hit the opposing Seeker? Might as well. Why bother with other targets? Let AmberBigMouth deal with those. Without further ado, Imogen swung hard at Bludger Yee and sent it barreling back towards Cactus Seeker Amberghast. They were probably related. Hopefully she was a nicer person than he was.

Hope died last.

1958 / Re: Deep End (Open)
« on: 12/08/2019 at 04:59 »
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to ask him to sit next to her, next to water. She remembered his confession. About his sister. Such a dreadful experience. There wasn't going to be any attempts to go into the water with him around. At least, not until she would learn more about swimming. She had lost a lot of time, as far as that was concerned. Could she still learn when she was this old already?

She smiled at his remark. "Yeah, I am. But I have a lot of catching up to do. So many things to do. So many things I wanted to do when I was younger." The smile went away and there was a quiet sigh, audible enough for Chris though. "I lost 9 years of my life. My childhood is almost gone. I am turning into an adult soon." Ok, maybe that was a bit too depressing. Time to turn that around. "It's good to finally see what you look like, Chris. I had to build images in my head about everyone. Now I can see the real them."

Although one wouldn't have to see a person to know what they were really like. Facts and words spoke more than appearance. She had learned that one from first-hand experience. Imogen looked at him and smiled again. "And to think we're in so-called 'rival houses' ... I am not even sure why you're in Slytherin. It just doesn't feel like you belong there. You seem like such a nice person." No exaggeration. He did seem that way. To Imogen, anyway.

1958 / Re: Quidditch Game! // Tumbleweed VS Cactus
« on: 12/07/2019 at 19:58 »




It didn't take long for Imogen to start daydreaming again. Everything was so new. No longer she had to rely on listening to things coming her way. Not to mention that this was a completely new position for her. She had never played Beater. She knew what the responsibilities were for this position. But it was still somewhat foreign.

One of the bludgers had already got knocked past her and towards their keeper. Quick glance at the one that had sent it that way. Sandy. Yeah, well, if he wanted to play that way ... Imogen sped off into the distance, chasing the bludger in question. The black ball had quite the head start, but she was faster. The other beater on the team wasn't exactly helping so ... It was up to her.

At long last, Imogen caught up with the bludger. Now where to send it? A quick decision was needed. The opposite Seeker sounded like a good idea. She had spotted her on the other side of the pitch. Ok then. Imogen wound up and blasted Bludger Yee away from Ren and across the pitch, on a potential collision course with the Cactus Seeker Amberghast.

1958 / Re: Jailbreak - Gunslingers and Lawmen!
« on: 12/07/2019 at 19:49 »


This was ... new. Interesting too. She wasn't quite sure about this game, but hey, it was one way to get to interact with people. It was different to do it when actually seeing them. 'Different' as in better. Moreover, games were fun. This was summer time. Away from school. They were supposed to have fun, right?

Ok, daydreaming a bit and the game had already started. From her own team, only Clara was the active one. Time to get moving. OK. Someone had gotten captured. And someone else was trying to break him out. Yeah, well, not going to happen. Not on her watch. Imogen decided to make a beeline on Nick, attempting to re-Capture him.

Without further ado, she spun around. Now, who was more dangerous here to try and capture him? There were a few options. One was the girl trying to spring that boy out. Plus two more. Ok. Time to go for the person that was closest to their goal. Imogen made a move to try and Capture Zavier. More of her team would need to get moving. Otherwise, they would have no chance whatsoever to accomplish anything.

1958 / Re: Deep End (Open)
« on: 12/02/2019 at 04:39 »
Her hearing wasn't as good as it was before. Hence why she didn't pick up the approach of the other individual. Not until words were spoken. She still recognized voices. Those had remained in her memory. They weren't probably going to be gone anytime soon. At least now she could put faces to voices and names. She knew it was Chris. He had such a sad story. Not something she would want to bring up with him. But, again, something to remember.

So her head turned and she looked at him. Yes, he did look younger than her. Rather nice too. Imogen smiled politely and patted the ground next to her. "Hello, Chris ... I remember your voice. Come, sit with me." Right, she never did come across him since that Charms lesson. He didn't know. Well, time to let him know. If he hadn't already figured it out. "I can see you crystal clear. It took a few weeks but ... yeah. I am finally cured."

The red-head moved her gaze briefly towards the water before her. Calm on one side, very agitated by the waterfall. Like people, when circumstances would bring them out of their shell. She had no intentions to be agitated anytime soon though. No, she was happy. She wanted to stay that way as much as possible during her stay at the camp. Get to know people. Especially those that she had spent the last few years with at the castle.

Chris Grey was one of them.

"How are you doing?"

1958 / Re: You should see me in a crown - Clara
« on: 12/01/2019 at 16:09 »
Black Widow

14. gryffindor.halfblood.

going my way?

1958 / Re: Open Threads '58!
« on: 12/01/2019 at 15:27 »
Remember how Imogen was afraid of the pool in the dungeons or the lake? Well, not anymore. She's sitting on the edge of the pool near the waterfalls. And is hoping to learn how to swim at some point.

Care to give her a few tips?

Deep End

Just don't try to push her in the water. She won't be happy about it.

1958 / Deep End (Open)
« on: 12/01/2019 at 15:24 »
July 2nd 1958
Sometime after breakfast

It was a new era, so to speak. Imogen could see everything and everyone. She remembered her time as a blind person very well. All the trials and the successes and the failures. The fears. Speaking of which, she was facing her biggest one as a blind person that morning. She had settled next to the pool of water, watching the clear liquid coming down in an amazing spectacle. And she remembered how afraid she was to get anywhere near to a large body of water.

Now, it was different. She wasn't afraid anymore. Still having some issues with actually being in the water, since she didn't know how to swim all that well. Imogen had recruited Gabby for the few days between the end of term and start of the camp to try and get herself accustomed to water again. Unfortunately, learning how to swim wasn't that easy. So perhaps someone could teach her how to do so at the camp. Someone in charge, not just anyone.

For the moment, she just sat there at the edge, cross-legged and watched the waterfalls. A shirt and short pants covering her two-piece black swimsuit. At some point, she'd probably at least dip her feet in the water, maybe even stay in water at a low depth, before heading back to her accomodations for this summer break. It was different. A good different. Hence why there was a smile on her face almost non-stop. Ever since that last day at the castle when she had regain her sense that had gone missing for almost 9 years. It had felt so good. It still did.

Now she had to slowly catch up to what she had missed all these years.

1958 / Re: Quidditch Sign ups! // Summer 1958
« on: 12/01/2019 at 05:07 »

Fly With Me
*  *  *  S I G N     M E    U P*  *  *

NAME:      Imogen Renard
AGE:      Almost 14


town aint big enough
*  *  *  S I G N     M E    U P*  *  *

NAME:      Imogen Renard
AGE:      Almost 14
Lawmen (or Law-woman, in this case)

1957 / Re: ur the highlight of my life [avvie shop]
« on: 08/15/2019 at 03:42 »
gimme gimme!

name: Imogen Renard
face claim: Scarlett Johansson
theme/aesthetic: time for Imogen to go full red hair ... so, whatever you can find her with red hair and ... well, looking teenager-ish
anything else?: just take your time, there's no rush <3

1955 / Re: All Good Things || OPEN
« on: 01/01/2019 at 07:40 »
Her own goodbyes were too late anyway. The ones that mattered. Her own parents were gone. If it hadn't been for Gabby, now she might've not had a family at all. Orphans had it rough. Would she have traded her current situation for the orphanage? No, probably not. Even if it meant having her eye sight, she wouldn't have had Gabby. Probably the best alternate Mom that Imogen could've asked for.

"It might be. Let me get my shirt and we'll go together."

Imogen paid no attention to the details in that sentence. She just waited patiently for him to approach so they could walk off together. Hopefully he wouldn't get in trouble for escorting her to her camp after curfew. Well ... he might. That wasn't really acceptable, in her view. Imogen decided that she should probably walk on her own when getting close enough to the camp. But she wasn't going to say that just yet.

"You know, Sandy ... They will put us in houses when we get to Hogwarts. In case we are not put in the same house ... Let's remain friends, no matter what houses we are put into. The name of a house won't change me. And ... I am quite sure it won't change you either. We will still be Imagine and Sandy. Is that OK with you?"

1955 / Re: All Good Things || OPEN
« on: 12/31/2018 at 05:11 »
"Does that make it different?"

Imogen shrugged her shoulders almost instinctively. She couldn't see that she did, but it was a reflex action. More for Sandy, anyway. "I don't know. First time I've been to a camp of any sort. Maybe we'll find out next summer, when it's going to be a camp with a different story." In any case, the camp was done for the summer. Hogwarts awaited in just a matter of days. Was she going to go with the train, like all the others?

Gabby had told her about the train ride. It was rather long and tiresome. Then it would be the whole boats thing for the firsties ... That sounded a bit dangerous for someone who was blind. Then there would be the Sort. What house would take her in for the next seven years? Gabby kept on saying that she wouldn't want Slytherin for her. Imogen kinda agreed with that too. It sounded like most of the students in that house were bad news.

Most of them. Then again, Gabby had been a Slytherin too. She turned out pretty well. The problem were ... the others that weren't so nice. Perhaps the walking stick and Max could help her with those. If ... it would be Slytherin.

"You're out late. Don't you know curfew is coming?"

Imogen chuckled briefly. "I am in forever curfew, Sandy. It's not like I can tell when the actual curfew is." The brunette shook her head, then moving her face upwards towards the sky. As if she would look at the stars above. Another reflex action. Then her head moved back down and smiled again. "Is that your way of offering to escort me back to my cabin?"

1955 / Re: All Good Things || OPEN
« on: 12/24/2018 at 14:50 »
Sadly, it didn't matter how the camp had looked that summer. All she had about it was some images created by herself in her head. Next summer, it would be something different. Hopefully she wasn't going to be graduating from Hogwarts without seeing at least once how a summer camp looks like. Imogen knew that the family was doing everything possible to restore her vision. It had been 6 years ... but nobody was giving up.

The brunette was quite a bit far from her team camp. And Max wasn't with her for that evening. But she knew her way back. It was all in her head. Her own map of the place. She also had her walking stick. And, heck ... maybe someone would come along to help her out. There were some nice kids at the camp. Surely someone would assist her, if needed.

That someone might be someone she actually knew quite well, when hearing the very familiar voice. Sandy. She smiled softly at the sound of his voice. As for the question ... well, she wasn't really sure how to reply. Well, that was actually an answer in itself. "I honestly don't know if I should or if I shouldn't say goodbye. Considering the camp in my head might be quite different from the one that actually existed for this summer."

Imogen took a step further and heard again the sound of water. It seemed like ... he was in the water, wasn't he? Oh. Well, no problem. She couldn't see anything anyway. Might want to make sure she wasn't causing any trouble by being there. "Am I disturbing anything?"

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/22/2018 at 04:50 »
This time, the contact was more clear. Another little success to add to her list. The brunette still remained focused though because the duel wasn't over yet. Last thing she needed now was to get stupidly injured or something because she wasn't paying attention.  The brunette remained still and listened for a moment, hearing something rather amusing. Sandy speaking something to ... whom? Or what? A snowball, maybe?

Imogen moved all of a sudden to the left, attempting to move away from an impending attack (dodge). Had Vanessa recovered her wand yet? The brunette hadn't heard anything from the older girl yet. Was the wand stuck in the snow or something? Hm. Oh well ... Imogen wasn't quite sure what to do next. The duel was coming to a close soon surely. Maybe she should wrap it up with something ... well, interesting. Or just something casual.

She had considered screaming and rendering everybody deaf on the block for a few moments. But that would've meant hurting Sandy too. No. Enough damage for one day. Instead, Imogen allowed herself to fall down in the snow, dropping the stick close to her and attempted to make snow angels to make herself feel better (+health), while laughing. Concentration be damned. She needed a good laugh every now and then.

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/21/2018 at 04:27 »
That didn't quite play out as she had thought it would. Then again, it was her first duel. One couldn't really expect all that much. She certainly didn't have high expectations. It was a success for that disarming she had performed earlier. Or for not getting hit yet. So she had missed a few attempts. No big deal. Imogen was only 11 and was blind. She wasn't some superhero to pull all that off. She was just a regular hero. Just like Gabby said.

There was a flurry of activity in her vicinity. She was pretty sure Sandy had tried something. She would ask him later. Now, what to do next? The brunette listened carefully and decided to act once more. It would be something less fancy. Where had that attempt come from earlier though? Imogen wasn't sure. She should discuss that with Gabby when returning from camp. It was somewhat unusual. The firstie did feel like a superhero for a second or two.

Anyway, back to business. Sam was still in front of her. Whatever he had tried, it didn't seem to work. But it wasn't nice. She hadn't wanted to target him. But it wasn't like she had a pact with him, like with Sandy. So it was probably fair game then. Imogen swung her stick at Sam's legs, attempting to trip him and make him fall in the soft snow. Hopefully he'd lie there for a little while (half-damage to Sam, may act twice).

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/20/2018 at 04:32 »
Someone had gotten hurt. That loud 'oof' reached her ears. No, it wasn't Vanessa. It was from the wrong direction. Moreover, she didn't hear the snowball's impact. So she had missed. The brunette felt somewhat disappointed, but not terribly deterred. This was, after all, good practice. She was planning to do this at the castle too. Dueling, that is. And, of course, Quidditch. Rather ambitious plans for a blind 11 year-old.

Someone had complimented her on her mask. Sam. Another indication of his position. She smiled briefly but said nothing else. She didn't want to get distracted. Practice also meant training yourself in avoiding distractions. Then his voice again. It was closer. Imogen gripped her stick tightly with both hands. There were hurried footsteps as well, from somewhere behind him. Sandy? What was he up to?

Her reaction to Sam's approach was mostly instinctively. She spun around, getting closer to Sam, then stuck her stick in the ground, planting the stick between his legs before attempting to flip the stick upwards and send Sam tumbling backwards onto the ground, hopefully surprising him in the process (may act twice). "Don't sneak up behind me ... It's not very nice." It was all instinct. She wasn't quite sure how or why. Just that it was happening.

You don't mess with the Batgirl.

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/19/2018 at 04:39 »
She distinctly felt the impact of her stick against something. At first, Imogen wasn't sure what she had hit. She also heard a Rictusempra called out by Vanessa right in front of her. But nothing happened. Maybe Imogen had managed to disarm her much older opponent. She wasn't sure. Or maybe Vanessa had either missed or failed the spell. There was no way of actually knowing because ... there was snow on the ground. And the wand dropping on the snow wouldn't make much noise.

However, the snow did give her an idea for her next move. The question was whom to direct her action to? Not Sandy. No. She had promised. And she wasn't going to break that promise. Not even for a snowball. It sounded so trivial. A snowball. But this was a duel in which she wouldn't be using any magic. Mostly because her own was quite lacklustre. Physical actions all the way.

So, if it wouldn't be Sandy, that left Sam or Vanessa. Sam had been nice to her, inviting her to that awesome game and all that. Not to mention that any offensive action against someone would most likely draw a reaction from that individual towards you. Grams teachings. So might as well stick with her original target. Eyes stared through the small holes in the mask at the older girl in front of her. A rather unnatural stare, being blind and all that.

Imogen's hand dug into the snow on the ground and scooped up some, while tightening her grip around it, forming a small snowball. Then she promptly attempted to launch her white and cold projectile towards Vanessa, hopefully dishing out some small damage against the older girl and maybe also taking Vanessa momentarily by surprise by the type of 'weapon' used against her (half-damage, may act twice).

1955 / Re: A Chronic(le) Battle | Hippogriffs&Horklumps
« on: 12/18/2018 at 14:50 »
Well, that was a rather peaceful ending. In contrast to everything that had happened earlier. Imogen was quite glad about that. If she would've been real, Natasha would've agreed with that too. There was a smile on the diminutive brunette's face, not addressed to anyone in particular. It had been a pleasant experience. She was hoping this wouldn't be the last summer when this game would take place.

Ok, so ... They could search for items, if they would want to. Perhaps they could find improved weapons? Maybe. Those bats were good, but there was always room for more damage to dish out. Imogen pondered quietly for a few moments before deciding what to do.

"Natasha isn't much of a searcher, but she would go and have a look at Minotaur 3's corpse. Maybe there is something of value there. Something to improve her weapons. Because she would definitely be interested to continue her quest next summer." Brief pause. "We are doing this again next summer, right, Sam?" Her face turned towards Sam, putting her best impression of a questioning look. More instinctively than anything else. Or from her memories.

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